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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

"Re: Trying to Understand" - One Who Knows - 5.3.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 8:41 PM EDT on May 3, 2017

RE: Trying to Understand

Question From Post:

"Trying to Understand" by PNW - 5.3.17

PNW, I read you post about how crazy the super high Zim rates are and how they don't make any sense. However what makes sense and what does not is a function of perspective and not a function of the facts. By that understanding something that seems completely crazy from one point of view can be PURE GENIUS from another point of view. The high zim rates, can be seen either way.

The Crushing Blow

This Zim money is the Crushing blow to the Cabal way of life. In my way of thinking, each of us Zim holders are holding a fountain of abundance that is so massive, so potent, so unstoppable, that in no time at all, money will find its way to every crack and crevice on the Planet. Once these Fountains of Abundance are "Activated" and start to flow, it both signals the start of Abundance and at the same time the end of money.

The Actual Gift

At first it may seem that this huge amount of money is the Gift we are being given but, it is not. Far from it. The gift is "Being empowered by endless funds to send out and find joy in giving, in every way to the World." In other words, how fun is it to help someone, buy them a meal, buy them a house, give them as job, save their physical lives, or save their emotional lives as well. The gift, is letting US be the ambassadors of joy and endless giving to the World. By the way, that is a great job, I mean a GREAT JOY!

The Alternative

The alternative would be some "Institutional Based" money dispersal plan. That would be so Cabal, so controlled, and so cold. They could have taken all this money and just given it to everybody at once. But, instead, it is given to a few, the selected, the chosen, who would then help other people, Person to Person, and show them love, compassion, and generosity beyond measure. We get to be those people.

Efficiency vs. Joy

This giving should be a tidal wave of pure Love and Abundance that just pours over everyone. It does not require efficiency, no money strategy. There is way too much money to think that way, and that is the point. There will come a time shortly after we get our money, when mortgages, student loans, and credit card debts will be cancelled. To be clear about that, those loans are being cancelled because the financial institutions will NOT be permitted to collect on their fraudulent loans any more. If we were thinking "Efficiently" we might tell others that their mortgages and Loans will be cancelled soon, and offer to do "Other" things for them. BUT, that is NOT the point. The point is overwhelming abundance and opportunity for Joy. From that perspective, you race in and offer to pay off their house and loans because it is fun and a great joy to do so. YOU KNOW THAT YOU WILL NEVER SPEND THE MONEY YOU HAVE ANYWAY. That is the point. So from this perspective, it is a race to be the one who gets to pay off these loans before they are cancelled. After all, if you don’t spend the money on that, what good would it do you to save it for later?

Also in the matter of Efficiency vs. Joy, all others will be getting their money from various trusts, very soon as well. As far as I understand EVERY person in the World will be getting an abundant monthly payment far greater than what they need so that they can feel abundance as well. After all, that is the Goal for the Whole World to FEEL abundance. This again gives you a small window of time to buy cars and houses for people before they can buy their own. Sure you can wait till they get their own money, but then what you do with the money you saved? Nothing... that matters.

Money Can't Be Wasted

This abundance is so great, that money can't be wasted, only opportunities can. Let's be clear, you will have a boat load of cash when money is no longer useful. So, whatever you do with the money doesn't matter, but an opportunity lost to give some of it away, or help another, is an opportunity for Joy, LOST FOREVER.

I like to tell the story of one of my crew reporting back to me at the end of the day and telling me that something terrible happened. I say "What happened?" They proceed to tell me that they had $10,000,0000 (Ten million dollars) in cash on the back of a truck when it hit a bump and it all flew out all over the road. I asked "Are people picking it up?" They reply that not only are people picking up the money, we will never be able to get any of it back! I say "Good Job! That was very creative and what are you going to do next to get money out to people?" There is no loss possible at this level of abundance. Throw a billion dollars out of a plane, fund every single restaurant in the city to give away meals from now on. There is NOTHING that is too much and there is NO WAY money can be wasted, only the opportunity to spend it and spread it around, for soon the time that money matters will be over... and when it is, it will be gone FOREVER on this Planet.

The Day Money Dies

I have written about this several times, that there will come a time when money dies. We will all have free energy devices, no health concerns, and Energy to Matter converters that will make anything you want from thin air. I was told that the 750 foot yacht that I want could be "Printed Out" in a day with one of these devices. Actually they told me that they use these devices to make "Aero-Ships," UFOs to you and me. So when you compare a 4 year wait building it the conventional way from raw materials, vs. a one day process converting pure, free, energy to matter in one day, you realize that there will be nothing to buy very soon. Here are the links to my prior posts:

I read the Post myself, on a Gary Larrabee Video:
Gary Larrabee - One Who Believes Explains The Big Money Question and Logic

This is the written version of the Post:
"The Big Money Question & Logic" - One Who Believes - 1.2.17

Frankly, that could happen tomorrow. Everything we make is converted to a hologram blueprint, and then just made like on Star Trek whenever we want it. But, I am sure they are "Holding Us Back" a little bit, so that we can get used to the new way of life first.

So how long with it be before there is nothing to buy? I would think it depends on how fast we get used to the new technology and the No-Work lifestyle. The faster we get used to it, the faster this new technology will replace people until there are NO jobs as everything is made when we want it, free, and without any work at all.

The Answer

So that brings me to the answer to your question about having so much money that you will never spend. YEP! You are right. You are going to have a lot of money when it is no longer useful. Some people will have zillions and zillions, and others just trillions and trillions. So it is NOT a strategy of how to make it last, or what you have at the end, it is more a strategy of you getting whatever you want now, and feeling that unbelievable abundance, while money has that impact. Only in the first days will that HUGE money feel amazing. You will NEVER have that Feeling again. As others get their big money, and fewer and fewer people need financial help, and as money gets less and less useful, and there is less and less to buy, and in the end it will lose ALL its amazingness.

The answer is for you to get what makes you feel AMAZINGLY ABUNDANT. In that moment, you will have the biggest thrill that money can give you, for the rest of your life. So, by all means soak it in, for soon, money will mean less and friendships, and your personal creativity, will mean more. That is Evolution, from the Cabal way of life to the Galactic way of life.

By the way, there will be no countries for sale, no major corporations for sale, and whatever business you buy, will soon be obsolete in a very short time. So there really is nothing to spend that big money on anyway. Just Get all you want, and then focus on having fun with it, while you still can.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that money will soon be obsolete. So the only game play now, is how high your rate will be. Later you will care less, if at all. But for now, it is the Cabals only play left to make you worry about the NDA, or the rates, and so Grandfather, is having fund with this as well. His counter move is to raise the non-NDA rates so high it blows your mind. The Cabal have no counter move for that. You get enough money to buy a country without an NDA. What can the Cabal say about that? Frankly, if it weren't for the Cabal's continual fear campaign, I am sure the rates would be more reasonable, but Grandfather is determined for you to feel safe and mind-blowingly abundant. He knows, and you do now as well, that money has a very limited life span now. So the super high rates are only game play, to make sure you reach that SUPER ABUNDANT FEELING. After all, that is what raises the vibration of the Earth, and helps the World ascend, evolving to a higher frequency. In that regard, I can tell you that Grandfather will NOT be out done by the Cabal Minions. He is determined that you will get to have that FEELING of Abundance like never before, without FEAR. So, does the Rates make any sense? No, they don't. But, does the reason for the super high rates make sense? OH YES THEY DO! So Be It!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows



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