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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

"Re: Trying to Understand" by One Who Serves - 5.3.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Serves at 9:22 PM EDT on May 3, 2017

"Trying to Understand" by PNW - 5.3.17

In the early days, when zim first came into the mix, the intel was that it would be worth 6 zeros less than face value (1 millionth of face) and would exchange at 3 cents where a 100T note would be worth $3 million. So anyone wanting a reasonable return on investment where they had enough to actually do some reasonable humanitarian work bought lots and back then they were less costly than now also. I bet there are some with far more than the 50 quadrillion you speak of. Yosef a while ago made mention of payouts in the septillions (thats a 1 followed by 24 zeros - a trillion trillion).

Over time, the 3 cents rose to $1, $2, $3, $3.79 recently and who knows where it'll stop and also over time the "6 zeros deleted" made way to face value exchange as per international law (the zim is actually a bond and that changes things - you can exchange a bond at face value with a less than $1 exchange rate but you can't exchange a bond for anything less than face value regardless the exchange rate so you can't take even a single zero off).

Some of this may have been Cabal rhetoric and disinfo to discourage people and I honestly believe some was. Some was just the nature of this. As time progressed and things changed and the Cabal kept delaying this, values rose and are still rising.

So necessarily, someone with 50 quadrillion zim didn't buy them today to make a windfall profit. They bought them 3-4 years ago when that amount would only net them $1.5 billion which, for serious humanitarian work including having to survive off that for the rest of your life, support your family, relatives,..., isn't all that much really. Once I get going with my humanitarian projects I can easily blow through many billions per year and I guarantee I will be! Many humanitarians will.

Now where things are at, even at the $3.79 rate and not asking for 5 figures humanitarian, that 50Q is worth 189.5Q (189.5 thousand trillion or 189.5 million billion). Yeah, its silly but as many have said including OWK, its not the money you need to cover things and instead, the money you need to convince yourself that you're operating in the new paradigm of infinite abundance where if you want or need to do something, you just do it and don't even consider cost knowing there's no possibility you could ever run out in a lifetime even if you lived thousands of years. Making a dent thats noticeable will be hard. That makes sense, right?

Its like the creator gave you an ocean of money and simply said "You're cool - use what you can to do good on Earth but don't knock yourself out - there's plenty of time to do the work - just keep at it". And seeing the ocean, you forget about it and just start doing the good you want to because the source of funding (the ocean) is infinite for all intents and purposes.

The creator, elders,... know you can't spend it but they also know changing peoples perspective from the cabal world of lack paradigm where you have to settle for what you can get where they made sure it was never enough to the new infinite abundance paradigm where you get whatever you WANT and nobody says no is going to take a little push. The excess money is the push. Its not wrong if thats what you feel you need to help you during that transition and if you do, ask for it and there's a really good chance thats what you'll be given. And you're in good company. NOBODY will be able to spend anything close to what they get in their lifetime and the elders know it.

Regarding interest, the last I saw for humanitarian payouts was something in the 2-8% range. And then structured payout intervals from 1.5 up to 50+ years. This purportedly was done to help those who all of a sudden find themselves about a 1000 floors up from "stoopid rich" to "ease into it" but I do agree that even 2% on 1Q is still 20T/year, 5T/quarter and thats simply not spendable in a year - maybe not even 10's of years to even 100 years. Remember, you won't be the ONLY humanitarian on Earth. There'll easily be 30-50 thousand of your brethren many with as much if not more than you have all competing to TRY and spend the money.

Interest has been stated as paying out quarterly. The bank holds the principle for the entire term of the structured payout and you get the interest in much the same way as a "CD" (certificate of deposit if even banks still offer this financial instrument) used to work - your principle is tied up for the term of the agreement and you get the interest on it during. That interest alone will be far more than you could ever spend but its another mechanism to help those in the cabal lack paradigm slide into the new infinite abundance paradigm because this interest program is something familiar to them and what they get in just interest is silly-stoopid so it helps them "see the light". Its all done for positive outcome on many levels.

If you can't spend the interest, you can't even hope to dent the principle in your lifetime once its made available to you at the end of the structured payout term. There's really no other place to put it the amount is so massive anyway. Its all yours. There are just some stipulations on when you have access to the whole of it (after the structured payout agreement terminates at the end of the term). And honestly, anyone who takes a shorter term, will most likely re-up anyway -there's no other place to put that much money and the bank knows it where you'll never even be able to spend the interest so having the principle freed from the agreement means nothing.

Just buy zim and ask for what you feel is a reasonable amount after doing some soul searching to help you bridge the gap between the old paradigm of lack and the new paradigm of infinite abundance (but don't "settle" because of your cabal lack programming and instead ask for the sky because you have no clue how much stuff will cost in the future nor what you'll be doing even 5 years into the future where you get enough there's not even a remote chance you'll ever run out) and thank the Creator and the Elders and Grandfather and everyone else involved in this for their efforts to make the funds available to you and then simply embark on doing the good you want/need to and call it even. You're good!

The more FREE you feel, the faster and better you're going to execute on the rebuilding of Earth and the helping of all in need. Just keep it positive and keep doing it.

To put this 50Q you talk of into perspective as far as the world goes, you're a little "off" in your analysis. $189.5Q would buy MANY, MANY Earths, all the planets maybe, the sun,...

Its been stated in various places that the real total debt of the world including all the ponzy scheme financial derivatives sits around 4 quadrillion $$. Think about that. $189.5/4 = 47+ Earths. Even if you said, OK, but that just covers the debt and what about the cost of the land,..., so if we say its another half, thats still 23+ Earths we could buy. Now couple this with the fact that the humantarian zim holders across the world (maybe 30-50 thousand total?) will collectively get enough to buy a good chunk of our galaxy and you can see how silly from a high level perspective this is. But as I said, its not about how much so you can spend it and more about how much you need to burn the old Cabal lack programming completely out of you so you can be free to live the life of your dreams in the infinite abundance paradigm as you embark on fixing your corner of the world and helping all you can.

Those exchanging other first basket currencies won't get nearly as much as zim holders taking humanitarian rates because the humanitarian upper limits for other first basket currencies if whats been stated a little while ago on DC I think, is correct, are tiny by comparison. I remember the upper limit for IQD being something like $300 if I'm not remembering incorrectly. And buying IQD is a much more costly endeavor than buying zim. So the bulk of the money will land in the hands of the zim holders. This is why all the talk about making sure you're ready and that if you're still here you are the chosen is being said.

Its a gargantuan task we embark on and one that will take a lifetime but it doesn't mean its 24/7/365 - just that you have to be conscientious if you choose to do humanitarian work, to continue doing it. You'll have enough money to pay others to sweat the details for you and you can pay them well so you get true quality for your money. Cutting corners and minimizing costs is the old cabal lack paradigm. Forget that - just spend and make things happen and don't worry about the money. You'll never run out! Sure, make sure you get value for your money but leave it at that. Don't start splitting hairs or you'll quickly go mad (wink) and its NOT necessary. You can't run out no matter what.

All you have to do is direct the work from on high as a philanthropist does (oh yeah you are!) and once the dust settles, that could be as little as 5-10 hours a week, if even that long. Maybe only 5-10 hours a month. The rest of the time you get to LIVE and enjoy the new world of infinite abundance you're participating in creating for everyone on Earth.

We become the new 1% but unlike the old 1%, we're not hoarding and instead bleeding cash as quickly as we can because we know the source will never run dry. For what most zim holders will get, none of us could even make a noticeable dent in that pile of money if we lived 1000's of years and spent like drunken sailors (wink).

There's also been talk about that 80/20 split if you take humanitarian and that hasn't really been mentioned recently but what has been is that this is a promise you make to the creator and its between you and him - the banks don't have the manpower nor infrastructure to audit you every year to make sure you're complying and I'd bet this isn't even included in the financial and legal papers you sign at the exchange appointment anymore though none of us will know for sure until we get the official instructions/information prior to our exchange appointment.

HAHAHA! STOP thinking practically and start following your heart, filled with unconditional love, doing things finally for the right reasons, not the cabal reasons they've programmed us with from the day we were born.

No it doesn't make sense in the Cabal way of thinking but the Cabal are no more and that old paradigm is a sinking ship thats nearly sunk that before it did, nearly completely sunk Earth so why would you want to live there? Right? Join us in the new paradigm of infinite abundance and just do because its the right thing to do and stop worrying about the money - the source is infinite.

Yes, living within your heart will be major culture shock for some but its how the higher dimensions work and its already whats making a major positive difference in this world and its helped immensely in the light winning out over the dark forces on Earth. Once you get the hang of it you will forever be changed for the better and you won't want to go back. Light workers are already there! Join us. You'll like it!

In the new paradigm you have infinite abundance so act accordingly and the creator will be pleased regardless how much you manage to spend over your lifetime to do the humanitarian work you want to, regardless what percentage of what you got you were able to spend. Thats the bottom line. Just don't be controlled by the money. Thats the old Cabal paradigm. As I said, the 'how much?' becomes insignificant its so much and the 'how much does it cost?' part does also because regardless how much it costs, you can afford it, forever so when you want something done you just order your staff to take care of it and don't even ask how much nor bother to put a limit on it and they make it happen. Done!

And sooner rather than later as the consciousness of Earth and we humans is constantly rising, there will come a time where we all realize money is worthless because we're all doing the work to help everyone else in a myriad of ways where finally money becomes defunct, where we're then provided all we need to live comfortably where we all continue to help each other to build Earth into the utopia its on track to become. Nope, you didn't spend it all but so what? While it was necessary to have it to do the good you wanted to as the world transitioned away from the need for money, you had it and spent all you could to do as much good as you could. Good for you! Now that its defunct, you're still doing the same work and everyone on Earth is pitching in. Money goes away forever, nothing changes. But it did change for the better because now everyone is living in their hearts working for the greater good for all the right reasons. They call that a utopia!

There is a new dawn rising on Earth and its going to be amazing when dawn breaks into day. Its already started and at this point cannot be stopped!

Expect it to happen and when it does simply look up and thank the Creator for helping all of us make this happen and then enjoy it for the rest of your life.

May we all get more than we could ever have dreamed and live our dreams as we embark on turning Earth in to the utopia its on track to become.

Signed: One Who Serves



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