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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"Re: Senior Citizen from AR" by Victor - 5.31.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 9:25 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

"Thank you and a Question" by Senior Citizen from AR - 5.31.17

Senior...........What do you want? Do you really want your life to change? In what way? I am going to be rough on you today. You know why? First of all I am in AR.......but so what? It don't mean anything or does it? What do you think it means?

Here is what I hear in your letter. It is the same thing I hear often in AR. It has the same energy of cross frequencies and confusion I see everywhere here. So what do you get when you put out cross frequencies and confusion?........You get exactly what you got now. Do you like it or not? .........that is the question.

You showed up here right when the spaceship rocket is going to take off........ Do you want to come on board? or do you want some crumbs tossed your way as the ship blasts off into Galaxies? If all you want is more SSDI, more crumbs, that is no problem you will get that a few times over what you have now. You may end up with $3-5 thousand a month. That is a lot for the Ozarks where I live. In fact you may end up with a whole lot more after people feel sorry for you and this is the right crowd that will be able to help. They can't wait to help you in fact. So...... I guarantee you will be more than OK. Everyone in AR will be Ok with only a small pittance of what just one Zim holder here will have. We will be stumbling to get to your door so you can be the first one on our lists......your going to be supper good.....guaranteed.

Beside us here........there will be many other source of help, govenments and benevolent Trusts. You will probably get your physical conditions healed and you may even be a young man again. That is a lot in itself all for just sleeping through life in the matrix, which is just like most everyone on this planet. So now that the spaceship of a whole new reality is about to blast off and all your needs will be met and more.........."What do you Want?"..........What is your highest dream?........because you can have that also if you want it, but you can't have that if you can't even think of asking for it.

Do you want more? Because this is Wake up time!. You will not be allowed too really stay the same. In a way you will be if that is all you want. That is the Free Will choice world you have. But........."If You Want MORE!".......you will be able to have MORE!. Can you dare to dream and forget all about who you thought you where in the past and who you see in the mirror today?

Because who you thought you where put you in the perfect place you are today........experiencing a whole lot of ......."Lack"..... and don't say you are not experiencing Lack, because you have got it in spades. Yet ......we all do. That is why I am going to be a little rough on you. Because everyone can have MORE. Just because you are ....."Senior" ........don't mean squat. You are not senior on the inside. But if you want to think like a Senior you can be all the senior you want.....inside and out.

From you post I will explain what I saw: you say ......." I want to thank the ones who have worked so tirelessly from all realms of creation to manifest this into being. It is awe inspiring." and you continue to say,......" learn and have shared in your excitement of the blessings to come. "

Yet ......right in the middle of ALL of that excitement and praise!..... you say:...... " I am not in a position to invest but it all sounds so wonderful"...............So in this last sentence YOU!!!!.......You shoot all your hopes down for taking action yourself to save yourself. What YOU are saying......(Yes you are).......is that YOU don't believe in this GCR enough to spend a little money, since you don't have enough. YOU..... you are too lacking in money! .......but most of ALL. You are lacking in........"Faith"........YOU will not act to save yourself or to reach for the stars or to reach for a Dream.

Do you realize that with probably $80 bucks you can buy a one hundred Trillion note and have more money than all the wealth of all the world economies combined.? Since the total Economy of the USA is only 74 Trillion a year. Now you say YOU are in no position to buy! You can't risk $80 bucks for trillions of dollars.

Really?......is that true?.......OK......but you could have spent and still can spend $40 bucks and get half of the world economy and more or may be spend only one fourth of the $80 bucks, which is only $20 bucks and get more than all the money in the old USA for one years of production. So.....?.....

YOU are sending out cross frequencies of what you want. By how you see yourself and by your meanings and by your actions you are not going to act directly yourself.......even though you could.

That is why I asked you what do you want? Because if I was God himself......How would HE answer your own prayers out of your own mouth? One sentence you are excited and the next sentence you say you are not good enough and can't afford it for a whole list of more Lack thoughts you did not mention.

So what does God give you? Exactly what you have in AR now. Actually God did not give it to you. You gave it to YOU. God it too loving to treat YOU, like you treat yourself. Do you understand? YOU can have a whole lot more. Yes you can..........but you have to learn a great deal of how you have kept yourself small your whole life. Even God or anyone here can't force abundance on you unless you choose it.

There is no way to avoid the shock of this. Waking up is hard to do. Ohhh....Yeah.... It is normally a lifetime project. But you are up against it now, since you showed up and in a way asked for the Truth. If you did not get the Truth and only got money by coming here, the money would be OK but it would not heal you enough and give you MORE. You either go for your dreams and bring them into your home, or you take what $$$$ will be given to you, which will be a great deal and will meet all your fairly low standards. That is Free Will also. You can have only that if you wish.

I say your standards are low because I want you to be more if you want to be more. Do you want more? If you say YES.... I want more..........then you have to stop self sabotaging your own life. IN your post you also said: " I do understand if there is no ready answer, how someone like me, who is all alone in this 3D world,"................STOP!!

Do You hear what you are saying? there you went again with keeping yourself in "Lack" and putting out cross frequencies. You are manifesting BS. How could God again answer such a prayer when you yourself say you are "alone"......and with "NO Answer"..........My God........do you see what you created?

Alone .......with no answer on ......SSDI......with ......$950 a month. That is a whole lot more harsh what you are doing to yourself than anything I have said tonight in this post. In a Free Will world, that is how we create. So from now on we all have to learn how to create with better positive meanings. OWK has a great....." FREE BOOK".... that will help you understand. I think you came back to hear what is in that book. Get it ....its free........and you will get the inner wealth that will match what is coming on the outside fro you.

Now what if God understood you and gave you one more chance at a better life. Because you say: " I am very aware of how fully I am blessed each and every day. "........but then in the middle of that you put out cross frequencies again and say...."I know that question sounds so pitifully self centered and I am ashamed and tearful"......Ahhhh!!

Do you see what you are doing all the time? There where three hard examples to look at and I think there are more, but I got to stop.......because it will be too much. It is good to see how we mess things up by saying one good thing and in the next sentence we counter that positive meaning and we shoot it down again. That is why we get what we get in our lives. But ....All of this self sabotaging we do goes unseen by us. NO one ever told us!!!!.....We never knew our whole lives. We were slaves.

But ....Now that you know. Now that you can see it some....."Freedom"..... you will be able to catch more of those cross-frequency phrases that keep us from being ....."MORE:...... Seeing how we create will stop much Lack from coming our way.

But for you.......your lack days are over my friend. You don't know how lucky you are to hang-on in here.You will be first on the list of many. And once you are healed and once you have more money you will be able to share with others how you have changed yourself and made yourself a great manifestor.....or not. Now.......you do not really have to go buy any Zim.? ........No you don't. I got plenty of zim to cover you and so does anyone else here. No Problem. Just send Patrick a e-mail after the GCR starts and he will get it to me and I will take care of it personally.

But as you can see. I/we want everyone to find their own power and not work against themselves. Knowing that power of how things manifest in the world will change you for ever for the better. ..........even beyond the money of the Zim. I think it will just be amazing.

The examples I used from your post is just what we ALL have to see. Unless someone points it out to us, we would never have known. It was pointed out to me many times how I shoot my own dreams down. My wife still does it most every day some........still......ahhhhh!

So it is ........"All Good'......And you deserve to know this tough stuff, whether you are a senior or not. Since I am a senior ......I know that being a senior is no excuse for not being able to take it. I think You can take it. It you can take what you have made for yourself your whole life.......Ohhh ....man....You will be able to take this healing medicine that will cure all things. This will be fun.

And when someone asks you.........."Are you doing alright?"..........you will be able to say YES, but I want MORE.

Much Love Victor



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