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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"Re: The Rub" by John - 5.23.17

Entry Submitted by John at 12:10 PM EDT on May 23, 2017

"The Rub" - Geopolitical Overview - Monday - May 23, 2017

As I was reading "The Rub" while drinking my coffee this morning, I couldn't help but think of my own version of a "Rub" that I was once in. As I was reading what Yosef wrote and, the suggestion of their "deep differences" getting settled for them, I remembered a time when our family lived in Texas. Typical of brothers, I was in an argument of some kind with my oldest brother and, unbeknownst to either of us, evidently my dad was listening to us. I guess, back then, it would seem to my dad that it was pretty much constant. I mean, there were four ic us kids...with my sister being the oldest, thinking she was the "boss" of all us boys but then, my older brother didn't take any guff off of her at all. Of course, that was one source of conflict that my dad had to listen to but then, there was the one between my older brother and me, since I was the next one down in the pecking order and, of course, the one between me and my youngest brother.

On this particular day in Texas, my dad had reached his "fill" of the bickerin' between my oldest brother and me and, he decided to do something to put an end to the conflict. He went to the sporting goods store and bought two pair of boxing gloves. In my minds eye, I can still see that day. In the midst of our argument, he called us both outside. He went over to his pickup, got a sack out of the seat and, pulled out the boxing gloves then, he said, you guys are going to settle this. Now, you need to understand, except right after I was born and, for a very short period of time during that time in our lives, I've been bigger than him but, as you probably know, bigger in stature isn't always what it may seem. It definitely wasn't for me, at the time because, I really wasn't a "fighter." Honestly, I didn't really know how to fight or, shall I say, I didn't know how to defend myself. I could argue and reason but, even in that, I guess, my dad could see that my brother always got the best of me which, as we can all see, may be a trait that could be the source of problems, later on in life.

Anyway, my brother seem anxious to do just as my dad desire, "get this settled" because, he very quickly grabbed a pair of the gloves and slipped them on and, only needed my dad to lace them up for him. Then, it was my turn. I wasn't so anxious but, my dad knew this was necessary so, one by one, he slipped the gloves in my hand and laced them up then, stepped back and said, "Ok...now, get it settled!" and, it started. I was standing there with my arms to my side, absolutely no defense set up with tears rolling down my face, all while, my brother danced around like he was Muhammad Ali, punching on me and, my dad was just watching. Quite frankly, it ended about as quickly as it started when, my dad stepped in and stopped it. He reached over and took my gloves and then lays them and took them off my hands and then did the same for my brother and, he said something that I would never forget. He looked at my older brother and said, "You need to know that, one of these days, he's (referring to me) going to figure out that if he hits you, he's not going to hurt you that bad and, when he does, you're in trouble."

I can't tell you what happened directly after that, as you know how days just seem to run together and, I can assure you, that wasn't the last argument that my brother and I had. In fact, just horsin' around, not even arguing just, acting like a couple of bull calves tryin' out their new "horns", I got shoved backwards and, while we were supposed to be faking a fight, when he took a swing at me, I turned right into his fist. Do you have any idea what it feels like to have your nose broken for the first time? Anyway, mom and dad weren't there and, everything would've been alright except, I didn't get all the blood wiped up. All I'm gonna say is, it sure sucked being my oldest brother that night and, what's funny is, I didn't say anything but what I've told you, here. It just happened that, with the blood and the rag that my mother found that I thought would never be seen again, I had what appeared to be at least partial of two black-eyes.

Anyway, years would pass and, my brother would graduate high school and enlist in the Navy. I graduated two years later and, went to college and, got to play a little football...point being, I was in good shape physically. A year later, after finishing up his third year in the Navy of a four-year enlistment, my brother came home under a "hardship discharge" because of my dad's health and, he and I shared what had been my bedroom. We both had dogs. He had a German Shepherd and, I had an Irish Setter. My dog stayed outside most of the time, especially at night and, it was warm enough for them to but, the stupid German Shepherd was a "whiner" and, my brother let him sleep in the bedroom. Keep in mind, I'm in college and have classes every morning but, I could get up thirty minutes before my first class, shower, shave and, get dressed and, still be in time but, his dog woke me up every morning at 5 o'clock which, became an issue and, just like back in Texas, we had a pretty good argument goin." My mom was at work and, my brother had just asked, "Do you want to fight?" For the first time in his life and, in mine, I said "Yeah!" Well, my brother went out in the back yard to wait on me, while I pulled on a pair of cutoffs and, I remember, my dad was sitting in his recliner, reading the paper and, I remember noticing a grin on his face but, it didn't even register with me at the time...I was mad. I walked over to the sliding-glass door, threw it open, walked across the back porch, stepped into the yard and hit my brother just below his left cheek bone, one time. He fell to the ground, I dropped on top of him and got him in a headlock and, commenced to squeezing. No bragging but, there was no way he was getting up. I had him down and, with everything I had, he was in a choke-hold of choke-holds and, I started telling him, "Say uncle and, I'll let you up." He was silent...still breathing but silent and defiant. I said it again, "Say uncle and I'll let you up." After the third time, he relented and, although he was srtruggling to get it out, he said "Uncle!". My dad was grinnin' because, he knew the day had come and, my big brother was made to realize that his "little brother" could defend hisself. First off, let me say that since that time, I've been of the mind and heart that I didn't ever want to do that again because, I really do love my brother and, even with the differences that he and I might have today, with age and, hopefully s little wisdom, I'm able to look past all the junk and still love him...but, you see, part of "looking past the junk", is knowing that some of it is mine and, he's forced to look past it. There will always be something between my brother and me, that could be allowed to become a source of contention and, it's because of choices that were made and opinions formed in the past and, most people can see that the biggest difference is that if an attitude about the other. He and I haven't spent a lot of time talking about it because, When it happens to be brought up, I can tell that it's a sore spot and, while his may stem from what happened in the backyard all those years ago and, a sense of his pride being hurt, mine is inwanting him to get past what happened in the backyard. It happened because it needed to and, that's the only reason. Could I puff up my chest and brag about it today? Of course I could but, there's a lesson some of us learned the hard way and, there's a parallel here. You don't strike matches over dry grass and, that'd be exactly what it would be like.

Granted, my brother and I live half the state of Oklahoma apart from each other, if he needed me, I'd go wherever he was to help him and, I believe he'd do the same for me and, it's not because either of us have forgotten the "backyard." We just like "peace" more than either of us worry about being "right." Besides, there's a lot more to talk about these days than something that happened forty years ago...like grandchildren...and, I've got him beat, there too but then, I have identical twin sons and well...they both live their wives and, they're good daddies...need I say more? Ha Ha!!

I'm just thinkin', maybe the "Curly, Moe and, Larry" of Geopolitics can figure it out that, "Peace" is always better. If it's a negotiated peace, the whole world will help you to have peace but, if you try and force your own version of peace on everyone else, expect every other world family member to come to the aid of anyone who is being oppressed and, if the "Oppressor" can't ever see it that way, there's a way to introduce them to the One who said, ""Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world." Psalm 46:10




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