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Sunday, May 28, 2017

"Re: Noe and his Source of Morality" by Anxious to Begin - 5.28.17

Entry Submitted by Anxious to Begin at 5:25 PM EDT on May 28, 2017

"Morality Apart from God: Is It Possible?" by Noe - 5.28.17

Noe, this is not a rebuttal nor is it intended to demean your position on Morality. It is, however, designed to offer a new paradigm, a new way of seeing spiritual concepts that are contained in the Bible that would get very close to the secret “mysteries,” of God.

I am not a Bible scholar nor do I preach Bible tenants as private interpretations that the Bible warns against. I do represent revealed truths that make sense to those who have delved into the mysteries and found Gems of knowledge, the pieces of which unfold a tapestry that unveils the real meaning that can be found in Bible Scriptures. Or at least the remnants of truth given to authors that are used in the Bible as the Word of God and not polluted by the Cabal agenda of half truths and lies.

You quote the Gospel according to Matthew and give your interpretations concerning revelation. Matthew has a recurring theme that adheres to the importance of Personal Revelations in order to understand the truths associated with the mysteries and the knowledge of God and the Heavenly realms.

You quoted Matthew 7: 24 and 25 and interpreted it's meaning as the Bible being the Rock. This meaning is not consistent with Matt 16: 17 where it states that Peter's knowledge of Jesus being the Christ, the Son of the living God, was not revealed by flesh and bones (arm of flesh, the Bible), but, “my Father which is in heaven,” this means revelation from God to one personally. Revelation is the “rock,” that he is referring to, not the Bible. Jesus knew the future and the compilation of the books that would become the Bible and that the BIBLE would be corrupted by man. (Cabal operatives). He was warning against using the Bible to be your source of truth, ALONE. This teaching by Jesus should ONLY be interpreted as the end result in one getting their truth directly from God. In other words, when you hear something and want to know if it is true then you simply ask. James 1:5 "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of GOD, that giveth to ALL men liberally, and upbraideth not and it shall be given him." I don't read anywhere in the Bible that supports getting your knowledge and wisdom from the BIBLE alone, do you?

The Bible is evidence of the way the Cabal works. A good example is our Cabal legal system that has created a system of laws and statutes that define every JOT and TITTLE of their laws that require a Lawyer or a Judge to interpret the law for you. Why would the Cabal method of religion be any different? Their religion teaches us that we need somebody else to be our go between ourselves and our Father in Heaven, somebody to pray for us instead of we praying ourselves to our Father. How ludicrous is that concept? How childish or slavery-ish is that and yet how many understand what has happened to us over the centuries? How many of us still persist with a Bible that has produced hundreds if not thousands of Churches that want to take the place of us simply asking our Father in Heaven for answers to our lack of wisdom. DO NO HARM is the basis of ALL laws and ALL of The Christ's teachings. It is just that simple. If you want to remain a child and have other people give you their teachings and require proof that it is so, and f that is your way of being, then that can be your choice. Two plus two equals four. Or is it: “too” plus “to” equals “for”? Same sounds spoken out loud, but when you write it down there is a different meaning. Where, then, is the proof to this new understanding or truth? When you must have proof before you will believe, then you limit your ability to know anything. Stuck. Ignorant. Can't learn. Won't learn. Damned.

The Old Testament and The Law and the Prophets.

Moses and the Children of Israel were led by God to Mount Sinai on the Arabian Peninsula. The Israelites had been in bondage for hundreds of years and had lost the powerful ways that God had taught them. He wanted Moses to bring them up on the Mountain and speak with Him, God, each one for themselves. Moses excused himself and went up on the mountain to speak with God alone. He was gone a long time. He was given a command to have the children of Israel come up and learn from God directly, what He wanted them to do. With God's instructions in hand he went down off the mountain and beheld the children worshiping the Golden Calf (the Bible). He was angry and rebuked them sorely and destroyed the symbol or idol of their worship. Moses then explained what God wanted them to do but they were ashamed and scared to go up on the mountain. The children of Israel told Moses to talk with God and through a prophet, they would promise to do what-so-ever Moses, as their Prophet, would tell them to do. Moses went back up the mountain and the Law of Moses, a law of performances and ordinances, was given to him for them. Thus the Law and the Prophets began. The Children of Israel have never gone passed the “Law” to the reality of God as their Father and they as His Children. They cling to the Law of Moses, the law of performances and ordinances, and the Prophets, to this day. That's why they kiss walls, wear little caps and do all kinds of thing to show their obedience to the "law" they have been given. There is a difference between "do" as in "do no harm", and "obedience," to a law. It is a subtle difference but "freedom," is the result.

Jesus came to fulfill the Law of Moses, not to do away with it. He also came to introduce a new law, a new Covenant, that was to, "Love God with all your heart, might, mind and strength, and the second was like unto that, to love your neighbor as thyself." The Gospel (Good news) of Jesus Christ is the Gospel of Love. Jesus did come to fulfill the Law of Moses but said that not one, Jot nor Tittle, will be done away until it is fulfilled in the heart of each one of God's Children. We teach our children to not dart out in the street and to do your chores before they go out to play (the Law). When they learn to do these things it keeps them safe, until they are able to conduct their own lives (adults) the way that they are lead to do by God .

The whole Bible experience is to teach the children of God to become gods themselves and always seek wisdom from The Father when they are confronted with experiences that leave them questioning what to do or what to believe. When each one of us, symbolically goes up on the mountain and learns to speak to God ourselves we have fulfilled the Law and the Prophets in our own lives and thus we are guided through life's difficult times and ascend to the higher realms of existence where the full measure of our creation is found. Were one to stay in the Law, the Bible, and not progress through the grades of learning, we will continue to stay as slaves, as children, estranged from God who is our Father. Jesus the Christ, Yeshua Ben Joseph, the Messiah, the way shower, said, “come follow me,” (not come worship me), and I will take you to the Father that is our home. A Christian is a follower or disciple of Jesus. It is not defined as one who worships Jesus. Jesus gave us the Ideology, and was the Ideal of the idea. We have made Him an, "Idol," a very embarrassing thing for the humble son of man. Jesus never intended his followers to organize a church, surely not to call it after Him. Had he organized a religious organization, I suspect he would have called it, "The Way of the Teacher of Righteousness," righteousness being the right use of energy. Jesus was known as the Teacher of Righteousness by his true disciples, a name that was prophesized by their people for generations.

Noe, with all the love you are trying to show, and the strong belief you have in the Bible, your teachings are keeping us from growing up, keeping us from following Jesus, keeping us as slaves to the belief that we need outside man made props to gain eternal life when that way has never been the way of the Master, the Way Shower, the Son of the Living God. The Bible has no power beyond your Morality system, which is a good way to live, but is not the purpose of life itself, only platitudes, only a surrogate of the real thing. “And this is life eternal, that they may know thee the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.” Life in physicality is designed to know God. Organized religion WILL be dis-organized and we will move into the Reality of the Christ, whom we have all ignorantly served.

There are hundreds if not thousands of Light Worker in our Family of Dinar Chronicles, who know assuredly, of what I speak. When they lack wisdom, they know where to go and ask what they need to know. That is why they are steadfast on the Rock of knowing because they build there lives on the ROCK of revelation. There is no other really effective way. They may bend a bit or have a doubt now and then, but the BOTTOM LINE is that they know where to go back to and find their strength. It is a safe haven.

I vote that we move on to the fullness of what God is offering us. Those who have not known or cultivated their two way communications with God, will ride the wave created by those who do and have done. That is why we are all in this together, in LOVE. Yes, God IS with us. And so it is. And so, I AM....

Anxious to Begin



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