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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

"Re: Don't Worry About Me, But Thanks Anyway!" by C40 - 5.2.17

Entry Submitted by Compassion4Others at 6:03 PM EDT on May 2, 2017

Re: "Don't Worry About Me, But Thanks Anyway!" - One Who Knows - 5.2.17

Per OWK’s latest post, he decided to single me out along with another poster named TPAO. To start with, you will notice in OWK’s post that he stated that he knew who TPAO was.

“Frankly, you know how high my sources go, and I am sure that you have figured out by now, that I know who you are, and who you work for as well.”

You will also notice that he did not make the same assumption about me that I worked for or was associated with some nefarious group. If he had, my response would have been different in many ways.

Per his quote below, he suggests that I am confused. 

“You really were so passionate and must have spent hours on your post, but you really seemed to be confused?”


OWK’s assumption is right. I am COMPLETELY confused.

I grew up in this 3D INCARNATION as the son of a Baptist minister. Imagine how much Cabal indoctrination I have had to unload to get past all the lies, rules and judgment from my past. If you are benevolent, you might give me a chance to catch up to your level of truth

So, in January this year, I showed up in Dinarland only by fate and the hand of God.

What did I learn? 

Incarnation is real…..wow. I was told this was a lie of the Devil. But guess what, I now believe it to be true. It resonates with me and just seems right.

Then, I learned about loving Galactics that are coming to help save our planet……wow.

This is really the only way to beat these CABAL ANIMALS that I have been fighting against for over a decade. So, OK. I don’t see them or any proof of them but it resonates with me and I hope it to be true.

Then, I learn about how Humans were created and manipulated…..wow. Fantastic stories without any proof but many stories resonate with me. My head is spinning but I want to learn more as the NEW KID on the 5D Block.

I have been trying to absorb 4 months of UNPROVABLE ideas that are being shared every day. My head has been spinning since I got here.


Shortly after finding DC, I listen to conference calls with someone gentleman named Zorra.

He seems like a sweet man and his kindness and generosity towards callers is contagious and genuine. I missed the first part of the call where he switches bodies with his son who lives on earth. I didn't figure out this mind blowing fact until weeks later......maybe that was because I might have tuned him out at that point.

So, I listen intently as he and someone once called "One Who Believes" and a woman named Jane tell us about Inner Earth and the GCR. I am entranced and hear the goodness in all of their voices especially in their laughter. It is contagious. These are good people as far as I can tell.

However, the more I listened, the more I read GREAT POSTS about how to be a better person and how we as a community can help the world via kindness and compassion. Over the coming month or 2, OWB makes post after post on DC about Lightworkers and they run me over. It is all resonating with me. It feels like home,.....

My life of lack starts to make sense to me. All the loss, pain and suffering was preparing me for this moment to help set the world free from the Cabal. Counseling Cancer patients against the CABAL'S drugs and Chemo now made sense. Protecting those who could not protect themselves made sense. The last 2 decades of my life fighting for others who could not fight for themselves, now made sense.

My past struggles were the minor leagues for what I was now going to be part of.


And then, I start hearing about things that have nothing to do with my ascension, gaia’s ascension or our ascension. Each unnecessary statement damaged my belief in the GCR and whether the Cabal were really losing.

I start hearing that Zorra’s spirit is speaking through his sons earthly body.
I hear that my CREATOR flies around in a ship.
I see OWKposts about Gnomes and supposed pictures of them.

Most recently, OWK told us that before their conference call Zorra was flying around on the back of a Teradactyl down in Inner Earth which we are told is a 6th dimensional world where there is no verbal communication and there are no physical bodies like 3D earth.

How does someone(Prime Creator) fly in a SPACESHIP if they have no physical form?
How does someone ride any ANIMAL if they and the ANIMAL have no physical form as 6th dimensional beings in inner earth?

These are the thoughts of 3D REASON I had…….and each story caused me to doubt.
All you have to do is LIE TO or MISLEAD ME ONCE.....and you have lost your ability for me to trust the other things you say.


What does any of this have to do with finishing off the Cabal?
What does it have to do with the NPTB taking down the Cabal?
Why are they sharing these UNPROVABLE STORIES with me that make me think they are all crazy?

Why do that with so much at stake?
Why mix already hard to believe info about GALACTICS and the DRAGON FAMILIES with Gnomes I can’t see, Teradactly’s I can’t see, and that PRIME CREATOR has a Space ship the size of North and South Korea combined?

Why tell me these things and then act disappointed if I question them or your other info?
Why threaten people who have no proof of what is being reported?


So, yes. I was confused and continue to be confused by someone who is sitting in a room by themselves CHANNELING SPIRITS that are 2.5 Billion years old.

How many reading this post have told their Mom or their Dad or the siblings about the fact that their primary source for the RV is getting his information from a spirit?

Not many.....because it is not of this realm, to put it kindly.
I think we all deserve SOME SPACE and TIME to try to get our heads around this rather than just swallow it whole.

I am NEW to this type of communication and it goes against everything I was raised to believe. But I am so open minded, I scare my family. I will listen to anything and openly consider it......within reason based on the INTENT of the message.


I see shows like LONG ISLAND MEDIUM and I can’t get enough of the healing that comes from this for people who have lost a loved one. I believe she is a messenger from God to help others.

Because nothing but GOOD come from her messages.
There is no hate.
There is no anger.
There are no threats.
There is only benevolent messages to help those WHO DON’T BELIEVE.

She knows her messages are hard to believe.....and gives people the freedom to be skeptics.
That is benevolence.

I want to believe in the BENEVOLENCE of OWK and any other Guru like Yosef but I don’t have any basis for trusting the spirits they say they are interacting with are real, benevolent, good or accurate.


My son was found dead in his bedroom 3 years ago in January. He went to sleep one night and he never woke up.

My ex-wife, who never believed in such a thing, hired a medium and had an inexplicable experience and we knew the messages were from my son. It was incredible. So, I see the power in this but I also see the danger.

I know my ex-wife and I trust her experience. She never followed up her stories with info about gnomes or people riding prehistoric birds inside the earth. Are you following me……

I don’t know OWK or anyone else on this forum. Expecting me to hear all of these FANTASTIC STORIES that have no EVIDENCE of being true and then scolding me for not believing it is NOT MY ERROR.

It is not my fault for questioning it and then, posting about it. It is each Guru’s fault for offering UNPROVABLE concepts as FACT and then turn around and insult me for using my god given ability to discern truth from non-truths or should I say yet to be proven-truths.


You will notice that while OWK did question and attack TPAO and his intent, he did not do that with mine.

That is because, IN THIS LIFE, no one can question my sacrifices for others.
No one.
Not OWK.
Not this new spirit I have just learned about name, Grandfather.
Not anyone….not even my Creator because he knows my heart and the sacrifices I have chosen to make for the benefit of others.

My creator has seen me through this mess of a life and I will happily answer for my time here.....but only to him.


I welcome any of you to go find me on Facebook and look up post, after post, after post, of MY WORK to inform everyone I can. You will find me under T. Paul Matson.

While OWK provides his services to DC in the most generous way, I have done the same in Social Media circles for as long as I have been on them.

I don’t post to attract girls.
I don’t post selfies.
I don’t send private messages to try to hook up.

All I do is post about and against the CABAL.

I have lost friends who are blind to what our government and this world really is.
I have lost girlfriends and potential girlfriends who think I am too obsessed with informing the uninformed.
I have lost family members who think I am crazy and delusional.
I have lost business associates and future business associates because they cannot see what we KNOW in DC.

I have been under surveillance since 2000 from the FDA and other agencies because I was helping Cancer Patients by directing them away from toxic Chemo and Radiation.

I am an enemy of the Cabal and have paid dearly for it.


Therefore, I will not sit by while some guy, who EXPECTS me to believe he is PLATO just because some voice in his head told him that, tries to act superior to me.

OWK, I knew you when you were OWB. I liked that guy a lot more than this new guy who thinks he is now, “THE DECIDER” in Dinarland, because he has voices in his head that I cannot see or hear.

You want me to take every word you say as fact?
Great…..I have a way you can prove to me they are real and your info is real.

Ask them who I have been in this life?
Ask them why I was fighting against the Cabal long before you ever showed up for this fight IN THIS LIFE?
Ask them if I am a LIGHTWARRIOR just like you ARE or if I am some Cabal implant?

And then, you tell me WHO I AM.

If your sources are real, you might just find out that I have been FIGHTING these CABAL ANIMALS as long as you have. Maybe even right beside you in many past lives.

Maybe that is why I was drawn to you immediately. Maybe that is why I posted time after time protecting you and praising you.

Maybe then, you can stop condescending to me or threatening me in any way.


I have taken on the ENTIRE CABAL SYSTEM for about 20 years which has impacted 1,000’s and 1,000’s of cancer patients, friends, non-friends, homeless people and family. I did this in the real world for the benefit of people WHO DID NOT BELIEVE IN ME or what I was telling them.

I did not do it in a safe VACUUM like Dinarland where only a handful of people questioned what I had to share. I took on the OUTSIDE world of people who had been lied to and didn't know it. I did if for NOTHING and it has cost me dearly and I would do it again. This is why I am here………you taught me that THIS IS MY SOUL CONTRACT.


The people that are NOT IN DC are the ones that need to be informed and enlightened. Not the people here in DC that are SQABBLING OVER RATES about how many TRILLIONS they will get. Most people are here because they already know about the CABAL.

While they fight over money and lower their vibrations, I have spent my time trying to ENLIGHTEN people OUTSIDE OF THIS ECHO CHAMBER ....where people need the most information.

So, I will congratulate you on your position of TRUST that you gained by your kindness and patience here in DC. As I have stated over and over, you earned it through your BENEVOLENCE.

As you forgot to mention, my posts of the past stated that you were my example of who I would like to become.

Now that you have earned that trust, don’t lose it by thinking you are ABOVE others and lose your benevolence that drew me to you in the first place. Maybe that is why I spent so much time writing my post. Not because I am infatuated with you……maybe I saw a change in the LIGHT AROUND YOU and it deeply concerned me.


By the way, you stole my words/phrasing from a post I made months ago when I compared you and Yosef. I defended your kind and benevolent way of interacting with SCARED PEOPLE or PEOPLE WHO HAD DOUBTS. Yosef sometimes insulted and attacked while you stayed above it.

At that point I stated in my post, that I am a COMPASSIONATE person to good, kind hearted people but I turn into something else when I see BULLIES and LIARS attacking defenseless people.

So, we are on the same page. You want me to believe, without question, that you know who is BAD and working with the CABAL.
Ok……prove it.

And if you can’t, stop threatening me or anyone else who has doubts about the way you are acting.

If the woman named HELENA is CABAL and you know it. Great……

If I had your info that she was a plant in this forum to hurt others and knew it to be true, I would have supported you. My allegiance would be unquestioned. But I don’t have that luxury, do I?

All I saw was a BULLY, not only threatening a woman but seeming to find pleasure in scaring her and threatening her.

Did she deserve it?
Time will tell.....

You say she is bad and you have proof.
You say TPAO is bad and you have proof.

Great, good for you. Keep doing it, if IT IS THE TRUTH.

But don’t sit there and expect me to believe everything you say when you have done nothing to prove your truth. That is all it is, YOUR TRUTH. Don’t force it on me……gently offer it to me to consider. That is benevolence…..understanding I might not be where you are in my evolution in this 3D mess.

Each time you threaten me or anyone else, you lose benevolence and credibility.


Stating that you are PISSED in your video with Gary Larrabee is understandable. You are just a flawed 3D human, like the rest of us.

But to suggest higher dimensional BENEVOLENT BEINGS are more pissed than you does not resonate with me.


Per the text of the Bible, we are told that Jesus Christ was viciously tortured and crucified by naysayers and he turned the other cheek with kindness and forgiveness of the people that KILLED HIM. He said that they would be allowed to enter the kingdom of heaven even though they killed him?

That is benevolence …….
Threatening SCARED PEOPLE is not.

So, as you inform people here in DC, try to stay humble and be willing to consider our thoughts and concerns. You owe us that as a leader. I am not a leader nor have I asked to be. My INTENT is to learn…..the only way to learn is to ask HARD QUESTIONS and then use my best judgment to find what my TRUTH IS.


In closing, you were right. I AM CONFUSED.

I got to 5D school late. I am trying to take classes after school. I am trying to catch up and I don’t need you insulting me or questioning my intent. Especially when you have contacts that you could have gone to ask about me, my life and my intent.

Your kindness to me in the past was always appreciated. Y
ou never seemed concerned about me spending time praising you but now, I am INFATUATED with you?
Come on.....

My fear of the Cabal is not fear for myself.

I could care less if they kill me. I have wanted out of this UGLY 3D JOKE for 20 years.

I fight them because of my remaining children, my family and the apathetic American public that has no idea their government is the TERRORIST. I want our country to stop KILLING, ENSLAVING and HARMING poor people of color.

I am sick of it…..
If it does not end, I want out of this 3D experience.

I don't need TRILLIONS of dollars.
What I want is an end to the killing, ugliness and madness!

My posts on DC are for the MEEK and for those as CONFUSED as I am. I have no agenda but to inform, protect and to end the Cabal. End of story.


No one told me I had to stop being a LIGHT WORKER because OWK said so.
I don't know how to just turn that off after all of these years trying to inform and protect other people.......only to be told STOP IT or you are going to be put in a homeland detention facility and your currency will be confiscated.

Good luck with that......I will give you my address right now!

Come get me.....

If our posts or questions cause fear but are not of BAD INTENT……that is that persons own 3D reality.

It is not their attempt to hurt others but to inform and potentially protect them from false information.

When I do it, Could I be wrong……can I be tricked? 

Of course, I am imperfect and my discernment is all I have ever had to fall back on for truth.

If you want us to believe you OWK without question, go back to BENEVOLENCE.

If you know there are CABAL posts, great go get them but tell us who they are and make sure you are right. 

Nothing could be worse than BEARING FALSE WITNESS on another person…….nothing.

If you accuse, you better be right.

But more importantly due it BENEVOLENTLY like you used to. You don’t need to act from a lower place if you are right. Your new position of power should cause you to look to be more benevolent.....not less.

Benevolently warn the BAD PEOPLE and inform us at the same time of your suspicions. For me, it is all about your INTENT and BENEVOLENCE.

Stay in the light of those 2 qualities and you will never need to REBUKE me again.
As such, we will be on the same team.

Ask around, you will find out that I am a rare, incorruptible commodity.




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