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Monday, May 22, 2017

"Re-Defyne-inge Love" - Sephora FyreByrde & One Who Knows - 5.21.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 11:26 PM EDT on May 21, 2017

RE-Defyne-inge LOVE... Sephora FyreByrde & One Who Knows/Star Fynder/Richard

I've Beene Thinkinge About LOVE For A Whyle Nowe... Its TRUE Nature... Its REAL POWER... Its ESSENCE... Its SPLENDOR...

This ISN'T A Steppe-By-Steppe Type of Conversation - It IS Symply SomeThynge To PONDER/Focus On As We All Get Closer & Closer To Our Exchange Opportunity(s).

The MAIN Question(s) That Come To Mynde Is/Are THIS: HOWE DO YOU PERSONALLY DEFYNE LOVE? WHAT DOES IT REALLY MEAN TO & FOR YOU? Have You Ever Had The Pleasure And JOY Of Seeing/Feeling LOVE Save SomeOne's Lyfe When "Modern Medicine/Machines" Could Not? I HAVE... 7 Tymes Over A 10 Yr TymeFrame! Remember That There's NO "Ryghte/Wrong" Answer Here... Just YOUR ANSWER(s)!!!!!!

The Next Question Here Comes On The Heels Of The First 2 Above... HOWE DO YOU, WOULD YOU THEN RE-DEFYNE LOVE AND ITS ESSENCE IN THESE CHANGEing MOMENTS? This One Is A Lyttle TRICKYER (TRICKIER) To Answer No Matter Where You're Come-ing From In Terms Of Belief Structure, Instincts and EXPERIENCES! There Is No Ryghte/Wronge Answer(s) Here Either... Just YOUR PERSONAL ANSWER(s)!!!!!

Have-ing Spiritually/Psychically Watched And FELTE The "Death"/Transition of A Man Who Was and STYLLE IS Very Dear To Me Back In March 2012... AND Have-ing Experienced The PURE JOY Of Seeing His Lyfe SAVED By The Pure HEART-Centered LOVE That He and I Shared (and STYLLE Feele) From The Moment We "Met" In THIS LyfeTyme (ReUnited) Was/Is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME Indeede!!!!

Some, If Not MOST People I've Met Woulde Saye "Love Simply Is! It's A Feeling/Emotion... There Really ISN'T Any Waye To Go About DEFINEing OR RE-DEFYNEing IT!" Well... Those Who Thynke/Feele That Waye Are "RYGHTE" (From Their Own Perspective AnyWaye)

Conversely Those Who Looke At The Questions Above and Are Intrigued By Them and/or Have Had Experiences Lyke My Owne Tende To Start To RE-THYNKE Howe They Personally Feele. This Is WonderFull As Welle!

Nowe Take-inge This Particular Topic ONE STEPPE Further... HOWE DO YOU/WE GO From The 3D DEFYNITION OF LOVE (Physical Intimacy/ Feelings /Romance)... TO The HYGHER DIMENSIONAL/VYBRATIONAL KYNDE OF LOVE That Is COMPLETELY HEART-CENTERED & ACTUALLY BEYONDE "Common" DESCRIPTION (UN-ENDEing Divyne Universal Love)? THAT Is Where Thynges REALLY Get INTERESTING... In A GOODE WAYE Mynde You!!!!

The SHORTEST, Most Direct Answer Here Is GO WITHIN... RE-CONNECT TO YOUR TRUE ESSENCE (Multi-Dimensional SOURCE Selfe)... AND BE(COME) HEART-Centered!!!!

Nowe THIS Is Where It Actually Gets DYFFICULT For Many Who Aren't AS AWARE Of Our Multi-Dimensional Nature. This Is PERFECTLY Understood AND Accepted! Those That Absolutely REFUSE To Believe ANY THYNGE That CanNot Be PROVEN By "HARD EVIDENCE" (WRYTTEN, Expert FACTS) Are The Ones Who Have THE MOST DYFFICULTY Here... Whych Is ALSO Both Understood And ACCEPTED As Welle!!!!

OWK/Star/Richard... Care To Take It From Here...


Thank you for the invite Sephora.

The interesting thing about different "Dimensions" is that the actual difference between them is only Consciousness. The more conscious you are, the more you know how things work, the more things you can do and the more abilities you have as a result.

At a lower dimension, such as the one that we are leaving, it is easy to recognize that Love has a "Primal" basis, that is instinctual, toward those close to you and who are Meaningful to you. Things that don't mean anything to you, are "Meaning-less" where as those things that have more meaning to you are "Meaning-full." But those things at the top of that chart, that MEAN the most to you are the people and experience that YOU LOVE. It is the highest form of Like. Like is meaning-full, Love is HIGHLY MEANING-FULL.

Using this measurement, in the higher dimensions, where you are Conscious that we are all one and all important to each other, Love is felt for everyone and everything. EVERYTHING IS HIGHLY MEANING-FULL.

Love Is More Than A Feeling, It Is A Power

To understand the Higher Consciousness perspective of Love as a Power, I will go over the first type of Manifestation. I am not going to go in-depth here, and I am not going to cover the other 3 types of Manifestation, just this one as a basic introduction for this discussion.

Type 1 Manifestation = Feelings & Energy. Feelings and Energy are one type of manifestation that comes from a Meaning. Yes, since Meaning is the seed of Creation and the basis of manifesting, then it to is the basis of Feeling and Energy.

A true story of a mother who found her son pinned under a car that had fallen down off the car jack-stands, was able to lift it off of her son to save him. The feeling is LOVE, and the energy it manifested was enough for this mother to Lift a car off of her son.

A man deep in the woods, whose daughter is injured, hikes 50 miles through the woods caring his daughter to safety, the energy source is Love, and it is powerful.

The difference of the higher dimensions is that they understand Love as a Power, to make things happen, and at the lower level of consciousness we think it is just a feeling between people.

What You Will Do vs. What You Can Do

We think of what we will do for Love in the 3d World, but in the higher dimensions they understand it as what they CAN do from Love. You will experience this very soon and I want you to recognize it. By recognizing it, you be(come) Conscious of it, and that will make your consciousness rise and your vibration raise as a result.

This is the unspoken benefit of your Humanitarian projects. Notice, that if you were doing all these things as a business, for money, and as work, it would not "Drive" you. But, doing these same things to help our fellow Humans, from a place of LOVE, you can literally feel the Unlimited energy and power that is available to you. You will get up early, and be thinking and doing things that you would NEVER have done for money alone. You are tapping into the Love Energy that is the only Power there is in the Universe. The Universe is actually Powered by Love, and that is why the higher levels of creation are so powerful and yet so loving at the same time. Power and Love go hand and hand.

Notice The Love Power/Energy

Get yourself in the Love Power stream. Feel the love you are going to show all these people who have had a hard life. See their faces as you help them with their every problem with a smile on your face and without asking for anything in return. NOTICE THAT LOVE ENERGY THAT YOU HAVE FLOWING THROUGH YOU IN THOSE MOMENTS. Be(come) Conscious of it, that you have it, that you are using it, that it is there in abundance. Tap it, feed on it, and express it in every way that you can think of in your life. As you be(come) an over-flowing fountain of Love in your every word, thought and deed, you will FEEL the power of it as it flows through you. The benefit is that as you let that energy flow through you, it automatically heals your every problem, be it medical, psychological, personal or otherwise. Love's nature, is to Heal, repair, and forgive.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Love is much more that a "Feeling," it is a power, THE power of the Universe. Just you being able to understand this has raised your consciousness and brought you closer to the next level, the next dimension, for it is only consciousness that determines what Dimension you are in.

Leverage these coming Humanitarian projects to demonstrate this to yourself, and be(come) conscious of its power and energy. Flow it in every way you can, for as it flows through you, it heals you as it heals others. It is the gift that benefits the giver as much as it does the receiver. That is your Higher Dimension Lesson for today. Love is Energy and is the Unlimited Power that the Universe runs on. Tap it!


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows & Sephora FyreByrde



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