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Monday, May 8, 2017

"Re: The Dark Needs to be Brought out into the Light" by Victor - 5.8.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 10:51 PM EDT on May 8, 2017

"The Dark Needs to to be Brought out into the Light" by (Anonymous) - 5.8.17

What you fight and resist......you manifest in your life by empowering it with your own life energy.......IMO. In a way, I think it is a mechanical functioning of the Universe and how your power of attention works.

So how do you "fight" the dark? The answer to that, I think, is dependant on your vibration and where you are, what you understand. A janitor cleaning the floor would "fight" the dark differently than a high flying Arch Angle who is cruising in Invisible realms we can't imagine. So How you " fight" is a very personal context depending on "Where you are" .....floating in the ocean of life. A cork would float differently in the oceans water than would a Battle ship. Each would have different powers and different responsibilities due to where they are floating and what they are.

Imagine if you are in a room with 10 million unlit candles. Then you you put a flame to just one candle. That one candle now has more power than the 10 million unlit candles. in the room. It is a difference of order or POWER. If we compare these two conditions/states that the candles are in- it is similar to the power of a cork in the ocean Vs an aircraft carrier. The difference is one of POWER, or the the energy, or frequency of .....LIGHT ACCEPTED". Because it is your frequency, your acceptance of the LIGHT, that determines where you are floating at. What you see and what you experience and what you...."Fight" . It is an order of like that or a janitor as compared to that of an Arch Angle. How much light is accepted by you, determines how you act and how you "fight".

So it is here in Dinar chronicles when a basher shows up. How do we "fight" or when, depends on how we each look at the world and sees darkness ....and then deal with it, in relationship to our context. No one answer fits all situations?

When we look at a dark room or a world with much darkness, we think wehave to act to remove that darkness or "fight" that darkness. WE maywant to deal with the world we see as Anonymous says:........."The quicker we deal with the low vibration crap that plagues all of us the quicker we will see the high vibration wonderfulness of an RV and a cleaned up planet for our children to enjoy come to fruition. "...........

OK.......but .......do we understand the power of one lit candle in a dark room vs 10 million unlit candles in a dark room? All the force that 10 million dark candles can produce, does not match up to one lit candle. The difference in power is a logarithmic difference. It is like comparing the janitor to an Arch Angle in a way or a cork to a huge fighting ship.

When an unlit candle speaks here or anywhere in the world, that candle has little power by itself. It has to rely on the "Force" of numbers,since that candle lacks the light. That unlit candle needs many otherslike itself, as does the Cabal need many sleeping people to stayasleep, in order to generate any real power. It may take 10 millionunaware blue pill consumers, to equal the power of one Light Worker. It is about the ratio of Power vs Force. This is a logarithmic difference.

This means that just one Light Worker can out shine or ....."cancel out"...... the negative effects of millions of uninterested humans.That is why the RV will happen and there is really no stopping it, in a way. This point is important to understand. Because we may think that we are outnumbered and out gunned and out matched, when we are not. If we look at the world in relation to the number of sleeping people vs Light workers, we may think it is hopeless........and ask.....How could the World change?....which such difference in numbers.

They are many; and we are few. It is not a problem, if we recognize the Logarithmic power of LIGHT.

LIGHT, is of a different order of Truth vs darkness. Light has Infinite Power......because LIGHT/LOVE is all that really exists and is what the whole Universe is constructed out of. Light is the only thing that EXISTS and the only thing that is REAL. The POWER of LIGHT.........always trumps any force that the dark can muster up. Since darkness really does not "EXIST" at all!.

In this 3d world, the dark needs many billions in numbers to stay asleep, because they each have little or no Light power of their own. The power of darkness is in a way only ever feeding on the LIGHT in a parasitical way. It is sustaining itself on the reflected light of others .....of the LIGHT. Darkness survives (exists) by stealing and by deception and by misdirecting attention of Light beings.

Darkness lives in an world made up of lies and it exists in a world that is actually not even recognized by Source itself, since it is not of SOURCE. Darkness was not created by Source, but is an illusion or an "EFFECT", created by those that distance themselves from Truth/Light. Darkness is the result of the absence of LIGHT.........and effect, not a creation.

Lies are like an "ego effect" also.......only an effect, as is the concept of "Ego" it is an effect that is not connected to LIGHT. Ego and lies are a result of the absence of light/Truth and that is All. Like a room with no lit candles. Nothing more, therefore these ....."effects"......have no real light power and in fact do not really exist to the LIGHT or to SOURCE. It is unseen by Source since Source never created it.

Source can not refuse itself as existing. That is what Source would
have to do if it ever accepted Darkness as real. Such acceptance and
recognition is impossible..........except as an Illusion on a big Omni
Max screen..........All created for our "enjoyment."

So to "fight" darkness on its own level, might be giving it an "attention" of sorts or much credit it does not deserve, it is a delicate matter. If you ...."fight"..... to hard, YOU may take darkness as a power that is Existent and Real and as an equal to YOU or the LIGHT, when it is not. Darkness is like those candles with no light. It is really a powerless condition that is fixed by simply exposing it to the light and ignoring it......or you run the risk of believing it and letting it upset you. If darkness upsets you, it takes you down to its own low energy level of fear. Then it has food from you.

When you ignore it, darkeness is starved out of existence. When you don't think of it, it has nothing. When you as a light worker shine and RADIATE the True Love that You are. YOU passively do much more than you know, by simply being YOU.......as you are......off the LIGHT.

Education is Ok up to a point, then it can become a tricky place where you can easily loose YOUR OWN JOY and become distracted by the seeming illusions of power that the Darkness can profess to have over you. But once you realize that there are many time lines in the KINGDOM........it is way more fun to just focus on what you want to manifest than knowing about every ugly detail of a low vibrating illusion ......after all.

Since you do NOT have to "fight" to remove darkness.....because in a way there is really nothing to fight that is of any threat to anything........no threat to the LIGHT that you really are.

Those dark time lines will always exist, you can't remove them. You can even revisit them is you wanted too, latter. The best "fight" eventually will be like when You just float away like and Arch Angle.....who does recognize illusions and Energizes only the realms of LIGHT, .....what it itself IS. That is the best ...."fight"......the fight that energizes JOY.........and shines the Light that you are..........IMO.




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