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Thursday, May 4, 2017

"Re: The Cobra Deception and Latest GCR/RV Update" by Mayan Guy - 5.4.17

Entry Submitted by Mayan Guy at 6:53 AM EDT on May 4, 2017

Greetings Dinarland,

After reading the latest GCR/RV report by Anonymous:

As well as One Who Knows' comments on Cobra's latest deceptions:

I wish to share some input again. This input may be applied to the "ankle biters" here on Dinarland as well, it applies to all those negative characters trying to "implant" negative ideas here on Dinarland, trying to cast spells with their words and trying to create imbalance, disharmony.

Some good advice is being offered in the above mentioned posts, for our benefit, if we so choose. I'm grateful that One Who Know's is bringing this to our attention, it's important, brothers and sisters.

What we fear we will certainly experience, the reason for this is because what we resist, persists. Thinking, or keeping in mind that: "no, i don't want this thing" will actually manifest that "thing" you do not want because fearing that "thing" puts all your focus and energy on that "thing" you do not want and it will then manifests it for you, because that is what you focused on. The Universe is simply keeping it's promise, always, and in all ways.

The Universe is like a big Xerox copy machine giving us what we focus on, over and over. What ye ask in prayer, so shall ye receive. Know ye not ye are gods? The focus is the prayer/meditation. What we send out (Intent) comes back to us, amplified. You shall reap what you sow. Natural law.

A side note on Natural law:

Natural law can not be violated. It is impossible, there is no way around Natural law. Some might find Universal law as a term more helpful. However, your manifestation capabilities can be hijacked, through deception, to apply Natural law for you without you being "aware" of it. Essentially hijacking your manifestation abilities. I call this a psy-opp of consciousness. This is what happened on our planet. This can only take place once you have given your own power away, wanting others to do everything for you. We have to take responsibility for ourselves, on every level. We have to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions, as well as the lack thereof. We are creative beings, we create. Thoughts become things, if we are aware of that or not.

So it IS.

Cobra's group meditations:

Meditations are lovely, like anything else, it can also be used for negative things. Ceremony and ritual can be used for the dark or light. It's always, and in all ways, about the intent behind something.

Where is the focus at for those meditations that Cobra asks the masses to participate in? Energy flows where attention goes. What will manifest from focussing on a false idea that people are currently being attacked? What we focus on expands and becomes stronger in our lives. Natural law, also known as The Law of Attraction, or The Law of One.

It is good to be aware of stuff, to build awareness on stuff that we might find difficult to digest, i get that. We live in a time of revelation, so we will need to face these things head on, in stead of put our heads in the sand. Awareness is a good thing, like anything else it can be used for negative agendas. Especially group consciousness. Ever wonder how the cabal psy-opp's the collective consciousness for their use? Think about it, deeply. Meditate on that rather, not Cobra's agendas.

All i am saying is that Cobra gets you all to keep your focus on people being attacked, or that Earth has energy anomalies in Her energy grid. No one is currently being attacked. Many claims are being made that light workers and such are being attacked, yet there is no evidence of this currently. It begs the question: why is Cobra doing this? Why are they now using the term Light Warriors? What seed is being planted to grow there in your mind?

Once you understand that, you will understand what Cobra is really up to. I hope you come to that conclusion through your own experience, only then will you truly know.

Tapping all your energy for power over others. The very fact that Cobra makes people think they need to be liberated and that something else has power over you, trying to attack you, should be a very clear clue for you.

The only thing we currently need liberation from is our own beliefs about things, ourselves.

What is Cobra getting you to believe or buy into? What beliefs is Cobra trying to create? Cobra is in the business of fabricating beliefs, that she likes to term "awareness", to deceive you. I am saying Cobra is a "she" because it is easy for the Cobra organization to send out a male to represent the Cobra organization to help make it all look real, when in fact it is not, it is deception.

Believe in Cobra and their fabricated ideas then, if that is what you choose, i'll believe in myself rather, that way i keep myself sovereign and don't choose to give my power away to others. God given Free Will, Your God Power, Natural law. Cobra is trying to disempower you, trying to get you to give your power away again so they can play with it for you, towards their goals.

Plasma Toplet Bombs:

Again, where is Cobra keeping peoples beliefs or perceptions? That some force is attacking them and that people cant do anything about it... we have to wait for the light forces to sort that out first (just so you know, we have been waiting close to a decade for that, so far), we are apparently helpless towards this fabricated end. What an insult to the light forces who have anti-gravity, wisdom from higher dimensions, fully activated DNA, much longer lives than us and whom is not able to sort these problems out. As reported by Cobra in earlier reports: "no one in this Universe of the light forces has knowledge of dismantling the toplet bombs". Think about that point deeply and critically. Question it too.

Fully conscious beings of light apparently also don't have a higher understanding of physics to dismantle the toplet bombs? Now why would they want us to think there is plasma toplet bombs we can do nothing about that threatens to blow up the entire planet?

As One Who Know's benevolently pointed out:

FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real

Cobra's Implants:

That is called "implanting" fears into the collective consciousness, thats what i see clearly reading Cobra's fabricated ideas. The irony is that Cobra speaks of "implants" that they themselves are "implanting" with their very words, casting a spell again, that many choose to believe. You are choosing to fall for it, and so it becomes real for you. What we believe becomes our reality.

Like i said, it appears as if Cobra is doing a benevolent thing, when they are actually busy manifesting, or trying to manifest the opposite. They have mastered this deception game.

I have much more to say about Cobra, the Cintamani stones, the "charity" towards Malawians (follow the money) and many other points, i'll leave it here for now. Cobra is a massive deception claiming that they are doing good and that they create awareness. It's a dark agenda disguised as love, thats what folks like this do, and this is how they do it to deceive you. They cant deceive you by being honest. They don't operate on honesty, they operate in deception. They will duplicate words, invert them, twist them and perverse them for their own agenda.

They also believe lucifer is the light bearer, so they are happy to claim "victory to the light", yes, they are that sneaky and deceitful. They will hijack anything they can, they are hardwired like that.

It is all hidden in plain sight for you, including the very name Cobra. Cabal 101 tactics indeed.

We Are The Light Forces, We Are The Resistance, We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For! Not something out there, and certainly not Cobra. The Truth is inside of you, in your Heart.

The biggest gift we can give to another, is giving people back to themselves. Is this not what this whole process is about? The gift that just keeps on giving...

We Are One Heart.

Align with your heart, connect to your inner heart, then....

...discern with aligned awareness.

Go within, or go without.

I am another yourself

Mayan Guy



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