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Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Re: Circus" by BB136 - 5.18.17

Entry Submitted by BB136 at 6:59 AM EDT on May 18, 2017

"Circus" - Geopolitical Overview - Tuesday - May 16, 2017

Dear Dr. Linda and a few Others:

With all due respect to you, the depiction of Mr Trump as a Clown is not all that offensive. IMHO. It is used for a valid reason. I am 99.9% sure that Donald Trump is a pedophile and more than likely a rapist. He flew on Jeffrey Epstein's Sexpress Jet, and that plane ride is always about lurid behavior and never about getting from one place to the other. One needs only read the lawsuits filed against him to see who he really is when the cameras are off. I realize that anyone can file a complaint, but the details are alarming, and very sad for each of the alleged victims Look at the Internet, at the many creepy pictures of "daughter" Ivanka and the Donald, (he actually stages some of the shots which means he thinks they are natural and normal poses!) and these things and more takes us beyond a reasonable doubt as to his status a vial human being. I believe that Yosef knows whereof he speaks as to the theater that is being played out with respect to the Republic...there is simply too much out in the mainstream now that is fitting into the puzzle quite nicely. And by the way, The man who drafted NESARA Harvey Barnard, called his book "Draining the Swamp!"

As for disrespecting the presidency, he is merely a corporate president of the United States Corporation, not the President of the united States of America or the restored Republic.

Onto another subject, and I apologize for the verbosity. To the many relatively new and still naive currency holders, who expect to make a few thousand percent on your investment, I really think you have to look at some of the history surrounding this speculative currency "investment":

1) For us old-timers who have held currency for over 6 years, most of us bought our currency as quickly as possible because someone convinced us that the dinar was going to RV within a few days; I still remember ordering mine with express delivery, praying that the RV would not hit before I got my dinar! Com'on, Tony said it was going down, man! And that was 2010.

2) Everything that we saw in the mainstream was seen through "dinar-goggles", which meant we always thought it was related to the ASN (Any second Now) RV of the Iraqi Dinar. Okie the Oilman was the main guru and, Bless his Heart, he called it (called the RV was happening) whenever there was some news out of Iraq like Maliki making a speech, or Shabibi appearing at a conference, or "intel" saying that HCL was done, or even that our government said something about currency or finances; Okie always was fed some unconfirmed "intel" from Who Knows Where, (the poor man's version of our beloved One Who Knows, I bet). Our gurus were Okie, Med, Freeway Bill, Mailman17, ScottieG, BGG, Bluwolf, Kaperoni, Jester, Bulldog75, Hammerman, Footforward, Bear5642, TerryK (before indictment!), Poppy3, TLar, PT (who is Philip Tiilton now) and Jonnywg (who was famous for the rates on the bank back-screens, and I heard he got cancer, sorry to hear), and a few others.

3) The Dong became the next currency that was going to RV, but it was very hard for us logical folks to wrap our heads around a 20,000+ VND to $1 USD currency revaluing at much more than a penny. Then we hear $.47...then people started talking about the Rial and Rupiah...mostly currency sellers no doubt...We bought them up anyway....After All, we had that "Show me the Money" attitude; we believed, so we were entitled to millions!

4) Then the ZIM started creating a buzz....most of us were still trying to be logical and YES, "stay grounded" ubiety, was the buzz phrase, but we were categorized as simply toothless crackheads and Idiots mostly now: the simplest of us easily believed that the ZIM would LOP 6-9 zeros and bring a penny to 11 cents, for still a pretty nice profit; the bulk of us though, hadn't had enough of our brain cells killed and numbed yet by the chemtrails and flouride and other cabal magical fun stuff they give us to quite get the ZIM craze...(though I must admit, my friend Kevin bought a lot early on and he is way smarter than me). It had no chance in Hell to RV, Could it?

5) We struggled along, alienating our families, our friends, our spouses, our dogs, even got a little depression going every Sunday night when the darn RV just wouldn't seem to materialize...we were always so sure...I mean Bruce had won our lovewithout all that shilling of stuff, (he actually is a very nice man) and he seemed to really have some good Intel, so he would not lie to us, would he? Some of us worked long hours to feed our families who hated us, others couldn't find jobs and started to really suffer, while late at night wading through new Dinar sites looking for better gurus with "real" intel, not calling it every week, but giving us a logical plan why it can and will happen someday. The stalwarts like Frank26, BGG, Kaparoni and TNT Tony stayed strong, and gave us some comfort and relief because overall they "stayed grounded" and logical, though Tony did call it a few times, like only every Tuesday or so, LOL...D.C. (not Dinar Chronicles) became Tony's sidekick and we really thought we were getting close; heck D.C. told us that it was scheduled to start some 56 times, and he could not be lying to us! But a few gurus made us really think it was a real investment, not just a speculative venture; but their financial agenda was there and still remains for some; for example, Tony/RayRen hock their trusts and "ask" for donations; Frank sells shit, including currency; many make good bucks on websites and donations and advertising; Gerry McGuire, God Bless his own-mother-hating self, tells us to "take a knee" and then spews no Intel, and pushes the Trust call for some reason...hmmmmmm...and I'm pretty sure they have all made some moneyoff of the dinar community. hey, its a "capitalist" country right? So long as they don't lie. ZAP, or Jersey, is a n enigma, and when this RVs, I'm going to figure out the story on that guru...heck, he may be who he says he is, but no one needs to work 80 hours a week on "projects" that haven't started yet, and especially for no pay....I mean, if you have 2,000 people donating $2, thats $4,000 folks! How many dinarians go to websites? Heck, I joined Dan & Tony at People Talk Radio at $15.95 a month for awhile there! It was legal stealing LOL. Still can't figure out what I was paying for....So we logical Idiots still had not found the real "McCoy Guru." (My definition of "GURU" is a spirtual, influential teacher and expert BTW)

6) Then a typical day in, I believe, September, October or November of 2015, I was listening to a WSOMN call (the present Wingit call was a spin-off by Gerry "the DA, no real intel, no real knowledge, redneck" McGuire) . A person calling himself YOSEF came on; I am a Christian, I pray every day, go to church once or twice a month, and I'm not what you could call a spiritual guy. But, when I first heard Yosef speak, I got chills. The energy was incredible. He started talking about aliens, and dimensions, and conspiracy stuff that others would never touch...all of the things I knew to be true, as I am a prolific researcher. He brought a very spiritual tenor to the call; he was calming and obviously very bright; and he was saying things that made me go "Ahah" over and over. As the months went on, he talked more about aliens, the Royals and the Elders, NESARA, the Republic, the US Corporation, etc. and many more taboo subjects for other gurus, but truths for me. He then wrote an incredible post called "THE BILLIONAIRE WOODSHED" and the rest is history. Yosef is the real deal. Things started to fit together and make perfect sense, at least for me. This RV/GCR was really going to happen and it has been in the works for a very, very long time. And it is not a mish-mosh or random venture, it has been planned and scripted by some very intelligent people, people that know the truth and are benevolent.

What you should try to grasp is this: First off, Yosef has some pretty high up contacts, giving him real intel; and he has a wealth of knowledge in currencies, bonds, business, the law, marketing, logic, analysis and religion, to name a few areas of his vast expertise. He is not some dude in his underwear scatching his baXXs his mom's basement. He speaks good English, and writes well, unlike many gurus who, Bless their Hearts, love to butcher the English language; i just don't think we should hear "shoulda went" more than three more from a guru who is a resident of our English speaking country, after all, the guru has chosen to speak to us, hasn't he? Shouldn't that guru raise their standard a notch when speaking our English language to the general public? It's late, no sleep again, too much work, but I had to put that out there.

When Yosef said the folks from Kansas caught him, he was being facetious. He was more than likely tired and frustrated and had decided to take a new tact with some of us remaining toothless crackheads, and yes there are still a few of us. This is what I learned from Yosef: The RV/GCR is our puzzle. When the last piece snaps into place, our Completed Puzzle will be Our Execution of the Benevolent Plan, i.e. to spread our blessing of infinite wealth with benevolence and mercy for all of humanity. Therefore, we hear and say that the RV/GCR is happening now, because the Play or Theatre that is happening, which consists of Acts; the making and finishing of the Completed Puzzle. This includes such things as formation of BRICS, then mirroring the western structures of the IMF, World Bank, Swift and BIS, with the AIIB, CIPS, et al.; the Gold x-change being moved from London to China; the 209 Nations signing the Paris Agreement under the cover as a Global response to Climate Change, when inside, it is a benevolent plan to provide for all countries; the election of Trump as the last US Corp president; and the RV/GCR; among many other Puzzle pieces. Redemptions of T1, T2, T3 and T4 are also pieces of the Puzzle. And, it seems so close to being complete. My only concern is that there may still be other puzzle pieces that our greatest puzzle builder, Yosef, simply does not know about or have yet to be played out. After all, though he is up there, he still is not at the top pay grade.

Yosef is the one who pounded all of this into our heads, and I mean overtly, and not quietly. I ran out and bought a quad of ZIM immediately after I heard him talk about the ZIM and its existence as a "bond". I had done the research, yes it is a "zero interest, bearer bond", and was printed on bond paper. Lightbulb on! He says things over and over again because there are simply a lot of us hard-heads in Dinarland. You think?!?! Think about it: the screen rates at even 1 cent means your $45 investment for a 100-T note gives you $1 Trillion USD. Even 6 zeros removed gives you $1 Million USD. That's more money than most of us need. And yet we still have goofballs asking about the NDA and if they should go for the sovereign rate and if we will have to pay taxes. See, if you've been convinced that the ZIM will redeem without a LOP for even a Penny, ($1 Trillion dollars) then how do you not believe that the banks are no longer cabal and that the NDA is not there to "catch" you and that taxes are of no consequence at these rates. I dare say, the greedy and ignorant are the ones Yosef has to keep speaking to. I believe that the NPTB are most concerned about them. They have tried to plan for the naive, the permanently stupid and the never-to-be-enlightened ones who found themselves with currency, hanging onto it even as they lose their homes, jobs and everything; with that resolve, they deserve the exchange! But I fear the NPTB are amazed daily by some of the questions and issues that still keep popping up. How will we ever be able to manage this much wealth if we still aren't getting close to the depth of what Yosef has been doing and saying and trying to teach us?

Yosef has been hard at work analyzing world events, fitting them together with the true intel he gets, and is telling us things that are happening in the main stream world that are actually pieces to snap into our Completed Puzzle. These are all events planned by the really smart people working with the AOP. For example, over 56% of scientists will tell you that global warming is a joke, and 99% of the ones not working for the cabal will tell you with certainty that global warming is a farce. Yet we have 209 sovereign nations signing onto the Paris Agreement, which is supposed to be a global response to the threat of "Climate Change?" Com'on, seriously? Its hidden, but you don't need "dinar-goggles" to realize that the Paris Agreement is what Yosef has told us it is. Yosef simply does not use "dinar goggles" to grab any event to try to cram it into our Completed Puzzle; instead he has the gifts of true intel sources and incredible analysis skills to grab the correct and pertinent world events that snap perfectly into place on our Puzzle. He is very clever, and knows he is talking to a variety of currency holders, with different levels of knowledge as to conspiratorial, religious, legal, financial, business and geopolitical subjects. One need only listen to him to hear that he has no financial agenda and is passionate in teaching us, in enlightening us, in doing his life's work.

He is one person who will deserve, and should take, a very long and relaxing vacation once the Puzzle is complete.






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