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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"Re-Cap of the Republic's Operation Sand Paper" - One Who Knows & Scarlet Fox - 5.16.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows & Scarlet Fox at 2:29 PM EDT on May 16, 2017

Re-Cap of the Republic's Operation Sand Paper

It is a very exciting time in Dinarland. On the one hand we are at the VERY LAST step of the GCR roll out, and on the other hand the CABAL are making their most desperate and frankly, VERY LAST attempts to slow it down. I say slow it down, because, now that we have the Military, the Governments, the Financial systems and have all but choked out all means of financing for the now defunct Cabal, stopping the GCR is IMPOSSIBLE.

More Minion Take Downs On IDC

As I have said, the remaining Dregs of the old Cabal, are fighting for a few more days of freedom, but that is a fight they cannot win. Just so you know, there have been two more "Minion Groups" that have been taken down (Into Custody), here on IDC. You don't know who they are because their "Posts" did NOT get published, as they were so vile, and harmful, that they were deemed not worthy. But worthy is an interesting concept, because they were not worthy to be published on our great IDC, but they WERE WORTHY for a personal visit from the Republic Light Forces. It seems that "Intent" to post what they were going to post was enough to be picked up. My friends, "DO NO HARM" is a very real thing, and as I have mentioned before, the Republic has been in "Force" for a couple of years or more. Up until now, they have been "Conducting Operations" in secret.... Until last night!

These Are Desperate Times For The Remaining Minions

Sephora and I have been involved in many of the "Unknown" Republic Take Down operations, and we intend to write about it after the GCR has "Finished" and everyone gets paid. That being said, we were called on again last night, very late. It seems that the Republic Leadership had gotten word of a Massive disinformation campaign planned and actually underway on the net. We are at the end of this ride, and the Minions were going to cause a massive disruption to try to keep it from completing.

We didn't see any of these "Disruptive" posts on our site as the Minions A) Know better than to try us, and B) Get shut down before being posted and in 2 cases were actually picked up as a result. So it is literally dangerous for a minion to try to post Cabal Propaganda on our IDC, as 2 have been picked up just for trying.

However, last night it got interesting and exciting. "Operation Sand Paper" was launched as the First Public, Republic take-down operation and we were invited to help.

Operation Sand Paper

When the Republic first became aware of the pending Cabal disruption threat, there was only one group they came to for help..... You know who..... YES! It was the Powerful and Active Light Workers on IDC!

The details of the Operation were posted last night and the Operation went "LIVE!" Here is the Operation Sand Paper, Light Worker Call to action Post:

"Republic ALERT: Operation Sand Paper, NOW ACTIVATED!" - One Who Knows - 5.15.17

We are well known through the Galactic Fleet. In fact, I talked to Ashtar last night after the Operation had been declared successful, and he said that when the Post for Operation Sand Paper came up on IDC, a "Ripple" went through the fleet, and then he said, that from their vantage point, the ripple then went through the internet as well.

While the Republic has been conducting operations in secret, this is the first time that it has conducted an operation publically, and we were asked to help because we are the Best of the Best. They knew that if they called on us, we would respond in force and we sure did!

The Operation, Step by Step

So, the first thing that happened is that Sephora and I were contacted, but this time Scarlet Fox, who has been involved in past secret operations was asked to be in the lead this time. You don't know her on IDC, but she is an integral part of what has been going on behind the scenes with Sephora and I.

#1) Scarlet Fox and I were Briefed by the Republic Leadership, on the pending Cabal Internet Disinformation attack plan.

#2) Operation "Sand Paper" was born and the plan was to enlist the help of the best Light Workers on the planet. That is you IDC!

#3) We composed the Post announcing the "Operation" and what we wanted the IDC Light Workers to do to help the Republic. Here is that post again for your reference.

"Republic ALERT: Operation Sand Paper, NOW ACTIVATED!" - One Who Knows - 5.15.17

#4) We sent the post to Patrick, but due to the time, Patrick was not posting and as we found out later, was actually sleeping. This was our first obstacle we had to overcome if this newly formed Operation was going to be successful. Importantly, time was critical since the minions had already started their Disinformation attack.

#5) I ended up sending Patrick's dad an email explaining the importance of getting our Operation post up on IDC. Most people don't know that he is active in the Dinar community behind the scenes. He emailed back that Patrick was sleeping and that he would walk over to his place and wake him up.

#6) Patrick woke up and got in to action and posted the Operation Sand Paper post. He stayed up since the Operation was "Hot" which means Happening in REAL TIME.

#7) The leads started coming in quickly, and Patrick forwarded them to Sephora, Scarlet Fox, and I as they came in. As soon as they were received, Republic Forces were dispatched to Deal with the posters and the web sites who cooperated with the Minions.

#8) Many were taken into custody last night and as of this morning, the Republic I.T. professionals are still tracing and tracking down where these posts were coming from. I quote their response to being part of this Operation: "This is what we love to do!" All I can say, is that "When you are on the winning side, jobs like this are fun, like shooting Minions in a barrel!"

#9) The operation was deemed successful and closed by about 2AM in the morning. While the full operation is over, there are still leads coming in and they will all be followed up.

We Are Special

My friends, sometimes it is hard to see yourselves as the outside World, and Galactics see you. As I mentioned earlier, Ashtar said when the Operation Sand Paper post first came up, it send a ripple through the fleet and then through the internet. Our Home, IDC, is monitored not only by the Good guys, the Republic, and the Galactics, but also by the remaining Cabal minions.

We run a clean House here and as such we get the best information, with the least disinformation of any site on the net. If it is real, and important, it finds its way here.

We also don't tolerate Cabal agenda nor the Trolls that try us. Since we are so diligent in keeping our House clean, we have the Full support of all the Light Forces to help us keep it that way. That is why minions who post on our site, and even the ones who just try to post on our site, get taken into custody. The Republic Leadership, knows what we already know, that there needs to be at least one place on the web for Light Workers to come and be safe from minion attack and harmful Cabal propaganda.

Minions Know Who We Are and Who Backs Us

The Minions talk with each other, and they all know the threat on IDC is VERY REAL. They all know about Silent Cat, Old Boater, and the others, who were taken down without their cabal messages even being posted. Clearly, we are being supported at the highest levels, and for that I send thanks to the Republic Leadership, the Light Forces and the Galactics as well, from whom no minion can hide. Here is the evidence of our Resolve here on IDC:

"IDC Light Warriors Brigade/Update" - One Who Knows - 5.13.17

This makes us Feared by the remaining minions and Trolls. We can't be corrupted, we can't be frightened, and we can't be bullied. We are so strong that our resolve is a great Threat to the minions who are left. In short, this means that when a Call to Light Workers goes out from IDC, it makes them shudder. Not only can they not post on IDC, but we will go and find them wherever they do post. That scares them because they know that we are backed by the Republic and our Threats/Promises are REAL!

The Live Action

When Operation Sand Paper started last night, we monitored the whole operation as it was going in real time. The minions had gotten a head start, and had posted their attack propaganda on several sites. While they couldn't post it on our site, they did keep an eye on our site, to see what reaction would show up. That is the thing about the Cabal, they are all about monitoring things and watching their backs.

The minute the Operation Sand Paper post came up on IDC, the reports from the Light Forces were that the Minions were in Fear. They KNOW THAT WE DO HAVE VERY REAL CONNECTIONS, AND WE DO GET PEOPLE LOCKED UP. So, when this announcement and call to action came from "The Standing Republic of The United States" they freaked out. This is the first time that the Republic has been so visible, and taking action publicly.

We are so close now, that the Republic is making itself know to us, and making sure the transition is smooth. The Cabal minions recognized that this was a real threat, that had real consequences.

Needless to say, the leads started coming in, and were being forwarded to us for "Processing." People were really being picked up and stopped, and that is when the CABAL FEAR LEVEL skyrocketed.

Fear As A Motivator

Imagine the scene: The Republic suddenly shows up in a very public way, with a message to the Light Workers to go and find these minions so they can round them up. This call to action post shows up on the most reputable site in Dinarland, where Minions actually get taken down and into custody.... a lot. Then the fact that NO ONE can hide on this World, or in this World, from the Light Forces. Any post leaves a trail back to the Poster, and it is only a matter of time before you get a knock on the door and it is over. The IDC Light Workers are scouring the Net looking for these bad actors who are trying to harm the Republic and NESARA/GESARA just before it is announced.

What do the minions do? Continue with their mass Disinformation attack plan, or take down their posts and hide?

Defeated By Their Own Fear

The answer is that the minion's VERY REAL Fear caused them to take down their posts, because there was a VERY REAL THREAT. While we expected to get hundreds of reports and leads to go after, the leads dropped off. It turns out that not only did the minions take down their own posts so they would NOT get tracked down, the web site owners took them down as well, so they would not get caught up in a Republic Sting Operation. (Frankly, if a website owner posts that harmful misinformation, they are as guilty as the posters are.)

Heads Up Website owners. Do No Harm is the new Law of the land, and when you post Cabal propaganda that says there will be no RV for example, that is a Financial Crime that could have damages into the Trillions. This is no time to be trying the NPTB and their resolve to transition this World in a peaceful manner. YOU WILL GET TAKEN DOWN, AND NOT EXCHANGE.

So, in the end, Fear took them down, or should I say, they decided it was not smart to tangle with the REPUBLIC in this matter. The disinformation posts were taken down so fast, that it surprised the Republic and even Ashtar who was monitoring what we were doing. But it didn't surprise me. I know our Light Workers are FIERCE and UNSTOPPABLE. Let this be a lesson to you remaining Minions and Trolls.

The Mop-Up

So, the official Operation finished last night, but leads are still coming in and being handled appropriately. Interestingly, without naming names, there are some of our most troublesome posters, here on IDC, who are being named as Cabal agenda as well, by anonymous sources. Just because your post gets posted on IDC doesn't mean you can get away with Harming the plan and the new Republic's operations. If this last statement makes you worry about your post, then maybe you should be worried. Thin Ice ahead....

Here is a message from Scarlet Fox who was at the helm with me last night during this Republic Operation:

******** Start Special Message ********

Scarlet Fox here...

We were pleased to be of service to the Republic on this matter. The problem with all this disinformation that has been placed on this and other sites is that it is damaging to those that are keeping their vibration high as well as causing unnecessary fear.

The Elders as well as the Republic are more than tired of these tactics and asked us to help in this matter. It is Go Time for this and their patience with antics like this is long gone. To be blunt, antics like this are destined for the Universal trash can.

One hit wonders such as these tactics are already backfiring on those that put them out there, regardless of the reason. Patience is not unlimited when it comes to the RV/GCR and these continuous stall, delay and disinformation tactics.

Richard, back to you


******** End Special Message ********

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we were called on by the Republic again and we came through again. With our High Vibrations, Rock Solid Resolve, and quick and decisive action both on our own IDC website, and elsewhere, we have again proven why we are considered the best of the best, and why we are the ones called on again and again when help is needed.

We are so strong as a community, as a family, and as a DETERMINED group of Light Workers, that we are quite literally UNSTOPPABLE. I am a proud member of the IDC community and I am proud to call you all, my friends and family. As a song once said: "These are the days, my friends, these are the days."

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows & Scarlet Fox


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