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Sunday, May 7, 2017

"Re: C40/Venezuelan's Are Starving to Death" by Victor - 5.7.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 2:11 AM EDT on May 7, 2017

"Re: Venezuelan's are Starving to Death" by C40 - 5.6.17

C40.......You say ...."May my vibrations be dammed".......

Well,........Wow...... I will start of by saying, that you are asking for help and understanding, yet, YOU are not willing to hear the answers that exist above your present level at the same time. You are a house divided and you are closed off, to hearing the answers given and are fighting them still.......All the while pretending you are very noble and righteous and understand more than others here. The funny thing is..........that you are not above others as you think you now are.

How can anyone here help you in your ......."Cry of Sorrow" ......when you fail to hear and understand the purpose of the GCR and your own Ascension into a higher vibrating frequency. You are not really taking self responsibility or trying the new answers..... "on for size",...... so, you never get to the proper understanding or beneficial peace of the new principles relating to managing your frequencies. IMO.........there is an ostrich closer to YOU, in your life than you now know. Someone does have their head in the sand.

You can not yet hear or yet understand above your own present level. Yet.....who Can understand beyond his own present level? You can't, no one can, until you rise above yourself and drop the "arrogant" view points of the past. It is the same issue of rising above levels........ for All off your LIFE over and over. This principle, never ends until the final return to Source. We got to stretch and evolve.........simple as that and you are now facing growing pains.

You still believe in Lack and that the problems look like they are ......"outside of YOU"........therefore you still "feel" that you are a victim, and that the world is full of Innocent victims. When in fact, it is your "own" energetic level that is the very problem that you don't like. Yes.......YOU .........you yourself are responsible for those starving children and those rapped children and those wars and all of the suffering here. How are you not responsible? As.....how are not the victims responsible for where they are? You are both still experiencing them in Your reality. All do to your own level.

You see.....there are no such things as victims and yet.........victimization can be experienced. It is all chosen......through?.....You know.....Free Will. Yes, As you are NOW presently choosing your own lack filled and closed minded, victim hood points of view, through your own choice. So..... "all this #hit"....... is not a problem, but a choice..... yours.

But there is good news. You are at least not choosing to be the perpetrator of the crimes this time around. So, it appears you are a bright wing nut, "C40" and are at a higher level of vibration than the cabal. That is a big difference!........Yeayyyyy!...... So you do in fact "understand" energies and vibrations more than you let on and know a great deal, (even thought you snivel some).

You are serving others since you no longer want to experience those "bad" time lines and have now develop a heart of Love. So,......YOU are now activating the "good" time lines as you have become a big sword swinging crusader........out to slay dragons and vicious windmills as you save the world. A Don Quixote you are. The benefit of all this for you?........ is that now you know exactly what it is like to be a crusader first hand.

What do you want to do next? Do you want to grow? Do you want real change?

You have been given the answers here at DC Land and yet you will not take them and use them. Why not?........You come and attack the answers in an "Arrogant way".......meaning you still want to defend you positions of LACK ( victims still exist for me)........Chosen by me)...... and fail to see that ALL Lack is the energy of the pedophiles and the starvation and the war. Those are lack filled experiences and lack filled time lines. You must still have some more juicing of this "Lack" that you seek, since you are the one activating it ....still......and refusing to move on beyond it.

What do YOU want to experience? If you want to change the outside world.......you have to change the inside world first. You have to ascend to a higher understanding or a higher frequency or a higher energy. You have to say things like OWK says that it is ......not a problem now, it is fixed and don't worry. He says those things in order to ...."BE".... those things. To be that completion energy. To get himself and us to experience those time lines where the problems don't exist any more for him and for the victims. That is compassion and how YOU solve the problems of the Universe. You rise above them. You move to where the solutions are. You become the solution, not the lack.

He is energizing the positive time lines that he wants his Soul and other Souls to experience Now. Those time lines of where it is all fixed and repaired are already there in existence. They are waiting for Life (a Soul) energy to come and Know what it is like to be healed. He is going too...... Activating by "Belief" first, those time lines yet where is is all solved. Then aster time and space and refusing the "Testing doubts"......it manifests as proven for you.

If you (C40) say that it is NOT getting done and that you will....... "hold on"....... to your LACK AND NOT CHANGE ........as when you say "may my vibrations be dammed". What do you think your experiences will be off?

So when you say that.......who is damming the kids and who is damming himself and every other refusing to advance Soul? Who is making the a deal with the "devil"?.....(LACK). Who is responsible for staying where they are when you say ......"problems exists" ? You and "those" who refuse to accept that......" it is done". YOU are the ones choosing the devilish or lacking time lines........Free Will.

Who said?....." I go before you to prepare a kingdom of Heaven"

How do you go before and activate a time line and say it is ALL DONE. How do you prepare a Kingdom of Heaven? You do not bring lack into it at all. In a Heavenly 5d world, Lack does not exist........that is all. It can't exist there or it would not be Heavenly.

It is very simple once you "understand" how it all works. All the lack filled worlds will still be there once you "move on".....and ascend to "Heaven" or a 5d dimensions. They will just not be populated by .....YOU.... as ....Heaven is now not populated by the YOU that you now still think you are. All will still exist already, as they now do. Lack and Heaven Yin and Yang will still be there as they are now already there.

All the suffering does exist and will always exist at the same time of no time. It is just a choice and energetic Awareness choice of what you want to experience. Like "LUCY" in the movie where Scarlett Johanson flips through many frozen time options. She stops and starts where she wants and has a look at LIFE, all the while she is sitting in a chair, as you are sitting in your Awareness chair.....in the Omni max like theater of Life.

Still ......"the only one in the room"..... and still always safe and unaffected. Just Awareness having an experience. All options will always exist, as long as the Universe exists. You can not remove or add anything to this Universe. YOU or God or Even Source can not remove what is Already Created. You can only remove yourself (Awareness) from the "experiences" .....You choose as you......"Flip" .......flip the pages of Infinite choices, like "LUCY"

You can not solve a problem from the level of the problem. You have too rise above the levels of lack filled problems and rise above yourself through change. You see......(c40).....you fail to hear and understand that there are an INFINITE NUMBER OF TIME LINES AVAILABLE TO YOU. The lack filled time lines of the starving children will always be there. They can not be removed or changed. What can happen is that you and the starving children and the victims ........You decide to chose other options where you "energize" the good and the Love time lines where the problems are solved......where the problems are "changed". Where it is Already over and done and repaired and saved.

Those time lines also already exist in an Infinite universe. The solutions and the new world and the GVR and the saved children time lines are there ......waiting for you to arrive and energize them and explore them and make them real. That is why someone went before you to ...."prepare"....as you will go and prepare for others who will follow your lead.

But, you can not get to those time lines doing what you are now doing and thinking what you are still thinking. You can not change time lines with the sword. That is the very hardest principle to see. Since you can NOT see the many time lines.......that I or you are jumping in one second. Supper fast in where tens of thousands of solid frames are populated by your Awareness in an instant, in order to produce the illusion of cause and effect movement. Since we can not see the skipping of time lines, we still have to use Faith that it is there.

Like in the movie "LUCY"........where she sits in the chair and looks at the time lines in front of her, like a card deck at a library and flips through scenes frozen in time. That is what we are doing in our Higher self. It (Your Higher Self) choose the time lines we see and experience. It is the YOU that you now don't have access too right now. It.....or you can see more from that more awaken level to make the right choices for you as you truly want them in your chosen Theme.

Simply choose what you want to experience and get yourself there.




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