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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

"Re: Anonymous/Heard it All Before" by Victor - 5.17.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 12:32 AM EDT on May 17, 2017

"Re: Victor's Response to Informed Human" by (Anonymous) - 5.16.17

Ahhhh........Very good Grasshopper (Anonymous) YOU are a fun unenlightened seeker ........"In deed".........

Wonderful!..........How perfect, the Anonymous non existing/existing shadow of my own dream speaks back to me and ask?......do I really exist ? ..........or Am I just another of your "shadow" reflections?.......It wants to know, Do I have Life? .....Do I really exist independently from YOU.?

On one level you do exist independent from me. Meaning if I died you would still exist as would the Universe exist, since they are beyond my pay grade right now to Create that way. So.... you exist in-dependant from me, even though when I am not here to experience you......You do not exist for me, the experiencer. Yet all of my experiences for me can only happen through the " I " and my sense of I AM, that lets me know I am here. At that level you would not be in my game unless I put you in the game......my game ( when I am here)........through Free Will

Now me putting you in my game does not mean I created YOU........because if I died YOU would still be in this collective game. The Universe does not end when I end or when I physically die. YOU would just be out of my game if I checked out or if I did not "choose you" to be a player in my movie. This might appear as a creating a contradiction, when it is not, if you understand the bigger picture.

Its like looking down a tunnel of mirrors, where I have a mirror on each side of me and " I " turn to either side and look right or left.......and can see the Infinite reflections of myself, staring back at me. A seeing off only the "I"..........the " I Am "or the Consciousness that is present in the now, getting to see itself individuated into endless reflections that do not exist as separate creations, but are just reflected appearcne to consciousness in a circumstantial world. All an "effect" of the observation aspect of Consciousness in a field of Awareness.

All of it happening "with in"........"IN"...... the Infinite field of Awareness doing what is does (holding a place/space) with impartial observation for the play of Creation to be experienced in by consciousness. This Awareness, it is never attached or part of the drama on the mirror. It is the reflecting mirror or movie screen on which the dream is projected on, like a hologram by a desire or a intent of an individuated spark of Source (YOU). The Awareness (non-individuation filed) that we are beyond Consciousness (an individuation) itself, is never a part of the reflections in the mirror that Consciousness observes.

Now........Anonymous. Where is this blame you talk about? There is no blame really. That is just one option of a perceived option to be experienced by choice, which can look like blame. It is blame if you say so, since you give meaning. You manifest by your meanings/feelings. Source does not see blame or see any difference over any other aspect in its Creation. Since,If it exists it is part of Love light created out of Love light. It is the same material for all constructions. Yet.......even though duality is made out of Love light, which is a stepped down level of part of Creation, it is in a way something that Source directly does not know anything about, not really. Since Source, It can't/never did ....... individuated itself.

Part of the requirement for perceptions to appear, is the requirement of the appearance of contrast and the duality of dark and light, like time and space that does not exist. All to create an appearance of existence. "To blame or not blame"....... is not the question grass hopper. All of creation by it nature, It itself inherently "neutral". "Meaning"......"desire" ......"wanting"..... it is the active part that YOU play through "Free Will" to activate the Universe and CREATE manifestations out of an Infinite field of Infinite power.

The perception of an...... "Outside".......meaning, in relation to the person not yet being able to understand the law of Attraction, is correctly Not Outside off Creation, from the perspective of Source who created the infinite field of potentiality waiting for a desire (YOU) to collapse the wave function of Infinite possibilities and manifest the appearance of "contradictions" or the existence of a separate You........a You that is perceived as outside of Source.....(Which is impossible). Since Source is a Singularity an a ONE, that is All and Everything.

This means that no experience is possible in a state of SINGULARITY. There needs to be two objects as we know it to create a contrast to create perception. That is why the illusion of duality and the whole of existence was created. So...... that which can not be divided as a ONE (Source)..........can experience...... experiencing and that which it is not, a duality.

What you see created in your life, it is an impossibility from the "context" of a Singularity and ONENESS. Yet...... a stepping down of energies was created, meaning that a field of Awareness manifested and within that field Love light was used to manifest the duality that we perceive. So the apparent contradiction that exists in the whole of the Universe.....it is only A contradiction of perception happening within your holographic mind or consciousness. What you are perceiving in not possible to perceive by Source itself.......or it is impossible for exsitance to exist in a field of ONE.....(A SINGULARITY). All of existance, It does only exist ......"'subjectivley"......it exist for you the consciousness and then the Awareness that you ultimately are.

All of this is LIFE is an experience in Awareness only.

So what we do see and what we do experience is only ever the appearance of duality and contrast that are impossible to happen for a Singularity. Therefore, all the experiences are only an illusion/dream with-in the Field of Awareness, a stepped down field or Partial extension of Source. This means that Source never individuated itself and created any........".Lack " .....only the appearance of Lack.....(that is why lack does not exist) and conflict does not really exist. The death and contradictions of existence or are only ever happening with in the field of Awareness where it or SOURCE.........never actually divides itself, which can not happen.

So in the end, Anonymous wisdom seeking grasshopper. .........nothing ever happened to anyone and no one thing was created and yet it all happened and it all was very real for the stepped down energy of consciousness playing in the ever observing neutral field of Awareness of Source itself. So since it all happened in Awareness and not to Source directly.........there is NO CONTRADICTION .......you just got to experience and know contradiction and to know Lack..........all of which do not exist and are not possible in a field of One or the Singularity of Source.........which is all that exist. We are the One. I am the You .....creating the impossible experience of contradictions which never happened to Source itself.

All for FUN.

Much Love Victor.



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