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Sunday, May 7, 2017

"Rated R: What are we Really Waiting for?" by MacMandeere - 5.7.17

Entry Submitted by MacMandeere at 12:01 AM EDT on May 7, 2017


From a couple of the Guru's in dinarland the NPTB were in control of the US elections and England's Brexit vote, then they are certainly in control of the French elections. So there would be no reason to wait until after the election to release the GCR. So makes no sense that they are waiting for an election result in France of all places.

If these NPTB are not on control of these elections, then we have a long way to go! If the French vote is really an issue that has to be managed, post vote, then new procedures and policies will need to be put in place, depending on which person/party wins. These things, even if planned ahead of time, take time implement.

Now, If the French election cycle is an issue that needs to be managed, then we have to realize that the upcoming election in China is going to have to be closely watched and planned for.

Dec 28,2016 from Newsweek:

In October or November, China will hold its 19th Party Congress. It’s not an election in the truest sense—the Chinese people do not get a vote—but at this closed-door meeting, officials will appoint some of the country’s top leaders.

Next year’s Congress is more important than most. Five out of the seven people who currently sit on China’s all-powerful Politburo Standing Committee are set to be replaced, while about half of the 18-member-strong Politburo are also outgoing.

There is some certainty—President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang will remain on the Politburo Standing Committee, serving out their terms until 2022. But their eventual successors will be chosen from the committee, meaning that whoever makes it on this year, could be the future leader of China. If 2016 was all about the U.S. election, 2017 is all about China’s.

So we again are looking a Christmas time, IF election results are really an issue. So are the election cycles really and issue. so many countries and so many elections always going on?


Next, we are told that money has moved into positions all around the world. However the final release has still not occurred. I just read a new Zap email that the banks held up the release of their funds again. This appears to be the case of many others PP and humanitarian groups are dealing with. Is it the evil bankers or are the NPTB are just not ready??? Hard to really tell from the cheap-seats, and it appears that even the guru's don't have a clue.

But, if money HAS really moved into position, then the money is in the hands of the bankers and not the people that it was intended. I would think this would be a serious concern for the NPTB. The longer these 160 zero's are sitting around, the more likely the OPTB will find a way to use these zeros to their own advantage. I have not seen any new from Neil Keenan in a long while about any releasing of funds and it appears they are changing directions and getting into healthcare instead. So what really is the status of the funds? Have they been relocated and waiting or is this just another distraction???


War is such a nasty business, but it is a business just the same!

May 6th 2017 RT:

The US and Saudi Arabia have reportedly intensified negotiations over arms deals potentially worth tens of billions of dollars. The purported agreement looks to go beyond or make major shifts from the Obama administration.

If war is really ending, then why are deals still being made and talked about. Sure it could be just eye candy propaganda, but I don't think so. If 209 countries signed agreements to end war and bring peace to the world, then there is no reason what so ever to create lies about selling weapons of war. Just let those stories just fade away and slowly release more peace agreements. Start conditioning people that war is being replaced with trade and a better life for all. Absolutely no reason to continue these very public "deals" if the plan for world peace is the goal.

I saw a post yesterday here on DC, that all the ME countries are ganging up on Israel. What stood out was Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria have joined forces. Really. Turkey is at war with Syria and also with 1/3 of Iraq, the Kurds! Turkey, ISIS/IS and Israel are more closely aligned together with the US and EU. On the other side is Russia, Iran and Syria. The situation in Ukraine is not much better, but it is less on the news these days, mainly because the goal of the west failed so its being ignored. Now we have moved into the Sudan, and the Taliban are taking more territory in Afghanistan.

Does any of this really sound like we are really moving into an era of peace?

Where are we:

There is a serious disconnect between what we are being told, and what we see happening. Many of us are seeing this and have no choice to wonder what is really going on. The message we get is, not enough people are 'awake' at this point. OK, I can see that. But the real question is, how do you wake them up. Are the NPTB want to shock them awake? A few more wars? The school district I currently drive for lost one of its son's this last week. Events like this are not waking people up, is is making many of them colder and harder emotionally. Less likely to see a path for peace. Are a few more deaths are really necessary???

I don't think so. I think there is a better way. I will try to get into that in another post.

There are positive changes that we can see and feel, but the battle for the planet is not yet won. Until that happens, or at least gets really close, our task of changing the planet is not ready to be put into action. I believe that we will get there. I also believe that this dinarland arena is not ready, yet. There are too many here that instead of trying to understand each others' questions and opinions, fall into hate and attack mode. We each have the right to question what we are being told. I have no problem explaining why I think a certain way to someone that disagrees with me. IF they can poke holes in my thinking, then I am grateful that they took the time to help me become better. IF they learn something, then I am again grateful that I could help them.

What are we really waiting for?:

I really wish I knew. But what I do know is, it is not what we are being led to believe. Their stories have too many holes in them. So we ALL will keep searching, because that is what humanity does. We seek truth.

Until next time, Namaste.


As for the woman who thinks that I am a puffed up male. I have no need to 'puff up' or prove anything. I am not a leader nor am I a follower. I do not wish to be either. What I am is a catalyst and a mirror. As a catalyst I cause change wherever I am. Something I just had to learn to get used to being. As a mirror, this aspect was much harder to understand and to personally learn to deal with, because the hate that people like you are experiencing are your own issues and really are not caused by me personally. People will see in me, the things that scare them the most. But in reality I am one of the nicest people you would get to know. It is your past experiences that have colored your opinion, not me. I wish you the best as you go on your path through personal understand and onto enlightenment. Blessed be, dear sister.



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