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Monday, May 29, 2017

"Questions: Groups/Website/Manifesting/Trump/Segments Plan" - One Who Knows - 5.28.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 8:13 PM EDT on May 28, 2017

Questions: Groups/Website/Manifesting/Trump/Segments Plan

Post/Question: (1)

"Information for OWK" by (Anonymous) - 5.27.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 1:28 PM EDT on May 27, 2017

Hi Richard

Thank you for answering us so quickly.

We are supposedly a sub group (or peripheral group ?) They are told all "gurus" are cabal and all information from gurus is false and that we will be prohibited from exchanging if we don't exchange with the group. We are told these statements are tantamount to threats.

We were initially told we couldn't receive humanitarian rates without Trusts and/or foundations, etc., business plans or statements of intent, etc. so he created entities for us. We have never been given any rates and very little information.

We have yet to let them know we are stepping out because we know it will bring a deluge of threats.

However, we have talked it over and see clearly this is misuse of the whole intent of this Blessing.

Thank you and Patrick for all you are doing for us all.




You are doing the "Right Thing" for yourselves.

We can't save everybody as they have to make their own choices.

But, we can put out the truth and those who recognize it and follow it will be better off and those who do not, will still be right where they should be as far as the Universe goes.

Post/Question: (2)

I got this Information sent to me by email. I am sharing it with you for both a heads up about another Cabal website and as a good Laugh as well!



I have submitted this website for consideration in the Republic's "Operation Sand Paper."

I understand that they are already well aware of it...

Good Luck Pathetic Fear Mongering Cabal Scum!

You might want to have a look at this:

"Guilty of Financial Fraud on Zim?" - One Who Knows - 3.30.17

Post/Question: (3)

"The Cabal's Last Breath" by Fireswan - 5.25.17

Entry Submitted by Fireswan at 1:18 PM EDT on May 25, 2017

Question for OWK or Yosef;

Feeling defeated, I woke up today in pain and in a deep emotional funk. It was easy in a meditative state to go "deeper" than the pain and funk. But, going to a higher vibration and "let it pass" wasn't the answer. I felt "nudged" to fully embrace the experience and understand it. The pain is pervasive and "crawling", as if every cell in my body is suffocating, gasping for air.

I know that this is the cabal's last stand. Through my genetic lineage, I have many generations of cabal ancestors on both sides of my family. Perhaps I carry more reptilian DNA than most. Is it possible that I am to integrate the Cabal perspective into the "Upliftment with New Perspective" flame that I created with others on Dinar Chronicles to uplift the cabal resonnance that still vibrates in my cells? Can I then somehow shine a resoluton to the Cabal? If so, using the manifestation techniques that you both teach, how is this done? I know that we cannot change another, but if that other is us and we change ourselves, does that change the other? Can I through my suffocation/crawling experience of my body today find a solution for the Cabal to surrender?

I would love to receive some kind of instructions not unlike taking out a 4D matrix anchor point in the location of the light pole, etc. What if we removed a DNA anchor point from my cells and that removed any remaining support for the cabal?





Thanks for the deep question.

As I often tell my more advanced students, if you want to control others and you want to control the World, it is easy to do. All you have to do is control yourself, and you will alter how others act with you and you will control how the World presents itself to you. Since you can only see and notice what you resonate with (That is what lights it up to be noticed), then how you see the World and others around you is how they will be around you or they will not be able to be in your presence. The World, has the ability to look like what we are expecting to see. EXPECT that the Cabal who are unchangeable, have been removed from the Planet, sand that all who are left have changed their ways for the better. Your blood line is only Facts, and facts themselves DO NOT AND CAN NOT create reality, only meaning can do that. DECIDE that you will get the most out of every "asset" you have to make you even more wonderful and creative in the coming Golden Age. What at first, may have seemed like a detriment to you, turns into a valuable asset instead. That is your right, your will power, to DECIDE how life turns out for you. Is it Working Out? Meaning that EVERYTHING about you is a valuable asset that helps you. Or is your life Not Working Out? Meaning that There are things about you that hurt you and drag you down in life. It is your choice either way.

Here is a short piece that is from my Book: "How To Use Your God Power®"

This excerpt explains how who you are, and how you act, effects the World around you.

Control of yourself = control of others in your life.

********** Start Excerpt: "How To Use Your God Power®" **********

The Party of Dice

Imagine that you have been invited to a special party with all kinds of people there. It sounds great and you attend. Now imagine that people’s personalities can be classified as a number from 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst and 10 being perfect and wonderful. As you walk into the party a weird magical thing happens. You and everyone else at the party turn into dice with 10 sides each, which is 4 more sides that the regular die, but matches our personality scale perfectly.

Most people have many different personalities, depending on what the situation is. If it is a great situation they are at their best, but if it’s not, they might turn into real jerks. This is like our guitar example. You can play a high note or a low note on the same guitar; it just depends on the situation.

Suppose that as you enter the party, you are feeling like a “4” because you had a hard day at work and whatever other excuse you can think of. As you go through the party as a vibration of “4”, what do you think you will see? Will you see a “10?” Nope. Will you see a “1?” Nope.

Why not? Because as you radiate a vibration of a “4,” you automatically elicit a vibration of “4,” from everyone else, by the power of the universal matchmaker, “Resonance.” Like a guitar, situations, circumstances, people and personalities, all have frequencies. If you were vibrating on the #4 string of a guitar the other guitars would respond by vibrating on their #4 string. If they didn’t have a #4 string, you wouldn’t even notice them. You can only notice those people who catch your attention. The people who catch your attention are those who are most like you and resonate in your presence and catch your notice. They think like you and talk like you. If they don’t, you will soon move on to another conversation with other people who do.

Note that all this resonating and the like is happening at a level that you are not conscious. You think that you just happened to meet someone. But, No, you did not. Nothing in the Universe just happens by accident. Just so you can get this clear in your mind, think about the guitar store again. You are playing a #3 string, and all the other guitars that can and do resonate on the #3 note light up and catch your attention. Now, tell me how another guitar that does not have the ability to resonate on the third string can “Accidentally” turn on its light indicating resonance? It is impossible. Nothing responds by accident. It cannot. While it may look like it from your view point, in the Universal Reality, there is a reason and it’s Resonance.

********** End Excerpt: "How To Use Your God Power®" **********

Get My Book & Audio Bood For Free:


Post/Question: (4)

"OWK Response to Larry Nichols Video?"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 2:08 PM EDT on May 26, 2017


what is your response to the Larry Nichols video?

Clinton Insider Leaks, “They Plan To Impeach Trump In 6 Months” Guess Who They Have In Waiting...



I don’t pay any attention to ANYTHING Trump or "Show Related."

The Republic is the REAL Government, so how can anything that Trump does MEAN anything?

Remember that we had that big discussion on what it would take to wake up the sleeping public?

Creating a Big Show is part of that Disclosure that leads to a new President Paul Ryan and a Restored Republic.

You are watching the biggest Show ever on this planet.

Well.... The second biggest show...

The Cabal's show that is now ending, was way bigger and made us think we were in charge and mattered.

The Trump Show must end... and it will soon.

Post/Question: (5)

"I Can't Wrap My Head Around..."

Entry Submitted by Divasjoy at 9:11 PM EDT on May 26, 2017

I'm having difficulty wrapping my head around the fact the we are still waiting while other countries are are exchanging. And now we wait for another month while the Arab countries in the Middle East celebrate Ramadan which happens to be from May 27th to June 25th... So more than likely we are looking at July! Yet other countries are able to exchange????

Why does the American continent have to wait till there is peace, while the other countries celebrate a very long holiday....? None of this makes any sense to me!




There is nothing to wrap your head around. Exchanges are going on all over the World including here. It is the Segment plan, that is secret and quiet. I am in one of the last Segments and I expect to get notification today/tonight/or tomorrow at the latest.

I wrote a Post that explains this Word Of Mouth Plan in more detail:

"Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan" - One Who Knows - 4.16.17


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows


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