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Monday, May 29, 2017

"Questions: Exchanging/Europeans/Requirements/Sleepers" - One Who Knows - 5.28.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 11:41 PM EDT on May 28, 2017

Questions: Exchanging/Europeans/Requirements/Sleepers

Post/Question: (1)

My Answers In Dark Orange - OWK

"Questions for OWK/Richard" by Lone Fearless Cactus - 5.26.17

Entry Submitted by Lone Fearless Cactus at 10:16 PM EDT on May 26, 2017


I have several questions that I have jotted down over past few weeks I would appreciate your time and knowledge answers to regarding the exchanges.

1) Since we have recently been told this has changed to a more "word of mouth" segmented roll out, how will anyone know a specific persons phone number who has been "gifted" currencies or bought from a "friend?"

That is a very good question and the answer is that when you get the 800#, you then tell all those who you gifted currency to so they can call in and get an appointment. Frankly, this is the ONLY way, MOST of those giftees will get the 800#s since they are not watching the websites. If you don't tell your giftees, and they are not watching the websites, and are not on a mailing list, they WILL MISS OUT ON THE HIGH RATES. And... if they wait too long, they will miss out at any redemption, since after a year or less, they will stop taking those currencies forever.

2) Since we have been in such a "any day is any moment" mode for several weeks due to the segmented roll out in slow motion instead of the all at once mode is our/your "group" on DC large enough the e-mails or calls will go same- in smaller "groups?" You mentioned you will have your group contacts out within 1-2 hours after receiving your packet and reading the instructions.

I will call my Personal contacts as soon as I make my appointment, and I will then call them until the rates come out on the website. BUT, I know for sure that I will not be able to call everyone. So, if I don’t get to you, don't worry, since I am at the end, the next step is FULL ON RELEASE. It will then be on the Websites and be sent out by email as well.

It is important to note, that in the Segments plan, it is still the World's biggest secret, thus the word of mouth system. However, once it goes live and it is on the governments websites, it can be sent by email and published on IDC as well. Note also, that when you get the number, you are to set your appointment FIRST, then pass on the number to whomever you have direct contact to.

3) If everything has been completed that was necessary to become a "go" and Safety/Security is #1 Priority can you envision anything including more "Cabal B.S." that could cause a stop in the segmented process that could take another month for things to progress or even slower for us Light Workers to go?

No, I can't think of a thing that could cause a problem. I am the last of the segments, and when I go, it is almost over. When the 800#s are on the Website... IT IS OVER. Then the remaining few who did not get contacted, will call in and get their appointments and then the shutdown of the exchange centers is just a couple of weeks away.

4) I heard on a call the other night someone explaining the exchange center procedures of walking in and the following happening;
1) verification of identity,
2) verification of currencies and amounts, then verifying authenticity,
3) meeting the actual exchange Banker and being "offered screen rate (no NDA),
4) Accepting or asking for "back screen or private negotiated (NDA) amount for currency,
5) Ask/request cash & Cashier's checks,
6) Offer or negotiate Structured Payouts,
7) Read, sign all agreed paperwork,
8) Meet briefly and set appointment with Wealth Manager.

This all sounds right to me.

Leave and go straight home to do your "happy dance."

Please forgive if you have gone over the above but wanted to confirm I have not missed anything and these were all true. I will deeply appreciate and anticipate your time and answers.

Thanking you in advance,

Lone Fearless Cactus

Post/Question: (2)

"To OWK: How to Redeem Outside USA?" by WhollyOneness - 5.27.17

Entry Submitted by WhollyOneness at 2:48 AM EDT on May 27, 2017

Question for OWK

My question: How do currency holders outside of the U.S.A. find the sources in their country to set up appointments in their local redemption center?

There are many around the world outside the U.S.A who have currency to exchange during the RV. However, they are left pretty much in the dark as to how to contact a bank/redemption center to set up their appointments.

It seems that all information on the internet is for people in the U.S.A. only. I live in Europe and I cannot find any sources of information or support comparable to the DC that focuses on people in my country and language.

It is not possible to call U.S. (toll-free) 800#’s from Europe as far as I know and there are no alternative numbers to call to set up appointments for Europeans that I am aware of. It is really strange that the RV seems to be mainly set up around American currency holders. Thousands of Light Workers in other locations around the world who want to do humanitarian projects might miss out on the RV and risk not ever being in a position to launch their large scale projects that will benefit many others and our planet. That doesn't seem logical.

Thank you Patrick for the wonderful platform you make available here. And OWK, thank you for your selfless giving. You both are appreciated, as are the many others who gather here on DC. I am glad I found you all here.

‘ WhollyOneness’



This is an easy question.

#1) If you see that the 800# is posted on IDC, meaning that the GCR is over, then call the 800# if you can, from where ever you are. Ask questions and tell them what country you are in and you will get the number you need or instructions on what to do. EASY!

#2) If you can't call that number, look for exchange instructions for other countries. I expect that there will be some sort of information on what to do if you are in another country. After all, the NPTB, and the Elders know that EVERYONE looks to IDC for the latest and most accurate information on the GCR. So, expect to find what you need here on IDC, when this goes live.

#3) If you cannot call the 800# on IDC, because it is outside your country, and you can't find any information (Which I doubt), then look up the HSBC in your country. Ask for the currency department, and tell them what currencies you have (NOT HOW MUCH), and ask for instructions to exchange for where you are. Be sure to tell them you are requesting the "Privately Negotiated Rates." They will know what that means by then. Remember that until this goes "LIVE" they will not acknowledge the GCR at All! They will lie to your face because they have to. NO PROOF shall be given of this World Secret event until it is OVER. (Hear that "Doubter Nick?" )

#4) If you can't call the US, and you can't find an HSBC in your country, then look up the Largest Bank in your country, or area, and call the currency exchange department and ask the same questions as above.

I GUARANTEE there will be a way to get the information you need, when you need it, in one of these four ways.

Post/Question: (3)

"Thank you Gurus, Q's for OWK" by Sunny Boy - 5.28.17

Entry Submitted by Sunny Boy at 12:48 AM EDT on May 28, 2017

Greetings IDC family and congratulations to everyone in this family who are going to partake in this unbelievable event about to happen these days. I know that it has been a lot of ups and downs but we prevailed and as OWK said "we are the ones " leading the army of Light workers towards an amazing new World Order that starts with the RV/GCR.

Thank you to all the intel Gurus in this site. I understand that the frustrations could also run among all of you and you were patient enough to put up with our weaknesses as light workers when tribulations invaded our souls on many instances.

Humongous thank you to Yosef, One Who Knows =Richard, Tank , Bruce, TNT, and others i cant recall now. thank you for your valid and unselfish Intel reports .

Also big thanks to Grandfather, Quan Yim, The Elders, , the NPTB, and all those who worked for decades to make this happen. Thank you indeed from the bottom of my heart on behalf of all light workers



1- Carrying ID-verification of ID : i had some questions from people who hold Zim and Dinar currency holders who only posses ID documents from their countries of Birth or expired ones. yes, they are immigrants and refugees. They are afraid that they won't be allowed to exchange due to this reason.

In my book, and told them this and ignore if I did wrong by saying this, since this is a humane and benevolent event carried by benevolent people and the Elders, I do not believe that it will be a problem accepting their forms of Identification currently holding.

As a side note, i found out that at least three banks like WF, BoA, and Chase they accept foreign docs to open Bank accounts. I did not know that.

I even told them to bring their utility bills, letters from banks, or any other job ID they may have. In my humble opinion, we are all children of God and they also deserve an opportunity to partake in this great event since most come from countries who desperately need this financial relief and who better than them to destine these trillions to a wonderful cause of helping those living in absolute poverty in their own countries...Did I do wrong by saying all that?..i hope not.

Bring whatever you have. They know that there will be some who live under bridges that have little or no ID. Just bring everything you have and the Bank will do what they can to get you an account and exchanged. Remember, they understand the Cabal have made it very tough on all of us, and they are not going to refuse you because you don't have CABAL ID. Remember, you have REAL CASH MONEY in your hands. It is not like you are asking for them to give you a loan, instead you are asking them to change the REAL money you ALREADY HAVE into a different money that you can more easily use.

Special Note On Dress Code: Dress yourself as best as you can. Remember you are the one with the ZIM in your hand, and THEY want to impress you. THIS IS A SURE THING. You will get exchanged, and they will NOT be judging your clothes, they will be judging your heart.

2-Being chalked: remember that unique Sitrep by Yosef under the title of "chalk" ? well, friends and co-workers are worried about it since some of them have some minor records in their histories ( misdemeanors ) and they feel like they will not be allowed to exchange due to this. i tried to explain that probably it does not apply to them since it was basically about who harmed light workers via ill comments on the IDC website or any site, or spreading lies that obstruct the normal process of the RV/GCR. ..is that a correct explanation?

YES, the NPTB know EVERYTHING about you, but MOST of it does not matter. The things that count are the ones that indicate if you are a Light Worker, or a Dark Worker. They understand that you could have a past that is over, and you have changed since then, that is GOOD. That is what they are looking for. Un paid tickets, IRS bill, unpaid Child Support, and any other financial hard ships will NOT count against you, after all, that was how the Cabal controlled us. I would say that 99% of us will have no problems exchanging. Most of the Trolls have already been picked up and others have already been informed that they will not be permitted to exchange. If you have not been told that you will not be able to exchange, you can expect to be able to exchange.

3-HEALING SHIPS: i wonder about these amazing healing ships that i am sure most of us are also waiting to meet them and visit. i heard so much about them and I am really concerned about my mother who is under strong medication and still working under such conditions. She will badly need the wonderful benefits of being under the care of these wonderful healing ships. and for all of us. do you have any idea when would they appear?..how?..who are they?...i assume they show up after the RV/GCR.

It is important to understand that we are all on our way to evolving to our higher state of Consciousness. Being in perfect health is a very important part of that. So, we will get money for ourselves and others to achieve the Vibration of Abundance, then it will be Important for all of us to reach perfect health in every way. The GCR is to support abundance and the Healing ships and their technology is to support Perfect Health. I wrote a post on this:

"Understanding the Healing Ships Health-Reset" - One Who Knows - 4.26.17

4-Gathering: i have to confess that i felt really sad to know that our planet will be totally transformed on its surface and not longer allowed to live on it. You have not idea how much i Love this planet Earth and I was hoping that after we all invest in her by rebuilding cities, towns and countries via the RV/GCR, this planet could become a more livable one.

Don't take me wrong..i am fascinated with the idea of visiting the inner Earth and Hollow earth to meet our brothers an sisters living there. But, breaks my heart to see that in the very near future we won't be living on the surface of planet Earth. I am sure that we can rebuild our cities into more humane ones and without pollution whatsoever.

any idea when the expansion and the Gathering would happen?..I hope we get time to rebuild the planet before it happens.

We were the "Grand Experiment" in the Universe. On EVERY other planet, the inhabitants live on the inside. We were the weird experiment with people living on the Surface of a Planet, and that experiment will come to an end. The surface will become a giant National Park. You can spend time there, but not mess it up with structures and cities. The inside will be plenty big enough to support all of us. Importantly, all of the planets in our Solar system have life inside the planets, just like we do in Hollow Earth. That is "How it is done." So it is not a matter of something going wrong, but instead something going right. I have written several posts on this matter.

First is the post about the Gathering that Zorra and I explained on his call.


Then there is a question I answered for someone who was worried about it.

"Question: About The Gathering" - One Who Knows - 5.26.17

Then there is a post about our building cities that will eventually come down. It all make sense, once you understand the big picture.


Then there is a post from Hope For The World, who has no idea what she is talking about. She is just on some sort of rampage absolutely refuting what Zorra and Grandfather have been saying about our future. She seems to think that she knows more than they do. Are you kidding me? HFTW, when you are 2.5 billion years old, and the Author of The Plan that Saves Humanity and the Earth From Total Cabal Destruction, and you fly your spaceship into an Asteroid over Russia to save our Planet from Destruction, then, I will consider what YOU THINK. Until then, what you have to say is just Mindless Babble compared to what Grandfather and Zorra have to say.

This is HFTW's "Opinion" About the Gathering: (Spoiler Alert: She doesn't believe it)

"Human, Set Your Brain Free!" - Hope for the World - 5.26.17

Zorra Saves Earth By Destroying Asteroid:

Alien UFO Shoots Down Russian Meteor 2013 (HD)

Thank you so much One Who Knows. i really do and always looking forward to your savvy and wisdom via your postings.

Hang in there IDC family..!! we are almost there..


signed : SUNNY BOY

Post/Question: (4)

"How on Earth to Approach the Family of Cynics" by Gem - 5.27.17

Entry Submitted by Gem at 12:24 AM EDT on May 27, 2017

When the RV rollout has rolled over all of us, how on earth will we explain the wealth to our cynical/ignorant/disbelieving/dumbfounded/fearful but beloved family members? Watching an episode of Ancient Aliens this evening with one such family member that I live with, and hearing their constant barrage of insults and heckling directed at the television as our dear friend, the one and only David Wilcock, explained how the ancient Mayan(?) cities were built along an astronomical map of the stars, I realized just how nervous I am for the truth to be revealed to the doubters and disbelievers. They really will freak out. And possibly be very angry. Perfectly nice people...intellectuals...liberals...taxpayers...so certain of their worldview and seeing any challenge to it as something to be ridiculed and silenced. I ask why on earth they would feel this way, but that is another topic...another rant.

I can't even say the word "Illuminati" in my home or I spark a major argument. They react with such anger and arrogance even when I speak of such things with playful humor. And I wince as their enraged criticism is hurled at me, vowing to never speak the word again...until I do... (:

Mainly, I am extremely excited for the truth to be out for all to see, and I'm also excited to finally be validated in the eyes of society for my belief in the New Age. However, seeing the raw anger/annoyance/arrogance/one-up-man-ship/"this is unbelievably stupid how could anybody ever believe any of this" attitude directed toward a benign episode of Ancient Aliens made me a wee bit nervous about the prospect of explaining my newfound infinite wealth to such loved ones. Never mind the fact that I am starseed.

It felt good to get that off my chest. If anybody has a similar situation and is having similar feelings of trepidation about explaining the RV post-RV, I would love to hear your experiences and/or suggestions.

Staying strong, Staying Light,



As far as trying to bring the sleeping public (or family & Friends) up to speed on what is going on in the World, just wait. Remember they are so asleep that the Republic had to have fake elections, and a fake President and congress this whole time just to ease them into the idea that we will have a new Government with Paul Ryan as President. If they have to go to that much trouble and expense to gently ease the Public into a new Paradigm, then what hope do you have to talk your way to their enlightenment? I wrote a post on how the public needs to be woken up in a very careful way.

"Re: Why Keep the Sleeping Public.. Sleeping?" - One Who Knows - 4.25.17

The best thing to do, is to let "Disclosure" do the work for you. The NPTB already have hours and hours of video explaining all the things that you want to tell them. Plus it will be on TV where they have been trained to get all their information. The NPTB will do all the heavy lifting for you.

#1) They already know what to do to bring people up to speed.

#2) They have control of the TV where these sleepers believe everything they see.

#3) They have other messages that will make people want to hear more like NO MORE TAXES, guaranteed income for life, and no more credit card bills and no more mortgage payments. Once they hear that, they will want to hear EVERYTHING that is going on.

Your place in all of this is like a "Enlightenment Tour Guide." Imagine you are taking these sleeping ones, down a path of enlightenment. As the new information shows up on the TV and other places, as the guide, you give further explanation about what that means and how it works. Then when the next information dump happens on TV, again, as the "Guide" you explain it more and point out more places to learn even more.

Instead of "Forcing" information on them, you wait till stuff starts showing up on TV and then they will be begging you for more information. That is way more fun to give information when it is wanted than when it is not. That time is very near. Soon there will be a whirlwind of activity in government, banking, alien disclosure, life on other planets and within our own. AND, once it starts, it will never end.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows



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