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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

"Questions: Elders/Intel Conflict/LD's/Timing" - One Who Knows - 5.24.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 8:22 PM EDT on May 24, 2017

Questions: Elders / Intel Conflict / LD's / Timing

Post/Question: (1)

"For One Who Knows" by (Anonymous) - 5.24.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:00 AM EDT on May 24, 2017

Bruce mentioned that the ELDERS are in Tier 2, and "We know the elders have begun to have access to their accounts".

My question to you is why do the ELDERS get PAID, if they are supplying the Gold to fund the RV. Could you explain this to me. Do they pay themselves, so they have funds to live on as we will, for personal and humanitarian use?

Is this why Zap has not been paid?

Bruce mentioned last October, that money was transferred with 24 zero's behind it, 3 or 4 tranches. Then, in March it happened again, so I guess it never happened in October.

What can we really believe what is going on. Is this Event even REAL?



The Elders have collected and protected this Gold for centuries and over many generations. They have lived and died without money because they would not touch this Gold even though they needed it for themselves. Even now, they could use the money like we can but, they walk the same path they ask us to walk.

As far as us and Zap, we don't have the money because we are not permitted to get access to it yet. The Elders on the other hand could get access to the money anytime they wanted since it is theirs in the first place. But their honor and purpose is so great they would never touch it until we did. While I have heard stories that they have been paid, I don't think that is true. It is more likely, that they are still waiting themselves just as we are.

No worries though, it is already going and will end with new rates posted any day now.

Post/Question: (2)

"Discrepancy" by Marty - 5.24.17

Entry Submitted by Marty at 3:21 AM EDT on May 24, 2017

"Firstly, continued thanks and praise to Patrick for so stoically continuing to serve us so well as our wait continues to continue !

it seems that our favoured intel providers have at least one significant lack of accord in their views of our current situation : Whereas Yosef said again yesterday that Netanyahu " Must go" in a crucial requirement to agree a Two-state solution for Israel [ and Tank agreed with him yesterday , but said that the matter was sorted with Trump having " spoken for Bibi " - who wouldn't demean himself by saying it personally - ] before we " All go" , OWK, a few hours ago, firmly takes issue with that notion in saying that Israel is NOT a factor ..rather [ and Bruce says the same - he hasn't even mentioned Israel as a factor- rather, he has resurrected Iraq as being very significant again ] we just have to wait for the " trickle" of " word of mouth"/ segment procedure to either reach us eventually .... or otherwise the " On Time" event will happen sometime when the 800 numbers are released - presumably on the prominent websites. A fair criticism of Richard/OWK ' post on Tuesday night though is that he gave the distinct impression that the slow, gradual " segmenting" could go on for quite some time yet - EVEN THOUGH LAST WEEKEND HE AGREED WITH YOSEF AND TANK THAT THERE WAS " HIGH EXPECTATION" THAT THE NUMBERS WOULD BE RELEASED BY THE END OF THE WEEKEND - well, that was something they agreed on !! ...but then the Bibi/Israel factor raised its ugly head again .... and discrepancy returned !!"...and here we are !?!"



So, to sort this out, you have to sort out the info by "Degree of Show." In the highest "Degree of Show," Trump is really president and everything he does really matters. Then in the partial show, The Republic is the REAL Government and Trump is the show, but there are still things that need to be done for the GCR to go. But in the purest NON-Show perspective, the GCR is already going and there is nothing in the way. Does it serve us to "Act Like It Is Delayed?" Yes it could. So is Israel really a problem? While I heard it was, I also heard that we are nearly at the end of the Segment exchange process right now. That is my focus. The GCR.

As far as when I "Thought" it was going to go, I always expect it is going to go. That is manifesting 101. However, my high expectation could have turned out to be true and the Segments may have started in the US at that time. While I know it has already started in the US, I don't know exactly when it started. But, considering that my personal segment is about to go, and it is about to go live a few hours after that, I really don't care when it started, I am now focused on when it will end (When the new rates are published).

Post/Question: (3)

"Re: Question to OWK"

Entry Submitted by Michael at 9:01 AM EDT on May 24, 2017

LD's (Lower Denominations)

We have recently heard a lot of information about the Iraqi Dinar LD's have been printed and are out in circulation, but nothing is said about the other currencies LD's. If the Vietnamese Dong is revalued at anything from $1 to $30 per dong, which is being talked about, then what about the VND's LD's? Obviously, Vietnamese people cannot buy a loaf of bread with a 100,000 VND note if it is valued at $100,000 to $3,000,000. The same goes for Indonesian people as well. Do they also have LD's?

Your reply will be gratefully welcomed.

Kind regards,

Michael (U.K.)



This is a very tricky situation. How do you switch over from a super low valued currency to a very high valued currency without causing problems in the transition? We have seen what Iraq has been doing. First they went to electronic money, then they have seemingly raising its value up a bit at a time. But since I don't follow Iraq, I can't speak with any authority on it.

So, all I can say on the matter, is that it is all planned out to go very smoothly. What is their plan? I don't know. Frankly, I don't even know exactly how a Trump Presidency, will turn into a Ryan Presidency. But, it will happen and it will work out in the end. In short, I am not going to spend any time figuring this out, as I know it is already in good hands. Know this: #1) There is a great plan, #2) We don't know what the plan is and may never know, and #3) We are under a media black out on more things than you know.

Post/Question: (4)

"Questions for OWK" by (Anonymous) - 5.24.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 1:16 PM EDT on May 24, 2017


First, Thank you for your recent post. It was reassuring and relieved stress. Here are two sincere questions that would be very helpful if answered.

1) Could you ask Grandfather and the Top Sources if the commitment is to release the 800 Numbers to Tier 4 in a few Days, a few Weeks or a few Months?

2) Could you ask Grandfather and the Top Sources if they are committed to forcing the release of the GCR, even though Politicians, Governments and Banks would prefer to continue to delay the release?

I mean these questions from a positive and sincere position. Answers will give people some solid ground to stand on and will relieve stress, which is greatly needed.

Thank you in advance.



According to Grandfather and Republic sources, the CGR is already going on the Segment plan. No need to force anything as it is already happening in real time. While, I am expecting to be last in the Segment plan, I hear it will be my turn very shortly. I also know that after the Intel providers like me get our segment instructions and 800#, it will only be a few hours before it is completely LIVE and the rates posted on the IMF Website. That means that the 800#s will also be on the IDC website and emails will be sent out as well with the 800#s.

Remember, that during the Segment part of the Early exchange plan, the GCR is still secret and the number has to be given by word of mouth. BUT, after the GCR ends, and the new rates are posted publicly on the IMF website, it is no longer secret. At that point, the 800#s can be posted on the IDC website and even sent by email as well!

No worries, it is already going and nothing can stop it now.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows



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