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Sunday, May 28, 2017

"Questions: Banks/Cabal Data Base/Perth/HSBC/Natural Law/Secret/Timing/Quan Yin" - One Who Knows - 5.28.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 6:31 PM EDT on May 28, 2017

Questions: Banks?/Cabal Data Base/Perth/HSBC/Natural Law/Secret/Timing/Quan Yin

Post/Question: (1)

"Q for OWK: The UST"

Entry Submitted by Noe at 2:15 PM EDT on May 27, 2017

Good Day OWK

a couple of weeks ago Hank mentioned in TRTC that the US Treasury would have a rep at the exchange center in case we want our GOD fund be deposited with them, because if this is true, I would rather keep my funds here in RUSA (Republic of United States of America) instead of depositing with Bank of Abu Dhabi.

Thank you and Patrick for all your help.



NO, none of that is true. The ONLY options you will have is which top bank you want to deposit your money in. I am choosing HSBC, since they are the Lead bank, and the one who is designated to handle the largest deposits EVER made, into a Bank in the history of the Earth.

All that said, after you leave your exchange appointment you can spread your money around and/or move it elsewhere provided it is not in an interest program. If it is, then you can move your payments elsewhere if you like. However, I will be walking out of the exchange with a sizable cashier's check to deposit in the bank I have been using to pay some bills and do regular banking type stuff at. My Mother-Load Accounts will stay at HSBC.

Post/Question: (2)

RE: 2nd GCR - Cabal Data Base

In the matter of the Intel Dinar Chronicles 2nd CGR, I have mentioned the idea that we need a data base of undesirable Cabal minions and Trolls so that we would NOT fund them and their evil deeds. Here are the posts about the 2nd CGR:

"Intel Dinar Chronicles & The 2nd GCR" - One Who Knows - 5.25.17

"Only Light Workers Have This Problem... (2nd GCR)" - One Who Knows - 5.26.17

Question: Will we have access to a Data-base like this?



I have checked with my sources and they LOVE THE IDEA of the 2nd GCR. They love it so much that they are going to provide us with a Name look up data base that will tell us if the person was a Cabal stooge, troll, or minion and if they should be blocked from funding. They will have it put together for us to use shortly after the GCR is over.

Thank You to the Republic, the NPTB and to the Elders as well!

Post/Question: (3)

"To OWK"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 1:42 PM EDT on May 27, 2017

How do we know when, who and how to redeem in Perth, W. Aust.



You will either be contacted by someone during the Segments plan, or else you will get the number off of the IDC website and/or by email. You will then call that number and ask all the questions you want. They may be able to set your appointment for you where you live, or they will give you a "More Local" number to call. But no matter what, you will be able to get the information you need to do your exchange. The Elders have made sure of that.

Post/Question: (4)

"To One Who Knows"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 1:41 PM EDT on May 27, 2017

To: One Who Knows:

Will Zim holders still go to Military bases or redemptive centers? I live in Tenn and have no HSBC banks anywhere near me. Zip code 38556. I do have an Arnold Air Force Base that is about 2 1/2 hours away from me. If we are to go to redemption centers do they have one anywhere near Jamestown TN?

BTW, I love reading ALL of your posts. Every time I get a little down your posts come along and bring my faith back up!! Your uplifting posts have always comforted me and given me much hope to hang on to in keeping my faith. I appreciate you very much!!

Thank you



Thank you for the very nice words of appreciation!

Zim will be exchanged at "Offsite Locations" which may include military installations. You will be able to get an appointment to exchange at a location very near to where you live as that is the main plan for everyone.

However, there may be places in the World, where the exchange is at a main bank location, because they don't have enough currency holders to create an offsite location. So, when you call, just tell them where you live/want to exchange and they will suggest the closest locations they have for you.

As far as HSBC, THEY ARE THE LEAD BANK OF THE ENTIRE GCR. This means that no matter where in the World you exchange, you will be able to set up an account with HSBC at EVERY exchange location. It doesn't matter if there are any "Regular" HSBC banks nearby since you will be a "Private Banking Client." They will come to you when you want to do banking business. REMEMBER: YOU ARE A VIP NOW, THE NEW TOP 1% OF THE WORLD!

Post/Question: (5)

"Question for OWK Regarding GCR"

Entry Submitted by Tami at 1:17 PM EDT on May 27, 2017

Dear Richard/OWK,

My question is regarding those of us whose marriages have not survived due to one spouse who believes in the GCR (me) when the other did not. I am currently separated but my divorce agreement is not finalized. I purchased all the currency in my name my husband wanted nothing to do with it. I am going to the exchange alone but am wondering if i sign an NDA how will that affect what I may or may not have to disclose to my husbands attorney in relation to marital assets? Is there any information you may have regarding exchanges and the new laws that may be helpful for me to navigate this process im going through under current laws which in my state marital assets are split 50/50. Its not that i am trying to hide anything, in fact, i look forward to sharing this with him regardless of our situation. However, it would be nice to know where i stand legally since the laws may be altogether different soon and most attorneys only have knowledge of the current system.

Thank You for any Information you can provide.





This is a big question about the incoming "Natural Law" and the outgoing "Admiralty Law" and there is a BIG difference between them.

From what I understand, when the Republic comes into power publicly, all cases and matters will be revised to "Natural Law" and retroactive to when the Republic came into force September 29, 2015. This will be an automatic action as this is the Law of the Land right now even though "Admiralty Law" is still being used in courts. While cases and issues back to September 29, 2015, will be changed automatically, all other cases and issues from before that time will be revisited and revised as needed, and most all of them need it.

One of the main differences is not just in the Laws, but in the People who represent the Law. They will now all be "Lawyers" and NOT "Attorneys." Attorneys pledge allegiance to the "Bar Association" from England and Lawyers Pledge allegiance to Natural Law. ALL ATTORNEYS WILL BE FORCED TO RENOUNCE THEIR PLEDGE TO THE BAR, IF THEY WANT TO PRACTICE LAW.

Importantly, all the legal professionals associated with the banks, the exchange centers have ALREADY renounced their Bar affiliation and loyalty to the BAR. They are ALL "Lawyers" now, who practice Common Law of the Land. I recommend that all people who have legal matters make use of the Lawyers your Wealth Manager has to offer you. As a high net worth VIP client of the Bank, they want to help you in every way they can and will offer a top notch Legal team to solve all your problems.

As far as your personal matter, the way I understand it is that if you bought the currencies, they are yours entirely. You can exchange them and give your spouse whatever you want, but there is no requirement for you to split your exchange money. Also of note and very interesting as well, as soon as the Republic comes into public view, all Marriage License will be null and void as well. You will need to double check all of this with real LAWYERS to be sure this is how it is and get legal advice on exactly what to do.

While I don't know what all this change means, I have also heard that the laws of marriage will be thrown out, meaning that you can be "Partners" with whomever you want, and how ever many you want. The way I see all this is that Government is stepping out of our personal lives and no longer telling us want we can and cannot do. If you have any questions on this and what all this means, ask the Exchange Center "LAWYER" during your exchange or after at your Wealth Manager appointment. That is when you will be fine tuning all of your plans, trusts, and legal arrangements.

Post/Question: (6)

"For OWK: Reallucky1 Makes Good Points" by BB136 - 5.28.17

Entry Submitted by BB136 at 7:30 AM EDT on May 28, 2017

Hey OWK:

Hoping to get a call lol. Or Tetelestai email before dawn? Ah, too late, I hear the birds chirping!

In his responsive post, Reallucky1 makes great points, about our corrupt courts and legal system.

"Re: Sugarbear About Marriages and Natural Law" by Reallucky1 - 5.28.17

"You see there are only three types of law Admiralty/Maritime (corporations), Criminal Law and Natural Law. They cannot try you in criminal courts for simple traffic fines, so the admiralty law was used as a buffer. They have been able to get away with this for almost a century. When you realize you need no license for marriage, or to drive or hunt or fish or for anything, its easy to see how we have been so manipulated we never even questioned the system."

Richard, I get it that NESARA is addressing the courts/lawyers, retraining us in constitutional law, but my question is for Grandfather, or an AOP: how quickly do you think we can clean up the courts, and lawyers, and all these bad state statutes and licensing requirements and is there a plan to change the state systems (courts. statutes, licensing, et. al) ? It is such a cash cow for the states, but, for example, you have to get a permit or license for everything and that has to change. Is this something I/we can attack as a project post-RV? I thought of hiring the top 6-10 young lawyers (not corrupted yet) in each state to exclusively put together a strategy and plan of attack by filing lawsuits, etc. to change the state court and statute systems. It is a huge task.





You are right about the changes coming. As I mentioned above, the best LAWYERS right now, will be the ones you have access to through your Private VIP Banking Home Office. As a VIP Client, you will have the best legal team available in the new Law. Make use of them, as they have been highly trained for years if not decades.

The Legal system is going to be redone VERY QUICKLY. But that is a big job. Many Judges and Attorneys will be arrested, the rest will be retrained. I know you want to help this matter, but it is more the responsibility of the Republic to implement and enforce the new Laws of the Land in accord with NESARA/GESARA. In that regard, it is a little out of our league, and outside of our responsibility.

If you have friends, that need Legal help right away, lend them your legal team, they are yours to offer as you are paying them anyway. Then when all other Attorneys have renounced their Bar affiliation, and have been retrained in Constitutional Law, thus making them Lawyers, then it will no longer matter. But until then, you have the VERY BEST MOST HIGHLY TRAINED LAWYERS THERE IS, at your disposal. Use Them.

Post/Question: (7)

"Question for One Who Knows"

Entry Submitted by Gem at 7:41 PM EDT on May 27, 2017

Hi One Who Knows,

My question is about the news coverage of the GCR after it goes live. I suppose we really don't know what will happen until it has happened but do you have any thoughts about how the media will cover the GCR once it's over? Even if the news doesn't intentionally focus on it (like if they are instructed not to do so), the currently unaware financial world, all those business people, and currency traders in particular are sure to notice the rate changes quite quickly. Such professionals will understand that people holding certain revalued currencies will have made astronomical profits. Won't the public find out that some people got very very rich during this reset? Will it become "a thing" to be one of those "GCR people" who were in the know and made the big bucks? Do you think people will understand immediately what you mean if you say this money comes from the currency reset, or will it be shrouded in a kind of mystery after the fact, where still most people never really heard about it and don't really care. What I mean to say is- will the reset be a famous event? Or will nobody even realize anything has changed unless they are directly affected? I want to know if I'm going to hear news of this come out of Anderson Cooper's mouth on CNN.

Thanks for being available for questions and answers, I've had a great time reading them over the past few weeks. You keep me sane.



The NPTB and the ELDERS, would rather that the Public never really realizes what has happened, and I think they have plans that will help it be that way. Sure, there will be those who talk about their revaluations even though it is not in their best interest to do so. After all you can get thousands of Trillions from Zim without an NDA. But, I am quite certain that with all the Public Arrests of well known people like Anderson Cooper, and the announcement of the Republic, and then all the benefits that will be coming to them from NESARA/GESARA such as no more IRS, no more credit card debt and mortgage debts, and a guaranteed income, and then of course Disclosure of all the bad things our Governments did to us, and that we have Alien friends in high places and inside our Planet due to disclosure, I think their minds will be on overload!

So, will people think of the GCR as a "Thing?" Maybe they would if that was the only thing that happened. While it might be a thing to some, Aliens with be the Thing to others, and then advanced Technology to yet others, and changes in the Government will be the biggest "Thing" to yet others. All in all, I think our "Thing" the GCR, will be tame in comparison to all the things the sleeping public are going to be hit with, all at once, in a very short time. Can you imagine the stories of Sananda Jesus making a speech to the World? That is BIG! Can you imagine hearing stories on TV of people suddenly growing their legs and arms back, with video of it happening? I think our GCR, as big as it is, will be Our "Biggest Thing" and to the rest of the World, it will be just one of the big things that has happened.

Post/Question: (8)

"Question for Richard"

Entry Submitted by RDP at 7:24 PM EDT on May 27, 2017


Question, I wonder if Tiers 1-3 at least have gone thru the redemption process and now it's Tier 4 which is us? I'm in the process of being evicted and I would love to stay here till exchange because I know my landlord AFTER I've exchanged with paperwork in hand will keep them from following thru with it. As I said before and you know this, people think it's a scam and don't even understand it. Heard you on Zorra call. Thanks for helping us cause people on Earth have never had such sudden wealth! I'm EXCITED but worried sick. My solar plexus is exuding fear too much and it's crippling me. Be so glad when the process is over and we hear the announcement of Nesara! Thank you Richard. RDP (Dane)



I think that it is going to go this week end. After all, if Iraq made their announcement that they were "International" that means a REAL RATE for their currency, which is PROOF there was an RV. If the rates don't change on the Dinar, people will be going All-In on Dinar Next Week. The NPTB and the Elders cannot let that happen. For this reason, I am HIGHLY expectant that it will go this week end.

Post/Question: (9)

Question: Is this really Quan Yin' message in this post:

"Sigonella, Sicily: Trump is Real Because I was there" by The Voice of Kwan Yin - 5.27.17

Entry Submitted by The Voice of Kwan Yin at 9:12 PM EDT on May 27, 2017



In response to this question I asked the TRUE: Quan Yin, and the answer I got back was: "Those were not her words."

If You would like to hear a TRUE Message from Quan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, then listen to the Zorra Call at 1:37:37 where Sephora Channels her in to give a message to the Zorra Call listeners.

Start at: 1:37:37

Zorra Call Replay Computer:

Zorra Call Replay Download:

Zorra Call Replay YouTube Video:


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows



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