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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"Promising" - Wed. AM KTFA Thoughts/News


MrMoerbe » May 10th, 2016

Just read this article, looks promising!

Rasheed Bank begins tomorrow to sell the dollar for travelers at the official rate

Economy News Baghdad:

Rasheed Bank on Tuesday, revealed starting his day on Wednesday to sell the dollar for travelers at the official rate, confirming the allocation of 10 branches in the capital of Baghdad to sell the dollar.

Rasheed Bank said in a press release received "Economy News", a copy of it, "The bank will begin on Wednesday to sell the dollar and Msavrien delegates and the official price."

The bank added that "has been allocated a number of bank branches and travelers who wish to receive the purchase and branches are the airport and the Yarmouk session Shorja and Arkhitth inspired spring and willing Khatoon and fitness and jump and Karkh


MilitiaMan » May 10th, 2016

Just a few more highlights to this article.. Things that make me go... Ahhhhh goooooooodd!! ~ MM

I mean out the gate the peasants get paid.. The citizens safety is a priority, even later in the article they talks about roads and injuries.. Nothing new in the USA, be sure, but in Islamic world accidents on highways for Tourists that are not citizens is serious, and are not a good thing. At least in Saudi that was the case..

Gotta like the part about E Governance.. Lets hope the is also E-Dinar.. Exchange Units! Units of Exchange? Either way, E-Dinar is Lower Denoms.. The only way that works is if they lift the Zeros..."

"Delta has told us that in Arabic … they HAVE LAUNCHED the FINANCIAL REFORMS in Iraq.

That’s the purpose of lifting the 3 zeros."~Delta

Don961 » May 10th, 2016

Abadi: we have developed an integrated plan to secure our borders with Syria

5/10/2017 0:00

The government will begin the distribution of dues peasants next week

Baghdad / morning / Alaa al - Tai

General Commander of the Armed Forces Haider Abadi, the prime minister stressed that the plans and operations of liberation «Iraqi pure» and without any external interference.

As it announced to begin clearing operations and wide in the Western Sahara and the success of the destruction of the capabilities of «Daesh» which, confirmed an integrated plan to secure the border with Syria situation, while drawing to move the government project to reduce security barriers in the streets of Baghdad, while the announced attempted distribution of benefits of peasants starting next week .

This comes at a time when the Council of Ministers approved in its regular meeting held on Tuesday to amend the Central Bank Act and the draft e - governance.

The press conference , the prime minister said in his weekly press conference held on Tuesday: «After a review editor of Mosul , a plan and we conduct modifications, our forces have achieved positive results represented by editing the neighborhoods of important areas of the right side of the connector and reduce civilian casualties and security forces, as opposed to burdening the enemy« Aldaasha »heavy losses». Abadi said that «there is according to the contexts generally accepted global fixed military plan, since the amendments to the military plans based on field variables, and the review does not mean that there was an error in the plan», and stressed that « the priority is to protect civilians and security forces», and between that « there is an effort and hard work in the liberated areas is to return the services.

» He added Abadi, «We started clearing operations and wide north and south of wetlands spend to protect our borders with Syria and prevent« Aldoaash »to move freely», adding that «our forces succeeded operations quality in the destruction of the capabilities of « Daesh »in Western Sahara, and we are going to liberate Rawa and Qaim and him to secure our borders with Syria completely ».

He stressed that «after the terrorist being the coward that has occurred in the Alskar area, ordered the landing and the return of members of our forces there from their holidays with their weapons and the protection of military force», adding that « the basic strategy of our armed forces now is to increase training, armament and logistics support», adding that «our forces now respected our people and the world as a result of the sacrifices and courage and victories in the battlefields ».

Abadi said that «all military plans for the liberation of Iraqi purely, and is placed in Iraq without any external interference», directed his criticism «some means of neighboring countries , the media that promote rumors designed to discredit Iraq's strong and unified Nile from the victories of our armed forces», and new Abadi confirmed that «does not exist for any US troops fighting on the ground in Iraq , as promoted by some», stressing that « the sacrifices of Iraqis to confront terrorism will not go in vain, and will not go back to the first conflict that some are trying to bring the country back to square».

He assured Abadi citizens to secure the popular visit completely after pre - emptive operations north Rahhaliyah and Nukhayib cooperation between the operations of the Middle Euphrates and the operations of Anbar,

Abadi stressed that « the government past the project to reduce the security barriers in the streets of Baghdad to ease the traffic jams that worry about the convenience of citizens, and focus on the intelligence effort to save the security capital »,

and as pointed out that« our imports from customs increased because of the anti - corruption », Abadi said that« the government is determined to proceed with the project development and maintenance of roads », indicating that there is « 100 thousand injured road accidents in one year and it is unacceptable ».

The Prime Minister presented a summary of the decisions and discussions of the Cabinet regular session that preceded the press conference, he explained that the Council approved the amendment of the Central Bank Law and to allocate it to the House of Representatives, noting that « the amendment aims to develop the Bank's work and his role is important and pivotal role in the Iraqi economy».

Abadi also revealed the receipt of the state for nearly silos 200 thousand tons of wheat and barley, as called for peasants to keep the middlemen and sell their crops directly to the state,
Abadi said that « the government will begin the distribution of dues peasants next week».

Press questions answered Prime Minister for journalists attending the conference questions, in answer to his Iraq plan for after «Daesh» to confront the Takfiri ideas, Abadi stressed that « the approach and ideas incitements are not confined to areas occupied« Daesh »only that; it is in every spot in the world, we need a unified strategy to confront and combat them , We use circles of Awqaf and citizens and personalities areas that have withstood generally «Daesh» and Harepetth and made sacrifices », and the face of the Abadi 's advice to« some politicians myopic who are trying to win the electoral votes of fomenting sectarian slogans that stop , because a For these people forsworn logos ».

And on the Arab Islamic Summit - the US , which was invited to Iraq for its presence in Riyadh, and his vision for Iraq's role in the alliances and conflicts in the region, Abadi said that «our point of view is to spare the region factors and differences that have led to the emergence of « Daesh »terrorist, and the second thing is to keep the region for alliances that are formed here and there , and grappling with each other and the peoples of the region paid a heavy price to them. »

He stressed «we are against polarities and axes, and Mahorna is the Iraqi people and realize its interests within the circle of common interests with the countries of the region and the world, and what concerns us is to be a thesis balanced relationship with all countries».
He pointed out that «external debt of Iraq is controlled and within a reasonable proportion to the situation experienced by the country, and the benefits of foreign loans and a few soft»,

and when asked about the abduction of students in central Baghdad, al - Abadi replied: «I continue my topic personally, and directed the movement of all security agencies to prosecute the perpetrators and arrest them to bring them to justice, I do not want to speak more for fear for their safety », calling on citizens to« confidence in the security services ».

Cabinet meeting on the other hand, the Council of Ministers voted at its meeting held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister on the second draft amendment to the law of the Central Bank of Iraq issued Order No. 56 of 2004 for the CPA dissolved the authority and referred to the House of Representatives.

Information Office of the Prime Minister said in a statement «morning» received a copy of it, that the Council of Ministers discussed a number of topics related to the agricultural sector and farmers have been exaggerated wheat crop conversion to private banks , peasants and will receive instruments of their dues within a week, as voted on in support of the work of the Commission for the plan Diwani No. (45) for the year 2016 towards e - governance.

As was canceled Cabinet decision letter of the amount of ministries Affairs No. 17288 in 11-12-2005 and emphasize the role of the Federal Office of Financial Control to take over control of public money wherever found and audited according to the provisions of Article (3 / A) of the above Law Court No. (31) for the year 2011 and the Council of Ministers mandated the audit Court audit contracts when it requests it.

To ensure food security has been approved by the Ministry of Commerce to hold the subjects of rice and wheat purchase agreements for the benefit of the ration card with the boards of grain recognized by the International Grains Council and its countries and within the Iraqi standards, taking into consideration the exchange rate at the time of contracting to ensure transparency and the dimensions of corruption,

the Council voted on the approval document of child protection, and the project of economic, commercial, scientific and technical cooperation between Iraq and the Government of the Republic of Hungary Agreement, it was approved as the national strategy for the management of radioactive waste in Iraq.




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