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Sunday, May 21, 2017

"Power Affirmations" - One Who Knows - 5.21.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 9:51 PM EDT on May 21, 2017

Power Affirmations

We all know that Meanings create what is "Meant To Be," which of course is Fate. But how do you "Mean" something? Sure you can Figure out the Meaning of Something, but, what is the easy way to CREATE and USE Meanings in your everyday life? That answer is simple and complex at the same time. The simple Answer is "Affirmations," but what most people were never told is that Affirmations "MUST be "Programmed" to be more effective and more powerful. I am going to give you a powerful affirmation and then show you how to "Program It" step by step, to make it even more powerful.

Affirmations Are Just Statements (That Have A Meaning)

"It's Already Working Out!" MEANS What?

"It means that things go well, that they work out for me, that..... (You finish this because whatever you say here, is "what it will do for you when you say it."

Take your time as the more time you spend on this step, the more powerfully you will understand how to Program your own reality. Do not go to the next part until, you have written at least a few more things that this Affirmation means to you.

"Re-Programming" Actions

Clearly, for the cancer patient, getting an injection of water MEANT: "He would become a little bit more hydrated. That is his body would have a bit more water in it." That was the original Reality Program... was it not? That is what it originally meant and if he had not changed the programming, and that is what it would have CONTINUED to mean... Right? But, of course, he changed what getting that injection MEANT so that he would get a different, and WAY better reality.

This is the same type of reprogramming of actions that goes for the "Tapping on the head bit." One person who has not read one of those "Tapping yourself on the head" type books, taps themselves on their own forehead and it means nothing, meaningless (No Meaning = no reality program). Literally NOTHING happens. But, another person who has read books on how taping on your head MEANS that you are healing or whatever else they say "Happens," gets an actual result. Was it because tapping yourself on the head ACTUALLY does something? No, of course not. However, if you read a book that says it does MEAN something, then tapping yourself on the head now "Means something to be" and thus actually Programs your Reality. The Meaning of the "Tapping yourself on the head" action was changed just like the meaning of injecting a cancer patient with water was changed. When you change a "Reality Program" (a Meaning), you alter reality. While that was an example of reprogramming an "Action," programming Affirmations are no different.

"Re-Programming" Affirmations

Here we are about to "Power-Up" the affirmation that we were using earlier. What we want to do, is "Attach" even more Meaning to it so that it does more "Work" for you AND Creates an even better Reality. If you have not written down you explanation of what it means, this is your last chance to do this exercise, because once we reprogram it, you will have lost the opportunity to EXPERIENCE the big change for yourself. When you are ready to proceed, continue to the next part.

Imagine Your Big Dream Life

Take a moment and think about what it will be like when you have exchanged your currency and are living your new and better life. You have the big house, the nice cars, travel when you want where you want, and are helping people all over the World. Feel the joy that there is no more war, food is good to eat, we are living in the Golden Age of peace and prosperity where perfect health is the norm. In this life, you do what you want to do that makes you happy. Paint? Play music? Crafts, hobbies, adventures, even more learning, and new things you have not even thought of yet. Technology? Free energy, travel to Mars, and vacations on the Moon. Deep sea resorts, travel to Hollow Earth, and even changing your body at will, taller, shorter, etc. This is truly going to be an amazing time to be alive. Humanity has waited thousands of years and countless lifetimes just to be here at this moment in time... and you are here right now, at the dawn of the Golden Age. How GREAT is this? How lucky are you?

Now, I want you to realize that you are holding currency right now in your pocket. You might say it is a winning Lottery ticket, except it is Trillions of times more, there are no taxes and it is about to be "Cashed in at any time now." Since you already have this currency, your dream life is already a certainty... isn't it? You are already going to have everything you want... Right?

Then, since the feeling of winning the lottery and getting big money, or having your dreams come true is so wonderful and exciting, it is almost the best part of the experience. Going from broke to the life of your dreams is a rush of excitement and wonderful feeling emotions.

Now that we have fully described what is about to happen to you and that you are already set for it to all come true, we are ready to RE-Program that affirmation and watch what happens then!

The New Meaning (Reality Program)

Here is the new meaning and thus REALITY PROGRAM for this affirmation:

"It's Already Working Out!"

I am going to ask you to say the above meaning and then I am going to ask you what does that mean? You are going to read this answer (below) as if it is you saying it for yourself and I want you to feel what happens. Now Read the affirmation (above) and then tell me what it means to you (Read the meaning - below)

"It MEANS, that I am getting EVERYTHING I want and LIVING the life of my dreams"

Aren’t you? Don't you already have the currency.. That means that "It's Already Working Out!" You know what you want, and your are ALREADY going to get it all... Right? AND, since winning a lottery or experiencing the big change in life, the big excitement of feeling the change is already going to happen... Right?

Wouldn't you say that a dream life is one where you already KNOW it is going to happen because you were smart and make the right moves, by getting the currency, and you are about to get the RUSH of getting all that money in your hands, and then getting everything you want, helping others and doing and experiencing life EXACTLY as you want to. From that perspective, would you say that you are right at the start of the life of your dreams, the very best part, and "It's Already Working Out!"

Now I want you to say this affirmation again, and then say what it means and Feel, that you already have it made. You already are in the right place at the right time to get everything you want and are living the life of your dreams.

"It's Already Working Out!"

"It MEANS, that I am getting EVERYTHING I want and LIVING the life of my dreams" (FEEL IT)

"It's Already Working Out!"

Really Feel how TRUE this statement is. It REALLY IS TRUE!

My Picture Above

In my picture above, you can see waves of energy transmitting from me to the Universe. This is just how were all are. Whatever you are thinking is being "Transmitted" to the Universe to be fulfilled. Whenever you say that affirmation again, "It's Already Working Out!" you are transmitting the meaning to the Universe and everything you want is being arranged for you and in the process of manifesting.

You can use my picture as a symbol of you transmitting your energy to the Universe creating the reality that you want. Imagine it is you with those energy waves radiating out in all directions and creating your reality just as you want it to be. (Because that is EXACTLY what you are doing 24 hours a day) Feel your power to shape your part of reality. You will soon be manifesting whatever you want when you want it, since that is how it is done in higher dimensions. Start feeling that ability and abundance now.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you are programming reality all the time anyway. You might as well Program it to be what you want rather than leaving meanings in their "default" settings. If the cancer patient had left the meaning of the injection to stay at water, he would be dead. If you leave the meaning of the affirmation: "It's Already Working Out!" to be what it "normally" would be which is things go right (Default settings), your creations would be average, or normal. But when you attach the meaning to it that "It MEANS, that you are getting EVERYTHING you want and LIVING the life of your dreams" you have turbo-charged it and it can move mountains now. You could up-grade the meaning of everything in your life and you would be in PURE BLISS every day for the rest of your life if you did so.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows (Richard Lee McKim Jr.)

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Special Message:

It is at the end of our journey here on Intel Dinar Chronicles, and so this may be my last post here. I will be Posting on Operation Disclosure http://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/ after the GCR however. I wrote a post on it:

"I'm Moving... Soon" - One Who Knows - 4.21.17

In the mean time, I would love for you to have a copy of my book and audio book so that you can master your Reality Creations and get everything you want and live the life of your dreams.

By the way, when you download the Book and open it, Imagine that the knowledge flies out of the book into your mind. FEEL the wisdom being activated within you. You will be able to feel yourself becoming wiser and having more and more power and control over your own reality. Enjoy! ( In Joy) Here are the free download links:

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