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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"Personal Power or Harmony w/ the Divine?" by anami - 5.16.17

Entry Submitted by anami at 3:57 PM EDT on May 16, 2017

Personal Power or Harmony w/ the Divine?

As each individual unfolds in spiritual awareness, one initial phase is fully developing the brain, the mind and the body to their maximum potential. This includes becoming aware of the psychic senses, including what appears to be awareness of events at a distance, communication with unseen beings and channeling.

Understanding what these events are and what they mean to the individual is a fork in the road. It *appears* there are two choices: the left-hand path of magic, attempts at control over nature, influence over other individuals and over events; the right-hand path of Light over Dark, righteousness, triumph of Good Over Evil and climbing to the point where the individual becomes like unto a God.

Wow! It just goes to show how much potential *other*individuals* have, as well. It is natural to show them what has been achieved and suggest that they let us help them develop their own potential!

But each of those two paths hit the same wall. Each has fully experienced only half the range of possibilities. At that vantage point, that of having fully developed either the dark power or the light, the individual must somehow take up and incorporate the nemesis, the other side. This is horrendous! How can this be??!!???

Usually, the individual cannot allow thus to occur. The way forward appears to be impassable. They will often stay here for multiple lifetimes, battering against this wall. This is the limit of mind and ego. Just as in a 12-step program, it will not be until the individual reaches his lowest point that mind will cease struggling. He must retreat before he may advance.

Surrender: did you ever see that the strong individual, the strong ego, can talk about surrender but will never accomplish it? You will see faux surrender, attempted surrender, but not the real thing. An individual surrenders at his weakest point, in his apparent defeat. It is only in that moment that he will ever give up his attempted control over his life and accept that there may be another way - a different way forward.

Back at the earlier fork in the road of unfoldment is a tiny path, a goat trail, which is a third choice. It is here that the no-longer-inflated ego (or mind or personality) retreats and finds that the way forward is not blocked. After defeat and surrender, he sees that all of Life is singing in harmony, all around him. "Even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed such as one of these." In his quest for self-development, he had not noticed that the universe continued to work just fine around him....

Did he ever consider that the universe did not need his God-given *abilities* and *glory* to continue? Like "Bruce, Almighty", did he attempt to take over duties that might befit a deity, like answering prayers? Did he find how impossible it was to fill those shoes? Maybe he found that, somehow, Life continued on despite his efforts or lack thereof?

As he finds his way forward, just coming weakly up out of defeat (the subduing of ego and mind), he is in a decidedly different state. He is not in control. He is not glorious. His mind is not churning. He has no plans and schemes. But his consciousness is present, even without mind grinding along. How is this possible?

This is what some call the state of mindlessness or "no-mind". It is not the end of the journey. No! The journey is just getting started. As he feels this state, he realizes that he knows it, that it is warm and familiar. This state is calm, confident, uncrowded, peaceful and serene. The mental states he had just experienced mimic this but always carry a hazy overlay: in them, the mind is *always*on*. However, in this other state, the mind is quiescent. It is there, waiting, but not constantly active.

This is the first true beginning of the spiritual consciousness. Many here on this discussion board know it and use it. But those that are *glorious* in their own mind pass over these unassuming individuals, as they look for foes to vanquish. They have no current use for this quiet state. At last, perhaps lifetimes in the future (or here in this one?), they will.

And what of the concept of Ascension? Many believe it is an external event, where the individual, taken as they already are, is lifted into a new, glorious state. This concept is a remake of the concept of "The Rapture". The actual ascending is done within each individual. When these waves of spiritual energy make themselves felt within, many will suddenly find the way forward illuminated, allowing them to *change*themselves* and ascend. It is not done for them.

Now, a look ahead. In this state, newly quiet and feeling at peace with all of Life, the individual explores this harmony with Creation. It is the Feeling Sense that he uses now, not the thinking. He feels subtle currents in the harmony. This Flow, this Harmony, is sometimes named the Tao (pronounced 'Dow'). It is a living creation of The Divine. It is not "God", it is what The Divine *allowed* to create Itself. As the Founding Fathers of the uSA recognized, there is a Divine Intelligence found in creation: "with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence."

The Divine is not the same as any anthropomorphic representation. Beyond nature spirits; beyond Greek and Roman gods; beyond Brahm and other Eastern gods that are dominant on the planes of Mind; beyond the lower, physical plane gods of the planet, such as JHVH or Jehovah or Yahweh; beyond the duality is, simply, a Presence.

The Divine cannot be "invoked", cannot be propitiated, cannot be "prayed to". These are examples of the dualistic "powers" that the mental individual believes attribute to him, showing his "God Power", his *control*. These end at that dead end, as mentioned previously.

Many individuals "surrender to" one of these "deities" in name only, then turn around and club others with their holiness. It is the Mind, attempting to retain control. Beneath their surrender lies a snake, which is the mind which refuses to lie quietly. You will see it when they try to control others, try to lay guilt on them or establish their "divine" knowledge and position as a teacher.

No one is a teacher. The Divine and Life Itself (the Flow or the Tao) is the Teacher of all. Those who find the feeling of Life have no title. Their life is that of Service and Compassion, not control.

The Divine is beyond our conception. When the individual truly surrenders his personal power, moves forward, finds the spiritual consciousness and comes into harmony with the Flow, he is on the path to find The Divine.

When you behold The Divine, or have just a glimpse, you will give up the idea of control. This control has been your survival mechanism and is has functioned for you through many, many lifetimes. It exists in all the incarnations of Soul within Man, within the spark of Soul in animals, and even within the simple consciousness of a mineral or an atom. But when you behold The Divine, you will be so flooded with Feeling, with Bliss (and a little overwhelmed, so that you feel tearful) that you give up the control to this final step of the journey of individual awareness. Your next steps beckon. Don't tarry any longer....

Suggested by anami



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