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Friday, May 26, 2017

"Only Light Workers Have This Problem... (2nd GCR)" - One Who Knows - 5.26.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 7:04 PM EDT on May 26, 2017

Only Light Workers Have This Problem... (2nd GCR)

This is regarding a recent post that I wrote on the 2nd GCR. As a reminder this is how we reverse the damage that the Cabal minions and Trolls did to our Light Worker family by their Fear Mongering, Misinformation and outright lies. Here is the post that I wrote:

"Intel Dinar Chronicles & The 2nd GCR" - One Who Knows - 5.25.17

In that post I mentioned that the Cabal Trolls had convinced some of our Family to burn their currency to save Humanity from the Cabal. In short they said that selling it or giving it away would still hurt Humanity since the Cabal would end up getting the money anyway. Their message was if you burn it, you make sure that no one, especially the Cabal, gets that money. So many people who really wanted to protect Humanity from the evil Cabal burned their currency to save us all. Of course this was Fear Mongering at its worst. I had someone tell me their story personally and just today another person shared their story of what the Cabal scared them into doing, in this very revealing Post:

"My Burning Currency Story" by Sugarbear - 5.26.17

Clearly, this is why we have to keep our House clean of the Cabal rats that want to infest it. They are so evil and conniving and only have one goal in mind, to hurt the Light Workers and stop the RV, by lowering our beliefs and vibrations. We have to call them out whenever they raise their ugly heads.

The 2nd GCR Idea

The idea was simple. We would ask for the higher rates on our currencies than what we were going to ask for, so that we would have extra money to help those who were taken down by these evil Cabal rats, the seek to harm us. After the "Regular GCR" we, Light Workers would have our own "Second GCR" where we would give money to those who got screwed our of their currency by a group, by burning it, selling it, or by getting fake currency. In short, whatever the Cabal did to our fellow Light Workers, we would then immediately reverse. (Too Bad Cabal Trolls, all that work for nothing!)

I have been getting lots of emails since I wrote that post and this is an example:

************ Start Email *************

Hi Richard,

Thank you for the idea of the Second GCR..... I just love it!

I had already plan the Private Negotiated ZIM Rate I wanted to ask in my redemption meeting.

After reading your post I have decided to multiplied by 10, and give that extra part to our Brothers and Sisters who has been stolen of their currencies.

Do you think that you or someone else could create record or a section where post RV our IDC members could registered as donors for the Second CGR?

(You can use my e-mail on IDC if you find it useful)

C.G.N. Son of the Second CGR

************ End Email *************

Only Light Workers Have This Problem

This is the fun and interesting part: I have all these people who want to help these poor souls who got taken by the Cabal.... But so do I! They want my list of people that I personally know, that missed out on the currency opportunity, and the ones who got screwed out of their currencies in some way. This is a Problem that ONLY Light Workers Have! We all want to help these people because that is who we are.

My Idea "Generally"

My original idea was for each of us to notice people in our area, circle, community, who have been harmed by the Cabal, or even people who missed the GCR because they didn't even know about it. I am sure that each of us will come across some of the most amazing Humanitarians, Environmentalist, Animal protectors that we have ever known.... But they had no idea about the GCR. This is our chance to say "Guess What... You didn't miss this once in the History of the Earth GCR, there is a second GCR and you don’t need currency to be funded, all you need is Heart! We are just paying Forward what the Elders did for us. (Watch the tears fall... yea... you too!) In short, we have the ability to not only fund our own projects, but to empower and fund other Humanitarians as well. We are multiplying our efforts.

It Is NOT That Easy

One issue we are going to face is Minions and Trolls who got blocked from exchanging their own currencies. Even though they screwed others out of their currencies, I know they will be trying to get money from us. WE DON'T WANT TO LET THAT HAPPEN. Of course I have access to the list of Cabal who were not permitted to exchange, and I can run their names through that data base to be sure they don’t get any of our money either.

We Are Manifestors

So, here we get down to the crux of the matter. How do we meet or find these Light Workers to empower with a 2nd GCR? That is a manifesting issue. Decide that it is your mission to not only find projects to fund, but you are also looking for Light Workers to empower as well. EXPECT them to come your way and show up at EXACTLY the right time and place. You will run into them, someone will mention them. You will see a story about someone on TV, or in a forum. Importantly, THE PEOPLE YOU ARE MEANT TO EMPOWER, COME YOUR WAY. That is all you have to do in this amazing Universe. Remember your abilities will be increasing as your consciousness and awareness does. What you expect, you create. What you "Mean" to happen, becomes what is "Meant To Be." After all, it is more than just giving someone money, it is also about the mentorship. Clearly the reason they found you was NOT just because of the money, they could have gotten that elsewhere. It was also and most importantly about you as well. Recognize that those you fund are extending your reach into the World. They are in a sense, an extension of you. We should each attract and empower Light Workers that are "our kind of people." The energy works better that way.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that a discussion about who "gets to" give away vast sums of money to empower another Light Worker, is only a problem that Light Workers have. Non Light Worker, service to self types, are not looking for ways to give away their money, but we are.

While, I could share my list of potential Light Worker Empowerment opportunities with others, they came to me, and thus have a sort of energetic link to me to start with. I am quite certain that as soon as you DECIDE that you are not only going to do projects, but you are also going to Empower Light Workers as well through a Second GCR, they will start showing up in your life as well. It could be someone here on IDC, or it could be your neighbor, or a check-out girl at the store. You will know them when you see them and get to know their Heart. I know there are some amazing "Diamonds In The Rough" out there just waiting to be found, polished and empowered.

To be clear, it is not just about giving people money for nothing, although we will be doing plenty of that. It is about finding those NATURAL Light Workers who missed the First GCR, or got screwed out of it buy the Cabal Minions and Trolls. BUT, we don’t what to end up funding an ex "Cabal flunky" who was prevented from exchanging in the first place. I expect those won't be hard to spot since they will be complaining that they were PREVENTED from exchanging, while the others would be telling stories of how the group took their money or they were convinced to sell their currency back to the bank early.

In any case, we here on IDC, are the power house of this GCR and who better than us to Launch a "Second GCR" to the Light Workers who missed or got screwed out of the first one. We have the numbers, and the conviction to reverse EVERYTHING the Cabal did to our Light Workers. I can't think of a better revenge that to reverse what they did. Clearly, this is a BIG idea and merits lots of input on how this could be done, after all this is a "Community Project" that we are all involved in. We kept our House clean of Cabal vermin... but not everyone was so lucky on other sites. We have what it takes to pull this off..... LET'S DO THIS FAMILY!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows



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