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Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Oneness, Deeper Explanations" by Mayan Guy - 5.18.17

Entry Submitted by Mayan Guy at 2:25 PM EDT on May 18, 2017

Im loving all the love here on Dinarland at the moment. SiStar Sarah,

lovely words shared, i realize with you, thank you. So many lovely posts from all of you - i am grateful for the possitive vibes. This is the good vibe tribe!

I enjoyed your read and personal touches on Tank's "I Am You" Creator on Hazel, i give thanks. I see you, and it's beautiful. I do understand why the "Chalk" is nessesary, the sheepdogs have got our backs. I give thanks.

Matt T also had a lovely post on honesty a couple days ago, i felt that one beautifully too, you always share lovely stuff, your "Levels" post to help educate included.

I read Ruby's reply on Love and Truth, authentic response, thank you. I noticed the "One" comment Ruby made, referencing that she doesnt fully understand Oneness, or aspects of it. If i misunderstood, please forgive me, it sparked the motivation for me to type up a bit more. We have been conditioned not to understand Oneness, its alien to us, by cabal design. I'd like to expand a bit more on Oneness, why it is important and how to better apply it in our lives so that Oneness becomes experiential, in stead of it only being a theoretical concept. Its not just some airy fairy spiritual fluff, its empowering stuff and hope that it adds value.

I am going to go a step further and make the claim that once Oneness is understood, Prime Creator/God/Universe/Source (choose which label works best for you) becomes experiential in your life, through you, no blind faith required. It is a bold claim, i know, please bare with me and be patient with me as you read this.

This is simply my personal view and experiences, you may or may not agree with it, you do not have to believe it, its all good. I am hoping by sharing this that it might resolve some paradoxes for those interested to know more about Oneness and all the beauty hidden within.

Old Paradigm:
This is the paradigm we are ascending out of currently. In this paradigm everything is set up and geared towards separation that ends up creating conflict, pain and suffering; white against black, male against female, religion against religion (my way is the only way, if you dont follow my way, i will kill you in my god's name - even though all the major religions condem this in their scripture), country against country (borders and patriotism), age classes, race classes, income classes, competition is healthy, only the strong survive, factions against factions, Republicans against Democrats, CIA against the FBI... i can list many more, i am sure you get the idea here. Another word for "this" against "that" is Duality. Duality divides, separates, it is not healthy.

Certain "calendars" seperate us from the natural flow and natural time of life... that Now moment, synchronicity. In the old paradigm we believed that we were separate from each other, from nature and all things. We are alone in the Universe we believed. We even believed God is something seperate from us, up there in the clouds somewhere and that only the church has the right to speak to God. All the separation created all our problems. We even had a mechanistic world view of ourselves because of all the separation. We thought we were our bodies, that the Earth is just a flat rock and that the solar system is a mechanistic clock.

A machine has a service life, it becomes out dated, when that is reached it gets thrown on a dump, it is dispensable and can not rejuvinate itself. This is how we treated ourselves, each other and nature (animals included). All the separation/duality creates such a world view and the experience of such a world view (those beliefs). The result of all that? Have a look around...

There must be something we do not understand yet, money alone wont fix all the problems. The root of the problem is spiritual, seeing and believing everything is separate, that is a deeply spiritual problem. We need to stop playing the separation games. What is missing is Unity/Oneness.

New Paradigm:
Thats why we are all here currently. This is the new paradigm we are already moving into, we are well on our way. This paradigm is unifying, no separateness. We have learned from history as well as through our own experience that separation is destructive, it creates pain, suffering and the like.

Everything is the same thing in different form everywhere at the same time:
Everything in the manifest world is energy vibrating (atoms moving) at a certain speed (frequency). Frequency is messured in Hertz (1Hz = 1 cycle per second). All of this is measurable. If we take a rock and look at it under a microscope, we will see atoms moving at a certain speed/frequency. If we look at our hand under the same microscope, we will see exactly the same thing as the rock = energy/atoms moving at a certain speed/frequency. The only difference between our hand and the rock is the speed/frequency at which the atoms/energy moves/vibrates. The rock and our hand is made of exactly the same stuff: energy/atoms.

The slower (lower frequencies) the atoms/energy move, the more solid (heavier physical mass) an object will appear and feel to us.

The faster (higher frequencies) the atoms/energy moves, the more transparant (lighter physical mass) an object will appear and feel to us. Objects can even become invisible, the higher it vibrates.

Cosmic Vibratory Root:
The Mayans way of saying "human being" = Cosmic Vibratory Root. That is what we are, Cosmic and Galactic, here is why:

Our bodies are frequency perception bio organisms enabling us to experience the full spectrum/octaves of life, through frequency and vibration because that is what everything is. We are oscilators, we generate frequency as well as perceive and experience frequency. Our five physical senses sense frequency bands: Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste and Smell. Not going to go into ESP (extra sensory perception) here.

Our eyes pick up the visible light spectrum (a frequency band). Our ears pick up all the sounds (a frequency band 20Hz - 20 000Hz). Our skin senses certain frequency bands through touch (sex included). Our tongue picks up frequency bands that we taste. Our nose pics up frequency bands that we smell. This we term the experience of Life.

Life and the experience of it is frequency and vibration that we are experiencing, on all levels. Everything is made up of atoms vibrating at certain frequencies giving us the perception and experience of different forms, sensations and things.

Life is literally music. Life is sound vibrating a song. Now and again it can even strike a chord, like Yosef, Tank, OWK and many other's words here on Dinarland. Each octave of life can be seen as a dimension (density). It is no mistake that Hindus use OM (AUM) to meditate or reharmonize back to Self, as a mantra and physical resonance, vocalised and expressed. To the Hindus (and myself) OM is the original sound/frequency that creates all other sounds/frequency/Life. Om is the word of God. The original vibration that created all others. This applies to the ancient Vedics as well.

For Christians; in the beginning was The Word (sound). The Word (sound) was made manifest (in the flesh/us/life/atoms) and God said (sound) let there be Light (frequency), and there was Light (frequency and vibration).

It is true, one cant trust an atom, they make up everything! All the atoms vibrating everywhere at the same time collectively is the Oneness. It IS the ISness everywhere at the same time (Now). It IS all that it IS. I AM all that I AM.

Here is the revelation of what goes on inside each atom, and how all atoms everywhere share the EXACT SAME proton, making everything One. If we go deeper into the atom, sub atomic, everything is One on the Planc scale, or zero point scale, the smallest scale where the Unified field is found. In quantum physics this is called entanglement. Everything is literally One with everything else, through the atom, inside of us! This is not a theory, this IS so.

Here is a short feel good interview with Nassim Haramein (Physicist) that explains it in an easy to understand way - beautiful message:

Nassim Haramein - Science behind the Unified Field & it's applications:

A thought is measurable because it vibrates at a certain frequency. Thoughts become things. The same is true of our emotions. E-Motion = Energy in motion. Energy flows where attention goes. We are Cosmic Vibratory Roots CREATING vibration which eventually manifests something in the physical. This is how we can measure our bio emissions/ energy field/ aura. Whatever frequency we are vibrating at, is what we attract and manifest into our experience.

If we vibrate separation, that becomes our experience. Not such a good vibe that! If we vibrate Love and Unity, that will be our experience. The good vibe tribe! Whatever we believe, we vibrate at. This is why whatever you believe, becomes your personal experience/reality. Like attracts like, vibrationally. You can see vibration as a magnet. It would be accurate. What we surround ourselves with, we become.

Circumstances dont matter, only state of being (vibration) matters. Circumstances dont create state of being (vibration), state of being (vibration) creates circumstances. - Bashar

All is One:
Everything that IS, has always been and will always be. It has no begining and it has no end. Everything simply IS. Everything is from Source/One/OM/God. It IS everything there IS, nothing (no thing) can exist outside the One because the One is all there IS. It is impossible for anything else to exist other than the One.

God has no gender. God is also all gender and everything in between. There is nothing that is not God. God is with us, the Kingdom lies within, within all men and woman. God is all men, woman, animals, plants, planets, solar systems, galaxies ad infinitum.....The divine spark is in all things through all things everywhere at the same time. Omnipresent and Omnipotent. All is One.

Subject and Object:
If you and me are in a room together, i will be the subject, you will be the object. From my personal experience. From your experience you will be the subject and i will be the object. The two of us may appear separate, but that is an illusion. Maya means illusion.

The awareness behind my eyes (not my brain or my mind) and the awareness behind your eyes (not your brain or your mind) is the EXACT SAME awareness everywhere at the same time, through all things, being all things and becomimg more things, always expanding/contacting and evolving. The only reason each of us experiences an "individual" experience is because you were born in a different location, with different parents, different values and beliefs, different experiences, maybe even a different gender - still, it is the exact same awareness experiencing everything everywhere at the same time creating the illusion that we are separate from each other, in essence creating an individual experience for each of us, free will and all! What a gift!

We know not we are gods. God will do nothing for us that we wont do for ourselves, thats why free will was given. If God intervenes with that and does things for us, then it means we dont have free will.

Everywhere we look, there is God. God is so big, we cant miss it. Nothing is separate, its impossible, but we can live the illusion of being separate through our own free will choice (God given) to have that experience, thats how much God loves us, to know and experience through each individuation of it-Self.

God basically divided it-Self up and is having an experience with it-Self in relation(ship) to it-Self everywhere at the same time, because there is nothing else. The only thing we can do, is take responsibility for ourselves, because God will do nothing for you that you wont do for yourself - That is the law, and that is why things have been "forgotten", why things have become out of balance - we refused to use our free will, we forgot about it and gave it away to other selves (authorities?) who chose to enslave us and have power over us. When we forget, we re-member and Unity forms again.... till we start becoming complacent enough that we start forgetting again. Thats what causes all the enslavement.... till we start regrouping, pulling ourselves towards ourselves being One agian.

You and I are equal. I AM no more important than you and you are no more important than I. We are One. The result is harmony and mutual respect.

This is the essence of Namaste: I honor and acknowledge the God within you, the same God that is also within me.

This is why Tank said; I AM You. This is why Yosef says God is with us. This is why i say i am another yourself.

This is why Yosef suggests we surrender to God's will, because our will is God's will, and God's will is our will - there is no separation, because all of us IS God. Not knowing this is hell. Not applying this creates hell.

This can be challenging to wrap our minds around, most of our lives we have been taught the opposite. The divide and conquer strategy. The division/separation happened on all levels. It was only true because we believed it. It is not true anymore. There are different levels of truth. The only thing we need liberation from currently is our beliefs about things. Money alone will not make us free, it is only a tool towards that end. It is indeed a transition, not only a transaction.

Applying The Law of One:
Lets look at Oneness in everyday life situations, post RV. Awesome, we have been hydrated with funds.

Lets say i decide not give out any of my resources, only as an example for the purpose of the point i am trying to get across here. I go out and make my life comfortable with all the things i wish to purchase and comfort myself with. Nice fancy car, home, clothes, toys etc. I have everything i desire materialistically, its heaven, but only for me. It will also only be a short lived illusion. Ignorance is bliss kinda vibe. Having said that i do believe we have collectively reached a point where ignorance is no longer bliss. I digress.

All around me people are suffering, begging, fighting and hating those that have stuff they are not allowed to have, because of silly beliefs in life.

The haves and the have nots.

Great anger builds in situations like that, in general many people suffer and live in pain because of that, degrading others simply because they have less... less material possesions, less education, less everything. Making them feel like they have power over others. It will only be a matter of time before i will get killed by "the have nots". By not sharing my recources, i doom myself by my own free will, out of ignorance, not understanding that All is One.

I live in South Africa where this is a everyday reality. The tension between race, class and the like here in SA is a very real problem bursting at the seams - many other places around the world too i am sure.

So many people here dont have basic living standards. Living in fight or flight mode every day. How is it possible for me to enjoy every day, fully, with my wealth, if so many are sufferring? If we do not assist our other selves, we will not survive, i dont care how much money i have, it comes down to that.

Our level of joy every day will also be non existent in such an environment - we wont be able to even enjoy our money. What we think we do to others (or the lack thereof) we only do to ourselves. That is literally so, not just words.

I can not wait to help totally get rid of poverty. Can you imagine the level of joy in life? The beauty, connections and love it would bring out in people? Im only scratching the surface here... The creativity will sky rocket, we are going to experience life in ways we cant yet fathom! I only have a glimpse...

Nothing is complete untill it is shared.

I am grateful for this sollution, fills my heart with warmth. Not sure what i would have done without it. All of you here on Dinarland have helped me immensely - i thank you, wholeheartedly.

I am another yourself

Mayan Guy



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