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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"Nothing from Nothing Leaves Nothing" by Victor - 5.23.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 1:16 PM EDT on May 23, 2017

Lack needs YOU, you do not need it........Nothing from Nothing leaves Nothing(NNN).........that is the secret of Lack. That is all that there is to it. I needs you. It needs YOU like and old Uncle Sam recruiting poster on the wall from WWII....... and just like War it needs your attention. Your attention is the Key to the whole kingdom.

If you don't look at lack, if you ignore it, if you don't listen to it.........Lack is dead. It only lives because you look at it and you give it your ....."Attention"..... If you don't look at lack. How can it live? It has no life of its own. If does not exist as an independent thing or as a power from Source. That is what lack does not want you to see........the three (NNN's) that it is......NON-EXISTANT.

But since we have supported lack for so long it has found a home within our mind like the parasite that it is. Like the parasite it tells you the story of how you need it, that you are old friends and that you Owe lack the ....time of day. NO!..... you don't. Just say...."NO"...... You do not have any symbiotic relationship with what does not exist, except only if you let that......" illusion".... in.

Lack will talk to you like the ego talks to you. Both are one in the same thing, only the effects of the attention we give it. Lack....it needs us or it has no place to exist. It has no time lines and it has no future. If we drop all the lack of the past. How can it be re-created in the future ?.....it cant'.

So lack is very much like a........"creepy creeper vine".......It starts as a small cute sprout and you think it is OK to talk to it and answer its questions. It may even have a lovely fragrance and beauty and then pretty soon you are having a daily dialog and then a yearly dialog as time passes by. Then one day you notice that the "Creepy Creeper vine" has take over your whole house and is every where in your Life. Now you can't think, you can't act, you can't hide from it. You can't create anything new since your mind and your life is all tangled up with this illusion that you gave life too.

So when it speaks to you and wants to talk........just ignore it. Oh!!!......NOW you have done it. It will scream, it will cry, it will beg for attention. It will accuse you of not being loving or not giving it free speech. It says you have taken away its rights and that you have turned to the oppressor that it is. It accuses you of doing what it does........isn't that loving of it. Now how could you have denied the rights of something ...... that does not exist? You can't !......So you are FREE!

Now when the simple threats from lack no longer work, it will make trouble for you. It then it will create false flags and then it will use all its weapons of doubt, shame, failure, war, pain,guilt.......all the negative things that make it seem real. It will use it all of its arsenal upon you. Since the creepy creeper has crawled into every part of your life an it knows All your secrets and your weak points. It is like the matrix or an "agent". All the same thing. It will pull all your buttons to get a reaction and your attention back.

The only way to get rid of it is to ignore it. Walk against the crowd and create a new past for yourself where you are no longer under its spell. Fake it until you can make it. Until you can manifest a life with no ....."Lack" .....in it.

You can do this by creatively....." imagining"...... a past where you where not talking to it. Remember those times where you felt good and empowered those emotions and those feelings. Those things are the antidote to lack. Simple JOY will destroy it. It can't exist in the light, since it does not exist to being with. Since the universe responds to what is real and what has JOY, that is who you are. The universe does not empower lack, since It can not.

Since you are the only one who created this illusion, you can actually dissolve it by using the real power of the universe and that is ....."Imagination"...... If you can think of a thing, then it is real and it exist. If you can put yourself on the beach and feel the sun it is real, because it it did not exist you would not be able to even imagine it and experience the feeling and the meaning and the Truth of it. When you experience the feeling that is real. It is the meaning that you give the imagination that is the Power.

Since lack is not created by Truth and its only false power is to engage your attention. Just remember that.......(NNN) "Nothing from Nothing leaves Nothing".......so why would you be talking to something that does not exist? So you can call its bluff since the only power it has over you is convincing you that you need it. When it is the one that needs you.

So kicking the ....."creepy creeper".....OUT is easy and already done, If you can fake it until you can make it. Why not? The creeper of Lack faked you out into giving it life.

Now you will use imagination properly. You will call Lack out, call its bluff and really get some of your own life back.........without (NNN) .....in it. So how could you ever have thought that you needed to believe in Lack. You didn't......lack did. It was just Lack talking as the imposter that it is, using your voice in your head.

Much Love Victor



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