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Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Marked in History" - Last Night's KTFA Thoughts/News


Doodlebug » May 12th, 2017

So family, this is what I have been chewing on today... the RV of the Iraqi currency is going to be marked in history as a pretty important day. Yes, in our lives because of obvious reasons, but it will represent so much more for Iraq in the present day and for generations to come.

Sure, it can happen in the still of the night... but here is what I am chewing on.

This will be a proud moment for the citizens and Abadi et.al. Do you think that they would want to dedicate a day to this important event? If the answer is no and the still of the night just happens and they cruise into the next without any fan fare, then okay. I get that. But it just doesn't sit well with me. (Can someone please call Abadi and tell him that? LOL)

If the answer is yes, then when would be a good day for this? Would it be a National Holiday? Would it be like a "take your child to work day" kind of holiday?

Or perhaps, "take your favorite Cookie to work" kind of holiday?

Or would it be a holiday that has important meaning to it.... National Reconciliation? Unification Day? The Day ISIS Died-Day? and if a National Holiday, then what day would Abadi pick for this event?

A Monday? A Tuesday? Or perhaps a Wednesday and/or Thursday so they could attach a weekend to it?

Do we think it would happen before the Ramadan Holiday? After the Holiday? Before would give them a proudful day to walk into the holiday that takes care of the poor....

I don't know y'all... I have just been thinking about this and thought I would put it up on the wall for discussion. Thanks for letting me share.~Doodle's

Cole » May 12th, 2017

I like your thoughts. I think that this could happen on Liberation Day... liberation of the nation. Free of ISIS, freedom of movement of capital, freedom to participate internationally, freedom to trade, freedom to the people of Iraq, freedom of fear, free to grow as a country, unshackled and unhindered. Freedom!!! Can this not all happen on the same day? Hmmm... seems too much for Iraq to handle all at once... IS IT???

Jay » May 12th, 2017

WOWZERS Majesty. I love this. Makes perfect sense. Very well thought out . I can see Abadi would want nothing more than what u described to celebrate the thrashing of Daesh. The timing of said celebration would be perfect if it coincided with Ramadan. What better way to further reach out and help the poor by honoring their Independence from Daesh.Love it.

Cole » May 12th, 2017

Agree... the poor would love liberation more than the extra money itself... but the money would be nice for Them too... they deserve the riches of their land.

Hootowl » May 12th, 2017

I like your thought process too! I agree Abadi would want this to be a celebration as it should be. I think before Ramadan makes the most sense as well. Excellent way to honor the citizens who have endured so much pain and strife and lost so much to evil. I pray that it is so.

Chris05 » May 12th, 2017

Hey Doodlebug, I like what you are chewing on there, and thank you for sharing.

I would like to share a few thoughts, if I may.

IMO, it makes perfect sense for PM Abadi to provide a National Holiday or Celebration day, for his people, after he announces the 100% liberation of Daesh from Iraq.

IMO, he could create a designated holiday specific for this event, after the announcement of the full liberation takes place.

We know from our studies that Iraq has adjusted/amended their existing holidays, with short notice.

From what we know today, thanks to Frank and iTeams, and now the media (Iraq & International), who are always off the pulse, that the highly anticipated day for Iraq and her citizens to be 100% free of Daesh, is imminent, and is pointing towards being well before the holy month of Ramadan commences (May 26-June 24). All the stars are literally aligned, for that to take place.

I also wanted to make note of something else...

In my understanding, Eid al-Fitr (Eid) will begin on Sunday, 25 June and ends in the evening on Monday, 26 June.

This two day celebration being at the end of Ramadan, consists of feasting and is traditionally used for specific prayers, charitable gifts being offered to the poor and so forth.

IMO, The Eid 2 day celebration and feasting period may be independent and not in any way linked to any announcement/s. Not sure, just thinking out on a forum post.

IMO, based on what I understand today, Abadi will announce the full liberation of Iraq from Daesh to the world, and may give them a celebration holiday for his people, before Ramadan commences.

Then, very quickly ('Speed of Light' comes to mind, LOL), we will see that Iraq is a fully International, trade-able nation, with an International currency with a new rate. No big announcement necessary when it happens, we will just see the results in the international markets, and probably on our faces. LOL

These are a few thoughts I had in response to yours. I have many other questions. LOL

Don961 » May 12th, 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017 - 3:19

Popular crowd announces the killing of 57 terrorists and freeing nine villages in the first day of "operations Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah"

Announced the leadership of the popular crowd, on Friday, the launch of operations (Muhammad , the Messenger of Allah) Second Bmrahltha, at (5:30) am to liberate Kairouan area of Sinjar district and surrounding villages far western district of Tal Afar.

Forces launched three major axes and branched out to six axes towards Kairouan , with the participation of the crowd brigades and assigning Iraqi army aviation.

Brigades participation: (2, 3,11 10, 21, 5.41, 40, 42, 46, 47, 26, 28, 15) the backing brigades 13 and 14 brigade and brigade supporters of reference.

The importance of Kairouan:

is one of the most important command centers for Daesh and an important transport links between the Afar node to the east and Baaj the Syrian border to the west where he managed the popular crowd of completely besieged from the south, north and east in preparation for the storm in the coming hours and cleared of terrorist elements Daesh and editing will be cut off supply for Daesh line between them and Baaj.

Liberated villages and besieged in the vicinity of Kairouan today:

1. Village (Tel Hajim) north of Kairouan
2. Village (or Alchaababit)
3. Village (Amkyprh) southeast of Kairouan
4. Village (Spaya Khroh) east of Kairouan
5. Village (Sdjan) east of Kairouan
6. village (Abu quilts) east of Kairouan
7. besieged the village south of Kairouan Booth
8. Mehdi encircling the place north of the village of Kairouan
9- besieged the village of (Hayat) north of Kairouan

• enemy losses:

- killed (57) an element of Daesh

- destruction of wheels 7 bomb enemy and (3 wheels pick - up truck) carrier for people and killed by the Iraqi army aviation.

- the destruction of 3 mortar detachments to Daesh by the Army Air

- the popular crowd brigades took control of the cache of weapons and ammunition belonging to the elements Daesh east side of Kairouan.

Control of the communications system in the village of Daesh (Tel Hajim) liberated the north side of Kairouan.

Military Engineering:

started since the first minutes of the start of operations to open dirt mounds and secure ways to provide pieces of the crowd towards the set goals.

• The humanitarian situation: the popular crowd forces managed to open safe corridors to exit the rest of the civilians in Kairouan and the surrounding villages, after the evacuation of a number of families earlier.




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