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Thursday, May 11, 2017

"Lady Quan Yin Vs. Medusa: The Ultimate Battle" - Patricia D. Curtis & Cowboy Down Under - 5.11.17

Entry Submitted by Cowboy Down Under at 1:35 PM EDT on May 11, 2017

Lady Quan Yin Vs. Medusa: The Ultimate Battle – by Patricia D. Curtis & Cowboy Down Under

I was exceedingly and pleasantly surprised when Cowboy Down Under recently described his encounters with the evil entity known as Medusa as, to my knowledge, there has only ever been one other with the courage to do battle with Medusa, and that is Lady Quan Yin.

From the “Space Cowboy” post:

“My story started on a planet far, far away in another galaxy. I was a healer and used my wings to HEAL. I would wrap in my wings those inflicted with wounds from the battle between good and evil on my home planet and quickly repair whatever needed restoration. Most of my time was spent following the damage done by the leader of the ones I knew to be evil. Medusa was her name. She and I did battle on a daily basis, before we were both banished to Earth to undergo rehabilitation for the carnage we had created on our home planet. She did not appreciate or take lightly that using my healing gift, I would return to the living everyone she turned to stone. I have seen played out in several dreams and vision quests how, in the final battle, she ripped my wings off before I permanently defaced her by tearing her face to pieces. We were quickly arrested after this epic battle and the Galactic Planetary Council banished us and all who followed us to the penal colony called Earth. There we joined millions of others from planets all over the Universe who had also created havoc on their home planets to see if Mother Earth might help us find our way back to the Divine and to the God seed that was planted deep under the conflict we carried. Separation takes on a whole new meaning when looked at from this perspective.”

It may seem that the larger light-versus-dark battle for ones’ soul is between God and Lucifer because that is the narrative we are most familiar with, yet you may rest assured the two female entities – Lady Quan Yin and Medusa – are presently in a far more intense clash for the heart and soul of the species of mankind. Allow me to introduce them to you.

The name and image of Medusa was given to this most wicked female entity in ancient Greek mythology; she is actually more accurately knowable as her incarnation as Delilah – as in Samson and Delilah (Judges 16). I will use the name Delilah for the remainder of this writing.

When one thinks of Hell, Lucifer and his minions…are all the minions men, or male, in this vision? It certainly was for me, which prompted me to ask the Lord one day, are there any female minions? His response was yes, Lucifer has a few female minions, but only a select few that are nothing like Delilah. Lucifer is terrified of Delilah. Delilah ‘resides’ in a hell all of her own and Lucifer and his minions won’t go anywhere near her. For to go near Delilah is a one-way ticket to non-existence.

Delilah ‘manifests’ as to the true nature of her being, which is a large and indescribably hideous black widow spider. Indescribably hideous. Delilah lures dark entities into her presence, then she stuns them with her poison, and then she slowly sucks their power and their very essence out of them until they no longer exist. She works in a similar fashion with human beings. Although Delilah affects all human being on a daily basis – every single one of us – as with her incarnate relationship with Samson, she especially targets men with power. Any kind of power. She feeds on the energy derived from sucking the power and life out of persons, mostly without their ever becoming aware of her.

Central to Delilah’s success in “turning people into stone” is the knowledge that keeping people ‘emotionally’ separate from each other makes them more vulnerable to her. While this is true in all relationships, it is especially true in the relationship between a man and a woman. If there is no emotional separation between a man and a woman, which is to say their love for each other is whole and true and confident, Delilah cannot access their power and essence. She can only reach persons via the cracks in the relationship, which are formed by discord and disharmony. Delilah is masterful as causing discord and disharmony, and the way she does this is by trifling with one’s thoughts.

Delilah’s voice is actually quite prominent within our daily stream of consciousness. The way to recognize her is that her thoughts inserted into our thoughts will have the characteristic of discord and disharmony. Have you ever become impatient or frustrated or irritated with your significant other, and then this little voice comes into your head and starts fanning the fire and bringing up old crap and making matters worse until a crack starts to form in the relationship and things are never really the same between the two of you again? That’s Delilah. Remember how Cowboy Down Under has lamented on a couple of occasions that he is never able to stay in love with someone, that it always fades away? That’s Delilah. Delilah gets in his head and literally talks him out of the other person, pointing out flaws and differences until Cowboy eventually gives up on love. When the love between a man and a woman is whole and true and confident, neither of them will listen to the lying life-sucking voice of Delilah. They will cast those thoughts right out and cleave unto one another.

Lady Quan Yin is also daily within our thoughts, however she is present in the stream of consciousness within our hearts, a phenomenon also known as ‘feelings.’ Quan Yin works with our most powerful feeling, which is the feeling of Truth. Yes, Truth is the most powerful of all human feelings, including love. Truth is the mother of love. Truth is the foundation of love. Truth IS a feeling, a sensation. If we pay attention, the Truth within our hearts will guide us out of the darkness we now find ourselves in. It is Truth that recognizes the lying voice of Delilah and gives courage to the man and woman in real love to cast out those thoughts and keep the relationship whole.

Now you can see why the battle between Quan Yin and Delilah is really the ultimate battle being waged here on Earth. It is not the battle between the light and the dark – that one has already been won. This is the battle between the truth and the lie – and this battle has not yet been won, but it will be soon, and Truth will be the victor. Quan Yin will easily prevail over the lying Delilah. Because our human species will perish under the lie. We will perish if we cannot fuse our relationships in connection with each other. The human heart will die if we do not operate in truth. And with truth comes love. And love is everything.

I have invited Cowboy From Down Under to co-author this post and contribute his thoughts in regard to his experiences with Madusa/Delilah, as well as Lady Quan

Yin. Enjoy!

(Cowboy’s Thoughts)

I read this last night after it was sent to me and had a deep feeling I needed to sleep on all that was written here and so I did. In a dream/vision I saw last night the connection between Medusa/Lady Quan Yin and Myself. In my dream I saw Medusa or Daniel as she was known as a young girl (I checked this name out and found it means “God is my judge” Daniel/Medusa was so pretty when she was young and I felt my love for her and then I saw Lady Quan Yin in the distance watching us both and I knew that though she was but a child she was an Ascended Master already for sure. When the time for separation came as I wrote about in this post “Time to Dance With The Devil” http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2016/06/time-to-dance-with-devil-guest-post-by.html

Something changed in many of us as the sides of dark and light were chosen. In my dream my love for Daniel grew into my hate for Medusa and I saw Lady Quan Yin watching over both of us in what I thought at the time was disgust. I know now that Quan Yin is the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion so I see her look today as disappointment in both of us for not holding on to our higher self when fear was born in HU-manity as a whole by the separation we all choose to make. They say the opposite of love is not hate but fear I believe this to be true. Separation from knowing God’s love was all we needed to introduced the world to fear.

I got a visit from my guardian angel Gabriela a few days ago as I was dancing with Tears of Joy, she came and put her arms around both of us and whispered in my ear “my love has returned and it is in his arms I sleep every night, the separation is over.” I understand how it might have looked like I lacked for love in a relationship because for five years I have chosen to live with the only one I have felt pure love for in that time, ME. However in this lifetime I have had four great loves in my life, the first was my children's mom whom I lived with for 20 years and I am happy that today I call her my dear friend. The next two were five year relationships that ended in friendship as well. All three share the same story as my current love Tears of Joy and Happiness whom I met a few months ago at the Past Life Regression workshop I did here on the mountain, the day I met them all we moved in together because when there is pure love you know it and there is nothing that will keep you from experiencing it. When Love replaces all fear you might have in your heart you will know that what I an saying is truth. I have watched as the last of the proud warriors, who have defended humanity for thousands of years, have laid down their weapons to joined me on this side of the RV/GCR where there is only love and where we want for nothing. I so look forward to the day the rest of humanity joins us here and together we change the world with the joy of living in God’s arms again and loving every sentient being as deeply as we love ourselves.

God Bless you all and may this weekend bring you everything you ever wished for in your life.

Thank you Patricia for asking me to contribute to this post.

Cowboy In Love With It All

All-Ways I Choose Love!




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