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Thursday, May 25, 2017

KTFA CC Notes by Aggiedad77 for Wed. 5-24-17


Aggiedad77 » May 25th, 2017

Family here are the notes from the Wednesday Night CC.....study them carefully.....go back and re-listen to the call....there are golden nuggets left and right with what Frank covered with you last night.....enjoy. Aloha Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes Wednesday 05-24-2017

Frank26: Welcome and thank you kindly for being a part of us tonight as we study our investment, the Iraqi dinar….

What I’m going to do tonight is not really open any new files….we don’t really have files right now to be honest with you….we have what we call reports….the reason why is you see a file will grow in time…..and you fill the files up with reports and information and so forth….well we don’t have a need for files and the reason why is that as a TEAM that we study together…..

We are simply waiting for the government of Iraq….to tell the Central Bank of Iraq to activate the lifting of the 000’s from their exchange rate to add value to their currency….that is it.

​Now granted we have added that we would like for Mosul to be announced….but on Monday’s CC we learned a lot of things didn’t we….I think the most important thing to rehash or to talk about again is GO (Gas and Oil)….and we told you there were a lot of deals….a tremendous amount of deals that occurred when the ME Summit occurred….whether it was with Abadi, Donald Trump….whoever it may be….these were some amazing deals.

Now what did the deals….what did we suggest they lead up to….well we suggested they lead up to the price of oil going up…..is that directed at the Monetary Reform of the Iraqi dinar…..I think you can answer that question yourself can’t you…..

Because then we also suggested that IMO it is highly possible that the 72-78 days will see oil go up to about $60 maybe even up to about $120…..you also saw on the following day on Tuesday the article that made us look like heroes and backed us up 100%.....

I think it was Militia Man or Don961, I can’t remember, who saw the articles…..one said…”The Prime Minister Directs the Participation of the Anti-Terrorism forces in the liberation of the Remaining Areas of Mosul…..the Ayman Operations they are calling it…..let me read what Don961 said….some of you asked about this on the forum….after the article saying the US trained and assisted counter-terrorism forces had been completed in their tasks in Mosul and the rest was being left to the federal police and the rapid reaction forces…..

Well it appears the commander Abadi has changed courses and he is sending his best units back in to finish the job…..this was exactly as it was predicted on Monday Night’s CC…..how many TA-DA moments can our team at KTFA handle at once….we can handle a lot of them….but this article opens the door for you to realize Family that there is something going on in the last phases of the liberation of Mosul IMO….and like a barometer that controls the hot and cold in your house….Mosul is like a barometer.

A couple of days ago you saw an article that said well we stopped for a second….why did you do that….this article tells you that Abadi is in control and is in charge of what they are doing in that area right now…..we told you there would be the Black Ghost remember….that is what this article is talking to you about too.

We told you about the Special Ops units along with the Iraqi and American units but we told you that there was still another Special Ops unit that was left there…..this article is telling you about that Black Ghost Special Ops unit that Abadi is sending in to finish up Mosul.

I know that we keep saying we are inches away from having Mosul….I think it is less than inches now…..be patient and try to put together what we shared with you on Monday with the articles that came out yesterday.

The deals that occurred in Saudi Arabia for Gas and Oil with many major oil companies Family was over $200 billion dollars worth….today an article comes out and you saw it….it is on our forum….that said that these were huge deals…..over $200 billion that were done with General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Exxon-Mobil, Raytheon, Dow Chemical, Honeywell…..these are big mega-deals for oil….

And part of that deal….we believe is for Saudi Arabia to pull back on production so that the price of oil can skyrocket…..and now that that is done like we suggested on Monday….this article is telling you what Abadi is doing with Mosul…..as we told you on Monday….IMO the troops that were involved in liberating Mosul….they are not there anymore…..the Black Ghost Ops and whatever Special Ops that maybe we have…..they are in there now…..

​These are special human beings…..this article came out to you today right….which means that a couple of days ago they started this…..I am praying deep from my heart that maybe in the next two days we have Mosul announced as liberated…..because what happened over the weekend set the stage for Oil and Gas to go up that will IMO stimulate the budget and stimulate their new rate….

And while that is going on Mosul is about ready to be announced as liberated…..because of the forces that we told you are there…..they are the final forces…..these are Special Ops….and there is only 1 to 2% of Iraq that is left with terrorism….they are working on this…..all these companies….you saw the article and it was long and it mentioned a bunch of them…..one of those companies was an oil company….and then on Monday we gave you a story about some oil companies….this oil company was one of them.

If oil….which by the way has gone up in the last three days dramatically…if oil continues to grow in value….in price….in cost….today it was $51.47….if it can get up to $65 which I think it is going to very quickly….$60-$65….the Iraqi dinar could come out at 3+.

There was another part of this…..yes it is tangible to the Monetary Reform IMO…..but I am interested and surprised we don’t see this talk on our forum or anywhere on the internet that I know of so far…..the Saudi’s also received…..for being good….what do you mean you want us to stop the production of oil….we are running out of it….we barely have enough of it…..the GCC is on our back….what are you talking about….why should we do this sir…..oh….ok we will do it.

And in all of this rapid transactions that were going on….the Saudi’s received massive arms deals…they have a lot of weapons Family….$350 billion dollars worth of weapons…..oh yeah….ok….how long did you want us to reduce production….ok.

Saudis are not the only ones having problems with the oil….so is Venezuela….so is Russia….so is China…..for these events to have occurred the way they did over the weekend…..

I don’t know I just found it to be profound…..if the barrel of oil would go up to $95-$100…..you could be looking at 4 or 5 or 6+….for the revaluation of their currency….what if it were over $100/barrel….well why don’t you wait and watch and see if it happens.

You should also study for that matter the Saudis…..the ebb and flow of their success with oil…..it started around 2007…..no later than 2008….you are going to see that the barrel of oil back then was around $140…..that is insane….but it was for a purpose….could it go back up to these high numbers…..$100-$120…..I don’t know but Saudi is sure helping for it to happen…and not only the Saudi’s but so is Yemen and Qatar and many others….that are willing to help out and push the barrel of oil price.

I see no frustration….I see no negativity….I see nothing but wonderful amazing things about our study.

Frank showed a list of countries….ME countries that have gold reserves…and what is interesting is that Iraq is number 5…..I wonder if Iraq had anything to do with these deals that were made….especially with their gold….and their oil….and their gas.

It is not that there is a problem….but there is something called white gold…..white gold is in its infancy….beginning stages….and I understand the power behind it….it is more related to lithium….but trust me the ME probably talked about white gold too…..but Iraq is number 5….I think they use that power.

Do you remember when we were together last Wednesday….I said Family the 17th is in my spirit….well there was an article that came out today that said that the GOI had revealed that Abadi is in the final stages of editing the right coast of Mosul…..that they had to postpone the battle of the liberation until the 17th of July….no….it was the 17th of May IMO.

There are a lot of little things that when you look at them under the microscope….like we did over the weekend….with these oil deals….there are a lot of little things that make me happy about our investment…..”The Launch of the Salaries of Full Time Designated in Ramadan”…you can’t pay anyone….why do you say you are going to start doing this sometime around Ramadan…..”Only After the Completion of the Technical and Financial Procedures”…..really…..you mean like a Monetary Reform….”The Payments Will be Launched in All Provinces During the Holy Month of Ramadan”…..that is powerful….that is food for thought.

Another banking expert….DELTA and I have told you about this guy before…and an article came out today saying he has called for the activation of the Monetary Policy….again….these are no buffoons….who spoke a couple of days ago…..the Financial Advisor to Abadi….Saleh….what did he say….

Well it would be kind of stupid if we didn’t raise the value of our currency….if we didn’t float….the purpose of it is to improve…..thank you Mr. Cheerleader….two days later…..”banking expert we call for the activation of the Monetary Policy now”…..where every day you are looking for a reason to be sad….a reason to find negativity….a reason to complain….every day we find a reason why they are bringing forth the Monetary Reform….this is a big article from a big man inside of Iraq…..that the government of Iraq listens to….we added it to our “Final Articles” thread it is now Final Article #53.

Oil went up on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday….oil will continue to grow and keep going…..until it catches up with your CC’s.

I know there has been a lot of talk among you about Reconciliation….and I am very pleased about that…..you should talk about it….because within Reconciliation also lies the Monetary Policy….the Monetary Reform of the Iraqi dinar.

Speaker of the House….Joubari almost sounds like Martin Luther King….he talks about equality for everyone in the ME….there is no first class, there is no middle class, there is no poor….we are all together….Joubari is beating the drum for civil peace…..for social security….he wants them to preserve their diversification….in other words he is right now the biggest cheerleader for the National Reconciliation…he talks about multiple ethnic cultures….you know this kind of talk is of no value at a program rate…..Martin Luther King had a dream and so do you Joubari….they seem to be about for the same reasons.

The Foreign Minister of the GOI….Jafaari….comes out yesterday and he says……”Iraq Wins the Whole World”….what did you guys do at that Summit to have the bravado to say such a thing as that….well we made some good deals….I think you did.

Remember that I told you that I believe….IMO…on Monday that those two broker/dealer sites that put out an email that said….what was it….a disturbance or interruption at the border of Iraq and that is why they couldn’t get the dinars…and I am sorry but I beg to differ….it is because Abadi now has control of the borders….of the harbors….of the ports….of the media….you aren’t going to get to steal their money like you used to anymore…..

Well a friend of mine called me today and says I called one of those brokers…..you did what did they say…..they said they still stand by what they said….so I said I still stand by what I said…they are wrong….there is no disturbance, no interruption, no problems at the borders….and my friend said well today they say the reason why they can’t get the dinars across the borders is because ISIS is the problem….

After I laughed a little bit…and picked myself up off the floor from laughing….I said there is no ISIS….these dealers IMO…and this is the last time I am going to talk about them….they don’t have any idea….and the two excuses they give…the one on Monday and the one for today are absolutely incorrect….the reason why was what we gave you two weeks ago from our broker….they are tightening up their borders….they are doing what the IMF requires of them for Article VIII…..they are only using their currency…..the auctions have been taken down to almost zero….they are trying to get to 1 to 1 in-country…..they are already at a pay scale of 1,000 to 1….our troops are not even in Mosul anymore….they have been moved around….to the borders of Iraq…..the borders of Iraq have the tariff tax codes.

“Denouncing Representatives to Washington’s Request From the Iraqi Government to Sack 785 Officers in the Interior and Defense Department”….so why you tell us that Frank….because this is more evidence of Abadi controlling his country now….and this came from who….what did it say….Washington’s request…from Donald Trump….that is correct.

All of the organisms….all of the bacteria….all of the crud….that was not allowing Iraq to revalue its currency…..is being removed…IMO they did this with the CBI first….it is very sterile….IMO the GOI was the next part…..IMO the cities were the next part….IMO they are now dealing with the influence of Iran and Maliki…..785 Officers in the Interior and Defense Department….good bye or die….which would you like….I think this is PROFOUND.

Many of you are constantly asking when are we going to get rid of Maliki….shouldn’t we have shot him by now….why is Maliki still around it makes no sense….we are never going to have an RV until we get rid of Maliki….yesterday Maliki faked a heart attack….he faked the big one…come on man…why did you do that….I don’t know…..and after you faked the heart attack….exit stage left….man you ran to Iran didn’t you…..to seek their protection didn’t you….

Why did you do that….because I needed treatment for my heart attack….you want a heart attack…..I went to Iran for their medical facilities…..our Green Zone facilities are better than what they got in Iran……Family the reason why Maliki and now his goons ran back to Iran is because after Maliki received a notice….a list from the UST….on that list was 156 names that accused 156 people of stealing from Iraq…..and Abadi said he was forming a committee to detect who these thieves were…..to arrest them and prevent them from leaving the country….and he was going to start referring them to the judiciary process…..

Maliki you got busted yesterday didn’t you….big time….in the way that we don’t want the Popular Crowd to be in the way of Iraq and what we are doing…..we don’t want you in the way either….and the evidence is coming out against you…..you the parasite of what once was this country…..is being surgically removed….and you are running back to Iran…..but you’ve even lost Iran….because Iran is now working with us….the United States of America to a degree….and I’ll bet you anything Maliki….if we tell them to send you back….they would give you up like a hot potato…..you are no longer profitable….you are no longer necessary….you are expendable…..

And like a ping pong ball you are going to bounce all over the place until the authorities get a hold of you….and bring you into the courts of Iraq….there is no escape….and as crazy as it may sound….I consider this to be a fractional part of the Monetary Reform of Iraq.

Indeed something happened this weekend….it was very complex….with many countries…..with many deals and the backbone of it all was the Gas and Oil….whose prices are about to change…..because of a Reconciliation unity that is agreed in the ME….to the point where it even included Iran.

“Abadi Says We Discussed with the Saudis the Side Mechanisms to Control Oil Prices in the Global Market”…..well good for you Abadi….this allows you to control your borders….this allows you to control ISIS in Mosul…which is allowing you to control the media….because all of you are controlling the Gas and Oil…..that IMO is a part of your budget for 2017…that needs a Monetary Reform change.

I like how one article came out and said…..”President Donald Trump is the Guardian of the new ME”…..the new ME….ya’ll got a new Reconciliation….did ya’ll get together….did ya’ll nod your heads in unison….you did didn’t you….hmmm.

In TEAM Chat I answered about 50 questions yesterday…and on Monday night I think I answered like 150 questions…..someone asked me Frank do you think it is important that the US deals with SA and Iraq…..I said I think it is more important that all of them deal with Iran….and 24 hours later there are the articles to prove what I said….in that same TEAM Chat someone asked me…what does Donald Trump want from the ME….and I said he wants all of them….all the countries…..he wants all of them.

“The Guardian Donald Trump Strives to Spread Stability in the Middle East With the Help of Iran”…..TA-Freakin-DA.

The call ended with a Question and Answer session conducted by Frank, if you wish to learn what was brought out there, please refer to the LiveStream playback or the audio playback.



After the Q&A session, dismissed with a prayer.



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