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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

KTFA CC Notes by Aggiedad77 for Monday 5-1-17


Aggiedad77 » May 2nd, 2017

Monday Night CC Notes...enjoy Aloha Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes Monday 05-01-2017

Frank26: We are now walking into the next phase and that is the study of the Iraqi dinar….the last time we were together I told you to circle the 25th, the 28th, and the 30th….and on the 25th we had Abadi who came out and said I’m going to try and give you Mosul by this coming Saturday…we had a very good feeling he was going to say something about that…..

Then on the 28th around 2 am in the morning DELTA showed you something didn’t he….and what he showed you was basically the government of Iraq was pointing its finger right at the Central Bank of Iraq….and they were telling them….open the window that allows investors and companies to come into our country….to have freedom of movement for capital….that is HUGE…

And I said to you in the video I released to you on Saturday night…that that was probably the greatest advancement in our Monetary Reform study that we have seen…and we told you to circle the 30th because we felt that was going to be around the time that Abadi was going to give you Mosul…..he tried to tell you on the 25th that he was going to give it to you on the 29th…he didn’t do that either.

Family if you recall….oh and by the way it is really important that you understand this whole conference call is in my opinion…and it’s really important that when I told you to circle those dates…..for those of you that are unfortunately in pain and are depending on this Monetary Reform to relieve your financial pain….I’m sorry that you consider those as dates…..I mean seriously how is it possible that I gave you three RV dates….be logical….be fair.

Our study is the study of a process of the progress of the Monetary Reform.

One more thing before we start to get into the heavy part of our study tonight….is that I want to thank many of you who wrote your visions….of what it is that you want to do when this blessing occurs….I told you I would log them down and I did…and I am not going to talk to each and every one of you right now because we are not ready for that….

But I do want to recognize the gentleman I had a conversation with on the phone today….he is a surgeon general…he is a medical doctor…and he said Frank I’ve been doing this all my life….and I really enjoy it….it is my comfort zone….and I just want you to know that I’ve been following you for many years…and I want to take my knowledge…take my belief in Jesus Christ and help KTFA in any way shape or form that we can….

And I said welcome aboard….we became friends…..and I am telling you Family it is amazing….all the talent that the Lord has raked in the direction of KTFA….we are going to do some amazing things…and I am excited and I want the date just as much as you do….but as I put my arm around you….for those of you that seek only a date in our study….and try to comfort you and tell you that I am your friend….I am not the enemy…study with us….but do so with a fairness….that we do not offer you a date….we offer you a study…and with that said let’s walk into today’s study…..

But Frank this is May 1st, 2017….it is….but Frank you said there are no files for May….there aren’t…..well Frank what am I doing here…..studying the process of the progress of the Monetary Reform with us….and what I have for you is the same flag that I will raise as high as I can so you can see…so that everybody can see….from the front of the line all the way to the back of the line…..from those who are at the front of the line studious with us on a consistent basis….to those all the way to the back of the line that come only when they can….that flag says one thing and one thing only….”GIVE ME MOSUL”…..give me the Old Grand Mosque that is inside of Mosul….and you will see the speed of the Monetary Reform in a completely different light.

So I ask you…..on the 29th or the 30th….did Abadi give you Mosul….the answer is no….did he attempt to….twice….in the beginning weeks of April Abadi said I will give you Mosul by the end of this month….in the beginning of the 4th and final week of April DELTA brings to you on the 25th where Abadi said I’m going to give you Mosul by Saturday…..he failed didn’t he…..no he didn’t….this is war….this is war….it is not a game….nor is it a place for anyone to rant….and demand…give me a date and give me the RV.

It is important Family that you walk with me into the month of May….because I am here to tell you the Monetary Reform of the Iraqi dinar is coming…and if you see that flag….”GIVE ME MOSUL”…..give me the Grand Old Mosque in the heart of Mosul…and I will show you the Monetary Reform because it is inside of our “Final Article” thread….44 articles that tell you very clearly…the moment…the nanosecond that we have the Security and Stability…and the removal of DAASH/ISIS….whatever you want to call that evil…then we will go back to the lifting of the 000’s of our currency….do you think we want that….do you think we want to have our currency with pride…and not be looked at as used toilet paper….but before we do any of those things…it is so important for us to do what we are telling you….what Abadi is telling you.

So Family there are no new files….we still study together on how it is that Abadi will soon IMO be able to give you Mosul.

Precious dear KTFA Family that I love so much….you want a revaluation of their currency….but Abadi wants to free his people in Mosul…did you catch that….to free his people in Mosul and in the Grand Old Mosque….what a huge difference of perspective we weave…..in this study.

I start out by telling you the Monetary Reform is coming…and the latest thing is for them to give free movement of capital…that is Article VIII Family….1000 to 1 is quite an advancement don’t you agree…and they have proven it to you by the articles that said they are 1000 to 1…

And by all the examples of many things….from housing to cell phones, to airlines to electricity…all of which have gone down in value….all while Mosul is battled for….some can say they fight for it….some can say we have it….some can say it is being used as a leverage….some can say they are waiting to give it to us when they are ready…..but there is something inside of Mosul….inside of the Grand Old Mosque that you must consider….there is no punch card that says we are in or we are out of the war…it is an unpredictable state of events…this is war…it is not a race of time for a Monetary Reform.

Inside of Mosul there are many civilians that are being held hostage by DAASH….actually it is shocking….these beautiful people are being used as a shield….because the enemy is cornered like a rat…and as they have continued to retreat into what we call the grey area……about 7% that is left in order to fully free Mosul….along with the clearing of many of their villages…these innocent people are being used as shields….

The cowards they are…..hide behind children, women, and old men….they are wrapped in barbed wire and they have explosives hanging from their bodies…..and these cowards look right into the eyes of the Iraqi and American troops of the Golden Division and our Special Ops and dare us to come in….shoot me….blow me up….kill me…and in this house where I am at there are dozens of Iraqi citizens they will die…..

How do you explain that America….how do you explain that Abadi to your citizens….Family how do you explain that to yourself….indiscriminate bombing would kill many citizens….indiscriminate bombing would destroy the Grand Old Mosque….Abadi does not want that….it is the place where al-Baghdadi declared his caliphate against Iraq….of course they are going to get it back…and they are using different military tactics right now….and they are maybe a little bit slow….and that is why Abadi as eager as he was to want to give it to you at the end of April….he didn’t.

I am here to tell you Family…and as you know this whole call is IMO….this past Saturday night you saw me post….”For me only Family”….and I told my TEAMS there is a full assault now….Sunday went by….and today is Monday….what have the articles told you that you read today about Mosul….there was a post on today’s thread from Jay that indicated that Iran and Maliki have something to do with the Monetary Reform….

Then another member, tpnoble53 responded correctly paraphrasing what I had stated previously that Iran and Maliki have nothing to do with the progress of the Monetary Reform….Jay had said if we get Iran and Maliki out of there he bets it would speed up the Monetary Reform….well I want to say to you Jay, that Maliki and Iran have nothing to do with the Monetary Reform….because the Monetary Reform is done…..what Maliki and Iran have to do is with Abadi and Mosul to give the citizens the capture of these two….and then it will give everybody their Reforms…at a different speed of enlightenment.

You saw that as of today there is a full assault….what did we call it…this military tactic….a siege….I hope you googled it….Doodlebug gave you the definition of it.

Your reasons for the RV are not the same reasons as Abadi’s.

Family the Iraqi Army they are today telling you they are near the Grand Old Mosque….ironically enough it is called the Nouri Maliki mosque….how pompous….what a jerk you are Maliki….to put your name before your own religion….but today the Iraqi Army is saying we are nearing the Grand Old Mosque in Mosul where ISIS declared their caliphate…..for that article to tell you that….it reinforces what we have been telling you…..there is a need for revenge….for Abadi and the citizens….they were slapped in the face….and right now they are still being murdered….indiscriminately as shields…and Abadi along with the Golden Brigade and the US troops that are there are being very meticulous and very careful.

Abadi wants Mosul….he wants the Grand Old Mosque….and yes he wants Maliki…..”Iran and their Bozos Opened Dozens of Headquarters in Mosul Under the Cover of the Popular Crowd”…..I appreciate what you have done Iran….but to tell you the truth no one invited you into this battle….you only came in and crossed the border because you are a pain in the butt to Iraq….and you only came across the border because you don’t want ISIS to cross your border into Iran….and you only came across your border to help because you are fearful that you also will be taken over….

But now you set up headquarters inside of Mosul…..the tactic is from the outside in….not the inside out….you cowards….to tell you the truth….go home….because your presence along with your leader….Maliki….you are dangerous…..and you can actually start a civil war…..inside of what is trying to be quelled right now…..”The Commander of the Armed Forces Launched the Battle to Liberate the Western Areas and the Dismantling of Hundreds of Families That Are Being Held by DAASH Leaders as Human Shields and to Save Their Lives”…..I know Abadi the rest of the world is catching up and understanding what you are doing….and those that are decent enough will give you that time sir.

UN Casualty report figures come out today and said that in the month of April 2017 and says that 317 Iraqi citizens were killed…..another 403 were injured in the act of terrorism and violence….and you want the Monetary Reform…and that is just in one area in one month of time.

“The Iraqi Vice President said that the Situation is Catastrophic in Mosul”….we called it ugly…and we didn’t talk to you about it.

I talked to my TEAMS yesterday in-depth….we talked for about three hours….it was kind of like an operational briefing of Mosul…it was a large report….close to 100 pages…but by counsel and by review and by prayer we have filtered out what we want to share with you tonight….because we certainly know not to share everything that we know.

“DAASH Fighters Have Withdrawn From the Mosque Following the Progress of the Iraqi Forces”…..you better run you little cowards…..Family this phase is a concentrated area…..this siege phase has driven the enemy up against the wall….and they are hiding in the homes of civilians in many of the villages of Mosul….and the rest of them have grabbed as many people as they could….and they are using them as shields….

They are wrapped with concertina barbed wire….and they have explosives on their body that the enemy will detonate at any moment so that the Golden Brigade and the Sixth Division, and our American troops will be blamed…..these cowards are in an area so heavily concentrated that our troops have abandoned their tanks….have gotten off of their jeeps….and they are walking from block to block….from house to house…and are very carefully trying to defuse the people….before that tally of numbers goes up even more…..as we approach them they are blown up.

“DAASH Fighters Withdrew From the Old Grand Mosque Following the Progress of the Iraqi Forces”….I hope they continue to run like the cowards they are and forget about the hostages they had.

Abadi wanted so badly to finish this house to house effort…..not for you….but for his country….for the love of his people….and I am here to tell you that the other reason why you circled the 28th because that IMO was the target date for them to accomplish all of this….but they didn’t make it….so Abadi comes out and tells you in an article….we need about 3 more weeks….give me until about the 28th of May….you haven’t read that yet but you will….and this CC is IMO.

“Iraqi Forces are Preparing to Resolve the Battle and Restore the Old Area in Mosul During the Hours”….that is the definition of the full assault that started Saturday night while you were asleep in your warm beds….while the citizens were crying in fear of their death…of death approaching them by the enemy.

Will it take another 3 weeks….I have no idea…this is war…but I tell you what….cut the head of the snake….and you will remove….these Iranian troops…and IMO you will also remove the rest of these cowards….what is the name of that snake…..oh al-Baghdadi….maybe….but I don’t see him as being the issue….the name of that snake to me is Maliki.

“The Popular Crowd Reveals the Where Abouts of al-Baghdadi”….cowards turning in cowards….fascinating isn’t it.

Abadi is demanding…..”Abadi is Demanding”….back at you IMF/WB…”The Return of the Displaced Citizens to their Areas”….we are clearing sir….we are doing our very best.

Many of you on our forum are becoming extraordinary students and I applaud you…there is a member on our forum by the name of Joying1432…and she gave you this article….and I am very proud of you because we had it…and I wanted to release it but you did a good job in finding it…..”A Few Hours Separates the Security Forces From Breaking into the Remaining Neighborhoods in the Western Axis of Mosul, and Penetrating the Center of Mosul to Rescue the Civilians Held By Terrorists in the Areas that are Still Under Occupation Says an Iraqi Major General”….and it went on to say Family that the liberation will be announced in a few days…..well ok….how do you define a few days in the ME….not the way we do….but let them do what they do….and when they tell you that Mosul is liberated….the heart and center which is the Grand Old Mosque….that is the target right there.

Yes the target date was the 28th of April….and yes they are now asking for more weeks…so how do you define a few days.

Fascinating how Donald Trump said….I am going to Baghdad in the month of April….but very wisely he too did not give you the date he would be there….for IMO….give me Mosul…and then I will join you Abadi…..do you think we can get it done in the month of May now….I said to the world I am coming.

Speaking of Donald Trump…..last night someone asked me on TEAM Chat…Frank do you think the US budget is connected to the RV in Iraq…..let me just simply say what I said last night on TEAM Chat….I know they have agreed….and I know they have to approve and vote on it…and I know it will continue up until September now….but did you see the vote…..my dear precious KTFA Family….there is a full assault to finish the last 7%.

“Iraqi Commander Vows to Complete Capture in May”…..good for you….God Bless you.

“Defense Minister in Iraq says that 35% Remains in Mosul and the Full Liberation is a Matter of Time”….I hope so…not for the RV…but for the sake of human lives…that are scared and trembling like little deer or rabbits that are about to be devoured by a bear or wolf.
Frank26: I saw that we found a video Family….many of you saw it…it’s on TEAM Chat and it’s on the thread at KTFA….I sent the video to DELTA…and said DELTA I need for you to look at this video…it’s in Arabic….it is broadcasting from a television site….it looks like a news cast….and I would like for you to give me your interpretation of what it says.

Frankie….Frankie they are talking about the Grand Old Mosque…that it has been cleared…that it has been liberated for the people of Iraq…and they are saying that Abadi will announce the clearing of the Grand Old Mosque in a ceremony….not only to the people but to the business community and the investors who are in Iraq and are coming into Iraq….

They are telling the citizens and all of these investors they have Security and Stability back….they are saying Frankie in this video that the DAASH fighters have withdrawn from the Mosque….and it happened because of the Iraqi forces that went in there…

And the Iraqi forces have made significant progress in the area around the Grand Old Mosque….you know where al-Baghdadi supposedly did his famous sermon to the world….that there was a caliphate against Iraq…..so what do you think about this….well I think something is wrong….what do you mean something is wrong DELTA define that…..

Frankie this video is a month old….oh my gosh….what the heck is going on DELTA…..I don’t know….I don’t know what to tell you Frankie….but I tell you what….everything you’ve been saying….this video supports all of your CC’s….this is from the Iraqia television station…..

DELTA are they stalling….I know I have told the Family that we have Mosul….but we don’t have the Grand Old Mosque….but I thought we did have the Grand Old Mosque based on this data we got a month ago…..Frankie the timing to release this information was supposed to be on the 28th….the date you circled….

Oh my goodness….DELTA are they lying to us….no they are timing this….they have to get those civilians out of that Mosque….they got to get those civilians out of those villages inside those homes…..DAASH is running away but they are still using the citizens…..do you think they are timing this around Ramadan….around the 26th of May…..I don’t think so Frankie….I don’t think so.

The truth of the matter Family….it is time to test your strength….because I told you that the articles are rather misleading and they are kind of hard for you to interpret…I know it frustrates you….and I know it is important that you be fair about this….be fair about the citizens of Iraq…..because that is the only important thing right now….not the Monetary Reform…

And I am begging you to agree with me…..I told you that my TEAMS and I talked for more than 3 hours….and I got this report from that….yes Family they have the villages….those villages need to be cleared of the civilians that are being held hostage….yes Family they have the Grand Old Mosque surrounded….but they have to free these people…and that is why a full assault is now being done….inch by inch.

Mosul is a very large city….this report that I have here is very difficult for me to even begin to talk to you about…..all I can tell you is they are clearing…and they are trying to remove the Popular Crowd….the Golden Brigade is working with the American troops….side by side…..DAASH has surrounded innocent citizens with explosives and concertina wire.

I remember when I lived in Germany….I saw the Berlin Wall and there were pieces of glass embedded at the very top in dried cement….but there was concertina wire….barbed wire…it also crowned that wall between the east and west of Germany….it scared me as a young man…..I can imagine how it is scaring the people wrapped in this wire.

Abadi wants his people…..I know the IMF/WB/USA/US budget and whatever is DEMANDING these Reforms….I know that….I understand that…but you got to be fair….no one forced you into this investment….you need to be fair and allow these citizens to be freed first….even Donald Trump didn’t give you the date of when he is going in May did he….because he is allowing this time that is needed.

GIVE ME MOSUL…..free these citizens….give us the Grand Old Mosque…there will be NO RV B4 YOU GET MOSUL FREED….bring those people back….don’t let them be killed senselessly.

When Zain.com told you oh yeah they are lifting the 000’s and they are adding value very soon….SHUT UP I said didn’t I.

As I go through this report all I know is that Abadi along with the American troops is finding the strength….is seeking the comfort….to do all of the Reforms….the 9th Division, the 36th Division, the 57th Division, the Golden Brigade, our American troops, our Special Ops, have to finish…bring those people home…and then give them power of purchase…but ironically enough….that has already started hasn’t it….while they retrieve Mosul….while they bring people back to safety….while they bring revenge of the Grand Old Mosque back.

The Monetary Reform continues to flow doesn’t it….so what are you worried about…that is right before your eyes…..the sickness and the ugliness of what is inside of people’s homes inside of Mosul…and what is inside of the Grand Old Mosque is not in front of your eyes.

Family they are using the same techniques they used on Sadr City and if you don’t know what happened at Sadr City you should….study it….we went in there…and they threatened us we are going to get you from our rooftops…no….no… in a matter of days we conquered Sadr City didn’t we….they are using the same tactics…if you want to study another battle study the battle of Fallujah….they are using the same tactics.

What I am going to do now is ask you to help me…Frank held up several maps of the Mosul area, showing areas in green that have been recaptured, grey areas still held by ISIS/DAASH….and the Grand Old Mosque is still in that grey area….on the perimeter of Mosul you notice it is largely open areas of desert…but as you get closer into the center of Mosul, especially around the area of the Grand Old Mosque, you are able to see a grid structure….that is a concentration of many streets…out in the open it is easy to fight the enemy but closer in with all the little streets it is where the cockroaches hide….

This concentration…this dense area is what is requiring a completely different tactic….door to door that is called urban warfare….and it has been going on for a while…and as much as the video we talked about with DELTA says oh we have Mosul, we have the Grand Old Mosque….they don’t have it cleared yet Family….these are the areas of tactical importance.

Frank put three of these maps up on a large whiteboard in a tight triangle fashion in the center of the board….Frank turned the camera to focus on the whiteboard…what we are going to do is you are going to help draw some spokes that radiate from the center of Mosul…and what these spokes will represent….is the REASON WHY…IMO….THAT I STARTED THIS CC BY TELLING YOU THE MONETARY REFORM OF THE IRAQI DINAR IS COMPLETE, BUT WE NEED MOSUL…this is the heart of your study right now….so my question to you now is this…give me examples of what you think qualifies for us to say the Monetary Reform of the Iraqi dinar is complete….allow me to give you my answers first.

Spoke 1: 1000 to 1 ratio…prices decreasing….we told you of a FRIEND who has 500 employees in Iraq who was told in the third week of last month to start paying his Iraqi employees in IQD only….all of a sudden my broker has problems getting IQD….well good for you Iraq keep your currency…payroll was to be 90% in IQD and 10% in USD….Kuwait told Iraq don’t worry about the financial debt….what do they know about the Financial Reform that we don’t.

Spoke 2: Investors that poured in billions of dollars during the week I was in Washington, DC.

Spoke 3: Kuwait…..debt forgiveness.

Spoke 4: Credit Rating improvement…solid B….just another example of why IMO I feel the Monetary Reform is complete and the moment we have Mosul…at the speed of light you will have your Monetary Reform

Spoke 5: Gold in Iraqi Reserves…what they have the amount is ridiculous for a program rate.

By the way I want to applaud pdids, one of our forum members, post 248, this is a wonderful example of their gold reserves.

Spoke 6: National Reconciliation

Spoke 7: e-dinars….get in that long line…supposed to go off today….for a program rate….of course not.

Spoke 8: Electricity….needed 24/7 for ATM’s and banks

Spoke 9: Freedom of Capital in Iraq…..DELTA brought you this one….GOI is telling CBI to do this.

Spoke 10: 44….what….44 “Final Articles” that tell you give me DAASH, GIVE ME MOSUL and I will lift the 000’s of my currency…lift the value of the currency….says the GOI….says the CBI

Spoke 11: US Military Bases….you ever see a country with that many American bases….for what reason….to protect the Monetary Reform.

Spoke 12: Indicative Rate…where is the value of your currency…you are breaking every IMF rule there is…put the value of your currency up on the CBI website

Spoke 13: the LL….Long Line of thousands of investors that have poured in millions of $$$ in order to make billions in this country of Iraq.

Spoke 14: American Embassies….three of them…there to protect the Monetary Reform.

Spoke 15: DEMAND….by the IMF and WB….what does the IMF do…they tell countries what they can do with their currency…what does the WB do….they govern it….what are you DEMANDING….the Monetary Reform….well give me Mosul first.

Spoke 16: 2% Compliance….they have been 2% compliant for all of this year…..for the Monetary Reform.

Spoke 17: Economic Reform…it is exploding….large…but logic says you need the Financial Reform first before the Economic Reform can work….but with the money from the LL…and from the billions that recently poured in they can do this….the Economic Reform knows darn well that the Monetary Reform is right behind it….as soon as we have Mosul.

So what else is evidence to you that the Monetary Reform is coming?

Spoke 18; Donald Trump….coming to Iraq…there are better vacation spots….well I’m coming because the moment they give you Mosul I want to raise Abadi’s hand right next to me….photo opportunities are very important….ask General MacArthur….it took over 20 different times for him to be satisfied of him landing on the beach….returning to the Philippines.

Spoke 19: 93% of Mosul is completed….that is a very good reason to give you the Monetary Reform.

Spoke 20: ATM machines….the new ATM’s cannot accept the old dinars….troops I have talked to say they have tried to use their American card in the machine but it doesn’t give them any currency…it says it is not a recognizable transaction…you know why….because the software inside the machines is only for the LD’s and fils.

Spoke 21: CBI introduces international standards.

Spoke 22: Free Market…established in the country of Iraq….associated with the 2%....because we are about to raise the value of our currency….says the 44 articles.

Spoke 23: USD going down against the IQD.

Spoke 24: SBA….for what….not good on a program rate…but it sure does good with an international rate.

Spoke 25: Trump sent Audit Team to CBI…preparing to clean things out for a new rate…maybe why the indicative rate is not showing.

Spoke 26: SWIFT Code system…..needed for the international rate

Spoke 27: Tariffs….at the borders with their own codes

Spoke 28: MCP….which is under control.

Spoke 29: IBAN system…..not for a program rate….GIVE ME MOSUL.

Spoke 30: Fiber Optics….you can send a program rate with smoke signals…but fiber optics is for an international rate.

Spoke 31: ISX….stock exchange has everything it needs to start trading internationally….what for…oh you are going to raise the value of your currency….ok.

Spoke 32: Citibank that became the bridge across the pond with the Iraqi banks.

Spoke 33: Travel Ban Lifted.

We’ve made the point I think….I am proud of all of you, we have some very intelligent people in our Family….and you can see very well…GIVE ME MOSUL….GIVE ME THE GRAND OLD MOSQUE…if you do this for Abadi….for his citizens that are hostages….to bring back revenge on the caliphate that was slapped into their faces…..

Well just maybe Ramadan might be pretty good this year….this is all an explosion of evidence that the Monetary Reform is completed….what are you worried about Family that I love so much….concentrate on Mosul…..put your prayers on Mosul….because all of these spokes are done….and be honest and decent about what you want.

Try to understand that we are on a mission right now…to rescue the citizens of Iraq….not to rescue you from your financial burden….I know you want it….I know you need it….I know you have a desire to help others…..but one step at a time….let’s first help these beautiful and innocent people.

If you were there in Iraq they would welcome you into their home….part of their religion and custom is to welcome a stranger into their home and give them shelter from the enemy…..can’t we reverse that…can’t we put aside the need for a date to welcome them into our prayers…as we started this CC today by asking God in His throne room…please God help these innocent people….I know you can do this….because you want to help…

You showed me your visions of what you want to do with this Monetary Reform….let those visions start with helping these citizens….with our prayers….because that is about all we can offer right now…and while you are at it…pray for our American troops…pray for all the troops in this war….in this battle…that is the ugliest part…the hardest, most difficult part, the most bloody part…the most frustrating part….

I pray you enjoyed your CC tonight and that you learned something of value…and I ask you please be a part of my TEAMS…pray for them…and please take this CC to God in prayer….will you do this for the citizens of Iraq….will you do this for the Monetary Reform….indeed there are no files for May…there is nothing new…GIVE ME MOSUL AND THE GRAND OLD MOSQUE THAT FREES THE PEOPLE…and Mosul that clears the villages….clear everything…and the speed of the Monetary Reform will not only catch up to the Economic Reform that are already started….but it will travel at the speed of God’s light.

Dismissed with a prayer.



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