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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

KTFA CC Notes by Aggiedad77 for Mon. 5-8-17


Aggiedad77 » May 9th, 2016

Here are last night's notes...enjoy Aloha Randy.

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes Monday 05-08-2017

Frank: Family we now walk into the second part of our Conference Call, the study of the Iraqi dinar…..DELTA will be joining us very quickly, that means that my window has closed….so I’m going to talk as fast as I can.

Ladies and gentlemen IMO the World Bank and the IMF made a plan….in fact today there was an article that came out and told you what their intentions are from 2017 to 2020….

I hope that you got to read that….IMO the WB and the IMF have made a plan….and they have agreed as you know as of December of last year to follow through with this plan…it is called the Financial Reform of the Iraqi dinar….and I don’t see any more hold ups to be honest with you….they want them to be like the western world and have their currency international…there were many articles that have come out….but on the 5th….three days ago an important article came out….

It said very plainly and very clearly that they have LAUNCHED their Financial Reform….this was the boldness of the WB that actually came out and said….look…Mosul….just step aside….Abadi for that matter….just step aside…..we have been DEMANDING for you to do this….you know to add value to your currency…..to lift the 000’s from your exchange rate….to do the Financial Reform….to do the agreement that you know we had….you are not going to go back on that…and it is time to do it….

And IMO this whole conference call is strictly in my opinion…..IMO they have launched the Monetary Reform of the Iraqi dinar Family…..this is the WB saying this, not me….and by the way they are in our “Final Article” thread….article #45 and #46 that we will be talking about tonight.

This is HUGE IMO….this is the program that was agreed upon by Iraq and the IMF and the WB….the project was to fix the Financial System of the government of Iraq…..now I believe without a doubt that the lava flow….that is what I called the Monetary Reform process and it’s progress…the lava flow has been flowing very….very well.

On January 16th of this year, the governor of the CBI, Allak, came out and he said….I’m sorry….you know very well that we told you all of December of 2016 that we were going to lift the 000’s from our exchange rate to give you citizens the purchase power that you need…..and he came out on that date, January 16th and said I’m sorry I have to postpone it…you will find it in our “Final Articles” thread….I have to postpone…..and the reason why he gave was that they needed Security and Stability…and that would return once ISIS/DAASH, the terrorists, were captured…..once Mosul was liberated and announced by Abadi.

Now with the Financial Reform IMO now launched….we should be seeing a budget very soon….we should be seeing currency units of LD’s and fils very soon….I do not know when….I told you this CC is IMO…and it’s also very…very important to tell you that I am not here to give you a date of when this is going to happen…..this is a continual study…and very simply within it there is some very exciting news

IMO….Family they need a new rate…and when the WB came out with that article on the 5th and said to you very clearly….we have LAUNCHED the Financial Reform for the Iraqi currency….what am I supposed to do….say the WB is lying….there is a desperation….there is a great need for the Monetary Reform is there not….the WB agreed…the IMF agreed…and so did Iraq….to lift the 000’s but they postponed it in January because Mosul was not completely conquered nor liberated….the citizens were not released yet by the terrorists ….but the WB project….the lava flow IMO of the Iraqi dinar is continuing….and it is transcending over everything you can think of.

Family the Financial System has been set up and is being changed, I told you very clearly that in the 2nd week of April my FRIENDS who have 500 employees were told you now have to pay your Iraqi citizens you now have to pay them at a 90/10 ratio….90% dinars to 10% IQD….and you are to pay them at 1000 to 1….Family that is not the rate that is their Indicative Rate….nor is that Indicative Rate posted on the CBI spreadsheet….for a reason…..because it does not function….1000 to 1 is what is happening inside of that country….this is the project of the WB and the IMF….this is the agreement and that is why they were DEMANDING they do this….well by George they are doing it.

The Financial Reform of the Monetary Reform was IMO launched as they said….but it wasn’t on the 5th….on the 5th is when you read that beautiful article….within this week we may see some more changes in that rate….it is possible that 1000 to 1 may continue to go down….800….700….500 to 1….I don’t know….they don’t advertise that….but yet we do have an article in the “Final Articles” thread that tells you they are using 1000 to 1….and then you saw prices dropped dramatically across the board in many different things.

I told DELTA….I need for you to read this article….the one that says LAUNCHED in Arabic….I need it well analyzed….and tonight he will join us and he will give you more information….but he told me….Frank the article itself in Arabic is saying they did LAUNCH the Financial Reform that will be of help to the government of Iraq….and Frank that was the purpose of lifting the 000’s.

The benefit of lifting the 000’s is so that the government of Iraq can improve their Financial System……the reform of the government Financial System….but it has to come from the CBI by lifting the 000’s from the exchange rate…..this project was sponsored by the WB 8 years ago….and this was a key in this article that DELTA was able to translate for me thoroughly.

It was from the WB…and IMO a focus has changed….a focus has shifted from Mosul….the need to know about Security and Stability….it has changed to the Financial Reform that is agreed upon by Iraq and the IMF….that is why you saw article after article DEMANDING they do this now….do what….the Financial Reform….and then you see the article from the WB that announced we have LAUNCHED the Financial Reform.

Family you do not tell a sovereign country….a sovereign nation what to do…they have the prerogative to do so….but they did come out….the WB did tell you….we have many agreements….we have IBAN systems….we have SWIFT Code systems….their banking system is international….they have the investment laws….everything is ready to go….all the infrastructure to do the Financial Reform are set….actually they were set and completed by the WB….therefore, this project, the Financial Reform IMO by the deletion of the 000’s is alive.

The Market Price dropped as you saw….with many examples….and we believe the 2% is not going to be an issue whatsoever and we are looking for more of the Market Prices to drop…..this is the Financial Reform of their currency…and in the article that I am speaking of…..DELTA told me….Frank this says AL SLAH….AL MALY….if you look at the first two words they mean “REFORMS”…the second two words mean “FINANCIAL” or “CURRENCY” or “MONEY”….it is the equivalent of a Financial Reform Family…..the currency reform of Iraq….AL SLAH….AL MALY was in that article….which cannot be any plainer than that.

We have found where IOO this is the first time where 2 institutions, WB and the IMF, DEMAND of a country, sovereign or not to do their Financial Reform….no other nation on this planet is being DEMANDED to do their Financial Reform….now granted Egypt was recently told to lower their currency rate in order to get a loan from the IMF and they did….but this is very unique to find the WB and IMF doing this….because they only deal in money issues…..meaning that when they tell a country to do something with their currency…..it is not a political statement….it is not a political issue….it is for them….that country to obey….it is about the country’s money….and in this case to do their Monetary Reform….does the budget to investors….they all need a change in the currency of Iraq.

I wish to salute and thank the President of the United States of America….because in his first 100 days so much was accomplished….not only in the US….but also in Iraq.

Now let us consider…..we are looking in this month of May of a religious event called Ramadan….it lasts for 30 days…and it mainly deals with their eating habits and their working habits….that pays homage to their god…..it will start on the 25th of this month and then they will have a 3 day holiday that leads them into another part called Eid…..Eid is actually a part where they respectfully help the poor….it is a 2 week period….

And to be honest with you….in the history of the 8 years that I have been with you….we have noticed a pattern where they never ever do anything during Ramadan and Eid…..they do not do anything during this time period Family….because to be honest with you….the mass numbers that are not in the news anymore is because they are done….yes they advertise about specific areas that are being mopped….IMO they don’t want anyone to know where they are at with the fighting…..that is strange….but that is the honest truth I think.

There is a 1000% focus now on the CBI and the GOI….and maybe this so called focus is being covered up with the need to liberate Mosul….and their Grand Old Mosque…..within three weeks….within three days….I believe that we are very close Family…..in fact just before we started our CC I received a text from one of our TEAMS that told us….”Iraqi forces have escalated the liberation forces of Mosul”…..we are very close and that is encouraging because Donald Trump is coming to Iraq….I don’t know when….but I would assume it would be more towards the end of the month…..there are very few ISIS that are left in Mosul….there are no leaders….just a bunch of stubborn fighters that are still there….next week IMO we might see Abadi tell you that Mosul is liberated….especially with all of the meetings that Abadi is doing this week….Abadi is not in the heart of the battle for Mosul any longer…..because it is practically done….ISIS is a done deal.

The month of May is under tremendous pressure without a doubt….to make diamonds for the investors of Iraq…..there is about 200-300 of the DAASH that IMO are left….mainly just those who are lost and scattered….and they are picking them off….and I don’t think Abadi is in the heart of the action….he gets reports IMO….instead Abadi finds himself in many meetings….that are not so public right now.

New week when they come back….maybe they will tell you about the liberation of Mosul…..so why no numbers….why are they hiding them and not telling you….like I told you….the reforms are taking off now….the Financial Reform is in the mix as well…..there are many behind closed door meetings that are occurring right now….that IMO are saying….let’s do the Reforms….no more hiding in Mosul….giving the numbers of the dead will tell you exactly where the battle is at…..and right now I don’t think they want you to know those numbers.

There are talks with Jordan and Israel and with the US and Putin on Syria and this is actually a big deal because so much Security is spreading all over that area…..the actions in the past few days and the meetings of the Financial Committee with the WB are a 180 degree turn from Mosul…..the countries and the IMF are giving loans….with the return of an RV investment rate…..they are not giving free money due to sympathy….the focus is shifted and Abadi is eager to advertise to the investors….come on in….you can be Safe….you can be Secured.

Abadi is at many meetings….many seminars….many press conferences…and I believe the topic is on the Economic and Financial Reforms….they are even talking about some currencies as well too IMO.

President Donald Trump will be in Israel….he will go to Saudi Arabia….but the timing he will go to Iraq is still up in the air….it all depends on Mosul.

IMO Abadi has been given a final DEMAND and a date….it is too serious a matter that no one is getting paid outside of Iraq…..Abadi is using the numbers to hide the Reforms IMO…..there is enough pressure on him to do these Reforms….and let alone have him explain why they have not done them…..besides….they are doing them….according to the WB it has been LAUNCHED.

It just has been too slow for the west…and maybe that is why we got in there and said….their loss…but now pressure from a new source has Abadi changing his focus from ISIS and to the liberation of Mosul to the Reforms.

This month is interesting….as a second article comes out….if the WB is saying they have LAUNCHED the Financial Reforms within the GOI was not enough….they have also said….we are dealing with the units of exchange….the units of exchange WB….that is fascinating….this is some kind of financial discipline isn’t it…..what else can you tell me WB…..well IMO the WB has pushed them aside…IMO they have taken over….the Financial Administration in the GOI…..to implement the budget…..and the articles said it very clearly…..implement the budget now…..how….with the Financial Minister coming out and saying….yeah….ok….sounds good

“Final Article” #45 and #46….I highly recommend that you check them out Family….and study what I just told you a little deeper.

There are also many things that are waiting for this blessing to occur…..e-dinars was scheduled to happen on the 1st of this month….have they been activated….well how is it they are now paying some people electronically…..politics has gotten somewhat in the way of the Monetary Reform…and I will agree to that…and in fact it is still there to a point….

IMO the Financial Reform was launched as the article said….but the liberation of Mosul is also on its way….and the mopping is doing a good job and we are getting closer…..to that point…..to the point where we can lift the 000’s from the exchange rate….and IMO this is what is happening…..but we need the announcement that Mosul is liberated….I’ve said it over and over again….GIVE ME MOSUL….and then you will see the Reforms at a much faster pace…..and I am not going to change that song.

The WB article that was released on the 5th of this month…..tells you that their Reforms were LAUNCHED…..we suspect it might have been around the 28th of last month….I can actually take it back further IMO….right around the 2nd week of April….when the GOI told my FRIENDS….start paying on the next paycheck which was the 21st of April…start paying at 1000 to 1…and start using 90% of our currency.

The Monetary Reform IMO made it before the deadline of the IMF and the WB….but you just don’t know….I don’t know….but it sure smells like it…..because Mosul is being used somewhat in a political way.

My TEAMS are releasing a little bit of frustration on their own….but we are all very encouraged…..these contractors are in a very tough spot right now…..because I told you IMO….because they were told to hold on….we are not paying you any longer.

Mosul could have been announced….but it just has not been announced….it just isn’t ready yet Family….the sporadic fighting around the citizens does have to be removed….but I believe it is extremely close to be announced.

The WB has been implementing the Financial and Economic Reforms of Iraq…..two weeks ago as you saw when they DEMANDED…and then all of a sudden on the 5th of this month….they come right back and say….we launched it….hmmm….it is possible IMO that Iraq is no longer in control…..like I said….they were put aside….and the WB and the IMF put their hands on the wheel of the Financial Reform.

The map that you see shows you on the left side green that means it has been liberated….but look at the white spots those should actually be done by next week…..they are going to the left….to the west side of the map….to go after the remainder of DAASH…..once again the lack of the number of dead bodies was a question to us and that is why we shared it with you in our study….maybe the lack of information about the number of bodies dead is news….maybe these numbers could tell us much more as far as where Mosul is at….and maybe that is what they don’t want you to know….there is something there and that is why we presented it to you for thought…..why keep the numbers out of the press….because they don’t want you to know where they are with Mosul….maybe they don’t want ISIS to understand how grave their situation is….how weak they really are….maybe it is for military strategic reasons.

But regardless of all this…when the WB comes out in the middle of all this to say they have LAUNCHED the Financial Reforms within the government of Iraq…..well then they have crossed the boundary to put Abadi in a position to make the Mosul announcement in order to give the Monetary Reform announcement…..IMO if Abadi does not do this by an agreed date….maybe around the 28th of last month….then we took over the wheel and LAUNCHED it…and IMO….they sure did….the lava flow continues….regardless of the situation with Mosul…..Mosul will be handed over soon…..but the lava flow of the Monetary Reform certainly did not wait.

Pressure on Abadi was greater than the gravitational pull of Saturn….e-dinars are implemented Family…..e-dinars to me equal an RV….IMO Abadi is getting ready to announce Mosul….and let us hope he does that…and the WB did not say they RV’ed their currency….they simply told you they LAUNCHED the Financial Reforms….which will give you the Economic Reforms which the GOI would be fueled to do so with the budget….this is a great position to be in….because in the ME….things have just moved too slowly….sometimes you have to speed up in order to stop….and anything right now but in reverse is very good…..Mosul is so close to being done…it is actually getting boring with our TEAMS…..let’s see when Donald Trump shows up…..let’s see if that timing works out.

Family the WB talked….and the WB and IMF have already said and talked….as the WB is talking now….they both DEMANDED….now let’s see if the BIS has any interest in talking too next week.

There are many examples….the Paris Debt….they told Iraq last week….get going with the Monetary Reform….or you are going to owe us a lot of that debt….now this is not in your articles so I present that to you IMO….and IMO Kuwait wants their money….regardless how much they have forgiven them for….and as far as the dead bodies….Kuwait knows they can’t find them and knows they can’t return them….but Kuwait did forgive some of the debt…..but IMO Kuwait is demanding for the pay of the balance to be made in the agreement they made early this year.

Donald Trump will be coming…and Mosul will be announced liberated…and will give Security and Stability…and in fact the Kurds actually called last Friday or Saturday for this action….when they said to Iraq….the liberation of Mosul will give us Stability for us as well….and for the Reforms….and by the way Kurds….you can’t seem to keep your mouths shut can you…..they are a good source for us Family…..to talk about.

We have our brother DELTA about to join us now…..and in the process of him joining us I want you to know we are now going to shift over to the next article….all of what I just talked to you about was mainly about “Final Article” #45….when the WB said they are LAUNCHING the Financial Reform.

Now I would like to point out “Final Article” #46 is also very….very powerful….it says that the Foreign Exchange Reserves currently stand at about $49 billion dollars….about 49 trillion dinars…and it has installed the Iraqi dinar Exchange Rate against the dollar and it is preparing to be necessary and appropriate as the window of foreign currency held by the central positive role in maintaining an appropriate level of the exchange rate….and to install it…..ok why not….we’ve LAUNCHED it…

Ok….this is unbelievable this article….if you look further into it….the section where it says it is important to activate the Monetary Policy….why….well that would achieve cash flow….you think so….yeah….and it would contribute to the economic development and diversification of the financial resources of the general budget….it is almost a clone of the first article I talked to you about….it is necessary it says to develop and support and stimulate the Iraqi market for Security…and find the means and tools that drive towards the lifting of the markets….really….yeah….but the thing is it would do this if we had the true and actual value….yeah I think so too.

Family I have more that I need to read to you but right now I want to invite DELTA.

There are articles Family especially yesterday and today where the GOI and CBI both said….hey international world….come on in….they have been having bank conferences in Iraq to welcome the international companies to Iraq….interesting….would you go in at a Program Rate.

There is also an article that I found interesting where it says that Mosul residents recall horror of life under ISIS….yeah because it is already liberated…..it’s liberated…that is why they recall the horror…..”Elements of DAASH fleeing and swimming towards the east of Mosul”….wow….they are running Family….they are swimming across the river to get away from the mopping that is occurring….you know when you spray Raid into a corner…and you see all of the cockroaches run out of their hiding spots….run or swim….but they can no longer hide.

Family the CBI is achieving some amazing things right now….and I want to suggest to you post #175….”Iraqi Stock Exchange discussed the technology to loosen for applications”….well applications to what….they are hinting in many different ways…this is them talking about bringing investors into their secured market now Family….IMO this smells of a new rate….the CBI….”Achieving the objectives of the Monetary Policy requirements until the year 2020”…..come on you don’t even need DELTA to translate this…..IMO they printed this because this has already been LAUNCHED.

DELTA how are you doing?

DELTA: I am really excited….a lot of good information coming out….I believe the Family can see that as well….excellent job Frankie, I think you have given the Family most of what we know….why don’t we do a back and forth Q&A between us I believe the Family will get more from that.

FRANK: Sounds like a good idea….tell me DELTA what can you share with us about the M0, M1, M2 figures or how about the M0 figures what is your opinion of where those M0 figures are at right now.

DELTA: I think they are really low right now…if you go to the CBI spreadsheet they will show you something like 67 trillion or whatever ridiculous number…remember the M0 is the number that no one has, the exact cash that is in the hands of the people outside of banking…now they tell you in the article they have 70% outside of banking but they aren’t telling you how much….we can believe the CBI did an excellent job of getting all this money….

But we have some information that we got years ago Frankie if you remember and the Family….when the CBI reprinted the new currency, the 25k and the 10k with new security….and we believe they printed about 4 trillion dinars….so if that was the case they knew they had about 4 trillion dinars about 2 years ago when they came out with those new security features on those denominations….

So a guesstimate right now might be a couple of trillion or less than that in the hands of the people….because remember many people in Iraq use dollars….so many still have dollars because they don’t like the large denominations….just remember that when they increase the value, the CBI is not going to lose any of it inside of Iraq….there are really just 2 exchange options….they can take their 25k notes and they will exchange them in electronic currency for them or they can take them in and get lower denominations for them, for example you take a 25k note into the bank and they will give you 25k of LD notes….in whatever it is, the 50, the 500, 100 or whatever LD’s they will come out with…

And of course the citizens are not going to exchange their dollars….the only time as a citizen that you can exchange dollars is if you travel outside of Iraq….and that will be under control like it is right now….you can only buy like $5,000 dollars worth and you have to show documentation….airline tickets to prove you are travelling…..we do believe the M0 figures are way less than what they are telling us, maybe 1 or 2 trillion or less than that….

Remember Frankie a month ago an article came out where they stated they have like 11 billion dinars which is letting the cat out of the bag…I believe they have less than that…and really it doesn’t matter because inside of Iraq a dinar is a dinar and no one is going to be able to exchange for dollars…..they can just put what they have in a bank, or they can change the larger denoms for the LD’s…and if you are trying to buy hard currency to travel outside the country you have to have the documentation and you are limited to $5,000/person for travelling outside of Iraq so that is going to be under control.
FRANK: Do you feel that the investors who are in that Long Line who are eager to come into Iraq and start the Economic Reforms….to start the infrastructure rebuilding….do you think the investors money is now ready to be entered into Iraq….do you think their money would be secure inside of the borders, inside of Iraq banks right now.

DELTA: Well as you know right now even the Iraqi citizens hide their money inside their homes….they are a part of the ME culture, they don’t trust banks…and most of the people who do have money are older people who have not trusted banks….

So something has to happen to make it more attractive and get those people to the banks and ultimately open an account…especially the investors want security for their money….

Now we all know that Iraq is under Article XIV of the IMF and it is basically a transitional article….you can go to nearby neighboring countries like Kuwait or Dubai and you can often exchange at their banks….but if you to the west like the US you cannot do this with American banks because they are not Article VIII…

As part of Article VIII they have to follow the rules and regulations of the IMF….meaning they can’t play around and they are really more secure….so those investors in the LL are waiting for the rate to come up and to be Article VIII compliant…and it seems the only thing left for them is the lifting of the restrictions on the exchange rate….

And if you go back to the “Final Articles” thread Family….you will see where the IMF told them last year you have to lift the restrictions on the exchange rate…and by the government doing that it is going to give them a good indication to the investors that there is no restrictions on the currency, they are Article VIII and that they have to come up with a true rate…..so that is what the investors are waiting for.

FRANK: I love that in our “Final Article” thread there is an article where the IMF pointed a finger at the CBI last week and told them….set up the window that will allow the freedom of capital of movement for investors…and for that article to be out IMO only tells me that they have done that….our information is very valuable and very rare….so when it comes out in an article….and especially when you see the GOI and the CBI talking…..or the GOI or CBI talking there is something there…not all of it is explained….they don’t have to explain everything….but we know that Article VIII requires that freedom of capital movement by the investors….we know that is one of the biggest fears they have….it is possible that that has already been set up too DELTA.

I have another question for you….speaking of the citizens as you were….if the value of the Iraqi dinar has gone up….let’s say 1000 to 1….or let’s say 1 to 1 very soon….then the citizens who have 000’s that they have buried under their couches….how are the citizens going to feel about keeping such a valuable currency underneath their couch or bed….will the lifting of the 000’s cause the Iraqi citizens to trust and work with the CBI and with Iraqi banks.

DELTA: That is actually a very powerful and good question….the lifting of the 000’s is going to accomplish a lot of things…but for the Iraqi citizen it is going to accomplish 2 very important things….one of them is that they will give value to the currency…for example I know some of you like in the US if you have 5 or 10 million dinars…any of you don’t worry about it right now….but let’s say tomorrow morning you wake up and it is 1 to 1…automatically you are going to feel less secure….this 5 million or 10 million has suddenly increased hugely in value….

So what are you going to do, probably your neighbors don’t know about it….but what are you doing to do….you aren’t going to leave it at home….you are going to go and exchange it or put it in a safe deposit box or something….but in Iraq I know some who have 100 million dinars….and right now they aren’t too worried but when the value goes up they are just like you they start considering security issues and they start to think about opening up an account…and at the same time they will start to grow trust in the government and the CBI as they see them as being serious to bring their currency back to its former glory….and that is what the CBI is working towards…..

The second issue is related still to security but also value and they are both going to push the citizen to go to the bank…and as we’ve talked often about….the CBI is doing all they can to get the citizens to let go of what I call their chunky money, and they do this by offering gold for sale….they try to sell bonds….or whatever they try to do…but it is not working….as they said there is still 70% of the money inside of houses…..

The CBI and the government all knows this….and the good news for us is that the citizens have no faith in their currency or the CBI or government….and for the investors in this long line what will be created is the opportunity to create jobs just for the reconstruction efforts alone in the places like Mosul…they will create work for like 10 years just in rebuilding….in reconstruction….so many jobs we are talking about and not just in one city…multiple cities, multiple locations…….so everyone is waiting on the rate….because without the rate it is not going to happen.

FRANK: Amen…Amen….Amen……DELTA….Abadi and Allak are going to look like heroes aren’t they.

DELTA: Oh yes those two people will look so good, especially once Mosul is liberated…they get the credit…and Mosul we believe is a done deal….even with no official notification….all indications and what they are doing behind closed doors and with the economic conferences and seminars taking place….they are shifting their focus from terrorists to their economy because we believe Mosul is a done deal….yes these two people I believe will look like heroes….one is the Prime Minister Abadi….like two birds with one stone who liberates every city from DAASH and ISIS and gives Iraq Security….and the other one is the governor of the CBI Allak who will also look like a hero for the plan he has created….

Yes he was appointed by Maliki but it looks like he has become more smart than Maliki…and he has shown by his decisions that he does not listen to Iran because he has revoked 3 or 4 licenses of Iranian banks in Iraq because they were dealing with money laundering and other such things….so this guy is doing what is necessary to help their currency and their country and he deserves a lot of the credit.

FRANK: I agree with you….Allak is not a puppet anymore….from his past he was in trouble but as of a year or so ago he has really straightened out….he’s started to contribute….done what Dr. Shabibi wanted him to do….and I am really proud of Allak….I agree with you that when this is said and done Allak will be put as permanent governor of the CBI.

DELTA there was a meeting that occurred yesterday that was talked about today in the articles….and it was very surprising to me and you because we normally do not see the Holy Man Sistani reach out to any politician….he always refused Maliki and never met with him….and even under the leadership of Abadi he has been out in the streets protesting with the citizens….it was his way of telling Abadi….hurry up man….in fact one of those protests that you and I talked about today that just cracked me up was when Sistani took the citizens out into the streets says….give us the power of purchase…..you promised us….give us the Monetary Reform….where is the value to our currency…and he was always telling Abadi you need to improve the conditions of the citizens….well all of a sudden did you see where Abadi was shaking hands with Sistani….what did you think of those meetings DELTA.

DELTA: I saw that, it was a big thing and a lot of people don’t know how important this news is….because he is one of the most respected figures in Iraq….he is their Holy Man and whatever he says….goes there for them…if Sistani gives you his blessing to go to heaven….you should be flying….for him to get close enough to Abadi to shake his hand that should tell you that Security is about to be announced especially for Mosul…

And the second part to this involves economics….because Sistani wants his citizens to live very well….to prosper and do well…and again for Abadi to meet with him now is another indication that we have to be really very close at this time….and that picture IMO should say….Mission Accomplished….by that picture between Sistani and Abadi….and don’t forget that just over a month ago Abadi said we should be liberated from Chapter VII within 2 months…and you should all know the only issue was with Kuwait and we don’t believe that to be an issue now….all they need to do is lift the restriction on their exchange rate and go international for Chapter VII….but that picture says a lot and is good for Iraqi investors.

FRANK: I don’t mean to exaggerate things but this man does not meet with politicians….and in Iraq the citizens pay attention to Sistani the Holy Man long before they pay attention to Abadi….when the people saw this they went ballistic….it gave them hope….it is all over Iraqia television isn’t it.

DELTA: Exactly all over the 200-300 television stations the news media…..the timing also right now is critical….to gain this blessing from the Holy Man….knowing this man is going to give them what they need, the satisfaction of knowing he does a good job and that all will be good for Abadi when the elections come around and will help him to get another term….all good for him….the timing is good and I don’t believe it was a coincidence….don’t believe in them.

FRANK: Remember when Sistani took the citizens out into the streets with their signs and yelling give us purchase power….what does that mean to you.

DELTA: Absolutely…..and at some demonstration in the past not sure when it was but the people work a lot of hours and all without any purchasing power…and it is now time to give back to the people….the government knows this….the CBI knows this….it is time to give back to Iraq and its people give so they get back to the glory days….even if they come out at 1 to 1 that is a start….they know they have to return the wealth to Iraq….to restore what was once a nation of wealthy people…that time has come.

FRANK: Well DELTA there was another meeting going on….in fact there have been a lot of meetings going on in privacy right now….and you are privy to this information….but the Family does at least know about a big meeting that happened about 24 hours ago with Abadi, Joubari, Hakim, Sadr….it was in a private house in Karbala….there were some serious topics being discussed….everything from the power of purchase to giving the citizens jobs….to the point of Mosul being liberated…what do you think about this big meeting with these powerful men and the pictures also show them smiling and shaking hands with the Finance Minister….the WB who apparently launched some type of Financial Reform within the government…what do you think about this big powerful private meeting.

DELTA: I agree this was a huge meeting….and again no coincidence and for this to follow after Abadi met with Sistani….these men are powerful, especially Sadr…..he is like the second most powerful guy after Sistani with like a million followers…..he can call a million people to do anything…that is his power….Abadi met with these men in a private mansion….it appears to have been a very successful meeting….and Sadr doesn’t normally get along with politicians but it looks like he and Abadi get along very well….they are good friends…and it is believed that Abadi’s intentions are really good…..

We believe this meeting was regarding an announcement…and that is about the liberation of Mosul and they await the right timing….and by the way I do not believe Mosul to be an issue anymore…..we are just waiting for them to announce it officially…..as for DAASH, their leadership has left Mosul and the one left are simply trying to survive…..so Mosul appears done…they just wait for the right moment to announce it….and of course after that we wait for the announcement of the currency or Financial Reform….

The second part of your statement Frankie….involves the WB….just show me on nation on the planet Family that the WB/IMF is demanding them to do their Financial Reform….for the WB to formally announce they have LAUNCHED the Financial Reform of the country this is very huge Family…why is this huge….one of the issues behind the lifting of the 000’s was for Iraq to improve their Financial System…and the good news is that for the WB to do this….they cannot LAUNCH this without lifting the 000’s…..the rate has to come first….so as of last Thursday we saw where the WB has started this LAUNCH of the Financial Reform….all of this is telling you that in Iraq they are about to pull the trigger and move forward towards international levels.

FRANK: Listen, I also have to ask you about a meeting in Lebanon, the Iraqi Stock Exchange is raising its head out of the water too….they too also seem to be saying a few things….have you noticed this.

DELTA: Yes Frankie with the Iraqi Stock Exchange we all know they were supposed to go international in the NASDAQ….they have to software, the platform, the hook up….and in the last quarter of 2016 they were supposed to go international….but that didn’t work out for 2016, so they came out and said we are going to shoot for early 2017….but that didn’t work out because they are waiting on the rate….

Again for Iraqi Stock Exchange to go international their currency has to be recognizable….Article VIII…and they have to come up with a true rate…..so they have been in Lebanon for two days in conferences….we know they have the platform, software….again this is another confirmation they are waiting on one thing….which is the Currency Reform….you see all of this stuff we are talking about right now….from the WB, to the IMF, to LAUNCHING this or that, e-dinar, the CBI and whatever they are doing right now and nothing is going to work without the rate…

And I know some of you are new and are saying well we got Vietnam…but Vietnam is not at a program rate….Korea is not at a program rate….but Iraq is at a program rate…and like I explained earlier….they stole the world from Iraq and they now have to give it back to them…..it is time to return to the Iraqi citizens what has been stolen from them….they have to have their purchasing power back…they have to have their wealth back….so all of this needs the rate….needs the Currency Reform…and that is why it is so significant now seeing everyone going towards that.

FRANK: Let me now go in the direction of the article that I am now calling “Final Article” #46 in our “Final Articles” thread…..this is an article from an economist…but from what I understand as you have taught me….this economist is no ones fool….he is actually an advisor and goes to many of the seminars and meetings….and he knows the CBI plan….so his opinion about what they are doing with their Exchange Rate….how they need to INSTALL it as the article says….is strong confirmation IMO of what he is saying because it is in accord with the CBI, IMF, WB plans or projects….which is to lift the Exchange Rate….

This article itself is also pointing to the investors of Iraq…..we are lifting the restrictions on the Exchange Rate…..we are liberating the Exchange Rate from a Program Rate…..because Mosul is not an issue anymore….and I believe they have gone from the concept of liberating Mosul to the liberation of the Program Rate…..so the investors can come in and rebuild through the infrastructure of Iraq…..so my question to you about this article #46…..from an economist….how do you feel about it….because it is almost an echo of when Allak said we have take a time out back on January 16th when they postponed the lifting of the 000’s….all of a sudden it looks like they put the locomotive engine of the Monetary Reform back on track…..how do you feel about this article where they are saying they are achieving the objectives of the Monetary requirements….what do you think.

DELTA: I really like this article believing it is just further confirmation of hitting the nail on the head….this guy is talking exactly like the CBI and this guy we know he is one of the respected economists….and he is present at every conference, every seminar of the CBI….although outside of Iraq we don’t always see it….the CBI is doing these conferences once or twice a month to educate these people all the time…..so this economist knows exactly what is going on….the CBI remember is doing everything for their own citizens….they are not doing what they doing for the outside….

With this guy telling us what the CBI is doing, it tells us we are really very close…we just don’t have a date….that big change that we are waiting for…this guy is talking exactly what the IMF and WB said earlier…..if you want to dig deeper just look back in the “Final Article” thread to the article where the IMF is telling them they have to lift the restrictions on the exchange rate….he is giving confidence to the investors that they can get to Iraq and will be able to move their capital or their profits anytime they want to without problem….

And also I have noticed with this article a whole new shift from terrorism to more onto their economy from the WB and IMF putting DEMANDS on them to shift their economy…to the Holy Man Sistani to the people who are sick and tired of no money no jobs…..and we remember when Allak said we are going to postpone this for now, not because of technical issues or other such things….he said this because of Security and Stability…..he was talking primarily about the Iraqi dinar in the market and we’ve seen in the last two months so many articles that point to a much stronger dinar against the dollar in the market….and Security was talk about Mosul which is 99% done….

All we need is the official announcement….and one of the biggest examples of Security and Stability not being an issue anymore is the IMF and WB DEMANDING them to do their Financial Reform…..just think about it….if Security was still an issue do you really think the IMF/WB would insist that Iraq should go ahead and Reform their currency….when will they get this done…..well remember Iraq is a ME country….they are very slow….they can only focus on one thing….they cannot focus on more than one at a time…

When they have such an issue as Mosul they tend to forget about everything else, about the citizens in the rest of the country, their economy….they forget it all to focus on the one issue…..but now we see their focus has shifted 180 degrees because they get tremendous pressure from every nation in the world…and Frankie gave you the example of the Paris Club….and a lot of you don’t know this you ask why is Iraq listening to the IMF….it is because of power…the IMF can go back to the Paris Club and say you know what Iraq is not listening to us and with this the Paris Club nations have the right to then go back to Iraq and demand the full payment of what is owed, like $180 billion dollars….to wipe out this debt…80% of it they have to listen to the IMF and work their deals….and that is why this pressure from the IMF exists….this is why they have to listen and take action.

FRANK: The WB said very plainly….we’ve launched this….now we need for you to raise the value of your currency…..in order for this LAUNCH to be successful.

IMO in the second week of April this probably was LAUNCHED….because by the 21st IMO they had to change their pay scale to 1000 to 1….and use the ratio of 90/10 IQD/USD…and by the 28th the UN Operational Rate were waiting for Mosul to be liberated but it didn’t happen….it is kind of like they just didn’t hit that date….no Mosul liberated…fine…but the lava flow continues…..I believe it has been LAUNCHED as they say….I believe the 1000 to 1 is a powerful example of this LAUNCHING….and the change of prices going down dramatically in many areas of Iraq….and I think there are no regrets in saying this because if this new Financial System was still in Iraq…

I just can’t see 1184 still being what they are using….because 1184 isn’t even on the CBI website as their Indicative Rate….they don’t tell you what they are doing…but they make it very clear in the article you and I read….what was it you told me AL SLAH AL MALY….doggone it that is the Financial Reform of their currency….so whether they tell you Mosul is liberated and it is and they haven’t told us fine….and whether they tell us that AL SLAH AL MALY is occurring right now….they don’t have to we can see the evidence…..

And when the WB tells you they have LAUNCHED it….that is evidence enough for me…..so if they have not done something with their rate and not told us about….like they haven’t told us about the liberation of Mosul and they have applied the LAUNCHING of the Monetary Reform….and then all of a sudden they decide….we are not going to lift the 000’s….we are going to wait maybe 6 months from now….are you kidding me….wouldn’t that cost them a lot of money DELTA.

DELTA: Yes Frankie it would….and another good example….let’s say you are a big company and you have to install this change and it costs you a lot of money to make this change…you don’t want to have to make the changes and then in 6 months find out you have to change it again…..but the lifting of the 000’s believe it or not doesn’t cost Iraq anything….it is sponsored by the WB….even the notes the 25k, the 10k that we hold…those notes were paid for by the US….we did that…they did nothing….the WB like the IMF they are in business to make money….

So basically for them to LAUNCH this new Financial System for the nation of Iraq….for their government and for every government institution in Iraq…and this cost a lot of money to do this….and what Frankie is saying about the 1184 is a great example….we are not going to be out all this money for this new Financial System to stay at 1184…..so if your intention was not to come up with a new rate now….but instead in 2018 or 2019 you would never have put the system in place…because like I told you earlier Family one of the benefits of lifting the 000’s is to improve the government Financial System….

And now they are talking about reforming the government Financial System…and this reform they are talking about will never happen without the new rate….what I do believe….when Allak came out and postponed the deletion of the 000’s saying they were waiting for Mosul for whatever reason at that time….I do believe what they said at that time….but I do believe in the last 3 weeks….I believe they have the date….they have the rate…and we are just waiting for the CBI to show it on the first page…..

You would never see the WB say they would do this LAUNCH unless they knew there was a rate there….and remember this deletion of the 000’s wasn’t Iraq’s idea….it was from 8 or 9 years ago sponsored by the WB….I have an article from a long time ago that states the WB supports and sponsors the lifting of the 000’s from the Iraqi currency….so this is what is going on in the system….so I think why didn’t they do the system two years ago….why now….

We know there are no coincidences….remember last year when we heard the IMF come out and say in the first half of 2016 Iraq will be international….but remember the IMF was wrong….but now I think what is going to happen they are trying to accomplish that this year….they are trying to get Iraqi international in the first half of 2017….which is June and before they go out of Chapter VII….and I believe IMO that we may see the Currency Reform and the rate even before we see the liberation of Mosul….everyone is waiting for Mosul then the rate change…..but IMO they might do the opposite.

FRANK: I hope they heard that and pay attention…..because that is the way the attention and focus is occurring and I can support that….there is an article that said…..”Babylon (Iraq) is Looking to Activate Investments” post 25 by Don961….yes they are shifting their focus from Mosul to inviting these investors to come in….and I don’t think these investors are dumb….this Financial Management of the government of Iraq by the WB can only be done by the lifting of the 000’s….and the budget needs this fuel…this new rate….it doesn’t need a program rate in trillions…because they don’t have the liquidity….no one knows the date…but that article that talks about 2017 to 2020 from that economist that you thought was respectable….the fact that it is in print and in an article right now tell me that it is being done.

DELTA: I agree with you Frankie….how many times have we seen…we are going to activate the investments….we are going to activate that….so why not activate a long time ago so everybody is waiting….there is only one thing left…..activate the rate….there are so many countries…so many companies lining up to get into Iraq….they will be busy in Iraq for the next 10 years minimal….and I think mostly American companies are going to get a big piece of the pie in Iraq….this is how Trump wanted it to be.

FRANK: Guess what….post #43 from Don961….says….”Baghdad Receives Call from Saudi Arabia to Participate in the Conference Attended by Trump”….I want TEAMS to verify this too….and it turns out it is May 23rd….according to this article the President of the US will be in Saudi Arabia….and they are inviting Iraq to come….they want to talk…the Saudi’s…come on……that is even more powerful…..the National Reconciliation is really blossoming and helping a lot of things going on in Iraq right now….

And it is so interesting to me that Iraq is DEMANDING that investors come into their country….while they know very well these countries are waiting for the lifting of the 000’s….as a promise by Allak and the CBI….and the GOI to these investors….the GOI says they have contributed to making quantum leaps in Basra…..and in many of the other areas…..well IMO that takes money….and they don’t have money…and the investors are not really there just yet….something is going on….something is happening and just like Mosul….we are not privy to know…..

Just like the number of dead we are not privy to know….but it is being leaked out….if it isn’t the Kurdistan…if it isn’t the WB….if it isn’t the economists….the Reform of the Financial Management by the lifting of the 000’s is happening….and by the way DELTA what is the benefit of this project by the WB and the IMF to lift the 000’s…..besides an RV to you and me….what does it do for Iraq.

DELTA: Well a lot of things….as an example….a former Finance Minister was asked about the Iraqi Stock Exchange a number of years ago and he said it was under-valued…maybe 20 or 30 times under-valued…..as an example the Stock Market in the US when it jumped from 19,000 to 20,000 that is worth about $2 trillion dollars if I am not mistaken……..with the Iraqi Stock Market just imagine what will happen…the banking institutions will jump up…

This will help the investors waiting to come in because they will see they can trust the government and the CBI that they are not lying to them….because as soon as you go Article VIII you are playing with the big boys…banks in the US could deal with Iraq now under Article XIV but they don’t want to because this is at a rescue rate….but as soon as they are Article VIII they have to follow all the rules….as soon as they announce the 000’s being lifted….Iraq will go crazy, they won’t understand what to do or what is happening…for a short period of time….watch Iraq become a powerful nation on this earth….they will make Dubai look like nothing.

FRANK: In conclusion “Final Articles” #45 and #46 is telling us there is a conclusion….a plan to improve the Financial Management Plan of Iraq through their government….and it looks like the WB has told the world that this agreement has been LAUNCHED….so let us be diligent in our studies….let us be strong in our faith…and certainly let us not be demanding for any date

Our brother Andy who blows the shofar made a post that caught my attention….wouldn’t it be wise for Abadi before he goes to see Trump in Saudi Arabia to have a currency with value…..they could be on even par with Saudi and make the US very proud.

So DELTA I believe it is being LAUNCHED but I don’t believe it is being told to us in its complexity….the same way I believe Mosul is liberated….but not being told to us in its complexity.

DELTA: I wish the Family the best, stay strong and then be stronger….I believe we should see the Currency Reform….we should see the liberation of Mosul in its final analysis…before Ramadan…IMO of course….I believe Ramadan will begin the 25th of May…..so I think IMO yes we should see all of this accomplished before the 25th.

FRANK: For the GOI and CBI to be telling companies and countries come in with your investments and look around and see what we have….it would have to be for good sound financial reasons wouldn’t you agree….stay in constant prayers for our studies. I will not be with you on Wednesday….and TEAM Chat on Friday only if something significant piles up…..there is less of me…and that is for a purpose….because you know I do things with a purpose not just on purpose.

Dismissed with a prayer.



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