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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

KTFA CC Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman for Mon. 5-8-17


FrostyTheSnowman » May 9th, 2016

Here’s Monday Night HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Monday, May 08, 2017

Delta will be joining us tonight.

IMO the IMF and the World Bank made a plan.

Today an article told you what that was.

The World Bank and the IMF have agreed as of December 2016 to follow through – known as the “Financial Reform” of the IQD.

As you know … there was a delay due to stability / security / Mosul.

Three days ago, an article came out and said that they had LAUNCHED their Financial Reforms.

They (IMF & World Bank) have been demanding for Iraq to do this.

Iraq will not be able to go back on their agreement.

They have LAUNCHED the reforms family!


Remember, last December, the CBI Governor said they had to postpone for STABILITY and SECURITY.

We should be seeing a BUDGET and CURRENCY UNITS very soon.

This whole CC is in my opinion.

I’m not here to give you a DATE … this is a continual STUDY … but this is very exciting!

They need a new rate!

There is a great need for the financial reforms.

BTW – the political issues in France – that has nothing to do with Iraq’s monetary reform.

Within this week … we may seem some more changes in the rate … it is possible we may see that 1,000 to 1 go down to maybe 800 to 1 … maybe 500 to 1 … we don’t know. They don’t advertise that – but we do have articles, and prices that illustrate it.

Tonight, Delta will help us analyze these articles further.

Delta has told us that in Arabic … they HAVE LAUNCHED the FINANCIAL REFORMS in Iraq.

That’s the purpose of lifting the 3 zeros.

This project was sponsored by the World Bank over 8 years ago.

A FOCUS has shifted from MOSUL (stability/security) … to the Financial Reform that was agreed upon.

You’ve seen the articles of them demanding them to do this.

You don’t tell a sovereign country what to do … but the World Bank has reminded Iraq … we have many agreements … all infrastructures are ready to go!

In the article … Delta said … “Al slah al maly” <<< that means “REFORMS FINANCIAL” (or currency/money) … “the Currency Reform of Iraq.” It cannot be more plain than that.

This is the first time we (Team) recalls seeing an article where the World Bank and the IMF DEMANDING of a country to do their financial reforms.

As you know, the IMF and the World Bank only deal with money issues – they are not a political organization.

The BUDGET to INVESTORS … they all need a change in the rate fof the currency of Iraq.

I salute the President of the United States … in his first 100 days … many things were accomplished in the USA and Iraq.

Consider this month of May … the event of Ramadan … it lasts for 30 days … it pays homage to their God. It starts on the 25th … and leads into a 3 day holiday called EID -- (which helps the poor.

In the 8 years I have been with you … they don’t do anything during Ramadan or EID.

This Holy period is not a time to be greedy as they help the poor.

Maybe this is why the monetary reforms should happen BEFORE Ramadan.

Also … ELECTIONS for Abadi are coming up very soon and this would kill any chance for Maliki – because nobody really wants him in the government.

If Abadi wins … that would damper the Iranian influence that has raped Iraq. As you know, Maliki stole trillions of Iraq’s resources and sent them to Iran.

The United Nations will meet in June – we believe to lift Chapter VII.

Keep in mind … you don’t stop a LAUNCH in mid-flight!

Now, I’ll admit … in mid-December, they said that they were going to lift the value … but then they said in January … “wait, we’ve got to have Daesh eliminated.” That was a mid-flight stop.

But now … for the World Bank and the IMF to DEMAND this – this is beyond interesting.

The GOI agreed with the World Bank on all of these issues – and we believe that is why the article was released.

I don’t know why they are keeping the information about the dead away from us. It would be interesting to hear how many dead they have of Daesh … but now instead of talking about Mosul, and their dead … they are talking about the financial reforms.

I believe that the Grand Old Mosque has been liberated.

I believe that Abadi will now focus on the reforms, by bringing in the investors.

This shift of interest … from terrorism to the reforms is interesting.

The World Bank has become more strict … very, very strict.

The US Ambassador is meeting … IMO … about the reforms.

In the USA … we can focus on many things at the same time … but in the Middle East … they focus on one thing at a time … and they take their time.

IMO … they don’t want anyone to know exactly where they are in fighting Daesh.

Within 3 weeks?

Within 3 days?

I believe that we are very close.

Just before this conference call … one of our Team members sent me a text … said we are escalating our efforts in Mosul. We are very close.

President Trump is expected to visit Iraq … I don’t know when … but next week … we might see Abadi say that Mosul is liberated.

Abadi is not in the heart of the battle of Mosul – because IMO, it is practically done.

ISIS is a done deal.

The month of MAY is under a great deal of pressure.

I believe there are only a few hundred Daesh fighters left.

Abadi is in many “private” (behind closed door) meetings.

There are talks with Jordan, Israel and with US and Putin on Syria.

Countries and the IMF are giving LOANS … not as free money … but as payback once revalued.

No one is getting paid outside of Iraq right now.

This month is very interesting.

IMO ... Abadi has been given a final demand and a date.

President Trump will go to Saudi Arabia and Israel … but not sure about the timing of Iraq.

A 2nd ARTICLE came out … they also said they are dealing with the UNITS of EXCHANGE … and that’s according to the World Bank.

IMO ... the WB has put Iraq aside … and they have taken over to IMPLEMENT their budget.

How? With the Financial Ministers basically saying … “yeah ok … sounds good.” Read Final Articles 45 & 46.

There are many things that are waiting … like the eDinars … that were scheduled to go May 1st. Have they been ACTIVATED?

How can they pay some people electronically? Humm.

Politics has gotten in the way to some degree of the monetary reform.

IMO the MR was LAUNCHED as the article said.

We need the announcement that MOSUL is liberated – and you will see the reforms at a much quicker pace.

Around the 20th of last month (April) – that’s when the GOI told my friends (who own a business with over 500 Iraqi employees) how to start paying the Iraqi employees at 1,000 to 1 … using IQD’s.

My Teams are very encouraged … but contractors are in a tough-spot because they are not being paid right now.

IMO – Iraq was no longer in control … as the WB and the IMF put their hands on the wheel of the reforms.

As you look at the map … those white spots … should be done by next week.

Maybe the reason why we don’t know how many Daesh are dead – is so that they won’t find out how weak they really are.

Let’s see when President Trump shows up … interesting timing.

Let’s see if the BIS has any interest in talking next week.

IMO … Kuwait wants their money … regardless of how much they have forgiven of Iraq. They want them to live up to their agreement.

President Trump will be coming.

Mosul will be liberated.

The Kurds called for this action … they know the liberation of Mosul = REFORMS!

Now … FINAL ARTICLE # 46 is also very, very powerful.

It’s almost a clone of the 1st article.

“It is necessary … to stimulate the Iraqi economy … lifting of the markets … if they had the TRUE and ACTUAL VALUE.”

There are articles where the GOI & the CBI are welcoming in INTERNATIONAL companies. Interesting. Would you go in at a PROGRAM RATE?

POST #175 talks about bringing investors into their SECURED environment. ACHIEVING THE OBJECTIVES? Come on! This has already been launched.

Tell me Delta, what can you share about the MO figures? What is your opinion?

DELTA: I think they are very low. The spreadsheet of the CBI will show something like 27 trillion. The exact cash in the hands of the citizens … they say they have around 70% … but never share the exact amount.

Remember about 2 years ago they said they reprinted about 4 Trillion Dinars. I believe … maybe like a couple of trillion in the hands of the people because most citizens have USD’s.

Exchange with citizens will either be electronic or into lower denoms.

The only time you can buy USD’s will be if an Iraqi is traveling to the USA and shows documentation. The CBI is not going to lose any money.

A month ago … they stated they had like 11 billion dinars … I think they have less than that. Inside of Iraq … a dinar is a dinar – they can’t exchange for USD’s. 

FRANK: Do you feel the investors (in the long line) who are ready to start the rebuilding … is their money ready to enter Iraq? Will it be secure?

DELTA: A lot of Iraqi citizens hide money in their houses – they don’t trust or believe in banks. Something has to happen to make the citizens go to the banks. When a country goes to Article 8 – they have to follow rules. They must lift their exchange rate. This is what we are waiting for. They’re just waiting for the right timing.

FRANK: We know that Article 8 is what allows freedom of movement of capital. If the value of the iQD has gone up … maybe goes 1 to 1 very soon … what will the citizens do with such a currency in their homes. Will they work with the CBI and the banks?

DELTA: Very good question. Lifting the 3 zeros will accomplish a lot of things. If you woke up tomorrow and the rate changed to 1 to 1 … what are you going to do? You’re NOT going to leave it at home! With an increased value … you’ll want it to be in a more safe and secure location like a bank.

The citizens of Iraq … they are going to see that the GOI/CBI is serious and that they are working for them. Look at the last few years at the CBI and all of the tactics they’ve used to try and get the citizens to come into the banks – it didn’t work.

The CBI knows what is going to happen. The Iraqi citizens have no faith in their currency. They know it’s coming … but they don’t know when. Investors outside … everybody knows and they are waiting. Everything needs to be rebuilt in Iraq. A lot of cities need infrastructure.

FRANK: Abadi and Alak are going to look like heroes, aren’t they?

DELTA: Yes … especially when we see Mosul – (which is a done deal).

Attention has shifted from Mosul to the economy. These men will look like hero’s forever.

Even though Dr. Shabibi came up with a plan … the credit will go to the other guys. Alak was appointed by Maliki – but ended up being smarter than Maliki. He knows what is going on.

FRANK: Alak is not a puppet anymore. I’m really proud of him. Delta, a meeting occurred … they talked about in the articles … and Sistani reached out to Abadi (he never met with Maliki) … he was always protesting with the citizens. One of the protests, is when Sistani went out and told them to give the citizens purchasing power. All of the sudden Sistani met with Abadi. How do you feel about that?

DELTA: Most people probably don’t realize how important that news was. Sistani is one of the most respected men in Iraq. If he gives you his blessing – you’re basically in heaven. I believe he knows that security is about to be announced. IMO -- That picture should say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

That picture says a lot … basically priceless!

FRANK: Gosh almighty! This man doesn’t meet with politicians. This imagery helped the citizens .. gave them hope … and is all over Iraqi TV right now.

DELTA: Look at the timing. Why meet now with Sistani? The agreement and the satisfaction must be good for Abadi too – and helps with getting him another term as Prime Minister.

Everyone knows it’s time … time to come back to their days of former glory. Even at 1 to 1 … that’s not enough for the Iraqi citizens if you base it on what many Iraqi business owners lost when they were put on a program rate.

This plan was supposed to happen in 2010 and 2011 – but due to Maliki who was making a killing in the auctions – it didn’t. That won’t happen anymore.

FRANK: Delta, as you know, there are a lot of private meetings going on right now. Meetings with Sadr. power of purchase, employment, Mosul liberation. What do you think about these meetings with these powerful men … all smiling?

DELTA: I think that is huge – no coincidence. These men get along very well. I believe they are about to announce something.

I don’t think Mosul is an issue anymore – just waiting to announce it. Most of the leaders of Daesh are gone.

The World Bank cannot do anything without Iraq lifting the 3 zeros first. The RATE has to come first.

FRANK: Bravo! A seminar in Lebanon … the Iraqi Stock Exchange also seems to be saying a few things.

DELTA: The Iraqi Stock Exchange has everything it needs … but it needs the true rate to go international – that’s all they need. Nothing is going to work without a new rate. This is another confirmation – just waiting for the currency reform. Nothing is going to work without a true rate.

The wealth was stolen from the Iraqi citizens – it now has to given back to them. It’s time for them to have purchasing power.

FRANK: Final Article #46 (in the Final Article Section) this is an article from an economist, but this economist is no one’s fool – he’s an advisor. He knows the CBI’s plan. His opinion about what they are doing, and his words of “INSTALL IT” … I find interesting – it’s in accord with the IMF and WB. This article is pointed to the investors of Iraq. How do you feel about this article?

DELTA: I like this article a lot. Great confirmation. This guy is a well-respected economist. He knows the CBI’s plan -- they have to lift the value.

All of our Teams feel there has been a 180 degree change in talking about Mosul … to now talking about the economy.

They could pull the trigger at anytime.

98 to 99% of Mosul is done.

Think about it … IF security was an issue … the leaders of Iraq never would have flown to Washington. Security is NOT an issue anymore. This excuse will not fly anymore.

The World Bank and the IMF are DEMANDING for the reforms. Do you think they would DEMAND for the reforms IF things weren’t secure?

So what are they waiting for?

The Middle East … they are very slow, and they can only think about one thing at a time. The mentality is very different.

Yes I realize that people in Mosul are suffering … but think about it this way. If there was one problem in Houston, Texas … would the USA shut down everything across the country while they focused on Houston? Does that make sense? You don’t punish the whole state or nation because of one problem area. Obviously that’s not fair.

This is why the 180 degree change.

As we’ve said … Iraq is under a great deal of pressure to do this.

The IMF has the power to go back to the Paris Club members … those members can also voice their demands on Iraq for their money too. This is one of the conditions … to wipe out debts … they have to strike a deal with the IMF. This works for our benefit.

FRANK: The World Bank has said very plainly … we’ve launched this! Now they need Iraq to raise the value of their currency.

IMO … the 2nd week of April … this probably was launched because on the 21st they had to change their pay scale to 1,000 to 1 and use a ratio of 90/10 IQD/USD.

By the 28th, the UN operations rates were waiting for Mosul to be liberated … but they didn’t hit that date. The lava flow continues.

I believe that it’s been LAUNCHED as they say … the 1,000 to 1 is a powerful example … prices going down in many areas.

If this new financial system was still in Iraq … I just can’t see that 1184 is their rate. 1184 isn’t even on the CBI’s website as their indicative rate.

If they have not done something with their rate … and they have applied the LAUNCHING of the monetary reform … what happens if they don’t immediately lift the value? What if they waited 3 or 6 months. Wouldn’t that cost them a lot of money.

DELTA: Good point. If you owned a company, and you had to install a new program … you don’t want to make changes … only to make changes again in 6 months. Business owners don’t want to make changes for things not to happen. No point in doing all of this for 1184.

I believe they have the DATE and the RATE.

I believe the World Bank would never say they were going to LAUNCH unless they had a DATE to do it.

FRANK: The BUDGET needs a new rate. IMO … this is being done.

DELTA: I agree. Why “activate” this unless you are ready?

FRANK: On May 23rd … it appears that Trump will be in SA (Saudi Arabia) and they have invited Iraq to come.

It’s interesting to see that Iraq is DEMANDING for INVESTORS to come into their country.

The GOI has said they have made quantum leaps in Basra. Something is going on.

We are not privy to know everything … but it’s like its being leaked-out … more and more good news.

What does an RV do for Iraq?

DELTA: Trillions of dollars will flood into Iraq. The former Financial Minister was interviewed on Iraqi TV. He said that Iraq was 20 to 30 times undervalue. Since President Trump came in, the Iraq Stock Exchange has made a lot since then. The banking institutions in Iraq grow. By lifting the 3 zeros … the investors will get the green light.

As soon as they go ARTICLE 8 … they are working with the BIG-BOYS! Article 14 is a risky one … that’s why Article 8 is so important.

When the RV takes place, about 90% of us won’t know what to do … you’ll be in shock, surprised … and the same thing will happen in Iraq.

The CEO of Wakra Bank said that when Iraq goes international – good luck trying to get a hold of it.

FRANK: Dubai is going to be so jealous.

DELTA: Dubai is really nothing compared to what Iraq can do. Dubai is overrated … but they have smart politicians.

If Iraq unites … they will be one of the most powerful nations on earth. Iraq’s assets … 60-70 Trillion Dollars probably more. They have no problem with money.

Iraq has 35 million people, and they can afford to pay every citizen a lot of money and they will be set.

FRANK: I’m very, very proud of you.

Final Article 45 and 46 … it’s a plan … and the WB has told the world that this agreement has been launched.

Our KTFA member (Andy) made a comment … “Wouldn’t it be wise for Abadi to see Trump in SA with a currency that has power?”

DELTA: Thank you again for the conference call. To the family, stay strong. I believe that this is really it. IMO … we should see it before Ramadan … which is the 25th of May. IMO … before the 25th or Ramadan.

Trump is a business, and he wants things done very fast.

Today is the 8th of May … and we should hear more within the next 2 weeks. IMO -- I believe we will see things accomplished before the 25th. Thank you … God bless you all. See you in Hawaii!

FRANK: For the GOI and CBI to tell international companies to come on it … it has to be for a financial reasons – don’t you agree.

We’re NOT giving you a date. Delta says in his opinion “before Ramadan” – that certainly sounds logical, but is not a date.

I will not be with you on Wednesday or Friday. If something comes up, I may consider Friday Team Chat. I’m purposely trying to stay away … there is a pattern … there is less of me … and that is for a purpose.

CC ended in prayer/shofar

PLAYBACK LINK: https://fccdl.in/jJlEakgiL



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