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Thursday, May 4, 2017

KTFA CC Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman for Wednesday 5-3-17


FrostytheSnowman » May 3rd, 2017

Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Wednesday, May 03, 2017

I’ve decided to take our study a little further with you and for you.

Our Monday night CC told you that there are innocent Iraqi women and children being held hostage by Daesh. Can you image your loved ones strapped with explosives?

The cowards that have infected Iraq are cornered on the west side of Mosul and by the Grand Old Mosque.

Please continue to pray for the Iraqi citizens.

Tonight … there is more … and even after tonight … there is even more.

I said to you on Monday, they missed the April 28th target of when they were going to announce that Mosul was fully liberated.

That was a big deal. As you know, April is a big deal for monetary reforms.

They and we thought it was highly possible. Even Delta believed so.

I shared with you on Monday night … that Delta said that the video (TV News) that the Grand Old Mosque and Mosul was liberated. Then Delta told me … that video was 1 month old.

I said “that can’t be … are they trying to lie to us or trick us?”

Delta said no. He read the 3 hour briefing.

That video and the articles may be a little confusing, huh?

How can they say that are “liberated” and yet they are not?

Are they teasing us?

Now they say they need another 3 weeks?

IMO … there was an understanding … it was there about the 28th … but it appears that more time is needed.

The citizens that are being held hostage is the reason for the delay.

The questions that were posed to me after Monday’s CC … asked “WHY? WHY?”

You’ll learn more tonight.

Because they missed that target … MAY is SO important!!!

It is SO important for them to finish this.

Could this be for the elections? No … this is for the citizens.

I’m going to point 3 or 4 things outside of the box tonight.

#1 – No one wants to wait for their money that long – and you’re one of them.

The new theme for the RV MUST be done BEFORE these elections – it will make Abadi look really good of course.

Ramadan on the 26th of May … is that the issue? No … we don’t think so.

Unfortunately we won’t know the full truth about Mosul.

The articles on the war … they are NOT truthful or logical.

Three more weeks?

No one even noticed … Abadi is NOT asking for 3 more weeks!

#2 – Abadi’s commander asked for 3 more weeks.

It’s also the Pentagon that is asking for more time … so they can rescue these beautiful people.

We should be praying for the citizens … not the RV.

#3 – There are payments that need to be made on CONTRACTS that are feeding the economic reforms in Iraq.

This is part of the PRESSURE for them to RV … because they are not being paid. NO ONE wants to wait for their money – not even you.

Please bear with me as I’m trying to make a point.

Tonight … I am so tired.

IMO – this war is in it’s “clean-up” phase – it’s almost impossible to determine what is needed.

This clean-up is in FULL-SWING mode -- which we believe started on Sunday.

They thought they were liberated … they thought they were free.

There is a FULL ASSAULT to kill off the remaining Daesh fighters.

The news articles are SO FAR BEHIND to what is really happening.

Is this about the Grand Old Mosque? IMO … not really … it’s about the hostages … and in areas that they thought were liberated.

IMO – we have edited the Grand Old Mosque … and we have about liberated all of Mosul.
Right now … they are cleaning-up. Google these war terms if you need further clarification.

Abadi wants to FREE his people.

Study Fallujah … it went on for a long time.

#4 – They are going back and redoing these areas they have already conquered. That’s why the articles make no sense.

That’s why the video doesn’t make sense … because they now have to go back to “mop” up these areas.

This “mopping” could end tonight – we just don’t know.

On page 6 or 7 … ARTICLE … military operations is RETHINKING ISIS STRONGHOLDS in western Anbar.

This is war family. How many of you have been in one?

This process can confuse.

You are not the only one that is demanding an RV of their currency.

IMO – the holders of the CONTRACTS that are no longer patient either – they are NOT happy! They will not be fully paid off until the full liberation of Mosul.

Again … this whole CC is in my opinion.

Not until Abadi announced the FULL LIBERATION of Mosul will you see anything on the RV.

This is NOT like a football game where the score is 7 to 3.

IMO … these CONTRACTORS have been told that there is no money for them right now … until the full liberation of Mosul.

We do not know when … or where we are in Mosul.

Our Teams are looking deep into the patterns of Fallujah – and we suggest that you do the same.

History has a tendency to repeat itself. Study these patterns.

We know … we think we know … what the articles are saying.

I had a person … after Monday’s CC … they asked what percentage of the ISIS fighters are holding hostages. Really? I don’t know. You don’t know. That causes confusion.

I came to you on Monday … saying they were looking for 3 more weeks … so I said … “let them have it.” And so we continue to study.

IMO – I don’t think it will take 3 weeks.

Remember … the Grand Old Mosque was liberated over a month ago.

Are the videos a “China Syndrome?” No, I don’t think so.

Meanwhile … you saw something yesterday, didn’t you.

Abadi asked Germany, France, Italy to send CONSULTANTS to stimulate the Iraqi economy.

Do you think these countries have contracts that they are not being paid on right now?

These 3 countries are coming with their consultants … NOT with their money anymore.

Why would Abadi invite them? In essence, Abadi says … LOOK … LOOK … come in here and look … you want to stimulate the Iraq economy … LOOK!

The billboard is saying that POST MOSUL – there will be extra security and stability after the liberation of Mosul.

Abadi says that all of the desert areas are safe. When did he say that?

“Exposure of terrorists … are safe now.”

Did you talk to them about reconciliation too? Yeah.

So … the frustrated IMF … says “IMF demands more conditions for Iraqi loans.”

We are getting the stability/security with Mosul.

Just like the contracts/contractors … and the IMF … and the future investors do NOT want to give Iraq any more free money!

Come in here and LOOK … with a FOCUSED PUPIL!
Frank26: There is no RV yet … fine.

There is no more money for your needs.

We are looking further as Teams as to why Mosul is NOT yet liberated.

Security / Stability for the citizens is key now.

Copy that Abadi … copy that Sir!

As we (dinar holders) … we logically feel that Mosul is almost liberated).

Tomorrow is NATIONAL PRAYER DAY – please make it so.

We will pray for the citizens of Iraq among other things.

Think about this … because some of the questions are … well …

If Abadi give you the stability and security of Mosul … then the next page … will only say that an RV and an economic reform (serious commitment from Abadi) – the evidence of 1,000 to 1 that is already occurring in Iraq.

IMO – Abadi uses Mosul as needed – to free the citizens.

I told you … SAINTS OF JESUS CHRIST … you are not the only ones who will profit from the dinar. This evil … must be controlled.

The writing on the next page contains the END TIMES of SPIRITUAL WARFARE – and it will be a MILLION times more devastating than what is going on in Mosul.

IMO – God is guiding Abadi.

Prepare – don’t compare.

Be at peace and NOT with the beast.

Allow this to unfold by God’s time.

The commitment by Abadi to do the RV is the blueprint of our FINAL ARTICLES (44 of them)
The facts are within those articles – and they are NOT false.

They are just waiting for the full liberation of Mosul.

Is all of this making sense to you family?

Are you finding peace … let it embrace you.

Look at the 44 FINAL ARTICLES ... just as the contractors look at them.

Look thru the contractors pupils.

And eye-for-an-eye?

Very soon, your eyes will also be the pupil to see Mosul in a better light.

The light of God’s speed – not our speed that blinds us with a selfish need.

I as accused on TeamChat today of not sharing. I prefer to say that I am being careful / cautious.

POST # 244 by Don961. The kidnapping of Anbar.

There are NO new files for May.

Give me Mosul … Give me the Grand Old Mosque … Free the citizens and you will see the MR very, very quickly.

Come with me … and don’t think that I’m trying to slap anyone … nor say squirrel.

Come with me deeper into the study … IMO … the fighting continues in.

How many Daesh are left? I don’t know. But I do know that over 8,000 Daesh have been killed in Mosul alone.

When they entered cities to liberate them (conquering) – after that you have to do a phase called “cleaning” – and if required to re-clean – that process is called “mopping” – this is happening around the Grand Old Mosque.

My last point to you tonight is like a diamond.

#5 – This final cleaning / mopping is to FREE the citizens – to reinstate the citizens back into their homes.

The HCL REQUIRES THIS … along with the BUDGET!

We forgot to add the BUDGET to Monday night CC illustration.

What piques my curiosity … the lack of information.

Before I tell you the 6th point … let me present to you what is bothering me my Teams … and you – which the Internet doesn’t bother with.

What are they doing with the dead bodies of the terrorists?

I know I’m catching you off guard with this.

Back in January … if you can remember … they told you that the dead ISIS / Daesh were being buried, burned … they showed pictures, YouTube videos of these trenches they were digging because the bodies were rotting all over the streets. They were showing all the means of disposal. According to Muslim religion … you must be buried within 24 hours. A lot of these articles told you that. That was January.

Now we’re into May … and there hasn’t been one word about that topic since January. Why? It is a military tactic.

This tells me and my Teams … they have already disposed of these dead bodies in all of the cities … at least we think … because that info stopped. It’s not like the Fat-Lady to not tell us about the dead enemies … but these numbers are publicized.

The lack off all they have disposed … causes us to think deeper. ​

They got over 8,000 alone in Mosul.

Now … they are picking them off one-by-one as they go back to the liberated areas.

#6 -- As the final point tonight … we are curious … what is the number that is left? This might give us an idea as to when Mosul will be liberated.

Point #5 is the most important – the REINSTATEMENT of the CITIZENS into the CITIES is in the phase that we’re in right now.

How can they tell you about the liberation … when the mopping isn’t done?

All of the IED, mines, car bombs … soda-pop traps (Coca Cola).

You know how hot it is out there in Iraq? Thirsty?

Pop cans have been placed as booby-traps for the citizens.

The EAST SIDE of MOSUL is back … banks are open, schools are open, everything that is ready for an RV is ready … but that is not the case on the WEST SIDE.

You’ll never know the details of the mopping phase – just know … that is why you need to give them 3 more weeks … that is … unless that has already been done.

This type of thinking is outside of the box.

When we went into the RIGHT-SIDE of MOSUL … news of the masses of ISIS dying … all of that disappeared. Most YouTube videos have been scrubbed.

Sometimes it’s NOT what’s in the news … but what is LEFT-OUT of the news that is important.

Please know … I will see you on TeamChat on Friday.

Next week … I will only be with you on Monday – no CC on Wednesday. I’m just not in the mood.

Am I being selfish? No – I am being scholastic.

Soon … you will graduate in 2017.

If you want to graduate in 2018 … knock yourself out.

Look … our military is the most powerful force on earth – but just like a mosquito can kill … Daesh is NOT smart … they are just horribly immoral and filled with vile towards the innocent.

Please stay in prayer … NOT for you … for that would be the greater act of not being selfish. Pray for the citizens of Iraq.

Ask God NOT what you need … but what God can do for others.

Family … then watch God smile.

If you take Monday’s CC … and tonight’s CC … you’ll have a much deeper understanding of what is going on.

I believe we are close – this is more like us “picking them off” – and I don’t think it will be much longer at all.

Sunday is our prayer conference call.

Tomorrow is National Prayer Day.

I pray that our CC’s tell you how much I love you.

I am very convinced that we are so very close.

Trump is going on a 3 nation tour … and one of those is to meet Abadi.

CC ended in prayer/shofar.

Remember … no CC next Wednesday.


IMO … who knows ... they may be done by then ... and you won’t need me.

PLAYBACK LINK: https://fccdl.in/HWyI6MoJ3



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