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Thursday, May 18, 2017

KTFA CC Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman for Wed. 5-17-17


FrostyTheSnowman » May 17th, 2017

Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I want to reach out and say thank you.

I read every post on our forum.

We get many new members every week. Welcome!

These calls take a lot of work … so let’s get started.

On Monday’s CC, we left you with the hope and desire that Abadi would be announcing the liberation of Mosul.

On Tuesday, you (KTFA family) were privileged to see Delta post something he saw on Iraqi TV.

On Iraqi TV … that means every citizen in Iraq heard it.

What some missed (or did not understand) is that the wording of this translation was unique.
Delta’s translation … he posted it as it was translated.

About an hour later, one of our newshounds posted the article – which was copied all over the internet.

The translation is very important.

URGENT … “… on Friday.”

It didn’t say “by Friday” … it said “ … on Friday.” And that was said by Abadi.

This is what we’ve been looking for.

That evening, Delta was able to post some other articles … and one individual posted a picture of a car.

These people in Mosul … they were decorating their cars.

Delta called me … asked me if I saw it.

I said … yes … interesting … especially in the heart of Mosul.

Delta then said … what was the last thing I said on Monday’s CC?

Family, what was the last thing I said?

I said that I’m going to give you a cherry … that is supposed to go on Mt. Everest.

On IraqiTV … URGENT … “… all those with wheeled vehicles … get off the road!”

Then Tuesday, you see these cars. Seriously?

The Commanding General of the Iraqi Armed Forces has begged the Mosul citizens to get off the roads!

There is a preparation for celebration in Mosul.

You saw the video … of a woman who was so happy that her segment in Mosul was liberated. So grateful to be free.

Utube https://youtu.be/5InUBm_4_tE

Mosul is about to be given to you family.

Look for it … Abadi will tell you … looking for Friday.

Talk about a schedule … on Friday?

They told you today they are at 98% of liberating Mosul.

Tomorrow you’ll be at 99% … and Friday at 100%.

They said “ON FRIDAY” … not by Friday.

With the media always behind … for Abadi to say he will announce it on Friday … ok!

Interesting … they are not done editing … and yet they advertise to the INTERNATIONAL world to “come on in!”

Friday is a TARGET DATE.

​THAT’S NOT A “DATE” family … that’s a TARGET DATE!

My Teams and I are attracted to this pattern.

Things are heating up in SA … and Washington, DC.

In DC … SA is having many meetings.

I find it interesting that on the 19th – we pray that we see Abadi announce the liberation of Mosul.

The 20th President Trump will be in the Middle East.

We need to see that announcement ON FRIDAY by Abadi.

IMO … two days ago … Iraq went INTERNATIONAL.

That was very powerful.

Once again … I’m going to disappear.

Abadi has asked the INTERNATIONAL world to come on in and see his homework.

Again … IMO … on MONDAY they went INTERNATIONAL … and I look forward to the announcement of such.

I pray that we’ll see them lift the 3 zeros.

That’s why Abadi has been bragging … (doesn’t make sense to do all of this for a program rate).

All INTERNATIONAL NATIONS are scared of Daesh/ISIS/Iran – because they saw the cancer that Iran has been to Iraq. They are all scared if terrorism enters their country.

This is why DEEP TALKS have been reassured that the US Troops will remain in Iraq
… and that’s why Abadi has told the INTERNATIONAL world to “come on in!”

INTERNATIONAL COMPANIES … no more worries about being bullied by Iran.

The timing … is no coincidence.

They are going to talk on Sunday … I believe.

These meetings with President Trump will be historical.

Will they talk about the currency of Iraq? No.

Abadi will be in country when President Trump arrives … and they will meet on the 21st in SA.

Don’t expect to hear what their conversations are.

I’d like to talk about something else … something VERY, VERY STRONG.

This UNION in Iraq (which Delta brought to you) … they called upon the CBI to do the FINANCIAL POLICY … which encompasses the revaluing of their currency.

Until we see Mosul LIBERATED … they will also wait in the LONG-LINE.

What are we looking for?

We need to see Abadi announce that Mosul is fully liberated.

We need to see what the Middle East meetings bring out.

A change in their monetary policy … lifting of the 3 zeros.

How will you know if Iraq is INTERNATIONAL?

Write this down.

The definition of when Iraq is INTERNATIONAL is WHEN their CURRENCY is accepted WORLD-WIDE … TRADEABLE on FOREX … that is when they are INTERNATIONAL.

Family … we are NOT going to see a different rate … IF … they don’t make an INTERNATIONAL announcement.

Abadi has come SO CLOSE to telling you that they are INTERNATIONAL … but they have to show us.

So … let’s see what happens on Friday and over the weekend.


Mosul … an INTERNATIONAL STATUS are the next steps.

Are you with me?

Does this make sense?

Kirkuk is still having some small problems. Will this stop Abadi? NO!

It will hold up investment opportunities in Kirkuk.

But overall … things are SO MUCH BETTER.

This is why we believe that Abadi is about ready to announce Mosul as liberated.

If we don’t get these items in sequence … you’ll have a deformity.


Remember … Delta’s IraqiTV translation said … “ … on Friday.”

AGAIN … this entire CC is in my opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Monday I left you with the idea … that IMO … about 6-7 currencies may go up in value with the IQD. Maybe 12-13 will go down in value. About 19-20 currencies will teeter-totter.

The VND … I’ve talked about it. I mentioned 4 … and I’ll talk about them again.

I’m impressed with Vietnam … BUT … they are an export country. They are solely an EXPORT country. They are unbalanced with their imports.

This makes me question WHERE they are at with their reforms.

US Trade and World Trade looks good with the VND.

The Indonesia Rupia … looks good … they do have an electronic explosion and better banking structure. The Rupia is interesting.


This is nothing but tabloid mentality!

As crazy as it sounds … currency #3 … IMO … the Iranian Rial.

President Trump said on Monday that he was thinking about removing the sanctions on Iraq. The UN already removed them … so what sanctions in Trump talking about? The only sanctions that we kept on them … SANCTIONS on their CURRENCY!

​Over a year ago this happened … China, Russia, London, so much of the EU … has poured into IRAN.

I suppose this is the logic of why we are respecting what President Trump said about Iran.
Iran is actually prospering … despite their nuclear ambitions.

Iran is like a running cartoon character running in mid-air … and as soon as the rubber-hits-the-road … wow!

I’ve talked about the IQD.

The Egyptian currency … interesting.

Just some thoughts … that’s all about those currencies.

Meanwhile … we broke into the old city last night, huh?

What was the name of that city? Haja … and on Tuesday, they told you … they have about 90% of it.

Today is the 17th of May … and something in my soul / spirit … strikes me today.

Before I leave the CURRENCIES … IRAN … when the sanction were removed … (except for the USA sanctions) – we didn’t want to help Iran because they weren’t helping us.

Despite that, so many countries poured into Iran … and this caused Iran to explode financially.

Boeing did an amazing, huge, gigantic deal with Iran, didn’t they?

I got kinda excited when President Trump said he might lift the sanction on Iran. The only one I’m aware of is the Iranian Rial.

Let’s talk about a UNION in Iraq.

Delta brought you an announcement on IraqiTV.

The citizens know that something is going on.

They’ve seen prices drop … paycheck are different … they know.

They are also excited about their LIBERATION.

After Monday night’s CC … Delta had something … posts it … and it said that some private banks in Iraq were asking the CBI to install the new IQD rate <<< and this was on Iraqi television for all the citizens to see.

You see this is a PRIVATE UNION of BANKS … POWERFUL BANKS … ANCIENT BANKS in Iraq. I don’t know if the Islamic Banks are a part of this union … but this union was telling the CBI to ACTIVATE IT! Send us the damn memo!!!!!!!!!!

On the 28 of April … they had a monetary policy that was LAUNCHED.

They are demanding their MONETARY POLICY … and doing it in front of the citizens … basically asking for the RV in front of their faces.

ACTIVATE THE MONETARY REFORM … they already LAUNCHED IT … now ACTIVATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If the World Bank would NOT ask for them to do it … if they weren’t ready to do it.

The citizens also know that President Trump is coming to the Middle East.

Abadi’s timing seems to be well orchestrated for President Trumps arrival.

Now … let’s talk about BONDS. HOLY COW!

The BONDS of IRAQ … the 1st time they tried to sell them ;(
Last summer (same deal)

But this time around the citizens are acting differently.

Delta said that they SOLD all of bonds!

I said … that’ impossible.

They printed like 1 Trillion Dinars worth of bonds.

Unless the citizens are cooperating.

That means the CBI got like 1 Trillion off of the streets!

Three years they printed the 5k and the 10k … and they said they printed like 4 Trillion of them – introduced them to the citizens.

So this time … if they sold that many … well … they have adjusted their M0 figures.

On the 9th … 8 days ago … that was the last day anyone could buy those bonds. The CBI was successful this time around … SOLD OUT!

Family … that’s amazing!
Frank26: The World Bank said they LAUNCHED … they sure did family!

Remember … when SECURITY / STABILITY returned to Iraq … they said they would do it.
They are ready!

They can do it now … they can do it during Ramadan … but IMO … they are going to do it!

History is going to happen with President Trump and the leaders in the Middle East.

No wonder the World Bank has told the CBI to move forward.

This is why the UNION of private banks have been speaking so BOLDLY!

They are waiting for the new rate!

The 17th is in my SOUL … TODAY!

The private banks … are talking the same way the World Bank did … DO IT!

On the 17th (today) … looking at the 19th for Abadi to give us the announcement that Mosul is liberated … then Trump and Abadi meet in SA over the weekend.

BTW … you know the picture that Frosty posted with me and Abadi and Trump … there are some symbols on that vehicle … celebrations are expected … just like a football game … celebrations BEFORE the game! Look for the LION on the hood of that vehicle! Symbol of a LION … they are victorious!

The private banks … to point to the CBI … and say GIVE US THE MONETARY POLICY … that’s amazing!

Just like a kid who has to go potty … the urge to make this happen is HUGE!

They are planning on a very BIG celebration … and the whole nation will explode … possible a holiday the day after.

Let’s see what happens!

If someone was not invested in the IQD … and they saw that article … it would be very clear what is about to happen.

The LIBERATION of Mosul screams a lot about the NATIONAL RECONCILATION.

Allak has NO excuse to lift the 3 zeros. It’s the CBI’s turn!

If I was Abadi …I would do the MR right now!


Next week celebrate … week after Ramadan.

On IraqiTV … a US Ambassador was talking … he told the Iraqi citizens … they have recovered 1.4 Trillion of their currency.

This money … will go into their RESERVES!

Family … what will happen with this AMAZING BOOST????!!!!!

On the last day… when we invaded Iraq in 2003 … Saddam sent his son to the CBI and he forced the CBI to give him 1 Billion USD in ONE DAY! ONE BILLION in physical cash … stolen before the US forces could get there.

This caused the rich in Iraq to take their money/accounts elsewhere … like to cousins/family members in Dubai.

All of these ILLEGAL funds have been traded by the USA and today … the US Ambassador told the citizens that their money is coming back.

So much has been recovered by the CBI.

What did they tell you they had in foreign reserves? Like 14 Billion?

Now we’re talking TRILLIONS?

​IMO … if they wanted to come out at $10 … they sure as hell could … but I don’t think they will.

By the time we’re able to trade INTERNATIONALLY … may $2 … then you’ve got the 72-78 days.

Pay close attention to those 72-78 days.

The banks in Iraq could get a memo by Saturday … maybe internationally by Sunday. THIS IS NOT A DATE! IMO … THIS IS A STUDY.

They just need 24 hours to get ready.

I believe the banks have already been stocked with LD’s and Fils.

An article from Rashid and Rafidian Bank was out earlier this year … said they would be aware of any changes coming in.

They don’t need 3 days family. They are so ready.

A rate change could happen when the BANKS are NOT open … and would be helpful for the CBI to do that.

Real quick … because I mentioned this earlier … I had a phone call from a sweet lady who said that they have a gun up to President Trumps head – saying that if he didn’t resign that they were going to shoot him. Will the democrats impeach Trump?

THAT’S JUST A BUNCH OF STUPIDITY by Democrats who lost an election. GROW-UP!!!!

Why are you spending time/money on this? Did we complain like that when Obama won twice?

ADMINS … please remove ANY talk of this garbage on our forum!!!

Ok … now back to these currencies … and the exchange steps.

When it comes time to EXCHANGE your currency … the very first thing I’m going to tell you … you can’t do this by yourself.

This is going to be a BIG change for a lot of you. Financially, this may be the first time you’ll become rich. This takes on a different suit. You must “suit-up” for a new mindset.

If you attempt to swim the English channel by yourself – expect to be eaten by sharks.

It’s important to realize … you need to get help … and I am NOT that person. I’m not an accountant, lawyer, etc.

IMO … you will need a lot of help.

My wife and I will seek help among professionals.

My PASTOR (spiritual leader) will be one that I will reach out to first.

I have friends that I trust … and I suppose that you do too.

I have an International Lawyer that will be part of my group.

I have a CPA/IRS expert.

I will have many financial advisors (don’t take the advice from just one).

My family will also influence our decisions.

Whatever it is that we plan to do … it will be done with our counsel … and then I will pray for the right decision.

If I wanted to exchange 1 Million dinars … at 1 to 1 rate … that’s 1 Million USD.

I know that everyone wants to run to a bank when the time comes … but that is NOT what I’m planning on doing.

You need to act like Mr. Drysdale … NOT Jed Clampett.

​Be careful.

Arrange things privately if possible.

If you have a 25k note … you may not need to worry about any of this type of planning … but may I suggest that you not go alone … take someone bigger than you. You want protection.

Imagine having your car break down and you’ve got dinars in it?

Do you need a receipt?

The banks will have all of the forms that you will need.

You may want to take an attorney with you … as you will be signing many forms.

There are dinar dealers that send “certificates of authencity” – that is not necessary.

The banks will have inspection techniques ready.

Did you know that the FDIC only protects you for $250,000. Is that enough to protect your money?

The bank will have to BUY special insurance for you.

Do not act boastful / demanding … how would you act if God was standing next to you at the office?

Now … create “vehicle” of what to do with your funds.

Are you investing wisely? Should you put it to work? Do you need it for an educational fund? Be responsible with what God has given you stewardship over.

Realize if you flaunt your money, every 3rd cousin will come out of the woodwork to ask you for money. Desperate people do desperate things.

I will change my phone number, my address, my email, etc.

Protect your identity.

Be careful … just because you buy a 1 Million Dollar house … can you afford the taxes, maintenance on it? Calculate it properly.

Now … let’s say you’re protecting your money … let’s pretend you want to invest it.

Real estate, diamond mines, etc.

But … let’s take the Iraqi Stock Exchange for instance. You remember the game of Monopoly?

Maybe consider the banks in Iraq – they will supply the money to everything.

Next … maybe consider the construction companies in Iraq.

Next … the REAL ESTATE industry in Iraq. They will rebuild homes, parks, schools, hospitals, government buildings. The real estate industry is going to explode. Electricity, water, gas, etc.

Next … transportation … cars, etc.

Next … consider the INSURANCE companies that will insure all of these buildings and residents.

Next … consider the ELECTRONIC industry … Iraqi’s will start to buy new TV’s, cell phones, iPads, etc. KABOOM!!!

Next … consider MEDICAL CARE (hospitals & supplies). Everyone at some point in their life will need one.

As you know … next month … everything is coming to a crossroads.

A paradigm shift has occurred.

When a human thinks one way (for a long time) … and all of the sudden changes his thinking (paradigm shift) which only happens in our minds … WE HAVE PASSED MOSUL!
What has been our MANTRA? “Give me Mosul!”

Tonight … a paradigm shift has occurred from MOSUL to the revaluation of the IQD.

I’ve been waiting for a long time to see the things that we are seeing.

This SHIFT has taken place … from MOSUL to an RV announcement.

IMO … this SHIFT occurred this past MONDAY … and I’ve explained why.

These BANKS would never allowed to become so vocal.

A clarity … a shift into clarity has taken place.

POST #286 by Frosty … where the citizens were crying that they have been freed … that has changed so much.

Iraqi citizens now prepare to celebrate in Mosul.

You can see this SHIFT now too, can’t you?

We’re sitting on something special.

Delta … I APPRECIATE your POST #22 on today’s thread. Delta posted “There it is!!!”


Check out the FINAL ARTICLE section.

CC ended in prayer/shofar

God willing ... we'll soon meet as a family in Hawaii!

PLAYBACK LINK: https://fccdl.in/3FdOtTyhP



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