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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"Inner Peace" by GK - 5.23.17

Entry Submitted by GK at 8:54 PM EDT on May 23, 2017


The adage about walking in another man's shoes is of course true. And no matter what has happened to us personally there are billions of people who have had it worse. There are people who over came adversity in ways that make the man in the mirror ashamed to complain.

And yet we do.

I do.

When I use personal stories of triumph or defeat, it isn't that I am trying to egomanically attach importance to myself, it is the only way I know how to tie knots in the ropes that bind me to the truth.

We use screen names out here on the internet, and frankly I think we should not fear attaching our names and likeness to what we think and believe.

We are supposed to be free to have opinions that may not be popular or understood. In a world written and dictated by conspiracies that included psychological warfare to convince the masses to surrender their power and common sense to a few, of course what they did was make certain (bad) ideas the norm. Bad ideas wrapped in pretty packaging. Ideas that benefitted the few and became cemented as truths by lying about important things. Human things. Other neglected possibilities and better choices.

Wars and death herded so many into a fearfulness to speak up and declare that the con artists were manipulating us. Trying to convince us that enemies were everywhere and to stay scared.

The politically correct movements, religions, even TV shows like Archie Bunker carefully manipulated people into surrendering individuality for group think. For 42 years I reacted in emotional ways common to the liberal left as I had been brainwashed to do. I rejected conservative philosophies until I finally looked at those values closer. And yes some of those beliefs are false by design too.

It was a couple years after 911 in searching for answers that I finally began to see such things as the Frankfurt school and Tavistock institute designed all the psychologies, just as con artists design their games. Teaching everyone to parrot groupthink as absolute... when in fact these narrow slivers of thought actually have a 360 degree panoramic of other possibilities.

What if eveything you believe in is based on lies or even some lies. Does that not change the reality one chooses to mimic?

I came to reject classic liberalism after 42 years finally seeing how I was filtering everything through emotional knee jerk responses.

There is nothing the elite doesn't want more than to create new illusions that serve them, new trojan horses, new religions, new bullying (but stealthful) thought patterns as to re-write their powers given a grand awakening.

But of course they have to be much more careful since the internet interactions pop bubbles so much more quickly.

And even though we, in dinarland in the truth movement are either agreeing or arguing over these truth revelations, we all know 99% of our friends and family still think we are crazy. Our country is still split in two halves believing in one candidate over another. When both cannot run without hundreds of millions of dollars.

70% still believe 19 Arabs hijacked planes on 911 when something much more diabolical happened.

Almost no one is prepared to acknowledge the stunning psychological rape and lies of World War II. Hollywood's propaganda turned that war into pure fantasy.

And the vilification of Islam is really disgusting. No different than the new world Eurpopean immigrants being taught to hate the native Americans a couple hundred years ago. The muslims we fear were dragged into mind altering programming by diabolical agents and given the weapons and training with terrorism as the goal.. The Q'uran owes much of its worst ideas to the Talmud. What begot what first? There is chronology as to what secret order came first.

Those who want to herd the awakening 1% back into a new religion that believes itself to be higher minded has at its crest the idea that demanding truth be buried as "negative" thinking. And yet schitzophrenic double think programming still needs to sew hate against the elite's enemies to further the elite's final agenda of totalitarianism.

For example the Talmud says the Talmudists will have 2800 virgins each. Not in the afterlife, but here on earth like plantation owners. Bet you didn't know that. Devil in the details.

Truth has so many undiscovered facts... Is there an inner Earth or continents beyond Antarctica as Admiral Byrd claimed? Have actors as agents played parts in psychological events scripted before media to make us believe traumatic lies for the purpose of moving the mass left or right or center in unison? Herds need herding.

Are we arguing one lie over another lie with our loved ones at family get togethers. Has this sewed division between the people we love most? Yes.

People like Anna Von Reitz wants us to know the devils in the details of who, how, what, when and where, lawyers rewrote our system and tricked us into giving up our sovereign right to exist.

I choose to deal in these ideas in larger concept. Lead horses to water and drop Anna's name or Sherman Skolnicks name. Let the fact oriented folks explain the details.

Dropping their names is the tactic I hope helps the truth movement whereby people say, who is Sherman Skolnick? Then using the amazing gift called a search engine-- and that other gift given to us in first grade, the ability to read to assist in self awakening.

There with that skill and this technology we can research all the facts for ourselves. Simply believing concepts that sound good without looking at all sides is just intellectual laziness. Quite often a subconscious fear of being wrong.

We hear of the Khazarian mafia. Does everyone really understand this? In the Bible they were hinted at as those who call themselves Jews but are of the synagogue of Satan. These false Jews adapted Judaism, they weren't born as Jews by blood.

The basic tenet of Judaism is that God banished them to be a wandering people, sent out into the world to do good. And that is why having a homeland is controversial. But the false Jew became the Zionists who got hold of banking and funded the World Wars and had as their quest to conquer Jerusalem as the future throne of the AntiChrist. Rothschild owns 80% of Israel and are busy rebuilding the temples of prophecy.

Yes Jews died in world war II... But it was the false Jew, AshkeNAZI zionist who decided they needed to kill off the true blood Jews who knew of the wolves in wool. That is the key to the deception that continues to sew the same divisions on Earth today. The German Jew was the Nazi. Rothschild was a German Jew banker. His son's ran banking in all the European countries that funded WW2. The city of London's contract law is a talmudic babylonian system dating back to 1066, whereby admiralty law and the uniform commercial code raised its devious heads.

We have all been tricked by satanic underground religions infiltrating all other religions including Catholicism, Christianity, Islam and even science. Only by understanding the hijacking of institutions by the blood ritualists that have risen throughout the ages as cannanite, Hittite, Edomite, Khazarian, can we understand and seperate peace loving people from the diabolical. We don't hate each other we are just tricked into fighting.

If I let you take two everyone will want two...hey do me a favor
and run over to Mr. Free thinking unicorn and tell him the boats leaving in an hour....

Sometimes I am funny, or sarcastic, or even angry in my humor, and other times I couch my anger in incredulous dismay at how people cower behind all the well worn lies. Always rallying behind cheerleaders without properly vetting the person or the cheer. The church or the prayer.

Almost everything as each generation passes is sewing division, dividing and conquering. For example gangsta rap was purposefully created to make a new generation of violent and bling minded youth to create the slaves for the private prison industry. Convincing young men that drugs, sex, materialism was well worth the criminality.

Meanwhile on every other front including public school, the doctrine was creating perpetual adolescence. Vilifying parents and leaving no one to see as wise but the banker run government. Featuring traumatic events such as columbine that are generally not organic at all-- but developed in think tanks such as Tavistock, and funded by those bankers and top syndicates. Evil is good at being evil.

Why was splintering families from Mom and Dad so important to their agenda?

To make sure people remained a resource that could be easily molded into slaves.

But when the internet arrived the elite fell behind quickly and it became a race between the secret agenda and the grand awakening.

The internet really made it more necessary than ever to heap chaos and confusion on top of chaos and confusion because after all, we really do share this globe that is getting smaller all the time. We out number them and our personal desires for a decent holistic life is trumping their bad seeding of materialism and sadism.

Almost all of us grew up wanting the freedom of wealth to realize the dreams we saw elite stars enjoying and this investment promised us we would have so much abundance that not only could we live that life but we could prove to the selfish ones that we are of higher mind and will share wealth for the good of all.

And I believe we will. Most of us are wired to share. Even though a certain degree of criminality has been sewn into a small percentage of the population most people by far are decent good natured live and let live beings.

But absolute belief systems are very dangerous. Especially when so many lies are still in the darkness awaiting true light. We have been given hints of so much more including the idea that there are other life forms above and below which may be the key to our very DNA.

I began this essay by saying we don't know the life in another person's shoes and how billions had it worse and did better with less, and how I myself tried to use my own personal experiences to tie a rope to truth.

I have had enough things happen to me as to make me cynical, skeptical, angry... and I know that side of me gets out of balance. Because I see that there is a beginning, middle and end to deception and when I see the con artistry enduring---- playing brand new games with fresh wool to pull over eyes I scarcely want to join hands and sing the songs that further distract from reality.

Yes, love matters but so does the other emotions. Anger matters. Without anger at sin, sin becomes the norm. I don't believe in hate, I believe in anger. I believe when a certain mafia is seen to be the lead mafia-- the best conartists of them all, I do not hate them... I am angry that they continue to rewrite the script and get away with the mind games yet again.

I don't love them, I don't hate them... I will gladly embrace them when the light has made it impossible for them to get away with their old game. Sociopaths and psychopaths are mentally ill. Loving them is not the answer. But assisting in their containment is best for all and of an urgent nature.

Protecting society from them is the answer, and no... anger doesn't help with that. Understanding the nature of the predator is what is necessary and containing it is how we show love to ourselves and society. A parent protects.

If I suddenly have the wealth to feed and house the poor, I will. If I suddenly have the wealth to realize personal dreams I will. But I have spent the last couple decades in this war for truth and quite frankly it has taken its toll on me and that part of my life I choose to surrender in a let go and let God way.

And I apologize for the anger and bitterness that has punctuated my efforts to educate and hold us as people to a higher standard of awareness. It truly is all about balance and I have been out of balance at times.

But never assume enlightenment means to me what it means to you. My version doesn't punch out and go home early. I am very ready for inner peace. But still on guard.

My song makes the attempt to explain how my heart feels whereas my essay attempts to help people hold the line against the gamers.




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