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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"I have a Magnificent Piece" by KJG - 5.30.17

Entry Submitted by KJG at 4:06 PM EDT on May 30, 2017

I ask you three questions.

Before I ask you these three questions I’d like to tell you about my ancestry and why many of us are a part of this great Event to come.

To date…685 of my great grandfathers have been Kings, Pharaohs, Holy Roman Emperors and Emperors of the Tang Dynasty in China.

I AM related as cousins to every president in the history of America, but Donald Trump who is my 10th great aunt’s niece’s ex-husband. This means every president in the history of America share my great grandparents.

I AM related to every vice-president in the history of America.

I AM related to 8 incarnations of Saint Germain including Sir Francis Bacon, Comte de Saint-Germain, Merlin and Christopher Columbus.

There are four great documents written by man: The Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution, The Magna Carta, and The Mayflower Compact.

I AM related to every person who signed The Declaration of Independence, and The U.S. Constitution. All share my same great grandparents.

I AM related to all 25 people who were Surety of the Magna Carta….19 of the 25 Surety’s were my great grandfathers, and the other six were my great uncles.

The Mayflower had 89 passengers and crew….I am related to 71 of them: John Alden, Capt. Myles Standish, William Bradford Governor of Plymouth Colony, just to name a few.

I am related to all five men who created the Templar Knights; all five are my great uncles, and the first 37 Templars in were my family, 15 are my great grandfathers. I AM also cousins to every Grand Master in the Freemasons of England and Scotland. King James who gave us the Holy Bible is my 6th cousin.

First question, who are we who are being blessed with the Treasure of Christ?

You are part of the 144,000 ascended masters who were to come to change this world and bring back the Christ-Light. You are I AM that, I AM. When you can associate with all you see as I AM, you can change it. As long as you insert disharmony and discord to what you're seeing you are helping to create it. If you see a house, or a tree, or a cloud, you say knowingly, “I AM that, I AM.” Since each of us is God individualized we must look out to all we see and acknowledge this. “I see a flower. I am that.” God is good and God is magnificent and what you see suddenly reveals all as good and magnificent. When you acknowledge victory over the disharmony then you have rightfully sent God in Action to produce that perfect harmony and your vision changes and dissolves the illusion. I hope you all see this simple truth. From the time of Jesus, we've missed it because of our sense-seeing eyes have bound us to the illusion of form and things. No man hath seen God at any time and man is created in God’s image, exact duplicates of kind. So, no man had ever seen man until Jesus of Nazareth saw man. Man is a being of light. I AM that, I AM.

Everything that you see is an image of Light. I AM that. I AM Light. I AM a being of Light. I AM that, I AM. The cones and rods that make up the retina of your eyes convert light into image. If man was not light, the retinas could not convert man into an image, which we see as form. So man is easily understood to be light. The food that you eat is light. The water you drink is light. The trees, flowers, clouds, houses, worms and birds and everything visible is light; or you could not see them. And, being light, you who are light and the image of God must say from your spirit, “I AM that, I AM.” And, saying it from your spirit it changes to perfection and harmony of the Christ-Light.

From now on ask yourself from where you are speaking. Are you speaking from a reaction to the illusion that you are witnessing in this 3rd dimensional world anticipating the GCR, or are you speaking as the Light being that you are, and as a divine being created to bring heaven on earth and raise the vibration of mankind with your inner knowingness? I AM that, I AM.

Second question, what are we waiting for?

I have spent my 64 plus years walking around being the consciousness of Kenneth James Goodrich with all of his frailties, limitations, fears, hatreds, weaknesses and pains. Kenneth James Goodrich’s energy, his character, his essence, his qualities and his nature were all that motivated me. And, tomorrow, if I awaken with the consciousness that I am Kenneth James Goodrich, then that is all that I shall be. What a shame that is not to allow myself to evolve and become who I truly am, who you truly are.

When God spoke to Moses from the burning bush, he said to him as a matter of fact, “I am that, I am.” Nothing has changed in all these years but one thing is clear. We are to change our consciousness because we are laying claim to the Treasury of Christ. Our individual Higher Mental Body’s have orchestrated our lives and led us to this point in time. We’re soon to be living angels as Yosef explained to us. I cannot be that with the consciousness of Kenneth James Goodrich because he has too many limitations and too many programmed prejudices and personal desires.

When we look into the mirror we all know the truth that our sense-seeing eyes have bound us to the illusion of form and things. We know that man is the creation, he is not the form and that man was made duplicates of kind in God’s exact image. God is light and everything we see and know is God manifest, including us. If man were not light beings then the cones and rods that make up our retinas and convert light into image for us to behold could not convert us to be seen as an image with form.
We must all, now, immediately and without further hesitation begin to say to ourselves with a divine knowingness, “I am…I AM.” When you begin to do this you will begin absorbing and assimilating all of the qualities, character, essence and nature of our Creator God. You will begin demonstrating to the exact degree that which you have been able to become conscious of. It is worth it if you would love divine healing along but the joy and love you will be enveloped with is without measure. The radiation of good would go out from your being and cause evil and corruption to loop back upon themselves.

Then, when you have had time to feel good about all of the abundance God has brought into your life, you can begin making angelic decisions. When you begin saying, “I am…I AM.” You will begin receiving the contagion of angelic thought, where there is no disharmony, discord, or limitation and disease. Joy will follow you wherever you go. That is how important this message is.

Do not for one moment of time think that the cabal who control every aspect of media; news, publications, sports, music, art, etc. ,do not know who you truly are at your core being. They know you desperately and tremble at your awakening. If one person, who knew who he was, Jesus Christ turned the world upside down; what shall happen to this world when we all begin to come into the knowledge of our divine wisdom and consciousness? We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. I am here. I am there. I am in control and producing harmony and perfection everywhere.

‘I AM’ is the name of God, ‘I AM’ is God-in-action and ‘I AM’ is the means given to you and everyone to identify their own existence. I AM here, I AM aware of myself, I AM a fully Conscious Being! ‘I AM’ is the means to draw forth into expression, experience, and manifestation all that you desire by what you place your attention upon after the words ‘I AM’ in thought, vision, feeling, words, actions, deed, for these are the principles of self expression.

We are beings of Light. What is our divine inheritance? God is Light. Whatever is of the Light is our divine inheritance. You think our inheritance is land and money and such but that is of the illusion. The Light’s qualities are all of magnificence and radiates such as love, harmony and joy. Light can image itself as anything it wants to in manifest world of 3rd dimension. What you say, “I AM” too is what you will create as your reality. If the Light of I AM is manifesting in your world as the RV, or Global Currency Reset, then it is your divine inheritance for all that manifest is of the Light.
We must get it in our heads that we are all of God's divine attributes in the spot where we are standing. To get its benefit more fully, you've got to be aware of the qualities at hand. You were made in God's image, so if you did not bring the essence, nature, qualities, and character of God with you, you will not find it on your journey. This is a life of awakening. I AM the Love of Light. I AM.

Third question, and most important to you, who is responsible for bringing heaven on earth?

You are the only person whose consciousness you know. You’re not even sure if anyone else truly exists because you are living in an illusion of form and things. When you say, “I AM” you place the God of your being in the spot of your attention and give God orders which he promised to obey for your law of life. Whatever follows is absolutely your own fault for if you spoke negative words to qualify the action of the “I AM”, you have no one to blame. The worse part of this truth is the powers that be will never allow mankind to teach this to students in schools. You can only learn this truth from enlightened people. When you learn that you are God in human form and that each day you say the Name of God, and the Command of God in the same breath, “I AM” to create the world you live in, which will surround you with whatever you’ve placed your focus on. Remember, energy flows where attention goes. You’re that powerful as beings of light. So, you must realize at your enlightening that you evolve to be part of the 1st Battalion Light Warriors of the I AM COMMAND. The Christ-Light will eventually radiate from you so magnificently that whenever evil or corrupt people come near you, their corruption will loop back upon them. This is how our country will be free because our Christ-Light will annihilate anything that is not unlike itself. America is the Crystal Cup that holds the Christ-Light for the entire planet and the name AMERICA is a word that belongs to the “Great I AM.” That’s very important that it’s a word that belongs to God. The very word AMERICA screams to explain to Americans just who they truly are. The anagram of the word AMERICA is I AM RACE. There is no coincidences in life, no accidents, no chance happenings. You Americans who do not know what you’re doing here in this country have simply come home to where true peace was last known to exist on earth. So, as warriors for the Great I AM, and imbued with power to speak God’s Name and God’s Command, I ask you who is responsible for bringing heaven on earth?

Like me, you should quickly say, “I AM.”

Kenneth James Goodrich, 1st Battalion Light Warrior of The I AM COMMAND.

I AM Americ'a Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory, and her Light blazes to the annihilation of all else forever.

America! America! My blessed I AM Country! The Light of God that
never fails. America! Tis Thee. America! America! The Cup that holds the
Christ-Light that will light the planet wide. America, my love for thee, let
her freedom reign without divide.

Kenneth J. Goodrich



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