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Monday, May 22, 2017

"How you Understand Love Depends on your Distortions" by Victor - 5.22.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 9:04 PM EDT on May 22, 2017

Recently I have been talking about the levels of consciousness and how ...."where you are"...... determines how you see the world. How you see the world and the meaning you give to it depends on the levels of distortions you have. Distortions means how far are you removed in your separation in duality from Source, or.......INFINITE LOVE. The more "Distorted" ( the more lack beliefs you still have) you are in your understanding or the more removed your knowledge of INFINITE LOVE is or the more ...."Distorted".... your world view is.

If you are an terrorist of sorts, in your world view, you may put great meaning into blowing yourself up for Your God. This would be your ......"distorted meaning"........according to your level of "consciousness". You would consider that act very Loving while others would see it a not loving at all. Yet from the level of distortion or the understanding from that "terrorist level", it was a loving act that was committed by that person for...... "THEIR......" highest good, as they understood it. That act served them, They where doing it to help themselves. No one ever commits an act at their level that goes against what they perceive to be their own personal highest good...........This means that everyone is acting in complete (subjective) Love for/from their own level of consciousness.

So when the kimono dragon bites your head off, or the cabal commits their evil acts, they are doing it out of the only LOVE that they know or have. They are Operating out of a level of consciousness, a level created out of ......"chosen" .....distortions away from Source. At Source there are no distortions since all is one, and all that exists is a.........SINGULARITY.

This is all about who you are in evolution of a "Soul". Therefore the understanding and the experience you have about what ......"LOVE".......is/means, depends on your level of consciousness. Since every level that exist is only operating out of the highest understanding that it has, ......everyone...... is Operating out of the only Love that they know or the only "meanings" of love that they have. So, you could say in that context there is no....." Sin"......since they know not what they do, since they can NOT see,..... "CAN NOT BE" ......above what they are.

So when you blow yourself up and kill many people you think you are committing a Loving act, or may be even doing......"gods work"........as you understand it. At that particular level of distortion (consciousness) the True understanding of LOVE is far removed from Sources, which is unlimited, Infinite Being of Love. The level of Love at Source would be at an......" Infinite level".... or off the charts, unmeasurable ......."LOVE".......

For example: if you used a scale of mans consciousness in 3rd Density and created a measurement chart of having a scale of 1-1000..........where 4d would be over 1000. So that person who has these ......"distortions".......as a terrorist that blows himself up and may have a level of understanding of Love that only registers at a 40, on a measurable scale of 1-1,000. They would have a great deal of "distortions" or separation from Source at their level of consciousness.

So each level sees Love, defines love, knows love or understands, and expressed Love completely differently. How love is perceived is subjectively "real" and different for each level of consciousness or level of distortions. Therefore each level will only be able to really know what Love is, at their own or lower levels. How could they really know what it is like at level of Consciousness above them?........they can't. So this adds a certain context and explains how everyone is always acting out of Love. This context adds benevolence when we speak about LOVE.......Because everyone is as they understand it, acting out of Love.

Then when the "average" American who is petting his dog when the bomb goes off.......is Now the recipient of this perceived act of love, from a very distorted view point and understanding of Love, will be at ....."another level of consciousness". The person petting the dog may have less distortions and may have a consciousness level in the example of 350. They will view Love completely different, where to them blowing anything up is not loving at all. They will know that the dogs wagging tail is the energy level of Love. That person who did the blowing up had a completely different perception of that same dog also and to them it may even be food source.

So LOVE is all about energy and also about POWER. Infinite Love is also infinite power. The infinite Love of Source built an infinite Universe out of that infinite power. It did that with ......"no distortions". We as we know the power of Love, can also likewise only build or create out of the power or the love that we have or that we are at. So when we lived under the cabal we had little power and could build very little. As the Universe expands and as our Lack is removed through the RV, we will know and have more power to create.

We will be able to experience that power as the Lack falls away and the RV manifest. This Power and this Love will be one and the same. It is the building block of the Universe. It is eternal and it is a part of Source itself. So the distortions of each level are really only chosen effects of limitations so that we can experience what we are NOT.......also...... So we can know what "lack" is like. What something that can not exist is like.(lack) So we can know something that we really are not, since ALL is made out of Infinite Love.

The effects of these "distortions" are only a .....non-existence "effect",...... that allow the game of duality to be played so that we who are....."LOVE"........know " Source" from every viewpoint of consciousness or level of ....."distortion"...... So Source can experience what does not exist, which is anything outside of LOVE......or Itself. Such is LOVE.

Much Love Victor



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