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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"Hope for the Best" - Peoples Dinar News Discussion 5-31-17

Peoples Dinar

Good Morning, Everyone, lots of news, please know I am here to help,

I want to encourage, each of you, to have your affairs in order, when I say that, I mean, Trust, tax strategies, investment, opportunities, Ugh,,What bank do I trust?

Answer the Question, What am I going to do, with my new found wealth?

Seems foolish, to some, but if proper planning is not taken seriously, your wealth will soon disappear.

We are actually going to work on our Trust, again today, just to be sure. A lot has changed in the last 8-9 years. some I thought were friends, gosh they disappeared.

Oh well, I just got a good feeling about things to come, might not hurt to be sure. Have a Fantastic Day!

Pacificpalm: Just asking if possible for a brief bullet point type post on some of these things you mentioned such as trust, tax strategies et al. Thank you Dave (NOT SKEERED!!!)

KJWayne: Have a plan ! That part is simple ,BUT, is it the right plan for you.? ! Of all the tax attorneys that I have spoken to, I have NOT got a clear answer yet as to this investment being "capital Gains or ordinary income" situation.

They all say that they would have to get a RULING from the IRS on this Now I'm NOT an attorney nor do I know about Tax law but NIETHER do they about this situation.

So be ware and keep asking for info because it does effect YOU ! I would love to have the problem of asking the IRS for a ruling and then RUN to the bank of choice . Ya'll have a great day and "GET READY " !


MrsClassy: Iraqi stock exchange shuts down

31/05/2017 Economy News Baghdad: Trading market Iraq stock exchange finance "Bourse" at the last session of the month of May now shares exceeded the number more than 600 million shares in while register index prices lower during the trading.

He said the Executive Director for the market in an interview for"the economy News", that "the number of shares traded during a session today and is the last session in the month of May of the current year reached 636,554,890 shares worth amounted to 429,076,586 dinars.".

Added Abdul Salam to "index price ISX 60 close at a session today on (591.44) low point by (0.07%) About to close at the session preceding the adult (591.87) points in trading while during a session today shares (41) company of origin (101) a company listed in the marketplace".

And assured Abdul Salam that "no number still companies stalled the decision of the financial papers of non commitment to help financial disclosure (13) company", stating that "the number of shares purchased from investors but Iraqis (37,439) million shares worth hit (44,892) million dinars from during implementation (49) bargain on shares (7) companies,

either the number Stocks sold by investors not Iraqis bringing (189) million shares worth hit (138,210) million dinars from during implementation (76) bargain on shares of two companies".

oasorcire33: I sure hope thats a good thing

Junipermoon: Doesn't mean a thing, wish it did...

Thepreacherman2017: Put your RV goggles on and read it again! Lol

Faith works: It May be time to reset in order to comply with the new acceptable currency and rate. It is coming, just get ready and be in position for a shock.

MrsClassy: The dollar hit a new decline in local markets

US dollar decline in the domestic market price continued on Wednesday (May 31, 2017).
Stock struggle - Baghdad 123.900, while the prices for the day on Tuesday 124.300.

Buying and selling prices in the banking shops

selling the dollar = 124.250 dinars price.

Purchase price of the dollar = 123.250 dinars.


Thepreacherman2017: Oh yeah I like the continual decline! It's a gradual enrichment for Dinarians! Plus this is several days in a row! Kinda like what XChange of America said would happen!!!!! Keep going!!!! its the RV in slow motion!!!RV NOW!!!

Jacktt: Yes! I'll take slow motion as as long as it keeps declining!!

MrsClassy: The delegation of Iraq to begin negotiations with the International Monetary Fund

31/05/2017 The economy News of Baghdad: Starting today the Iraqi delegationheaded by the Minister of finance AbdulRazak Al Essa, his negotiations in the capital of Jordan , Oman with Monetary Fund International to completenegotiations on an agreement of cooperation which credit signed by Iraqin the year 2015..

He said a Government sourcefor"economy News", that "the Iraqidelegation which includes a number ofprominent officials , Minister of financeAbdul Razzaq Alissa Governor Central Bank on relationship and financial adviser to the President of the Council of Ministers the appearance ofMohamed Saleh begins today his negotiations with the Monetary Fund and the World Bank on the international Convention oncooperation Of credit which Iraq signed in the year 2015.".

Added the source who preferred not todisclose about his name, that "Monetary Fund International praisedthe policy of Iraq 's economic duringthe past two years in all meetings lastespecially in case of maintenance onforeign reserve of the Central Bank ",adding that " Monetary Fund International rejected any idea to floatthe dinar Iraqi people becauseEconomic crisis that faced the countrywhich affect the poor".

He was Chancellor of the financial head of Council of Ministers, the appearance of Mohamed Saleh, 8 May 2017,asserted that Iraq will happen duringthe current year to 3 billion dollars ofcash fund and international bank and international industrial States seven.


Thepreacherman2017: I agree with this, we'd rather it be a quick RV because we're poor and need it NOW!!!!!

adding that " Monetary Fund International rejected any idea to floatthe dinar Iraqi people becauseEconomic crisis that faced the countrywhich affect the poor".

Sickpunk: Call J.G Wentworth... 877-CASH-NOW

Rockin’RV: I sure hope they negotiate to $3.22 plus 20% for inflation!

Beachrider: So at the current rate of change over the past 3 days how long before it gets to 1 to 1. I'm too busy to stop and figure it out right now.

Futuremoney: 3.5 years...ugh

All sounds good hope for the best

​Kjwayne: " I " still believe the rate will change and START out at 1 to 1 ,like we have been told for some time. BUT, I say BUT, I also believe that by the time WE get to our banks, the rate will have gone up ! That is how much pressure is on IRAQ and what comes next ! IMO> .

I hope that MY FRIEND ,JOHN, that got me in this ,rests in heaven for we lost him Saturday am with his health issues. I got another angel up there looking out for me . I HOPE !

Waitin4it: Beachrider, the quick answer is.....too dang long! Besides, that kind of math is hard like concrete. At least it moving in the right direction! And we wait -- Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

Foosue: Kjwayne, sorry for your loss. We've lost a lot of friends since we all started this journey, folks we were hoping to share our new lives with. We're very lucky to have so many angles looking out for us.

Noeta: I'll take any increase as a good sign but we remain, in faith, that in the near future we will see what we've been waiting for.




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