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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Historic Overview - Global Crystal Reset (GCR)

Re-posted (5-21-17 at 11:11 PM EDT) by request of Yosef. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Historic Overview - Global Crystal Reset (GCR)

A comprehensive historic, religious, scientific and spiritual review of the on-going Global Currency Reset (GCR).


Do some research and you'll discover the word money actually ​originates ​from the Latin word "Moneta," which ​also ​happens to be the surname of the Roman admonishing divine feminine ​goddess Juno, in or near whose temple Roman society was taught to worship. So when ​​precious metal coin​s wereworship​ed in her honor​ (gold, silver) and were ​replaced by paper forms of​ worship (​bills, ​notes, bonds)​, all​ modern legal tender was in essence worshiping the Holy Roman ​See.

Ironically, the word ​currency also emanates from a Latin word,"currere" which means “to run.” So basically, The Vatican has us all still running around worshipping at the alter of Juno (also known as ancient Egyptian goddess ​ISIS… hmmm​, perhaps another subject for future research​) which began back ​with the Babylonian priests who actually practiced an ancient mystical religion known as "Kabbalah," which also not-so-ironically is the root Latin word for, yep you guessed it... "cabal."

More research tells us ​the word ​Catholicism comes from a Latin root word "catholicus," meaning "on the whole​​" and "according to the whole or in general." Now to be considered Catholic​, one agrees to surrender and accept that Jesus Christ was indeed the Messiah through baptism, and thus become part of the "universal church​,​ ​"which literally means Catholic. Living a Catholic life is supposedly based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ through the religious control of the Holy Roman See, specifically the Pope, who is divinely selected by a College of Cardinals.

I say supposedly because the bible says Jesus Christ overturned the tables of the money changers inside of their temples during his lifetime, so how can the same Roman Church promote​ the concept of worshiping Jesus Christ when their own Vatican Bank worships at the alter of Juno/Isis? Folks, something just ain't right about th​is financial contradiction because the bible states clearly in Mathew 6:24: “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money." Clearly Rome has done both for centuries.

So which is it Pope Francis, Christ or Money? Because applying even the most simplistic logic, one cannot serve both. And why seemingly out of nowhere is the Vatican Astronomer suddenly acknowledging alien life? What on God's green earth is going on in Rome? What are they really hiding and why? Perhaps the below links can help ​shed light of why, even to this day, ​what happens in ​side​ The ​Vatican ​walls i​s​ so incredibly ​significant, important and historic to human history​:







Global Currency Reset or Global Christ Reset?

Jesus Christ in His purest form was a gifted teacher (Rabbi) and human messenger, delivering higher consciousness truths at a time wen humanity desperately needed it. But the physical existence of Jesus felt lovingly agape to those near Him, and thus was perhaps both earthly and heavenly in the same lifetime?

Think about it, to this day all who reflect upon the story of Jesus Christ's existence, physical and spiritual, can still feel His lingering energetic presence on the surface of the earth. No doubt Christ was a lighting bolt of controversy, then and now… and like a bolt of lightning, this Master Teacher's life was also energetic jolt of mercy strategically placed in Bethlehem to change the energetic flow or current (currency) for all mankind moving forward.

Certainly, Christ was a beacon of light, love and truth throughout His lifetime, a bridge of consciousness, encouraging all of humanity to become more loving and returning to a sacred place where Creator Source energy is dominant. Jesus' physical presence was spiritual in nature, as all who heard Him speak found themselves returning to a more loving vibrational frequency within themselves--by default.

Taking a more scientific approach, one must consider that it takes two unified requirements to complete an electric circuit (Alternative Current or AC & Direct Current or DC), and when they are harmonious, a current or charge flows through them. It is easy then to replace the word current with currency to understand that the Sovereign Elders are reconnecting the electrical circuit of value through the ground wire standard of gold (which has it's own very unique energetic frequency and properties). All of t his means something is happening to the financial system, whereby the wires are being changed in order to complete a lost connection, and return that harmonious flow of current.

Historically it has been recorded that whenever Jesus Christ would physically enter a dwelling, village or nation, His sheer vibrational presence would literally changed the energetic composition of whomever He encountered. Christ had a unique crystallized energy flow never experienced before on the planet, on both an earth plane (energy) and spiritual plane (love). He had an energetic currency about Him, one that could literally recalibrate people's physical bodies and heal their ailments.

What many don't understand about the actual name Christ, is that it comes from the Latin root word "crystallum," which translated to English means crystal, and shortened actually means Christ. Now we all are somewhat aware that crystals have been long used by the indigenous healers of the world to energetically mend human beings back to pure organic composition. It does make one wonder about whether Jesus Christ was actually a living, breathing crystal, that allowed the precise or original vibration/intention/power of God to flow (i.e. Creator Source Energy). This is why there is power in speaking the name Jesus Christ… because translated it literally mean energetic power by definition.

What Christians believe is that Christ was in fact the once in an era bridge (aka Messiah) that completed a natural and loving flow of divine source energy from Heaven (DC) to Earth (AC). And that Jesus Christ organically brought with Him a divine vibrational truth that served to reconnect and recalibrate humanity back to its divine sacred spiritual energy. Is this true? Well, that's for everyone to decide on their own, but this is why Christians are also referred to as Believers because they believe Jesus Christ was--and still is--a sacred bridge from Heaven to Earth. And only Christ could save or rescue humanity form its dark, oppressive and enslaved state of being.

Certainly its a theory worth serious discussion and contemplation, but just knowing this information should at the very least re-enforce the dramatic nature of the upcoming Global Currency Reset. A few deeper questions to ask if you're curious, is whether or not this event is truly unprecedented or perhaps just history repeating itself in a new form, like when money went from metal coins to paper bill? And also, who am I worshiping in the process… some ancient Roman/Babylonian goddess or the Creator Source of all Energy (i.e. God)?

So before running into one of the 5,000+ US Exchange Locations to redeem your foreign currency (meaning to run), perhaps its wise to stop for a moment and ask yourself: Am I experiencing a Global Currency or Global Christ Reset? And better yet, are they the exact same thing? And perhaps just maybe this is what the author of the bible is talking about when it mentions a second coming of Jesus Christ and apocalyptic End of Days?

This information is worthy of your discernment, and these above suggested questions certainly good food for thought, as all shall soon know the truth soon, hopefully anyway, so we can finally be exposed to how and why these Heavenly blessings are now to be received and disbursed out to the masses here on Earth.

Be at peace for all is well.

God is with us



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