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Sunday, May 7, 2017

"Harmony and Victor, Thank you for your Insights" by C40 - 5.7.17

Entry Submitted by Compassion4Others at 1:31 PM EDT on May 7, 2017

"Re: Venezuelan's are Starving to Death" by C40 - 5.6.17

Per my recent post above, I received 2 responses. The first was from Victor and the second from Harmony. I want to thank each of you for taking the time to respond and share your thoughts al be it in 2 very different ways.


Harmony, thank you for the loving way you reached out to me with YOUR TRUTH and wished me well. Your kind way of explaining you concept of timelines and how you believe we can lovingly help others was very genuine.

I could feel it and it made me want to learn more in the hope that YOUR TRUTH is real. Thank you for that and your kindness towards me. This is how you REACH people rather that PREACH to people. You do it through gentle kindness and palpable love. Something I am still working on….


Victor on the other hand, has taken great pleasure in responding to several of my posts with his placing himself on a higher level of consciousness while using words that do not match up with his reality. His posts are very educational but lacking in nuturing instructions like Harmony.

First let me say, this person has a brilliant mind and a way with words that allows him to express his thoughts in a way that mirrors another poster in DC, Yosef.

These 2 men are at the top of the INTELLECTUAL hill in DC via their ability to paint pictures with their words but at the bottom of the BENEVOLENCE hill that is of more importance to me that their words.

They know all of the answers for THEIR TRUTH and have no problem using words that insult rather than build. Words and phrasing that lacks the kindness and palpable love that Harmony showed to me on the same topic about the same story.

Unfortunately, I am much more like Victor than I care to admit. I have yet to master what Harmony already has. I, like Victor, lash out and take cheap shots rather than staying above it and educating with kindness. I am still very much a work in progress. These interactions allow me to try to put action behind my desire to be a better person that comes from a kinder place when I find myself in opposition to others.


With that said, both Harmony and Victor talk about ascension and timelines none of which I can see or comprehend as I have just recently been introduced to this new age religion. And that is exactly what it is, a Religion. Set rules and concepts of HOW THINGS ARE, that are mimicked by all members or followers of said concept, is a Religion.

I must say I like the core principles of this NEW AGE RELIGION much more than the other religions that have their set doctrine based on HUMAN MANIPULATION of biblical texts, some they kept, some they threw out, some they rewrote but all of it a human creation.

This new age religion has very little of that and is why it has drawn so many disgruntle EX-RELIGIOUS types to it. Pure Love without the BS, sounds good to me.


Victors very informative post is worth reading. For me, it is most certainly worth considering minus the insults, of course.

My post was not directed towards a named source. It was a differing statement of where I am in my 3D journey and how I feel about people demanding that all of us can not post about real world events that are negative. I simply stated that people expecting me to see THEIR REALITY and throw away mine were asking something of me that they would reject if I were to ask them to do the same.

I simply stated that I don’t see what they see and that MY TRUTH was to continue what I have done for the past 20 years which is fight to inform others about the DARK in this world. I did this without ever expecting to CASH IN on it with Zim Notes etc etc.

That has been my TRUTH.

Once people read my TRUTH, harmony came back with love and insights. Victor came back with condescension and rebuke mixed in with his TRUTH.


Victor left no room for error. His way was the right way, there is no other way. No room for discussion.

What he continues to forget each time he posts, is that his TRUTH(that he admits he just found out about recently) is not any different to others standing behind him that are ready to lecture me about THEIR TRUTHS like a Catholic, Baptist, Muslim or a Buddhist.

After Victors scolding me for being in LACK and staying in LACK because I was so naïve and self-absorbed, the Catholic could have then taken me to task and told me his TRUTH that I need to take my problems to the mother Mary and go to confession. These rebukes could have been followed by every other religion or belief system in the world.

In each of their minds, they could pass a polygraph stating that their TRUTH is the REAL TRUTH. But that doesn’t make it my TRUTH. I have to get there on my own through evaluation, discernment and time to asses it.

Harmony understands that the best way to get me there is not with TIMELINES or via a ASCENDED MASTER but through kindness and love. Victor is still using the old outdated way used by the Roman Catholic Church which entails demeaning the humanity in each person and breaking their will until they see things your way. No love, just brute force of will and dogma.


With that said, I have time to figure this all out because I am eternal. If I don’t ascend or if I stay in lack, I still win. If I am not ready to move into this place called 5D that others aspire to because I have no resolved my issues of lack, that is fine. That is just the way it is.

My creator is still my foundation and who I go to in this 3D mess called life. I don’t need any of these so called “ascended masters” that I don’t know to suddenly take a place in my belief system when I have no Idea who or what they are. I have my creator for that……

I have seen video and post after post from people saying they channeled Jesus who they now call Sananda. Who?

This means nothing to me….does not resonate with me. All of these Ascended Masters have been given STATUS as someone I need to listen to and abide by and allow into my thoughts and consciousness.


Because someone I don’t know has told me that theses “higher beings” who do not exist in this 3D realm told them so?

Sorry, if these “entities” are who they say they are, they WORK FOR MY GUY. Why would I want to go to a mid level contact when I can go straight to the top?

My creator is who I go to when I am in doubt or when I am in joy. Not CHANNELED entities that I have never heard of more less believe are real. Oops, there is that lack thing again.

I would rather LACK and use my god given senses than take other STRANGERS opinions over my own. Or open myself up to entities that have the ability to be ANYTHING or ANYONE they want to project. Wow, yeah until I know what I am getting into, I would be best advised not to interact with beings with this kind of powers….right?

So, I have no more need to communicate in the same vain that I have no need to pray to the MOTHER MARY like the Catholics do.

I go straight to the SOURCE. THE SOURCE.

In closing, this is MY TRUTH. Right or wrong, I will stay in my truth while I evaluate Victor’s TRUTH and Harmony’s TRUTH. As each bit of information reveals its TRUTH, I will try to discern it and make it my own.

That is all any of us can do. But what I am learning is that LOVE trumps all other TRUTHS. Mixing genuine heartfelt love into any of our interactions is the greatest way to spread our HOPES for others and this world.

Staying in LOVE no matter the insults that are thrown at you……wow, I want that. That resonates with me. I hope to get there and plan to do so.

Best wishes to all of you!




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