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Thursday, May 25, 2017

"Gurus: Please Don't Feed the Animals" by C40 - 5.25.17

Entry Submitted by Compassion4Others at 1:49 PM EDT on May 25, 2017

"Shadows" - Geopolitical Overview - Wednesday - May 24, 2017

Please Don’t Feed the Animals

Yesterday, Yosef shared his “Shadows” post and stated his true feelings about providing further intel reports, “I've been asked to continue posting for the sake of people's sanity in Dinarland. Know that I no longer enjoy doing these--haven't for awhile but was trying to finish strong.”

I, for one, felt the palpable disappointment and his genuine remorse that his intel has not become a reality. He summed it up with these few words, “…there's no joy in telling people why they are still suffering versus when it will end.”

His ability to be raw and share these thoughts is honest and it is human. There is no way any caring person can not feel for Yosef especially knowing the immense time and effort he has put into gathering his intel, forming his thoughts and then, putting pen to paper so he can share them with us day after day after day.


Which brings me back to the title for this post, Don’t Feed the Animals.

Dinar Land is full of Lightworkers. What kind of life have Lightworkers had? Tough lives. Life’s that entailed loss, lack and disappointment.

We have all struggled for so long in this 3D world that we are looking for HOPE at every turn. Due to our existence of living in LACK, we are drawn to each NEW POST from the likes of Yosef and OWK.


We are starving for HOPE in the same way wild Animals may be starving for FOOD.

For those of us that have visited National Parks, we have all seen the signs that say “Don’t feed the animals”. Some take the warning seriously while others refuse to see the harm in throwing out nuts for the chipmunks and sandwiches for the bears.

As we can all understand, those animals quickly realize that it is a lot easier and quicker to go where the FREE FOOD is being given out than going about their daily routine to find food on their own.


The same is true hear in Dinarland.

How many of us have stopped living our lives because we live in constant EXPECTATION because, like those wild animals, we expect to be given something?

How many of us have relied on the Posts of Yosef and OWK as our “FREE FOOD” rather living our lives and taking responsibility for the daily work and chores we need to do on our own to pay our bills and stay afloat?

I personally would have a lot more incoming revenues if I had NOT LIVED IN EXPECTATION only.

Like many of you, I have EXPECTED this to happen every week, of every month of this year. Like many of you, I log on all day long living in EXPECTATION.


There is nothing wrong with following OWK’s advice of living this way, unless that is all you do.

If we all sit along the side of the road waiting for Yosef and OWK to pull up in their trucks loaded with our ONLY HOPE for food(HOPE), we are going to continue to suffer when those TRUCKS(Intel Posts) continue to be empty.

It is very kind and generous of Yosef and OWK to attempt to “FEED THE ANIMALS” , meaning us, but when their boxes of HOPE ultimately end up being empty week after week and month after month, we as a collective group become disillusioned and confused. Over time, some of the animals are able to weather the continual disappointment while others start to lash out.


What we see here in DC is the culmination of too many promises of HOPE that ultimately lead to complete disappointment. But in the end, who is responsible for this negativity?

Well, in the end, each person has to take responsibility for their own emotions, don’t we.


My suggestion to the Intel providers is not to FEED THE ANIMALS unless your boxes(intel) really has food in them. Yosef states that he has been encouraged to continue sharing daily intel posts even though he does not want to. Well, whoever is giving Yosef that advice is dead wrong in my humble opinion.

The premise of this entire post is that DAILY POSTS may be more of the problem than the solution.

As an example of 2 different methods of 2 different Intel gurus, I will refer to Yosef intel reports and Mtn Goat intel reports. As you review both, evaluate for yourself which method provides you more stress and which has a less negative impact on your vibration and mental status.


Yosef provides almost daily reports. In some instances, he will even provide 2 a day. How he finds the time or the energy to keep up this pace is beyond me. But more importantly, I don’t know why he does it. Yosef has stated himself in one of his Conference calls that he is “one of the go to guys in Hollywood” to assist screen writers who are developing scripts. He states that he has trouble writing his own original scripts but is top notch helping develop others existing screen plays. These gifts are on full display each time he writes one of his SITREPS. This man is talented.

However, as we have all learned, INTEL does not change daily or even weekly. So, why do all of this extra work to provide daily posts if nothing has really changed?

Why does he feel compelled or why are others compelling him to post when there really isn’t anything new to share.

This is text book, “FEEDING THE ANIMALS” where we all expect something but in the end, have ended up with nothing. Each time, as a result, Yosef is disappointed his sources have, once again, given him bad intel and DC suffers yet another set back.

Energy, moral and our collective Vibration drops each time this happens.


Then there is the method of Mtn Goat. This woman is abrasive to some because of her conviction that other Intel Gurus are making things up and spreading false hope.

She does not provide DAILY INTEL unless she believes there is viable reports to share. Her intel is based on WRITTEN REPORTS from 3rd parties that she goes through and provides step by step opinions in the body of each document and a summation at the end of each article.

Unlike Yosef and OWK’s secret contacts and channelings, we know where Mtn Goat is getting her intel because most of it can be found in verifiable online articles detailing what is happening and being said by real people on the ground in Iraq.

There are not promises.
There are no dates.
There are no astrological alignments that point to a date.
There are no Ascended Masters promising dates.
There are no promises.
There is no false hope.

This Intel Guru does not and will not “FEED THE ANIMALS”.

She has laid out a long list of things that MUST HAPPEN first before the DINAR will revalue. She sticks to these events and all of her intel is based on these timelines needing to occur before we will GET TO EAT.

While these reports do not provide the SHORT TERM euphoria and excitement of Yosef and OWK’s posts, in the LONG TERM, I do not suffer angst or disappointment like I do when DC’s main gurus intel fails to materialize.

Mtn Goats’ intel does not cause me to lose hope or cause me to stress because nothing was promised. My vibration is not impacted.


These are the options for THE ANIMALS here at the DC wildlife preserve.

We can sit around all day waiting by the side of the road waiting for a FREE MEAL that continues to be promised but has yet to become a reality.

Or, we can live in EXPECTATION but continue living our lives, doing our jobs or in some cases getting one while we wait for our blessing.

We can not blame Yosef for trying to FEED US because we have stopped trying to feed ourselves!

We can not blame OWK for trying to FEED US because we have stopped trying to feed ourselves!

If we believe everything they tell us, that is our fault, not theirs.

Should they stop “FEEDING THE ANIMALS” on a daily basis when they know there is nothing in the box?

That is up to them…..

You would think they would because they have been suffering at the hands of those EMPTY BOXES they have been handing out. Only time will tell…..

As for those of us sitting out by the side of the road on a daily basis waiting for them to show up to feed us, we can only blame ourselves if we have stopped living our lives and taking responsibility for our own needs and then thinking we have a right to take our frustrations out on them.

Our circumstances and disappointment will only get worse the longer we rely on OTHERS rather than OURSELVES. This is a microcosm of why the vitriol has grown in DC. People are starving based on false promises which incites greater anger and resentment.

My hope is that we can each GO BACK INTO THE WOODS and do our own work throughout the day to take care of ourselves spiritually, emotionally and physically. When we do that, there is no harm in looking forward to reading the daily posts from all of our Intel Providers.


One of the most maligned residents in the DC Wildlife preserve is constantly attacked for his slogan but he has been right all along by suggesting that we all “STAY GROUNDED”. Simply meant, find balance in your life. Ubiety should be commended not marginalized.

If we all had remained grounded and took responsibility for where we are in our lives, many of us would not be in such a desperate state that we now find ourselves today. I am guilty of this in so many ways.

I have been sitting by the side of the road for too many months. I am exhausted. It is time for me to own the leading role I played in creating the disappointment I have felt and tried to put off on Yosef and OWK when it was my doing.

I don’t have to take everything they say to heart.
I don’t have to hold them accountable.
I am in control of me.


In closing, all I would ask is for BENEVOLENCE from our Intel Gurus. WE are told over and over again, that the DC WILDLIFE, that means us, should “Do no harm”. I would hope the same applies to our Intel Gurus.

You can be wrong over and over again. I have no problem with that. Just remember the Law of Attraction is very real here in DC. If you threaten, insult and name call others, it will be coming back to you with a VENGEANCE.

We have seen that on full display and our Intel Gurus, as our leaders, need to rise above the pettiness of back and forth threats of incarceration and condemnation. If you want to be a leader, please lead through BENEVOLENCE.

Don’t PUNCH DOWN at your detractors.
It is not your job to save us.
WE are lightworkers.
WE are the toughest souls on this planet.
WE can fend for ourselves and discern truth and deception.

All I ask from our Intel Gurus is that you lead with kindness and love. Each of you put yourselves in the position to be a leader in this forum. No one asked you to do this. As such, you will have to realize that you will suffer the arrows that go along with any leader’s role.

WE can hope people will be polite but when they are not, lead us, show us how to handle them in loving 5D kindness rather than 3D condemnation and physical threats.

That is what being a leader is. If you don’t, who is doing the harm?

Best wishes,




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