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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Guest Posts Regarding Humanitarian Projects for May 2017

"The Next Big Step is here" - Guest Post by One Who Believes

Imagine your great ideas, spreading throughout the World in every country and town. This is the next step. After the Funds, come the Ideas, then comes the action. Let us utilize this information resource by both sharing our ideas there, and then implementing as many of them as we can.

Thank You Patrick for setting up this great Community Resource for us all to Help The World in the most efficient way we can. After the Money, Ideas for Projects is the MOST IMPORTANT THING WE COULD HAVE AND SHARE. I for one, am Very Grateful for this wonderful resource. My wish is that people are able to find enough ideas to match the funds they have available.


Just post your ideas here on Dinar Chronicles by sending an email with your Ideas and plans to: UniversalOm432Hz@gmail.com Then we can all see them.


Humanitarian Project Ideas for the Month of May 2017

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:53 PM EDT on May 1, 2017

My Ideas and plans

For Every Filipino, every Singalees and every Belgian a bank account with every month $3000 for the next 100 years.

Im sure this will Inspire other here to do the same with one of the other 206 countries in the world


Entry Submitted by Jamie at 10:29 PM EDT on May 9, 2017

Hello, I just wanted to say Wow! I have only been here a couple of months so you can imagine the amount of reading I have been doing. I had no idea. As you may reelize my world just go turned upside down. You have all opened my eyes and heart. You are all so wonderful. I live in a very poor part of my state and there are so many people in need. I don't have funds to redeem or anything but If I did there is so much to do. We just had 200 family's thrown out in the street because their low income homes were in such poor shape they will have to be torn down. Imagine 200 family's in the street. Those poor children. Not to be too specific but there is a lot to do here Homes need to be built, medical services, food. We could make such a difference. Thank you all so much for caring. Your friend Jamie.

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:15 PM EDT on May 13, 2017



Entry Submitted by Rosebud at 1:29 PM EDT on May 14, 2017

There are currently 8000 families being threatened with eviction because they refuse to continue paying the highest costs for water in the country for unusable water. This awful sin will be rectified and the water issue resolved by fast tracking the replacement of contaminated pipes and outdated, even crumbling plumbing. This as well as cleaning up the Flint AND Detroit rivers are paramount.

The city will also gain grocery stores which strangely are in short supply. Also, neighborhoods will be redesigned esthetically and structured for sustainability. Residents will be incentivized to actively participate in the revitalization.

Programs will be implemented to provide free therapies to anyone who recognizes their personal need to build stronger mental, physical and/or emotional health with the intent of building a platform of continued growth for future generations.


Entry Submitted by Omegaof33 at 11:32 AM EDT on May 17, 2017

An idea for providing immediate housing for homeless people. Buy a hotel/motel and create a "retreat" containing similiar or same amenities as Self Sustaining Communities. The "Retreat" will be a transition type of place where housing is free. It provides immediate housing until the tenant/resident can make arrangements for training with our work programs, joining our programs, assisting in the programs which free them mentally as well as physically from their "lack" state of being while also contributing to the whole. From there, the spirit within them will awaken with hope and drive them to want better for themselves, seeing there is hope and a way forward. It provides an immediate opportunity for them. They join in our own project efforts, they can easily work toward obtaining many things on their own, perhaps even a home of their own, their choice, joining the self sustaining community, or more private living but still members of the various project/program teams. It is to provide a safe haven in other words, free from pressures and lack, but temporary. Food can be provided for free for the time they need it using the self sustaining food map which will be operational or in the process of operating. They will be urged to join the program, earn a living through their skill set or learned skill, nothing forced, it is all by choice. They will be advised the purpose of the relief and a way for them to contribute to their life as well as their fellow brethren. I wholeheartedly believe in helping my brethren as well as helping them to pick up the pieces to what has been and developing what could be, with what is provided through our programs and projects, but not necessarily doing it for them the whole time. Each individual is responsible for themselves and how they contribute to the whole. If they do not know for themselves what their part is, they will be shown several different areas which they can contribute themselves to, in alignment with the whole. One thing I do know, hope can bring a person from the depths of misery, even if they weren't able to find that hope emotionally, mentally or spiritually, some need to experience it physically first. I've seen that time and time again. That is my basis for this program. I realized building these communities will take time and there are people in desperate need of the basic essentials NOW which is why buying the hotel/motels would solve many immediate housing/homeless issues.

Signed: Omegaof33

Entry Submitted by Goldie at 5:55 PM EDT on May 17, 2017

The inspiration for this project is a travel agency in my country that organize tours with small groups (8-10pers) to different countries.

The concept includes providing litterature/information to each person in the group about the country they plan to visit two months prior to departure. Sometimes it also includes an invitation to attend a short lecture at the travel agency about the country with time for mingling afterwards.

The guide who accompany the group is a person who have lived everydaylife in both my country and the country of destination. Speaking both languages fluently, intimately familiar with both cultures and their subtle unspoken norms of behavior.

All the guides also have the innate ability to communicate successfully with different individuals/groups.

And finally they are capable of holding space providing a feeling of safety, curiosity and happiness for the group they are guiding. (In other words they are Ligtworkers ;)) Like a 5D version of guides.:)

I believe this way of traveling offers great opportunities for getting to know other countries and cultures through personal experience. To be able to meet and communicate with different people in the country they visit. To provide input that has the potential to be both transformative and empovering for all involved.

So my vision is to make this way of travelling more known and available.

The first trip I envision is a trip to China by train on a route that is part of OBOR ( One Belt One Road) project.

Offering a first hand impression of this amazing project and getting to know the values it is based on. Maybe you could describe it as a tangible manifestation of DO NO HARM? :)

I also would like to start a company/school that provides free education, training and community for this kind of guides.

Starting with engaging those who have intimate knowledge of China....


And I would also like to sponsor the manifestation of a Universal Translator inspired by Star Trek.:)

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 6:04 AM EDT on May 18, 2017

Adding more languages for translations through so-called neural networks. This is a technology, based on artificial intelligence by which the machine can 'learn'.


Free online self-education to poor countries.




Entry Submitted by Hazel at 7:06 AM EDT on May 18, 2017

My Mission is to improve the sanitation of Ghana by providing them with wheelie bins and a proper waste and recycling system.


Entry Submitted by Christopher at 11:55 AM EDT on May 18, 2017

First, A Big THANK YOU, to IDC, including all contributors. From God's Country in NW Pa. We Love You All. "I Am" going to my city and all surrounding communities to eliminate everyone's utility bills the minute the funds are useable. Then I will proceed building A Top notch team(think group)to clean the Earth and end any need for homeless or hunger. They will have Fun doing this, for it will be a game for a child's mind. I believe God's title is Love. And there will be NO Red Tape. Our Team will study IDC and what evolves from it, so as to do the Greater Good. Sooo, Anyone in need or with an idea Will be able to contact us for funds. Every Thing Must be Life Positive, For I Do Not believe in harming a bug, "makes it hard to garden". On that note We will fund organic gardens, farms and grocery stores. Any co. that manufactures life positive items, deserves a bump. We do not care to own these "Life businesses" only to make Life and Love easy to obtain !!! The Sky I No Longer The Limit. Peace/Love/Harmony for All.

From My Heart to Yours

Entry Submitted by Pat Hibbert at 4:38 PM EDT on May 18, 2017


I am a holder of the currencies Zim and Dinars. I am looking forward to sharing my 'God Blessed' fortune to those who needs help.

1. Making sure that my children and grandchildren and extended family members are taken care of.

2. Provide help for the ministry I serve at church. As an active member, we care for the poor and the elderly.

3. Reach to the Veterans, who sacrifice their lives to protect our freedom. Purchase and refurbish homes for them.

4. Building a Special Ed. facility to assist the the underprivileged children become creative and self-sufficient.


Entry Submitted by Anna A at 6:42 PM EDT on May 18, 2017

Homes for the Homeless

I want to build homes for the homeless and for people who are on public housing waiting lists....Every human being should have a roof over their head and a warm bed to sleep in every night, I want to help change peoples lives and have a better quality of life. Anna A

Entry Submitted by Timothy James Prater at 12:25 PM EDT on May 21, 2017

I have zim and dong. I would like to start 7 company's to help humanity move forward on the new earth. 7 is my life path number.

Timothy James Prater

Entry Submitted by Artist at Heart at 9:37 PM EDT on May 21, 2017

I believe the Earth could be renewed with a focus on beautification of all our spaces.

Mother Earth Gaia creates beauty all around. Why can’t we emulate her? I would like to create a fund that provides for anyone who has an inspiration to create beautiful spaces. I believe this is important to the creation of a new world. When people see beauty around them, in parks, in beautiful buildings, in beautiful public spaces, then they in turn are inspired. Beauty inspires others to create. It also inspires people to take better care of their communities, not to trash the place where they live. I would like to never see a new, ugly building or a development created with no consideration of how it looks. Let’s create beauty all around us.

Posted by "Artist at Heart"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:52 PM EDT on May 21, 2017

Blessings all. I live in the capital of Connecticut which is voted the number one city of poverty and violence..this is all due to lack of funds, entertainment, jobs. As a Zim holder I want to adopt my city but as one of the humanitarian projects is pay as many funeral expenses possible. If a family has a sudden tragedy and no funds to bury their loved ones the family is refused assistance. Many Graves with no stones no names due to lack of funds..blessings

Entry Submitted by Howard at 5:40 PM EDT on May 22, 2017

1.set up tiny house parks, subdivisions for veterans.

2. Promote and distribute energy products already available to poor and disaster stricken areas of the world. Also to poor areas along with training skilled labor for installations and manufacturing.

3. Convert and build boats to run on electric free energy devices ie: solar, wind, hydrogen, water and many other devices not yet Revealed to public or manufactured.

4. use devices already available to clean up the oceans debris

5. provide spiritually based therapy centers for addiction and correctional institutions instead of punishment for behavioral Problems.

6. Set all these programs to run for decades(at least).

7 visit and incorporate places already involved in these practices and work with and support their efforts.

8. Help rebuild Detroit and use available water treatment innovationsTo restore Flint, Michigans Polluted water supply.

9 help put and end to pesticides, GMOs, hormonal growth processes.restore organic farming and nutritionally depleted soil.

This is a start, the ideas just keep coming as do the resources to implement projects.

This is not really a business, more of a benevolence project for humanity and nature. Since giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin there isn't a difference. It's helping while being helped, giving aid, comfort and a hand up for the benefit of all.

Motto: if it's not good for all, its not good for any . The possibilities are endless when all benefit . Sharing ideas is love and spirit where all grow and share free. When we deal in egos ways of win and lose eventually everyone loses since there is never enough to satisfy egos greed. With love sharing and giving is all and with no scarcity we are free to create infinitely!

Peace and love


Entry Submitted by Brother in Truth at 5:20 PM EDT on May 23, 2017

I want to thank all of you for your help and inspiration in my now exponentially expanding spiritual development. I cannot even begin to explain where my soul has taken me in the last week for one who did not realize their creative potential for so many years of my life. "Unlimited funds, what would you do with them?" Is the thought for the day of every moment of every day now, and how do you do so to also incorporate as many of your currently unknown brethren whose souls are crying out to also serve humanity. I live in an area of the mid-western United States near Cincinnati, OH and have been in the area for nearly my whole life. If you are unfamiliar with the area there is an interstate highway known as I-75 that crosses over the Ohio river to Kentucky known as the Brent Spence Bridge. This corridor of traffic is considered one of the most important arteries for commerce in the United States. Everyone in the "tri-state" area is familiar, aware, and scared of the bridge because not only is it designed for 20% of the traffic but it is in complete disrepair and it is only a short matter of time before tragedy will strike. The reason it has not been fixed is because the budget for replacement is nearly $6 Billion and the homeowners that would be displaced are significant. I have had visions of writing a check for the construction of the new bridge and writing a check for $1 million to each affected homeowner from my trust which may end up being called "Brotherhood of Light and Truth" or something else. I am still playing with the name and ideas so input from my brothers and sisters is always appreciated. After this is done word will circulate through the area like fire in a dry forest. I then plan to go on a local radio station in the city known as 700 WLW on the Bill Cunningham show, who is a friend of my family, and answer all questions about funding in a spiritual manner in a way that will stir all of those listening who are of the light. This show is also nationally syndicated and will stir similar emotions in those who are called to service of humanity. I will also provide a website or email address for people to send their ideas for humanitarian projects while on air get the flood gates open to pour Heaven's mercy out on those in need. Next, I will go to one of the largest community churches in the area that I used to be a member of before discovering "Truth". It was uncanny to me when I discovered after going to this church for 2 years that was actually my father's contracting company that built it, and I knew I always had a special connection to that place before leaving it behind. I plan to meet with the head pastor, who I know is a good man, but has believed the lies portrayed as we all have until "awakened". I will talk to him about what stirred my soul into awakening, the Phoenix Journals, and see how receptive he is. If he is, I will go out and buy I-Pad minis for all in the church (about 12,000), all downloaded with the journals. I will then speak to the congregation and let them know that the truth is within and pay each member of the congregation $100,000 to let encourage them to read what is on their I-pads in hopes they may discover what Aton, Sanada, the Masters and Angels are all about. I will let them know that any one of them are welcome to experience a life of service, joy, and abundance as long as their intentions to serve others are pure. Thirdly, I have a plan in place to approach my Muslim sisters and brothers in an effort to destroy the ideas that the CAIR and other Islamic organizations have put in place to keep the Muslims in personal segregation from all other communities. I am happy to share this another time should anyone wish. I am your Brother in Truth and I pray you all find the wisdom of our higher brethren as we embark as the creators of this new GOLDEN AGE. Sobeit.

Signed Brother in Truth

Entry Submitted by shana misako okuda at 3:24 PM EDT on May 24, 2017

I would like to work on an international project to close sea life parks, releasing all mammals held in captivity.

My partner would like to remove plastics from the ocean and what is washing up onshore.

Thank you again for this opportunity.
shana misako okuda

Entry Submitted by Ohana at 7:21 PM EDT on May 24, 2017

Ones we receive the blessings I'm going to buy bit coin and give give give! I'm going to give 5 to 10 bitcoins worth about a million USN, there valued around 2,400 right now but it will go up to more than 10,000$ / bitcoin. Bitcoins are a good way to keep your money safe and also investing on it. When you invest in this website www.gladiacoin.com/edwardcoin2 you double your bitcoin in 90 days , when you invest 10 bitcoins you get 10 bitcoins more by the end of the 90days a total of 20. That's a lot of money. I recommend this to everyone, you will have success in your finances.

A million dollars could last you a life time when you double your bitcoin. Be blessed by this and be the blessing by sharing it to your love ones.

Sincerely yours Ohana

Entry Submitted by Peter Kasaj at 9:28 AM EDT on May 25, 2017

Rewritte "space laws",while now are laws written that any company which is mining asteroid can have what mined.



What is in space belongs to all people,nationalize space companies if needed

Peter Kasaj

Entry Submitted by Peter Kasaj at 1:16 PM EDT on May 25, 2017

To release truth publicly.

It cost nothing and it means everything.

Even hardcore truthseeker is aware of at least ten versions of origin of human and at least 50 spiritual ways.

Which one is it?The one real truth?

Anyone knows what it is?The one which is logical,the one which please senses?The one which sound good?

Who we are,from where are we,where are we going,what is after life,which is the right path to please God,

Because even slight way from truth can have fatal consequences for all.

I hope that everyone realize how important it is.

Release the real truth about everything,please.

This world offers only lies,nothing else


Entry Submitted by Guadalupe Girl at 1:28 PM EDT on May 25, 2017

Greetings Beloved DC Community! This is my first time posting and I offer gratitude to Patrick, Yosef, Tank, OWK's, Cowboy, and ALL of you who are being "in-spirit/inspired" to post from the heart of of healing and abundance for all.

Here are two of my many ideas to throw into the pool of service, not fully fleshed-out yet; "Trusts" that I plan to set up, and I hope that there might be some ideas that will be helpful to others:

Education Trust:

A. Will provide paid “service jobs for humanity” for all students first year out of high school, anywhere in the country/world. This would be in conjunction with local, national, and eventually global service organizations to provide humanitarian service where it is needed most. In addition, provide housing, food, etc., for the students who work there.

B. Students will then receive scholarships for public colleges and universities, or for trade schools, etc.

C. Fund Arts education for K-12 public schools, including music, visual arts, dance, and drama.

D. Work with teachers to find and fund those families who are in need of assistance of any kind.

E. Non-Traditional Student funding for adults for who need career counseling and scholarships to return to school – public college or university or trade school.

F. Free pre-schools (in the Waldorf or Montessori models) for children ages 3 – 5.

G. Create a “Stay at Home Mother/Father Trust” – provide a stipend for one parent to stay at home with their children up to ages 3 – 5. For those families who do not wish to do this, free, well-staffed day-care facilities for infants and pre-schools for toddlers would be available.

Peace of Mind Trust:

Create sanctuaries for the mentally ill; create/build neighborhood facilities, and also facilities with plenty of acreage, for the mentally ill, especially the homeless, that are not “lock downs”. The clients are weaned off of medications if possible, housed and fed; physical/mental/emotional health care is provided, with round-the-clock loving and compassionate care for those who need it. There will be both apartments and cottages for the people to live, and options will be available for skills training, art and creativity, outdoor work and recreation, etc. When someone wants to transition out, assistance will be provided for them to do so, with provisions to get them appropriate housing, and a job and/or living stipend.

These facilities will be major employers for the areas in which they reside.

Long Term: Create a model/template for other “community facilities” of this kind to be brought to other areas of the country/world.

Blessings of Love,

Guadalupe Girl

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 2:06 PM EDT on May 25, 2017

There are many great ideas out there but I am concerned about the many great ideas doubling up or tripling up on the same ideas. It would be better that we combine our ideas and have them broken down into specific project areas or there is no clashes of projects.

My project idea is to cover the whole of my country New Zealand but I know I do not have to worry about people not accepting my project ideas. I know I would not be able to provide all the expertise to ensure that each project idea is carried out successfully so therefore a Board of Directors who have the right expertise are employed to ensure the money is directed to complete each project fully and to ensure that further funding is reapplied for continuation as necessary.

This is the list of my project ideas to be carried out in an orderly constructed fashion according to a timeline plan for the people of New Zealand.

1. Provide for myself and my immediate family and extended families and friends.

2. Purchase and cancel out all debts, via credit cards, hire purchases, cars or vehicles debts, mortgages, council and city rates, traffic fines, and other reasonable debts not mentioned will be discussed for approval. According to: GALACTIC FEDERATION NESARA GESARA WORLWIDE PERMANENTLY CANCEL ALL DEBTS.

3. All man, woman, young persons and child be provided with a reasonable income until money will not be necessary and bartering kicks into place. It is mentioned by the Galactic Federation (16 September 1916), that income will be $100,000.00 per month for 12 years for those over the age of 21 years.

4. Provide free pulsation transportation for individual and group usage.

5. Modernise and upgrade all rural roads, highways or motorways similar to what is available within "Inner Earth".

6. Modernise and upgrade all towns and cities so that there is a continuous flow with complete safety throughout.

7. Provide modernised homes for all people of their own desire. Homes can be available as holiday homes at no cost to the user and provided with computerised servants. Homes can be available underwater as well.

8. Provide suppressed technology such as Free energy devices, pollution clean up equipment, and Sonic Healing Machines will be made available for Free usage. Elimination of all weapons of destruction turned into ploughshare.

I believe I have covered the most important project ideas that will bring New Zealand into the New World and will become an example of the New Paradise on Earth or the New Garden of Eden for others to copy and improve for their own country.

Peace, love and joy to all who read these words of positivity for new beginnings.

Kind regards from New Zealand to all.

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 7:56 PM EDT on May 26, 2017

my idea is to dissolve every tax from the minimum earner..and have their benefits with full and complete...give them enough high salary..that can satisfied their needs and wants..have plenty of food on the table...lower the value or price of the consumption like,rice,vegetable,meat,fish,and others...every senior citizen have a privilege to free check up from hospital..discount for every product or medicine they bought..give farmer a machine that can lessen their work in farming..have new technology to enhance their knowledge in agriculture..and finance them so that it can produce more rice in the country..for the poor lets have some house and food in the table and educate them to have work...we need more jobs to provide with high salary..lower the tax..and all kinds of vat must be dissolved.and have a technology to provide a medicine that can cure all the illness of human kind..so that they will not worry about their health..!! and more technology to advance easy the work of everyone..thank you!!!

Entry Submitted by Carolyn at 8:06 PM EDT on May 26, 2017

Thanks for putting up this address.

One of the myriad of ideas is to benefit Mother Earth, by CLEANING UP THAT FLOATING TEXAS SIZED mess in the Pacific Ocean.

I would imagine this will take a collaborative effort, and I will have to enlist others to actually accomplish this endeavor. There needs to be a political component so we don't lapse right back into the behaviors that caused it in the first place. Not sure what strategies would be the most effective, but perhaps a documentary film, widely distributed would help, as well as international agreements regarding the dumping of trash, by, say, cruise ships etc.

Not sexy, I know; however, what a boon to our sea dwellers habitat, right?

Respectfully Submitted,


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:10 PM EDT on May 26, 2017

my ideas and plans contd.

I am following all the ideas , Plans being put up monthly and making notez to include some of them as feasible once iam financially empowered.

off late in my interactions with people at my work place and in societal living I come across many humans with whom I feel a certain vibe. I make a mental note and also keep a record and promise myself that I shall share with him some finances to uplift him without telling. And fhe list is increasing by the day. All are very basic geniune down to earth persons viz. Some working in cafeterias, Some in conservancy staff, watch men small vendors Etc who are daily wage earners and live by the day with no remorse whatso ever about their present state of financially poor And still content and not complaining. I shall see to it all such beings are helped and uplifted. With a sign of happiness, Glow on their faces. Of course the earlier and new plans are always there. Awaiting in anticipation for abundance to be distributed to people through me as one of the so many links. Am I a light worker! Once enabled and in a position to share then only will i be able to humbly call myself. Till such time only proposals suggestions, sermons To people whom i cross paths. May god bless all

god speed.

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 12:12 PM EDT on May 26, 2017

Desalination Plants along the coast of California
-- pump the water inland near forest and fire hazard areas
-- form and fill up artificial reservoirs of this water
-- construct a Docking Platform for Airships(blimps)

Purchase large blimps such as Lockheed Martin's P 791 Hybrid Airship
-- modify blimps to carry pressurized fire tanks of desalted water
-- assist fire fighters for containing and extinguishing large fires
-- Airships can also be used for monitoring size and intensity of fire

See ya,


Entry Submitted by Mark/Terri Davis at 3:09 PM EDT on May 26, 2017

We are going to start a pastors/ missionary retreat with Bruce of The Big Call and work on "Rebuild America" in Indianapolis, IN and possibly in Jacksonville, IL. We are looking forward to getting started. 727-560-0139 Mark/Terri Davis

Entry Submitted by MakalehaWahine at 3:09 PM EDT on May 26, 2017

Aloha y'all and thank you to Patrick and the Elders and all the people of good heart and Light at IDC who bring us intel and encouragement.

My ideas for humanitarian projects:
1. Create several communities, on a large area of land, for all the children in the State (so called) Welfare system, especially the older children who are not adopted and end up growing up in the system.
a. Waldorf schooling, as it is whole brain learning and the child moves at their own pace.
b. Use counselors who are open to new ways of healing the mind, body and soul of these precious children/teens. Also use the new healing chambers (my understanding is they can heal all that ails us). This is also for the Veterans.
c. Create homes where several children and adults can live together and have a "family" environment.
d. Basically have a ranch environment, rescue the horses in America that are now being sold at auction and taken to Mexico to be crushed to death and eaten. This has to stop! As well as orther animals that need rescuing.
e. This ranch will give jobs to Veterans and homes, as well as give children the opportunity to learn responsibility for themselves and their animals and environment. There will also be help for Veterans with PTSD, etc.
f. There will be a hospital, alternative healing clinic and the healing chambers.
g. It will all be run on free energy machines. Clean, non polluting energy.
h. There will be organic gardens and everyone will learn how to grow their own food.
i. Basically it will be self sustaining and free.
j. Using the Native American principle of clans, ie, everydone will be allowed to do the kind of "work" that suits them. Thereby allowing their soul to guide them to their life's work.

2. Provide housing for the homeless using aircrete, or something like it, and make them dome shaped as they are more energy efficient and stand up to strong winds/storms better.
a. Healing chambers for them.
b. They will also need training for jobs.
There is more to do for them and that will come later.

3. Provide a Trust that is just for parents:
a. Provide vehicle repair and vehicles.
b. Provide education on child care/parenting.
c. Parents must be willing to go through these classes in return for vehicle repair/vehicles.
d. When all classes are completed help them obtain new housing and jobs.

4. Provide a Trust for worldwide animal rescue and sanctuaries, especially circus animals and marine animals, but any animal that is/has been abused. Protect the wild herds on this planet and their environment. a. Educate people on the humane treatment of animals and their ability to communicate with us if we will just listen and pay attention.

5. All also intend to help my family and friends and people I do not know by :
a. Paying off their homes and bills.
b. Buying them homes.
c. Have an emergency fund available for emergency situations, etc.

Just some ideas and would love to see them come to fruition. I definately will need assistance. I will set up a communication system once the Blessings arrive and will post it on here. Look forward to meeting all you Beautiful Hearts on The Light Highway.

Aloha nui loa,

Entry Submitted by John Boening at 3:36 PM EDT on May 26, 2017

Rather than a project, I have an idea for a computer system from IBM called "watson" - I am quite sure that you have seen the tv ads for "it". My thought is to challenge each and every zim holder to contribute $100,000 for the start up and labor costs of installing watson. By having a central nexus, as projects are entered into it, watson will "merge" like projects with no overlap or duplication of effort. You have my commitment for 100 K post rv. From the "rumors" going around, HSBC is going to be the bank that will process all of Zim holders, so {obviously} they will have a complete data base that can be collectively, via a "blanket" email to urge them to contribute - - from all sources I have heard or read about, $100 K is going to be "chump change". My real name is : John Boening - - - I can be reached by phone @ 480-468-7323 - - am in Phoenix, Az

Entry Submitted by Dezerro at 8:04 PM EDT on May 26, 2017

Exporting GREAT Ideas To Earth

Did you ever think you could produce great movies and media with great Earth Healing ideas and education?

Well, you probably CAN.

Me - Writer
My Partner - Project Manager/Producer

We will hire...
- Writers
- Screen Writers (movies)
- Script & Content Writers (websites, audio, etc, etc)
- Producers
- Various Assistance & Help

We will manage and export great movies, media & ideas to Earth - *as part of* great and exciting movies and media.

Great projects **start** with great ideas - the tiny planted seed becomes the tall and massive redwood tree.

Great Movies & Media with Great Ideas & Education - **The More the Better.**

This will also help clean up Hollywood and other media zones.

People almost always watch great movies & media all the way through - thus they will GET and absorb the great ideas.

So, if you ever thought you could create great media - you probably CAN.

- Dezerro

Entry Submitted by Wang at 1:55 PM EDT on May 28, 2017

We desperately need better technology while our earth resources will be soon depleted,maybe few planets where we will live or do mining,we can negotiate with ...?

With new tech we will be just fine.

Money are useless,till we will develop some sort of good tech,earth will die with us many times.

With who we will do this sort of bussiness?(Darpa or ...?)


Entry Submitted by Klarvin Cijntje at 9:36 PM EDT on May 29, 2017

Good morning Dear People's.

My name is Klarvin Cijntje and im 23 years old and i know for sure and i feel that i am a LightWorker wo want to see changes in this realm or to see the realm change. Im from Curacao, a nederlands colonial Caribbeans island near the north coast of venezuela.

I want to receive fund because i want to help my country, my peoples, the poor peoples. I want to build houses for homeless people or boy hotels for them to reside in. I want to repair old and abondoned school to educate the drop outs and i want to help everyone who want to do plantations, so we can eat our own organic foods frer and no one have to pay for nothing. Everything would be free.the trillions i want is for me and for humanity. I will Help EVERYONE. MAN, WOMAN, CHILDRENS, ELDERLY PEOPLES,EVERY ONE. I want to receive more information about how things must go!! I will be waiting for ye response.

In Unconditional Light and in unconditional

Klarvin Cijntje

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 7:06 AM EDT on May 31, 2017

I have been following this for a bit now, and this group who calls themselves "Tengri 137" has released a manifesto about humanity (all good), and a plan for free energy using compressed sunlight. I just want to share it with the group.


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:13 AM EDT on May 31, 2017

To rebuild rural communities so they are self sustaining
So all citizens will have all basic needs met
Housing, food, water, electricity

Integrate the homeless into these communities

Buy up all rural agricultural grain land and return to nature or offer grain farmers an income to grow
Vegetables and care for the land


Entry Submitted by Kenneth Daniel Boyce at 9:17 AM EDT on May 31, 2017

I have asked people around me to help me but no one believes me, so I will get with a formed committee of people who are like me who wants nothing more than to help others not to enable any negative behavior.

1. In ground water generators for those who need water.
2. Shelter for the homeless started by homeless people who will be trained in the skill they want.
3. Free schools
4. Community gardens for fresh food and the knowledge to grow food
5. Several small business type companies that turn into their company once the training is complete.
6. Free drug counseling and treatment to those who want it.
7. Self-training and meeting with other currency holders for help.
8. Vacation and tour of the Smithsonian.

Kenneth Daniel Boyce

Entry Submitted by T.M. at 5:37 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

Thank You Patrick.

On Serving Humanity while serving The CREATOR...
Many Religious Organizations throughOut the World have a multitude of Volunteers.
People who choose to serve their fellow man.Without asking for payment. In creating an organization that funds these Volunteers. By making them salaried employees we can provide 10s in not 100s of thousands of jobs.

By Funding an organization like the Peace Corps and paying/ funding these type of service organizations. It may actually serve a useful purpose if employing all these Amaizing Social Justice Warriors that spend sooo much of their collective energies protesting for the Cabal. We will pay them more.
Get them off the streets and make them EFFECTIVE!!
The transforming of our entitled youths from defective to effective.

Blessings Patrick TTYL




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