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Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Good Vibes" by Sarah - 5.13.17

Entry Submitted by Sarah at 4:28 PM EDT on May 13, 2017

Hello beautiful family,

Today I want to show you how some universal principles have helped me navigate the RV process and my personal life these last few months. No matter where you are on your path, I hope my experience can assist you and empower you in fulfilling your dreams and following your heart.

I think DC is a great place to look to find examples of all kinds of natural laws. Today I find it appropriate to share my experience of how we can use these principles to grow in understanding and increase our vibrations. I think much of the outrcry here for facts and proof is really just people asking to understand more clearly what they can do to participate in this process more fully. Feeling prevented from giving love and abundance to others is one of my least favorite feelings. I am not coming from a place of being a teacher (simmer down, Diamond Dave) in the sense that I'm standing in front of you telling you something you don't know. What I say isn't absolute, it's my truth at this moment- and if it resonates with you or it doesn't, either way I am happy to be of loving service. We all already know how to do this, and since I've been feeling kinda stifled and impotent lately I thought now would be the best time to share part of my healing process with you. So, let's try to understand and heal some things together today, shall we?

Hermetic philosophy, like any philosophy in my opinion, is something very much worth understanding and adding to one's repertoire. For me personally, hermetic philosophy became very much the backbone of my spiritual practice over the last several years. It has become a tool that I use in many moments, but not all. These principles have helped me understand more aspects of psychology, anthropology, relationships, communities, the healing process, the chakra system, angels, galactics, music, language, and many other things. Maybe it’s just me, but no matter how much I learn, life maintains a certain mystery no matter how many connections you make in your perception. So, I would discourage anyone from ignoring their heart's voice to follow any set of rules, even if those rules are said to be the basic laws of the universe. That being said, I think there is much wisdom to be gained from incorporating an understanding of these principles into your own personal truth, or as Joe Campbell might say, your myth. Same difference, right?

The following are the basic principles laid down by an Atlantean master named Hermes Trismegistus, followed by my own experience of these as truths that have helped me to become more love-based, empowered, and wise. If you'd like to do some reading on your own, I have put links to PDF files of some texts I've found helpful at the bottom of this article (right next to the music! ;) )

“THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.”
–The Principle of Mentalism

According to The Kybalion, this principle is the place to start- and I would agree. It took me a minute to become more flexible in my definition of the word “mental” because we have been programmed to understand how the mind works in a certain way that does not really benefit us at the end of the day. When the word Mind is used here, it is understood to be analogous to Spirit. The Kybalion describes Spirit as “a Universal, Infinite, Living Mind.” Sounds like Oneness, God, Source, Prime Creator, hey, even our collective human consciousness or even like us, right? Mastery of the Self, which I would equate to mastery of our own universal, infinite, living minds, comes before mastery of anything else. It takes a lot of healing and deprogramming to get to the point where we really can integrate the concept that the heart and mind are one and the same, but we are all getting there. The more we can heal those concepts we contain within our infinite mindscapes that breed so much fear and heartache within us, the more clearly we can understand the true functions of this spirit or consciousness we find within us and all around us.

Here on DC, One Who Knows has helped us address so much of what brings fear into our minds, thereby hurting our hearts, and taught us about using our conscious attention (our inner divine presence) to create and tune into abundance, love, inspiration and growth. One Who Knows is that part of us that says “Don’t be afraid. I can say definitively that I am good, you are good, we are good, life is good, everything is good, always has been good, and always will be good.” Thank you, One Who Knows, for opening up our minds to so many new things and also giving us the how-to-manual to expanding even more while reminding ourselves that we really do, in fact, live in a benevolent, loving, and joyful universe.

Yosef has helped us address that programming of worthlessness, powerlessness, faithlessness, apathy, and desperation. He has made an example of himself to us of what goes on in the mind of someone so passionate, so determined, so loyal, so in love with life, and so close to the sources of intel about, oh I don’t know, the most important thing that has happened in millennia. If you look at Yosef and see anything other than your own courageous heart, I’m not sure this journey is for you. Thank you Yosef, for opening up our hearts to the vast possibilities in our lives and taking on the mantle of “truth-giver” to a world still unsure of what truth means.

Heisenberg has helped us to not feel so alone in processing all of this by reframing our journey in a genuine, lighthearted way. And out of all that truth, love, and laughter, we have come to understand his compassion for us and for the world. Thank you Heis, for being the best brother this community could have asked for. You're always there for us.

We are all part of the same cosmic heart-mind, connected even more so through our shared experiences and dreams here on DC. Everyone here has something to give, something to learn, something to teach, something to show. I see everyone here as a part of something that is me, even though it’s bigger than me. This community has so much to give and receive from each other, which brings me to the next principle because I know what I am saying about all of us applies on many, many levels.

“As above, so below; as below, so above.”
–The Principle of Correspondence

Before anyone gets their panties in a twist over some Inferno type imagery, remember that in my world, everything is benevolent. So just know I’m coming from that perspective. I also think this principle is really cool when applied with a more quantum understanding of time and the subjective nature of reality. It would also apply in my experience to say “As within, so without” which opens up a whole other treasure trove of understanding. You know how much I love symbolism and myth you guys, and to be able to actually look around me at everything I see and hear and somehow find meaning within myself that relates? Talk about growth spurt. The more I learn about myself, the more I learn about other people and the world. The more I learn about my boundless outer world, the more I learn about my infinite inner self. We as individuals = We as DC = We as the currency/GESARA community = We as lightworkers = We as humans = We as Gaia = We as soul groups/star family = We as a part of creation = We as higher dimensional existences we can’t even fathom. The meaning we find in anything corresponds to something within us, and thanks to experience and some helpful teachers, we know we can change that meaning anytime we choose. Whatever meaning we want, we can find a corresponding voice here. We all read the same posts every day but hear totally different things being said. What does it mean to you and more importantly, what do you want it to mean?

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”
–The Principle of Vibration

I think we all have a basic understanding of this principle at this point, but I do want to bring up one perspective the Kybalion offers that I find delicious to my brain. It says, “From THE ALL, which is Pure Spirit, down to the grossest form of Matter, all is in vibration–the higher the vibration, the higher the position in the scale. The vibration of Spirit is at such an infinite rate of intensity and rapidity that it is practically at rest–just as a rapidly moving wheel seems to be motionless. And at the other end of the scale, there are gross forms of matter whose vibrations are so low as to seem at rest. Between these poles, there are millions upon millions of varying degrees of vibration.” I just love how both ends of the spectrum seem to be at rest. That just makes me feel peaceful. How does it apply to all of us here on this rollercoaster at Six Flags: Dinarland though? Well, now that I’ve spent a good amount of time here, I’ve experienced that there are times on this journey where things feel lighter, faster, more free. Like, 3 day holiday weekends. Time speeds up, hopes are high, love is bright and shiny, gratitude abounds. Then comes Tuesday and we all spontaneously have spiritual fibromyalgia. But on a larger time scale, I’ve watched us grow a lot. As we develop, time is actually consistently picking up speed, we feel healthier and have more energy, our minds, bodies, and hearts feel lighter and clearer… So just remember as you process these energies that it does help more than you realize to do what you need to do to raise your vibration, whatever works for you, and know that when you do that you are literally transmuting low vibrations into higher ones and helping all of us move up that scale. It should feel like we’re flying and our hearts are big and light, regardless of what is going on here on DC or in our lives. So sleep well, eat what your body needs, watch your stress levels, be aware of what you are taking into your mind, body, and heart. Remember that thoughts, feelings, and words have certain vibrational intensities that affect you and everything around you. Give yourself permission to feel happy and loved and free, because it’s actually good for you and good for literally everything that exists in all of creation. And don’t let me catch you beating yourself up for those times when you fail or make a mistake. I am so bad about that. If I quit that habit, will you guys drop it with me?

(I will leave this here for now and continue the rest in another post.)

I love you, beautiful family! You guys know my favorite way to raise my vibration is with music, so here’s one for you that is very special to me for many reasons. Enjoy!

Love always, your sister Sarah

Reading material for anyone who is interested:


As I finally meet my end
I won't be scared, I won't defend
The things I've done
I don't need him like you do
I don't fear him like you do

As the world revolves the sun
I hope the light that I become can
Sleep for once

I will leave it like you do
I won't lead it like you do
I won't leave it like they do
I don't need him like they do

I just want to sleep forever
Never see tomorrow
Or lead or follow
I don't want to work forever
Know what I know
Or beg or borrow

Just like our mothers
Who gave us our homes
We'll be just like our fathers
And go out on our own
'Cause we are the colors
In all that you see
We'll be just like our brothers
We'll take to the streets
Take to the streets

I just want to sleep forever
Never see tomorrow
Lead or follow

As my world it hides behind
The words only your wars define
They read a lot like news
But I fear it more than you
I fear it more than you

I just want to sleep forever
Never see tomorrow
Or lead or follow
I don't want to work forever
Know what I know
Or beg or borrow

Just like old lovers
Who never leave home
We'll forget the city
And forget the roads
'Cause we are all rebels
Never do what we're told
We may not grow money
But man we grow old
Man we grow old

I just want to sleep forever
Never see tomorrow
Or lead or follow
I don't want to work forever
Know what I know
Or beg or borrow

Just like our mothers
Who gave us our homes
We'll be just like our fathers
And go out on our own
'Cause we are the colors
In all that you see
We'll be just like our brothers
And take to the streets

'Cause we are all children
Yeah, we are all man
It may not be much
But we do what we can
Don't need no preacher
To make us believe
That everything's perfectly
Fucked up like me



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