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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"God is my Strength" by Anxious to Begin - 5.31.17

Entry Submitted by Anxious to Begin at 10:49 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

I was in my thirties when I married a wonderful Australian lady who was visiting here in the US, We moved back to Australia to be with her children who were staying with grandparents until her return. Australia was different and it was fun getting to see things through the eyes of her children who were 4, 6, and 8 years of age. I was flabbergasted when the youngest, a girl, came up to me with a Rhinoceros Beetle in her hand. It was as big as her hand and had a Rhino horn that was scary to look. It was making a hissing sound and making threatening gestures as if to frighten off would be enemies. Megan was not it's enemy, but how would it know that. I couldn't believe she had the courage to approach it, yet alone, pick it up. Wow! I later learned that they were harmless and all show.

The kids had now enjoyed my fascination with things they had grown up with that were new to me. I was introduced to huge trees that had the most beautiful red flowers blossoming all over the branches.They grew like leaves in numbers that took away my breath. Another thing that intrigued me was a small weed like plant that grew close to the ground and spread out it's branches to grow in the sun. The little branches looked like little ferns with small leaves growing in a uniform pattern from the stem. I noticed that when you got close to them they would quickly withdraw to the mother stem like little children running back to their mother at something they were afraid of. I remember getting down on my knees and elbows while watching them as they would come back out and resume their position in the sun. It was all so much fun getting in touch with my little boy fascination in things I did not know existed.

I am in the sunset years of my life now and again I am faced with the opportunity to delve into a whole new world, but this time a world of famine and need, the likes of which I have never known. My heart is drawn to the deplorable conditions experienced by my brothers and sisters who live on the African continent. So much need and so much opportunity to serve.

They experience a different form of the food chain, in that this time it has to do with money. A food chain that is entrenched into the fabric of the human society brought upon them by off worlders pretending to be humans. It is hard to believe that this type of travesty could be inflicted without other humans standing up in great numbers and gathering up their armor to do battle against such tremendous atrocities. Often, if it doesn't happen in our awareness, we don't see it and perhaps, we don't even want to see it, regardless. But things are changing. The tools and weapons we warriors of light came with are beginning to vibrate and waking up readied for use. The sword of TRUTH; the shield of KNOWLEDGE, LIGHT and LOVE; and the breastplate of the SPIRIT OF GOD, are becoming alive and shouting out within in us to engage in this, the final battle against the forces of darkness.

As this HUGE awakening happens and we put on this armor, little do we realize that the darkness we are going to do battle with, really exists in our own bodies, our own minds, our own psyches, and even in our own HEARTS. This is quite a revelation and awakening. No longer will be able to hide from our darkness. No longer will we be able to condemn darkness in others while hiding the darkness within our own beings. No longer is the darkness we will see only exist in the Cabal and the minions that walk amongst us. It will be revealed within us as we desire to begin our work of redemption for others, we will see the requirement for redemption lies within ourselves.

The sword is in hand, the shield is on the arm to protect from outside enemy blows, and the breast plate that is designed by Spirit to find truth sings in our ears. Shall we shrink from the battle and withdraw in retreat to the breast of our mother, as like the weed, when we are confronted with the only enemy that is real.? What are we going to do? Are we so afraid of our darkness that we will run back home and surrender to GOD our FATHER? ......the very God who sent us here, to subdue and take dominion and control against all enemies foreign or within, to defend our Mother Earth and to stand at the gate against all who would desecrate our Family of God? Are we that afraid of GOD that we need to go home and surrender to Him?What have we done wrong? Why are we afraid. What do we have to fear?

It is our solemn duty to conquer our own fears or darkness and not shirk our duties. Do we have courage to turn and face our darkened enemy and stand face to face with that enemy without fear? Do we have courage to stand and take full responsibility for the outcome of this our battle against even the darkest that is revealed to be inside of us, or do we turn around and run back to God and say we couldn't do it, you take over from here? Do sons of the almighty God go back to God and say it was more than we could handle and so we surrender. Maybe guts and determination are hard to find in troubled times like this, or maybe we just don't understand faith and courage.

The Abundance mentality must defeat the lack mentality - the darkness of the cycle of slavery. We need all the faith and courage we can muster to win this battle. I believe in Duty, Honor and Courage as a way of life. I accept that mission, Sir.

Armor (money) is heavy and can weigh us down, but can we withdraw and wait until we are stronger? Have we not waited long enough? Has not our training, our whole life experience prepared us for this mission? Why can we not put on the full armor of God, not just what we can carry but all of it and declare that God is our STRENGTH and pick up the full burden and press on to engage the enemy of our soul and win,win,win. A lot weighs in the balance. If we persist and NEVER Surrender to anyone or anything, we will find that God, really is our strength and we can take on the full burden of creating the Abundance Mentality with all our brothers and sisters and win that war. We will find that we can stand up and throw off the shackles of darkness, the lack consciousness that still festers as darkness to the SOULS of our brothers and sisters. We will find there are no limitations within us as children of God. Will we also find that no limitations exist within our OWN SOUL, that it stands ready and fully capable of guiding and directing us to bring to pass the fullness of the Abundance Mentality that is our ticket to the ascension process? Why would we settle for anything less than the full measure God is willing to give us, withholding nothing. Does he not know the mission? Does He not know what we will need? God is willing, are we? We will need it all to search out the ends of the earth and eliminate the lack hiding there. It is our duty, it is our resolve and the victory is ours if we can bring all that God gives us to bear and break the back of the pervasive lack mentality.

If we, as the “Chosen Ones,” can not handle the fullness of GOD”S gift, then who can? Who is the doubting Thomas amongst us that must "see to believe," before he/she will let the reality of GOD'S miracle be our reality, our strength as we move forward, pressing against the darkness that has been our slave for eons of time? There will be plenty of time to rest when our time comes to rest but until then let us raise the Banner of Liberty amongst our ranks and under that flag, let us wage war on the darkness that has enslaved our lives. We shall cut loose the ties that bind us to darkness and let it be no more a blight on our lives and our families. I will yield to greater knowledge and the better way, but while my sword is in my hand, don't ever ask me to surrender. There is no way. God or no-God, I am the master of my destiny. This is my reality and this is my responsibility and I will give my destiny to no one else. Regardless.

I raise my Banner of Liberty and declare that God is my strength and I am willing to take on the full measure of the gift that is given me from God. I will wield my sword and protect those not willing to, or unable to defend themselves. I am a warrior of the Light and yell to Grandfather, the Elders, General Dunford and any others that can hear, I am ready for the full, “Burden.” Bring it on. I AM so ready and …..

Anxious to Begin



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