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Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Freedom Fighters" by C the Light - 5.13.17

Entry Submitted by C the Light at 8:32 PM EDT on May 13, 2017

Ahoy DC family its your biggest fan back to share some love and hopefully some inspiration as well! First off I just gotta say how totally freakin awesome EVERYONE here has been doing lately. The energy of the posts and the site in general I feel has been taken to a new zenith of magnificence. So much unity, everyone rallying together I love it yall are amazing everyone give yourselves a big round of applause! Seriously I can scarcely begin to contain let alone properly articulate my present exuberance. Then again I've always words alone to be a clumsy, imprecise means of communicating the full breadth of ones thoughts, feelings, emotions... like trying to do surgery with a jackhammer... but that's a whole other conversation for another time.

Back to the topic at hand and why we're all here, the RV! It's so close now its palpable. Like I can actually taste it I think. Or maybe I'm hallucinating from too many late nights listening to Yo-Bro, Tank the Bank and company drop knowledge, with such elegant pizzaz might i add, on the RTC. And boy do they sure talk about some stuff you're not likely to overhear at your local Starbucks haha which broaches a subject I really wanted to address; that whole being "awake" thing that gets tossed around.

It's a funny thing really, and kinda an abstract concept this awakeness. Sure you can spot the prototypical unawake person easy peasy but from there it gets messy. Cause what is being awake anyway you've got the people that follow the conspiracies, the gov't corruption, bankster shenanigans, ufos, aliens, spirituality etc and often conflicting worldviews are created. But instead of trying to figure out who's wrong we must realize that everyone is right from their perspective and what may seem normal and natural to one person might seem strange or crazy to another based on experiences. With quacky quagmire of programming the cabal has foisted upon I find it very useful to look at myself and evaluate why do i believe what i do? think the way i do? what made/makes me who i am? Really knowing yourself like this is crucial for good discernment. Well as someone who believes in hell I'll even say who knows (without trying to usurp the moniker of course :) ) some of the more "out there" awakey stuff allow me to share a bit of the foundation for my perspective as an example.

If you're still with me awesome! Stick it out cause we're gunna rise to an epic climax and blast out some resplendent vibes for RV creation and that's a promise! Ahh but yes first a glimpse into the awakening perspective of yours truly. So my awakening was perhaps a little different than some others because I was basically half awake about certain stuff my whole life which definitely made accepting certain things much simpler but wasn't without its own challenges. I can remember back as a young child looking at the world and seeing rampant injustice and unconscionable behavior as a relative norm and wondering who could have possibly made it this way. The bigger surprise was that nobody else seemed to notice. I was the one always complaining "it isn't fair!" only rather than saying "what no ice cream for dinner? that's not fair!" more like "dad whys that mans home a street vent? when someone could buy him a place to live? that's not fair!"As a kid I loved star wars, anything outer space and that narrative of the underdog rebellion triumphing over oppressive tyranny always makes my heart sing how about you? More on that later. As I later figured out I've always been empathic, intuitive, generally able to sense energies and able pick up on peoples emotions and as a result I can very often tell whenever someone is being deceitful or intending harm. While it's useful at times being a human lie detector, knowing your friends are lying to your face sure ain't fun haha. On that note I can tell you from listening to the way he speaks that Yosef is sincere in his stated intention to be of service to humanity, obviously OWK same thing. Those dudes (and many unmentioned) gots a lotta love for dinarland my 2 cents on that. I was following 9/11 conspiracy stuff when I was in middle school (I had just begun 7th grade on 9/11). Read David Icke stuff in high school, knew about the lizzies/reptilians/dracos that way. Said screw it and put it all on the back-burner for a while cause I didn't think I could do anything about it. Eventually got real depressed had to completely reconstruct everything i thought leading into more spiritual interests, conspiracies, history, metaphysics etc exposed myself to every opinion i could and coalesced the narrative i thought to make the most sense. This does include galactics, multidimensions, hollow earth etc but i like to keep an open mind and go with whatever seems most likely to me. I've always had a good mind for complex mathematical analyses with many variables, studied systems engineering for a while didn't want a desk job, different story.

Alright really wasn't my intention to write my autobiography just to give a rough overview of where I'm coming from so we can get to the good stuff of where we're all going! Cause here we are right on the edge of something amazing. So close I know I can taste it this time. I know everyone is tired believe me I can feel it, all of you. I ache with you my dear brothers and sisters. After your lives of service here that feeling is well deserved. Yet in spite of all the hardship this community continues to rise and rise again shining ever brighter! And when it gets tough I think about that star wars feeling we talked about earlier. That rising to adversity to defeat tyranny because anything but freedom is intolerable, inexcusable, impossible to acquiesce. Everyone is here for a reason. I hope we all know that by now. We are here to bring freedom to planet Earth and beyond! Know that you are here helping make a difference and by being your magnificent self you are preforming admirably! If you look at it that way its not so big a deal waiting one more day, it'll be the next one anyway for sure! You are a superhero! You are a superheroine! Your heart is your power source, let it flow and watch the wonders you are capable of! We can do it beautiful band of rebels the empire is all but finished! As Gaia stays turnin' I keep on lovin' you awesome family! Before you go I want you to feel with me what it will be like when everything fully launches and Earth is set free. Feel how amazing that will be, the joy, the relief, the vindication, the excitement. Most of all feel what it feels to be completely free to steer your own destiny. That feeling is your entitlement. Own it. You are a free and sovereign being now and eternally. Claim your freedom NOW, claim the RV NOW! And so it is <3

-C the Light





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