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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

"Food4Thought: Feast or Famine" by Hipponoymous - 5.2.17

Entry Submitted by Hipponoymous at 4:17 PM EDT on May 2, 2017


OWK recently stated via the above link, "You have to decide once and for all if the World is getting better or worse. This whole event is either the Greatest thing to ever happen to our Planet, or the greatest Evil plot ever devised. Decide now, which it is. If you still think that the whole thing is a gigantic Fake-Out, then I have nothing for you. You will just have to wait for disclosure."

Well, I for one believe it is "the greatest Evil plot ever devised." Not to mention, it is not the first great evil plot ever conceived.

I have known that OWK no longer had anything else to offer me ever since he wouldn't even consider the fact he just might be getting (false) light intel, let alone respond to the many holes I had punched through his logic in my previous post, included here:


Think about it, ever hear of the saying 'false sense of security'? What better way to make people think things are benevolently different now and that there are only better days ahead, than having thoughts of trillions of dollars dancing in our heads. And, naturally, you would have the option to use it for humanitarian projects for higher, private rates. After all, the blessed are not greedy. But they cannot just give us the money. Oh, no..they would have to find a way to let ANYONE have the opportunity to buy it for next to nothing, as long as they are 'awake' to make us feel extra special. I mean, it would have to be so cheap that someone on welfare could even afford it. They have to actually go through the process of buying it because everybody likes to find smokin' deals to spend their blood, sweat, and tears on, right? It is so much more satisfying than getting it for free; 'free' doesn't necessarily bring a demand for a product because you're not making an effort to attain it. But a bargain basement deal? Where do I sign?!

There is somewhat of a catch, however, in that we will ultimately be rounded up by being told that ZIM can only be exchanged at undisclosed locations, which needs to be kept a secret, despite the fact that, as OWK recently stated, above, "If what you are reading sounds like things are not working out, it is either Fake and/or Harmful disinformation, or it is part of the final show for the sleeping public. Either way, it is NOT TRUE. NOTHING bad is going to happen from now on. So, if it sounds bad it is a lie and untrue, no matter if it is for good reasons or bad reasons."

And oh, yeah, just for kicks, we're not allowed to bring in electronics, including cell phones. You know, those handy things that started hitting the market in the late 90s, which can really come through great in a pinch. No red flags there. Notta one.

Let me ask everyone something, Hypothetically speaking, of course: what would happen if us 'the awake' spread the ZIM word at the speed of an email virus and the sleeping majority rolled the dice and bought ZIM just for sheitz and giggles, if nothing else? After all, we've been told there is copious amounts of money to go around, right? It shouldn't matter how many people actually exchange it, since it is gold-backed, right? I mean, there isn't even a limit to how much a single person can buy. And I've never heard a stipulation where a wealthy person couldn't buy any, aside from Trump, due to his amnesty agreement.

That leads me to another hypothetical scenario. Say someone bought a million dollars' worth of ZIM and wanted to spread it around to random people. It's a free country, or at least we are led to believe it is. In any case, I'm not even going to begin the math on that conversion, especially at the humanitarian private NDA rate. But they are essentially saying one person could exchange roughly 10k 100T ZIM notes, no sweat, it's all going to be digital anyway, right? And I don't even want to hear the 'inflation' argument; my scenario above shoots that out of the water. So what's the real motive for saying this is a 'gift' from our Maker (which I don't doubt, considering we were engineered as hybrid slaves by the Anunnaki for the purpose of mining their gold), that we've been specially chosen, due to our rare 'awakened' status? What, indeed. Are we really supposed to believe that Infinite Source is blessing us with this unprecedented reward, but doesn't want us to tell the majority simply because they're not awake? Isn't that the same idea that the cabal had with EVERYONE for eons? I seriously doubt S/He is the revengeful type, especially when it involves His/Her innocent, 'asleep' children, most of whom have done nothing terribly wrong, aside from not 'smelling the coffee brewing.'

What's the passage from the Bible: "Money is the root of all evil." 

Well not exactly; that's a very commonly misquoted verse. It's actually:

"For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows."

I Timothy 6:10

But if Infinite Source is the One giving the riches to us, despite any proof, well, then, all bets are off. I deserve trillions!

I firmly believe that TPTB know they were losing grip on this planet and it was primarily due to the emergence of the INTERNET. They could gobble up and manipulate all the newspapers and media stations they wanted because they had unlimited funds, thanks in large part to our hard-earned money in the form of a scam called THE IRS (Put them together, it says it all).

The internet, on the other hand, well, they hadn't really consider the ramifications that that could cause to their ultimate plans, because there are millions of directors/producers on the world wide web, not to mention a profuse amount of intel, good and bad. Consequently, they thought of a way to regain control: We will flip the script yet again, using the Internet in our favor. Because we cannot close all these producers' sites down without it raising ginormous red flags, which would really awaken them, we will use it to our advantage, not unlike, say, the way we controlled Christians by overtaking the BIBLE and churches! We will leak what is actually going on in way of our Satanic rituals, and we will make the information known to some who are our undercover minions and even to certain whistleblowers who will think they're cracking the case wide open. And we'll keep feeding them crumbs without their knowledge because they'll think they are already 'awakened,' a term we will make widely known so the secrets of our government and the world will appear to be uncontrollably slipping from our grasp through, what else...our new hero, the INTERNET, which they wouldn't know about had they not been, you guessed it 'awakened'. Who would ever imagine that we would seemingly sabotage ourselves? The 'awake' sure wouldn't because we will subconsciously drill it into them that their 'awakened' status has made it possible that they can now see what's really going on. And now they can work on raising their 'vibration' in order to prepare for ascension. Only, 'ascension' will lead to their 5D Golden (C)age, imprisonment yet again without their knowledge.

The Republic will be quietly 'restored' through a faux election, which only the minority 'awake' will know about. We will have to get someone very convincing to play the benevolent "burner president" role. And it will have to appear as if his handlers are good guys, too. Who would ever suspect a group called the Elders; they just sound like sweet, old guys, who you'd help cross the street. And besides, how many people really know the history of the Dragon family, anyway? And don't worry, nobody will be the wiser with remembering that the evil Pope had Boehner removed as House Speaker during his September 2015 trip to the D.C. in order to ensure his boy Paul Ryan would be voted in as his replacement by the corrupt government, guaranteeing Ryan is in perfect position to 'lead' the restored Republic. Interestingly enough, GWBush was appointed by the Pope in 2000.

Anyway, we will advise the 'awake' that there's no sense in waking the rest of the people now; it would just freak them out and cause more harm than good. In actuality, though, we just couldn't handle that many at once. So we will make it seem like the cabal is being arrested for said rituals, not to mention fraud, treason, you name it, we've done it, only everyone with any kind of authority is working for us. Hell, we'll even actually arrest some of our own to make it look that much more authentic. What do we care? As the saying goes, 'there is no honor among thieves'. Better yet, I know! We will help leak the disclosure so when the pesky alt media spreads it, they will think it is actually being addressed in a benevolent fashion, forget the fact there's no proof, proof is what the asleep need. If you actually need proof when 'awake', well, we'll drill that into them, too. We will spread that, if you need proof, you're simply not ready for ascension; so go back to sleep. The 'awake' will never question that, especially when some will naturally channel, get this..."ascended masters", two words when put together scream 'benevolence'. We will have our Ashtar Galactic family waiting with their best "Hello, beloved one" impersonations ready at the go. Then those 'awake' people will undoubtedly start spreading the intel to the rest of the 'awakened' community like wild fire through, what else, the INTERNET. And if the community doesn't believe them, like the asleep already don't, then, naturally division will once again take place by them telling the non-believing 'awake', "You're clearly not ready for such a wonderful blessing as we're about to receive from our Maker, so go pound sand and leave this chat. Go rain on someone else's parade. How dare you think we have been instructed by masters who we cannot discern if they're trying to deceive us or not? Duh. Do you really think we'd be stupid/ignorant enough to be tricked again? Hardly, because we're awake this time. Fool me once...."

Who knows, maybe that's just my 3D brain thinking overtime--and maybe that's a good thing. Maybe we're only led to believe it's an adolescent aspect of us that we need to shed, for their maliciously devious reasons, never looking back, 'fool' steam ahead, hypothetically speaking, of course.

According to infamous Jordan Maxwell’s interpretation of the bible (Luke 22:10), especially the New Testament, which he refers to as one big code; the Age of Pisces ends when the 12 followers asked the apostle 'Jesus', “Where are we to go when you leave this world?”

'Jesus' tells his apostles, “Go into the city. You will see a man carrying a pitcher of water. Go into the house of the man with the water pitcher.”

The symbol for the Age of Aquarius is...none other than of a man carrying a pitcher of water. According to Maxwell, in the ancient world, no man ever carried water. “That was unheard of in the ancient world. Men don’t carry water. Women would go to the well, women would get the water. Never would a man go to get water. That was a woman’s job.

The last supper was in the Age of Pisces (the two fish) and now we are going to go into the house of the man with the water pitcher.

Each zodiac sign is referred to as a “house”. We are now entering the house of the man bearing the water pitcher, the house of Aquarius. The Age of Pisces is represented by the two fish, which symbolize the reign of 'Jesus' in Pisces as he fed the masses with two fish and a loaf of bread.

The bible follows these houses in direct order. For example, the “golden calf” announced the Age of Taurus while the blowing of the horns announced the Age of Aries, the ram from where the horns came from. This is also why the bible ends in Revelations because the astrologers who were involved with writing the bible knew that, inevitably, religion (as we know it) would end at this current point in time.

In the same vein:

Satan could not influence those who had the Spirit of the living God in them. Satan corrupted creation to unrecognizable levels of moral and genetic decadence. So God brought forth Earth’s next phase: The annihilation of Satan’s creations.

Our Father came and died for us and now His Spirit was living in the hearts of every man, woman, and child that embraced Him. And His Spirit spread like wild fire for the next 300 years. As a result, 12 million of us perished by the Roman Empire’s effort to control us. We already had life through Jesus, though, so death could not deter us from sharing the living water with all who thirst.

Satan had a plan, though, so he waited patiently as the Spirit of the living God spread. Even though he had lost 12 million to the Father, he knew he would gain hundreds of millions more, all in due time.

Enter Roman Emperor Constantine. He ”converted” to Christianity. Christian persecution ceased and the Empire succeeded in regaining control by giving us something we could adhere to, THE BIBLE. Adhereing to it, we did—fanatically. Without question, it has become our Word of God for over 1500 years. And, as long as we’re bound to the letter, the Empire gives all religious organizations incentive, such as tax-free status.

Satan created his own Kingdom scenario on Earth. His salvation came through Constantine and his Kingdom through the Roman Catholic Church. Through the Pope, Christ was on Earth. Fire contained, Christians divided, hundreds of millions under control. Again, To what extent have the original gospel manuscripts and ancient writings been modified, altered, and manipulated, we don’t know. But the Bible must have many of its pure elements, in order for us to adhere to it. It is up to us to discern the pure from the corrupt.

Now here’s where it gets interesting: The GRAND FINALE

We Christians are expecting end-time events to bring horrible calamities, destruction, persecution and Hell on Earth. Some think we won’t be here to live it, some think we will. But none of us know what Satan really has in store for us.

How much of the original scriptures did Satan’s Church modify and manipulate for this grand finale? It’s hard to say, but we know that the conditioning has been extensive.

So who are Satan’s helpers? Most of the ‘awake’ know they consist of: Popes, Presidents, Kings, Judges, Government officials, Jesuit Priests, Illuminati, Elite, Free Masons, and all who worship and sacrifice to him. The new men of the renown rulers of this world are working together to bring us the final smoke-and-mirrors fa├žade.

The U.S. now essentially belongs to China and Russia, (after the US Corp defaulted on their loans in 2013 and ultimately when Puerto Rico [where the IRS is located] followed suit in 2015). All necessary bills required have been passed by the establishment and we’re a social communist nation now. There will be resistance, but it will be controlled through the UN. The U.S. is no good to them if they destroy the power grid or hurt the nation’s infrastructure or resources. So don’t expect a nuclear blast or EMP anywhere in the US, (at least not coming from this planet). We expect wars, disease and death, and they will give us some of that. But when the main event starts, most of us will be blindsided. The MAIN EVENT that will put the cherry on top: Satan’s counterfeit ‘Second Coming’. Here’s where you’ll have your minds blown:

The canonical Christian Bible was formally established by Bishop St. Cyril, of Jerusalem in 350AD, and it had been accepted previously by the Christian community and confirmed by The Council of Laodicea in 363 AD – both lacked the book of REVELATION. Later established by S. Athanasius of Alexandria, Doctor of the Church, in 367 – with Revelation ADDED. The book of Revelation required an extra 27 years of additional attention, since it would cover end time events. According to Revelation 21, Gods Kingdom, The New Jerusalem, will descend to the Earth, and its length will be 1500 miles long, width 1500 miles wide, and height will be 1500 miles high. Most Bible scholars think the New Jerusalem is in the shape of a cube. But in actuality, it’s not a cube. To find out what it looks like, watch this clip, which is from where all this content regarding Satan’s plan has been pulled:


Our Ashtar Galactic Command (Galactic Federation of Light) family from “unfallen worlds” will arrive proclaiming to be our creators bringing the Ascended Masters with them, including Sananda, aka fake Jesus. They’ll forgive the elite for their sins. Their gift of Christ Consciousness will be complimented with amazing gifts of technology that will razzle and dazzle the mind, effectively offering eternal life through advanced technology. Ultimately, just as Our Father destroyed Satan’s Pyramid Kingdom with (40 days/night) rain, it will be by fire this time. Earth will be made new to its original beauty where our Father’s Kingdom will reign, and creation will continue to our Heaven (Universe), where we will assist our Father. We will have total recollection of what happened here on Earth under Satan’s rule. Every single detail will be revealed. Can there ever be another rebellion? Was there ever one before this? Only our Father knows.

Last thought: I think we can all agree that the "God" of Earth is, in fact, Satan/Lucifer/Baphomet, what have you. And that if we adhere to the Bible by the letter, we are not following Infinite Source, but rather replacing him/her with a book that has evil's fingerprints all through it.

Ever notice how the Bible has people judging others all throughout it, creating mass division; yet, Infinite Source loves us unconditionally? So why would it just be presumed that our Father has granted his children this unprecedented reward, and only for his awakened children? Oh, right, because the ascended masters told some of us through benevolent channeling, and they, in turn, have spread the word, like wild fire. Sound familiar?

Did you know the term ASCENDED MASTERS was first coined less than 150 years ago? At least that's the farthest in history I can find. Why would that be, if they've been around, well, forever? Could it really be because it was known that it would be used during end times. Could raising our vibration/frequency really be a ruse wrapped up in a much bigger ruse, in order for us to fall into yet another trap by feeling like we have to meditate to channel these ascended masters, in order to speed up the whole process of ascension?


Have you ever heard what happens in a hurricane? First, catostrophically strong winds, followed by torrential rain, then. ..nothing. It seemingly starts to clear up, only you're in the eye, the calmest part of the storm, just enough time to catch your breath. The most dangerous part, the storm surge, has yet to hit. What part of this metaphorical hurricane do you think we're currently experiencing?
I'll leave you with the same quote that I started with and leave it at that: "

"You have to decide once and for all if the World is getting better or worse. This whole event is either the Greatest thing to ever happen to our Planet, or the greatest Evil plot ever devised. Decide now, which it is. If you still think that the whole thing is a gigantic Fake-Out, then I have nothing for you. You will just have to wait for disclosure."

It's a good thing this is all just hypothetical, right? Because if it weren't....





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