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"Re: dgt on Tolec Deep Disclosure Segment 4" by Restive Sage - 4.21.18

Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 5:01 PM EDT on April 21, 2018 "Re: Tolec Deep Disclosure Segment 4" by dgt - 4.21.18 Thank ...

Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Focus" by TPAO - 5.13.17

Entry Submitted by TPAO at 2:43 AM EDT on May 13, 2017

As we are approaching that fabulous moment of the proverbial tipping of the scale, that wonderful moment when what we have achieved already on so many levels finally shows itself in form, the anticipation builds. There are so many distractions placed before us. Almost like our final tests to demonstrate our learnings of tolerance, acceptance and forgiveness.

We all have our own unique way of demonstrating service to others and that is the beauty of it. The richness. There are probably 7.2 billion ways! That is the joy, the sheer diversity.

When faced with one of those moments when our projections are being reflected back to us, rather than go into Oh, nooooo, not again, I remind myself of something I wrote in this post below back in February.

Staying focused on our success enjoyed together, and the joy being experienced by everyone, makes anything else pale into insignificance. We are so much more than the sum of all of us when united in the one vision.

Much love TPAO

Schools Almost Out

This is the biggest warmest and most loving hug you can ever imagine, just think for a minute and remember the scrummiest hug you can remember enjoying with someone. Hold it for a moment and wriggle into it even more. Lap it up and when you are smiling and feeling sooooo good with that, then pat yourself on the back because what you just did then, in that moment, did more to assist bringing this matter we attend to here on this forum into form than anything else. THAT feeling you elicited and the love that comes with it is the most powerful and potent force we have at our finger tips and we can use it at will and in a focused manner. Thats the beauty of it and what we are waking up to so grandly.

Cowboy down under I hope you felt the my hug and love to you as I came with you down into the garden at the hostel where you are staying to put my arms around you whilst you had a cry. You were not alone. None of us are, ever. We are all with each other and all of the way. I wrote below the other day because I was and am excited. This money side of matters in one aspect of this incredible transition and shift we are going through and I agree it can not be separated from the rising of consciousness that accompanies it. They are one and the same. You can’t have one without the….. other!

So it really IS time to get excited! Remember that feeling as the weekend was approaching when you were a child, or the holidays. It was all you could do to contain it and the thought of the sheer freedom and release it would bring, even for a day. The joy we felt as children was so pure and to relive those times when ever we can remember it as sensually as possible is such a healing experience. So remember it now. Even when you look out at the chaos that seems to be, well, it seems to be EVERYWHERE. Nothing is left untouched.


Our role is not to analyse, judge or try and make sense of something that can not be made sense of. The chaos is a result of all our insane imaginings and fears projected outwards. It has no reason. It has no logic. It is based on nothingness. To attempt to give it reason is to attempt to give it life yet again and try and make the madness/dream/illusion a reality once again.

We are awakening from it. Let it go. Leave it ALL behind. We wanted the experience of being separate and we made it as real as can be which required our amnesia. Just like you can not pretend to be poor to have the experience, so too with being separate from that which we are. It can never Be but we created a bubble called time and space to make an illusion of such stellar quality we actually believed it to be true. And there in had our learning. Now we are heading back from the classroom.

We have done it and the shift taking place is our heading back to that which we are. And that which we already know.

We just have to unlearn all that we have taught ourselves in order to have had the experience. Now, it is tipping it all back up the right way and when you have the hints of it, which we all do in our own unique way to lead us back, then we know we are on track. And trust me, we are sooooooooo on track AND the chaos out there is a testament to that. So love it!!

Chaos always precipitates change and the sort of chaos out there at the moment where EVERYTHING is in turmoil and no longer makes any sense is a prelude to a change so vast and complete we do not have terms of reference in our present limited consciousness to even vaguely conceive of it. THATS how good it is. Beyond imagining.

So it is really important, specifically at this juncture where the energies are incredibly intense and more powerful then they have ever been before on this planet in this cycle, that when we do visualisations for manifestation of any sort that we understand it is the essence that will be delivered and received. So even when it is something functional and practical like an object or thing or experience, whilst using something specific as an example to elicit seeing/feeling vibration of essence, be sure to have the awareness that it may NOT end up being THAT which you imagined. However whatever it ends up being will be of equal if not better than that which you envisaged. That ensures that you are open to recognising it when it shows up. Often because we are waiting for something so specific we do not recognise its equivalent when it comes along offering the same or even preferable to that which we think we are waiting for because it does not match exactly what we were envisioning.

The essence of that which is like unto itself is drawn. So share it as well. You know that an idea grows as it is shared and more think about it and discuss it and pass it on further. It is easy for us to understand giving is having more when we think in terms of ideas and thoughts. Matter and form is condensed thought so it is the same with actual things. Sharing and giving that which we have ensures there is always an abundance, it is a matter of course. We need to get that one in our reflex thought response again because our programming of limitation, lack and competitiveness has been soooooooo good. But our natural state has not been touched and the more we go within and reconnect with who we truly are the easier it gets.

Hope that all makes sense because it is really important at present. That which is being ushered in is so beyond our current breadth of comprehension and understanding because we have been down in the depths for so long we just can not imagine big enough, or bright enough, or beautiful enough to even come close to what is actually our heritage, our natural state. Shame, poor little things that we are lol!! BUT it will make us wonderful teachers to assist others going through the same in other parts of the Universe when we are called to do so. That is the scope of our natural environment not this little bubble of space and time we call our earth.

Gaia has been such a wonderful host enduring what we have put her through in order to have the lesson and schooling required, now She too is in need of a reprieve and to continue her own evolutionary path. All the planets are sentient too and at this point we will do well to align with Her as much as possible because she is our 'ride' home lol!! But we can only stay the course if we match Her vibration to continue that route with Her and even raise the bar and give her a hand as we go. She deserves it our beautiful earth Mother.

Its NOW baybeeeeeee!! No one can do it for us. Only we can do it. And the more we do we create a space that makes it easier for others to start to do so as well. And then as they do it creates an even bigger space for yet others to do so as well. And then as they do…… You can see how the process is an exponential one until suddenly VOILA!!


Our journey into the most wondrous state of Being is unequivocally assured!

Love and hugs TPAO




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