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Monday, May 8, 2017

"Finding The Love of Your Life" - One Who Knows - 5.8.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 3:56 PM EDT on May 8, 2017

Finding The Love of Your Life

I have been hearing a lot about finding the right person lately, and how hard it is going to be when you have money. What you have or don't have has nothing to do with finding the right person. Here is a very simple technique to find the right person without any worries. I call it "The Smorgasbord Technique" and I have written about it in my book. I have included the excerpt below.

Basically, it involves "Collecting" traits that you like and want for your special companion. Whenever you notice the trait you like in another, make a mental note of it and say to yourself "I collect That." This way you are building an internal "Model" of the perfect mate. Before we go further on this, lets cover a few basics on Manifestation.

The Function Of The Universe

The Universe is like a computer and simply runs programs all day long. The Universe simply converts "What Is Meant To Be" (By Your Meanings) into "What Is," based on its probability (Expectation). Now you know everything that you need to know on how to utilize the functions of the Universe to get what you want.

When you give something great thought, you actually create it in the information form, what Abraham-Hicks calls your "Vibrational Escrow." It is created already and the Universe already has it added to all it knows. BUT, will you actually receive your creation? Most do not. They dream into "Vibrational Existence" what they want, but then they don't expect to receive it in physical reality. The final gift is never delivered because the "Probability" was ZERO!

Expectation = Probability @ 100% (Meant To Be) Fate = Yes

No Expectation = Probability @ 0% (Not Meant To Be) Fate = No

Yes, there are variations of expectation, some call it hoping (Not very expectant), some say possibly (Slight probability), others say it will never happen (NO Probability)

However for our discussion here, we are NOT going to deal with anything less than FULL ON MANIFESTATION @ 100% EXPECTATION. Why would we bother with all of this effort and not GO ALL THE WAY? All right then!

The Past DOES NOT EQUAL The Future

I don't care if you fell off the horse a million times, it has nothing with what you are doing today. I don't care if every single relationship you have ever been in was a failure. IT HAS NO BEARING NOW. Reality is Always (In ALL Ways) created from the CURRENT meanings IN FORCE (Active / Creating / Becoming).

Yes, if you hold the same meaning and beliefs that you held in the past, you will create the same results as you did in the past. BUT IT WAS NOT BECAUSE OF BEFORE, It was because of your meanings now. It just so happens that they are the same as before, but they are always creating from the now.

Better Meanings = Better Outcome

That leads to the perfect understanding, if you change how you look at things now, and expect different and better outcomes (Realities), then you will get them. That is what is Meant to be NOW. Expect better, get better. Expect more and get more. Expect to get it all and get it all. See the pattern?

Expectations For The Love Of Your Life

Here we are, setting our expectations on what we what to have in our lives. It is a very exciting time, because you are now feeling the power you have in your hands. It was always there, but you just didn't know how to use it. NOW YOU DO. Let's do this!

#1) Highest Priority Expectation:

They MUST be as in Love with You as you are with them.

This is where many fail. They think, and then expect, that the ones they love won’t love them as well. Do you see how that sets you up to fail? You expect to meet the right person and you do, but you don't expect them to love you as well? What kind of a screwed up manifestation is that? No, No, No, No!

You NOW EXPECT, that the perfect person will be as in love with you are you are with them. Let's work out the Fate on this. That Means, that they will love you as much as you love them. That is NOW MEANT TO BE, and so it will be. Easy.

On this Point, you now have a Meant To Be fate, with a 100% Expectation "Allowing" it to move from Vibrational form, into full manifestation in your life experience. Good! Let's move on.

#2) Highest Priority Expectation:

They MUST be in Love with You EXACTLY As You ARE!

This is where many fail as well. They think, and then expect, that the ones they love won’t except them or love them as they are. Do you see how that sets you up to fail? You expect to meet the right person and you do, but you don't expect them to love you AS YOU ARE? What kind of a screwed up manifestation is that? No, No, No, No!

You NOW EXPECT, that the perfect person will be as in love with you JUST AS YOU ARE. You are not required to change in any way. It turns out that you couldn't be more perfect for them than you are RIGHT NOW. Let's work out the Fate on this. That Means, that they will love you Just As Your Are. That is NOW MEANT TO BE, and so it will be. Easy.

On this Point, you now have a Meant To Be fate, with a 100% Expectation "Allowing" it to move from Vibrational form, into full manifestation in your life experience. That is two parts of this manifestation. Let's add some more aspects of this Perfect Mate creation.... Shall We?

#3) Highest Priority Expectation:

They MUST be Searching For You, As You Are For them and Meeting Is Inevitable!

Will they find you first, or will you find them? Who knows, as the race is on. It is not on you to find them, for they are actively seeking you in this very moment as well. How will they find you? How will you find them? That is the fun, not work, of this manifestation.

Some fail on this aspect by thinking it is all on them to find the one they want. So, if they are not "Out" looking, nothing is happening. But, in this case, the seeking is on both sides. They are diligently seeking you, whether or not you are even looking for them right now. Finding each other is "Inevitable" and thus certain. This expectation is a MUST.

You NOW EXPECT, that the perfect person will be looking for you as eagerly as you are seeking them. You are not required to do all the finding. It turns out that you finding each other is Inevitable and thus certain. Let's work out the Fate on this. That Means, that you finding them, and them finding you is CERTAIN. That is NOW MEANT TO BE, and so it will be. Easy.

On this Point, you now have a Meant To Be fate, with a 100% Expectation "Allowing" it to move from Vibrational form, into full manifestation in your life experience. These are the main MUST Haves, but clearly, there are many other things you want as well. Now is the time to figure them out and then expect them as well. Isn't this fun?

What Is Left?

This brings us to the other traits that you want in another. These include looks, personality, wanting kids or pets, or travel or not, whatever else you think of. Whatever you want, you can have. After all it is a CREATION. You are quite literally creating the person of your dreams. In this regard I must say that you should GO FOR IT ALL!!!! You want looks? Great go for it! But you look like a toad? No problem, see Expectation #2 Above. Haven't you seen people who were together that did not look like they belonged together, but they were crazy in love with each other? That is because they had HIGH EXPECTATIONS and then ALLOWED them to happen. Below is an excerpt explaining this technique in more detail.

Here Is A Book Excerpt:


The Smorgasbord Technique

Life is like a Smorgasbord. It has everything that you could think of and then some. All you have to do is select what you want from the abundant variety that is life and forget the rest. The only thing is that this Smorgasbord is set up a little different than the normal one. In this one, you wander around the restaurant and look at what everyone else is eating. You are looking out at life around you in order to see what is available. I don’t mean who or what specifically, but instead, the “elements” or pieces and parts that will make up your perfect meal or life experience. On a smorgasbord, you don’t have meals that are already “put together,” instead you only have the parts that make up the perfect Meal. You notice that one person has the main course that you really love, Roast Beef, and they seem to be enjoying it, so you make a mental note of it. Next, over there is another person who has the vegetable side dish, that you have always liked, corn, and so you make note of it. Then another has the bread that you want, but everything else they have you don’t care for, but, that’s O.K., because you are only looking at the bread anyway, just the part that you want. Finally, another person has the drink and the dessert that you like, Tea and Pecan Pie.

While life is like the Smorgasbord, in that you look for the different kinds of things and parts that you like, it is unlike the smorgasbord, because you can’t actually get the separate individual parts and assemble the perfect experience. You cannot get a hand full of blond hair, and get a personality, then pick up the perfect body, and the face that you want and put it all together to create and assemble your perfect Mate. In life, you get “Package Deals” that are already assembled and ready to go. The smorgasbord technique was only to get in mind the elements that you wanted, now it’s time to find the right package that already has those elements that you have “Pre-Selected.” Let’s work through an example to see how this works.

Let’s say that You are looking for the perfect mate. How do you find the one that you want? Just like a Smorgasbord, you have to choose the traits that you want and give thought to them. If you want someone with blond hair, and you have given it some thought, all the people who have blond hair begin to resonate with you and catch your attention. Of course that is easy to understand because that is a “visual” thing, something that you can actually see. But the same holds true for anything or any aspect that you are looking for. You can “select” for a great personality. Then people with great personalities, begin to catch your attention even if they aren’t saying a thing. Who they are is resonating with you at a psychic level that you cannot see but, still catches your notice. So now, that you have established two traits, those people who have Blond hair and a great personality have twice the resonant quality and catch your attention and stand out more than the ones with only blond hair or only a great personality. As you build your plate in more and more detail, the greater and greater the resonant quality and power becomes.

Now, you might have a situation where you notice someone in the park who is having a blast playing with their kids. They are having a great time and you think well I can see that they are married and so I can’t have that. Wrong! STOP! Remember, this is a Smorgasbord situation. So you have noticed an item that is on someone else’s plate already. So what? You are only collecting traits that you are interested in so that you can clearly have in mind what you want for yourself. As you build a more and more detailed idea of who this person is, they will stand out from the crowd, notice you and be noticed by you. You will notice each other. So, NOTICE how they play with their Kids and enjoy that personal trait that you like.

If you notice a trait that you like and then say I can’t have them because they are married, or are a celebrity or are too old or too young or whatever, what you end up saying in a Vibrational way is that you can’t have that trait! Maybe that person you are admiring in a movie is even dead, so what. You are only noticing things that you like in a person, that’s all. So, instead, observe and really enjoy the trait that you love. See it in action. Get your fill of it. Get it clearly in your mind. As your trait list becomes more focused, the power of resonance becomes stronger and stronger, until one day, you bump into someone who is exactly who you have been looking for and it’s love at first sight. It happens every day. By the way, this person was also thinking of someone like you, otherwise they would never have noticed you. Resonance is the Best Matchmaker in the Universe. Use it. It’s free.

The Smorgasbord strategy works on anything and everything that you are wanting from a great job, to a new car or a new house, or to the Love of your life. All you have to do is look for examples of different aspects of what you want. Observe them and give great thought to them. As you add more and more detail to exactly what you want, its resonant power becomes greater and greater until the day arrives when everything magically falls into place. The last, but most important point is that you must really believe that you can have the thing that you want. Don’t worry if you don’t at first. The Universe has a wonderful way, of giving you more and more belief, as you become clearer about it. There will come a point where you will not only know that you can have it, but there will be no doubt that you will have it.

There is also the bad use of the Smorgasbord strategy. This is when you constantly give notice to and point out the things you don’t want or don’t like. You could say “I don’t like Brunet colored hair,” which would only cause you to notice everyone who has it. Then as you add the things that you don’t want, the more and more frustrated you become because that’s all you notice is the things that you don’t like. Besides, it is much easier to think of what you do want than to name every single other thing that you don’t want. That would be like naming thousands of colors that you don’t want to paint your house, in order to have the only color left that is what you do want. Wouldn’t it be easier to just name the one color that you do want and then just look for that one?


Excerpt From The Book:

"How To Use Your God Power®"

Download Links Available Here:

"Zorra Replay, GCR Info, Free Book Links" - One Who Knows - 4.25.17


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows



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