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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"Fastest Route" - Tues. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


Chris05 » May 9th, 2016

Just maybe there are many (say 3) new sets of hands now on the wheel, all driving this home, all at the same speed, following the fastest route.

I know Frank loves things in 3's, and IMO, T has his hands on the wheel, with the IMF and WB being the other 2 sets.

S41755a » May 9th, 2016

wow!!! what a set up... T meets with A, agrees to SOFA with a cherry on top that says welcome world we (U.S.) is here to stay and protect your $$$$ IMO

Don961 » May 9th, 2016

Parliamentary sources: Washington imposes a security agreement with Iraq

Journal May 7, 2017

BAGHDAD - The Journal News to

visit US President Donald Trump is the end of this month , the Middle East in his first official visit since the inauguration of the US presidency and includes the announced visit both Saudi Arabia and Israel , the table, at a time when Iraqi government sources confirm that Baghdad will be the third visit aimed at pressuring stations the government of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to accept American arrangements in the post Daesh.

And see the sources said the US president will seek to put pressure on the Iraqis to accept the survival of its troops in Iraq , the other two grounds that security consolidation and not to allow the return of the organization Daesh again by restoring the spirit of the security agreement sofa which expires after three years of signing, which is contrary to the fact that according to Iraqi lawmakers.

A coalition of state law, has expressed surprise at the media leaks talk about that Washington has put pressure on the Iraqi government to keep its troops after Daesh. He denied a member of the Legal Committee MP Mahmoud al-Hassan, told the "Journal News" on Sunday, aware of its mass and the rest of the political blocs such leaks. "

Hassan wondered whether "the strategy of the Convention and Mokhtzaretha" SOFA ", which was held back and 2008 provide for the making of US troops have freedom of movement in Iraq , why those forces came out when was the conclusion of the Convention in 2011".

He explained that " the first clause of the agreement is the exit of US forces, it is not possible to build our convictions just discounts between the political blocs and throw charges for those who wish there was an agreement . If it is not possible to hide."

For his part , he stressed the strategic analyst, confident Hashemi, for "Sunday Journal, that" US President Donald Trump did not specify his visit to Iraq , and if it is deemed to be supportive of Iraq to the fact that the United States was an important partner and ally of Iraq. "
He added that "Trump does not interfere with humanitarian intervention , but is a man looking for money, trade and economy , and there is an American desire to increase Washington 's investments through Sharqat and evidence when Abadi went to Washington and asked to meet US President Vtm meeting positively and resulted in the meeting , important decisions.

He explained that " the United States does not intervene directly anywhere in the world because they do not want to pile up the bodies of the dead bodies of American soldiers, so it will be its relationship with Iraq's relationship with real participation Valmstharon Americans who are present at the end of their work will return to their home countries.

He stressed that the strategic agreement with the United States , including commercial investment scientific aspects which have not been addressed to military topics at all, then from here affirm that there are no security agreement between Iraq and the United States after Daesh.

The MP for the province of Diyala proof Mamouri was confirmed for "Journal News" Sunday that "talking about the survival of whether or not US troops to stay in Iraq is premature considering that each country has influence in Iraq , whether through the presence of the army or advisors."

He added, "the standards that we believe that the presence of foreign troops on Iraqi soil is an occupation, and we are altogether rejecting any external violation and do not allow to keep an element of the US military and non - US elements inside Iraq."

He stressed saying that "Iraq's sovereignty over everything, it is the duty of the federal government, and despite the pressures they face must be to have a strategy on how it would deal with the rest of the countries, both at the international coalition level or at the level of regional countries or at the domestic level. Some countries have ambitions and intentions and purposes to divide Iraq and make it a rival states. "

And he disagreed with the opinion of the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Abdul Bari Zebari, who called for the need to keep US troops in Iraq. He added that after " the end of the war on Daesh, Iraq needs military assistance in the area of logistical support and training and armament to be eligible to keep the areas liberated from terrorist organizations and be an army based on intelligence information and modern technology. He noted that the visit of US President Donald Trump has not been announced officially until Alan.waodh that with regard to the strategic agreement will be in coordination between the Iraqi and American sides.

While the Kurdistan Democratic Party saw that the issue of Trump 's visit and the survival of US forces in Iraq after Daesh not to the government, but it is up to the Iraqi Council of Representatives legislative authority because they are the legitimate representatives in such decisions thus belong to the Iraqi people to determine their own destiny in.

The MP said, Tariq friend Rashid, for "Journal News" that it is necessary to keep US troops to maintain order by inspectors and some logistical forces of the coalition, whether the US or the rest of the coalition countries, or from the international community, Iraq is politically and militarily, is not qualified to defend himself we saw when He went Daesh and arrived in the walls of Baghdad, if there were no support by the international community and the aircraft that terrorist groups had stopped Daesh arrived in Baghdad.

He added that the strategic agreement concluded since 2011, when the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, a certified agreement by the Iraqi Council of Representatives, a deal for countries experiencing internal problems after World War II was held strategy between America and Japan Agreement, as well as between the United States and Germany, Vale this moment There are US military bases in Japan, Germany and even Britain However, the presence of US troops is the aim of peacekeeping and not Kaanlal as alleged by some.

He quoted Iraqi and US officials as saying that the talks are still Jarih, without giving details about what might emerge from.

A US official said the talks are still in their early stages " has not yet been reached as a result of any" .oeugd currently in Iraq , about seven thousand of some US forces in temporary missions and others will train Iraqi forces or air strikes and ground operations coordination.

Prime Minister's Office For his part, denied that Iraq had agreed with the United States on the survival of US forces in Iraq for the period following the achievement of military victory over Daesh said in a statement that there is no force fighter from any country on Iraqi soil until the search for their survival or not, There are even trained advisors and experts from a number of countries and that the Iraqi government did not agree with any country in connection with its military role in Iraq's post-decisive victory over terrorism.

The statement added that the victory achieved without hands Iraqi purely and trophies and sacrifices of the Iraqis, and that the Iraqi government has plans and strategies for the development of our security forces capabilities through training and armament to raise the readiness to face the challenges ahead and is open to all international experiences and to meet the ambition of Iraq to build a military establishment and security services enjoy full readiness to face any future external security or international challenges and in accordance with the requirements of the Iraqi national sovereignty.

For its part , confirmed the MP for the coalition of Iraqi forces Sajida Mohammad, said the talk about US - Iraqi agreements for the establishment of US bases in the country are media leaks have not been announced officially, pointing out that the matter of the right to parliament a request for clarification from the government on this matter.
Mohammed said, " The talk about the presence of US - Iraqi agreements to set up military bases in Iraq are things that are not declared officially," indicating that "any agreement of this kind should be presented to parliament for a vote to approve it before proceeding to implement it ."

It said Mohammed, said that " the establishment of US bases we can not talk about a good mind or not good because they did not we receive full details of the evaluation may be originally just leaks are not real," noting that "our position is clear , according to this agreement and the quality of the survival of those forces are they military or for training purposes only either without it Valammer still just a modern media. "

Confirmed Mohammed, he said that "the government said in more than one occasion that the existing foreign forces are for the purposes of training and counseling only, and then the survival of those forces or leave is an Iraqi decision only as needed, and the right of parliament, demanding the government statement details of what is being talk about the survival of those forces or not. "


Don961 » May 9th, 2016

If these mps would stop all the rhetoric and rabble rousing .... riling things up ... and get down to business ... agreements can be reached for stability , security , prosperity for all Iraqis ... not just the few that were running things under Maliki ... how things escalated quickly when we left and trusted them to do it ... after centuries of tribal and sectarian conflicts , it's difficult to try to get together and create a government that is fair to all groups ... but it can be accomplished .... praying for good rulers to emerge and old mentalities to step aside ... imo

Don961 » May 9th, 2016

Ok this is the 4th day in a row this rate has remained @ exactly 1182 .... this is getting curious-er and curious-er .... it has changed daily from at least the first of the year when we began following it ... always well within 2% compliance btw ... many times better than 2% as it's been under 1182/1184 more often than it has been over that benchmark 

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