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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"Everything Is Working Out" by Victor - 5.10.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 12:11 PM EDT on May 10, 2017

Remember:.........."Everything is working out for me in always, everyday, in every way.". Why?.........Because I say I AM....... and it is.

The power of the word and the power of your thoughts and vibration, is what determines your reality. I have spoken in almost every post on the existence of infinite time lines and how we get to chose what we experience every second of our lives. This is how the Universe operates even though we can not as yet slow down enough to see this jumping of frozen time line frames. But we can see the effects of its operation.

We see the effects when we compare over time how we used to think in the past and then also compare our present position and the exciting options that have show up for us. For example, a few years ago the Zim option as a solution to the world problems was not visible to me and  to us. It did not exist. But, I learned of the law of attraction and started to work with it. It is a process of where much resistance or growing pains have to appear in your life, like they appear here everyday on this message board. It is a cleaning out of the trash process.

If you keep on walking and ignoring circumstances, that are just fleeing test of your intent to proceed to what you want for your self, after the passage of some time, Miracles appear. Such a Miracle appeared when the concept and the solution of the Zim manifested for the world and for ourselves. If you look back at the time lines and Who you thought you where. The YOU, prior to the Zim showing up, you will see how much heavier you felt and depressed you where, with no real world solutions in your reality. All quite start and possibly hopeless.

Now, by comparison you can see that the Zim in your life, for example. It is part of a huge Universal solution to get rid of Lack on this Earth. That is different!.......that is change and that is a new time line. That is ...."Proof".......that you can choose, because you can also see the world you left behind still. Al those unlit candles still living in the Matrix are still visible to you.

Lack?..........Yes, a short while ago we had never heard of "Lack" and what it means in the context of each and every person in this world. The main principles is that "Lack does not exist. If Lack does not exist.......then ......Yes!...."Everything is working out for me each day, in everyday!" It can work out for the whole world if you want it. You are the one doing the experience here.

That is it. That perfect option is always available in the Universe and for you, because no Lack exists. Now who knew that a few years ago?. What is more hopeful than that? That also means that you can have all the failures you want in your life, if you want them. Both the options of what you can call failure/success do exist at the same time. So what you experience is what you chose to experience, by your ........."Vibration".

In my world I ignore all manifestation that are not in my alignment. Looking and empowering those things, that is not being "grounded" or being "real"........that is lack talk. Ignoring what you don't want is Salvation and Wisdom and feels good for you. You can shun the "devil" .......(what you don't want to experience).... because not empowering what brings you down, it just feels good. It feel "Heavenly". Feeling good is the only compass that you need. If you feel good, you know that YOU are in perfect alignment for yourself and with Source. If it feels bad...........then what feels bad is not true. It is not tune for You and where you are heading. Simple compass that we all have and can use.

Feeling bad is always a test and a safety valve that is built into the Universe to make sure YOU want and "CAN PROCEED".......to your next higher manifestation. So it is each and every day for you. Always ignore the old stale movie scenes that are leaving or exiting your reality. If you give them a second look or fight with what is leaving your reality, you bring it back. Because, you still think it is real for you and that is has some power in it. If you struggle with illusions you don't want, you failed the test and the "Lack" that was not real for you.....Now once again is "real" for you and it returns until you can ignore it and let it go.

Letting go is ......"ignoring all acts of Seeing"........remain in your "BEING"......stay in Your AWARENESS and stay close to the knowing of ..."I AM".... if you look you always know you are here and that YOU ARE. That you exist forever. That is the knowing that lets you KNOW that ....."Everything is working our for me, every day and in every way".....there is no failure and no Lack if you don't want it. It is that simple.

I am manifesting a world where the RV happens and is real for me. For the "I" that "I AM"........So, when a time line shows up that tests me, I look and make course corrections in myself and let go what is not in my alignment. I ignore those things that do not resonate with me and are on their way out of my reality. At the same time, I appreciate the present always, since the present is the only place where all experiencing happens. Stay excited by what you have Created in your experiences. Be the Love and Compassion.

You have to "BE"....... the RV.......since it is your Light Worker light that brings it in for you and your other YOU's. The LIGHT, that is POWER and that cancels out the little power of 10 million people who are still asleep in your collective experience. You are that powerful! You make the collective for others here. You manifest.

So, ......I chose the time line where "things " work out. I don't look at details of events that are testing my understanding. Details do not manifest. I manifest, and I choose what to empower with my attention. I just keep my intention and the "correct" details of life, will take care of themselves and start to show up and manifest for me, because I will simply be in the right vibrating collective. It ALL depends on me, for me, since there is no Lack. That is why........"Everything is working out, for me in allways, everyday, in every way.

The RV will be in a higher dimensional world. It will not be in the time line of the past and how we used to operate in the past. It will exist and we will exist in a collective that is more of a one mind group of people, a hive mind in a higher dimension. This means ALL, will become aware of their own creative powers and will be able to know what other people are thinking for example. That is why it is so important to mange your vibrations and manage what you manifest. Because what you think and are will be known and shared with all......expereinced by ALL.

That is why you have to be the RV. Be...... the new man or the new woman. Those options already exist in our future since it is our future that is drawing us towards what is completed, otherwise we would not be here. The daily test of our understating of vibrations and manifestations are to get us ready to function in a new reality and in a new world where no lack exist. Where no fighting and no doubts are empowered by us. The illusions of a lack dominated mind do not fit with an empowered mind. That is where we are going........."Where everything is working out always, everyday in every way"




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