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Thursday, May 4, 2017

"Don't Take your Que's for your Circumstances" by Victor - 5.4.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 10:30 AM EDT on May 4, 2017

That is much easier said than done. NOT to take how we respond everyday, from the circumstances we see in our world. We come here everyday to look for Intel and updates, Why?........Because we take our Ques from how outer "Life" or ......how the RV is going from our "Circumstances".......

We are still looking for outward confirmation from the world to tell us that ......"We are OK " .....or that things are changing. This is the hardest habit to get over. To look outside in the world to lead us. The world does NOT lead. We lead the world and the world lags behind in how things show up for us.

The world is the "Mind Garden" or the "Bare field" waiting for our planting or seeding of it with our creations. The world just reflects in a passive way what we create. The world is just a neutral mirror. Hence the ......"mirror mirror on the wall" line we always have heard about even in children fairy tales. Even back then as children, we had that as a soft disclosure to us if we could see it. So we could know the Game and learn about Free Will. Even the pedophile Disney disclosed the answers along with the other negative "stuff"......but that is another topic.

We really forget or do not understand time lines or understand that everything the Universe is already created. Everything was created instantly once Creation happened or duality manifested. This meant that the option for us to experience the RV already exists. Yes, it is already done and completed and finished.

The only thing "Lacking" is us. It is our "Awareness" or our LIGHT, that has not yet populated of "experienced" the option that the RV is out, done and implemented. This is an individual experience and also a collective experience. This also means that there are an infinite number of RV's in the universe to experience. We can choose to experience the RV that manifest tomorrow, next week or the one that needs 400 years to get here. All those time line options exist. Even the no RV option exists.

All options are valid and LOVED and approved of.......by the simple act of Creation that manifested then ALL. Everything in creation is made out of LOVE LIGHT. If the RV did not exist or if it was not real.........we would not be talking about it or trying to stay positive to manifest it. The whole RV is about each individuated piece of consciousness or awareness having a trip, experiencing a "Theme" or an individual story. WE are "Making" our own story of how the RV will be experienced for each and every person.

That is where "Free Will" comes in. We can choose to experience the RV where we have already cashed in or we can still be in the crowd waiting for it to happen in some future time line. The reason or purpose for all these Life option or all these time line options is to get every possible view point of an experience, like the RV experience. SOURCE, wants to KNOW ITSELF........ in a manifested way by actually living each and every view point or time line in existence, in duality, just so "IT" can know itself first hand by the actual experience. We are the individuated co-creator in a way by choosing to populate the option we like in any time line. We populate the tie lines with Awareness. Someone has to do the deed and we get to "do" the part we choose.

So you can be a C40, or a WD40, or a Ubiety or OWK or Gary or a Yosef or an Anonymous....."person" .....all are allowed to experience the RV as they see fit, by your choice. By your own free will . You can be born again, be a Buddhist, be an atheist or be a Cabal player......or a starving black child in Africa.....etc. If you are here in this game, taking, thinking and manifesting, YOU are ALL Real and very LOVED and very much manifested.

This means if you can't give up your negativity and can't stop saying that the RV will never happen or that the RV will take 400 years more or that the RV will be here next week end!!.........All options are Loved and Real and allowed to exist for the extreme JOY of LIFE, that ALL the options bring to the Ultimate SOURCE.

That is why JOY is often stressed as the option to follow. Because that is what ALL of Creation is about. ALL the new wealth is a JOY option to experience unlimited JOY and learn about how we can plant our own garden and that no Lack exists in all of the Universe. NO lack exists in that no time lines are missing for us to experience. If you want good health and a longer life, that time line exist if you want it.......along with the RV moneys to spend. All there, in existence already,...... If you choose to raise your energy. So you can vibrate at that level of creation, manifestation and experiences..........at that level or dimension of existence.

So if we want to be a nay Sayer and say this is not real. We can have that experience, but that is not a forced situation upon us from......"outer circumstances." The Ques are NOT telling us what is happening to us or it is not forcing us to be suffering. That would mean a non benevolent god was forcing pain. NO such thing exists. We are not victims ever, except by a choice of our own Free Will. That is why no Intel is ever wrong. If it is wrong for you, it simply means you are still in the time line where you don't believe it.

That is why circumstances are always lagging behind in the manifestation process that we are programing on the screen or the mirror of life. So if today we look for more Ques, and we get positive one, we smile. If we get a negative Que, that is testing our commitment or understanding of the process, we just walk on and ignore in a way old stale reflections that are from a time line we don't want to animate any more......no problem. We can still smile since the movie is never who we are any how. We are not the movie.

We can go as fast or as slow as we choose. We just have to see that we are the Awareness sitting in our own chair in this show called Life with the RV. We are observing the movie on the Screen, as it reflects back to us what we create and animate. If we don't like the script of the show. We can change it. Change the channel. All channels are subjectively real. Now some people do not see the connection very clearly that we create it all, yet that is an option also.

We can complain and whine how we are "new comers" and we have to run to catch up or how we have been victimized.......etc. HOW fun is that? We really believe in the movie and the story don't we. Aren't we silly rabbits.?.....We still don't know we can put down the sword since we created the battle for ourselves to begin with.

That is why we are often told that everything is OK.......by OWK and many others. That is ALL safe and done and that there are no worries. That is all true if you want it to be true. IN which fairy tale land do you want to live in? Since it is ALL ......"subjective".......and you are the creator of what YOU see and experience.

You can have the wicked witch scare you or you can see through the Wizard of OZ and be like Dorthy, skipping down the paved golden RV road. Which will you manifest? Will you support what supports you or will you energize what delays you? All options are valid, yet the good ones are more fun. Simple as that. You are allowed to have fun and be a winner........and not a whiner, if you so choose, by ignoring Ques from circumstances that are on their way out for you. Only energize what you desire. Let the old movie scenes just roll away with no comment.

Now if you need to pray ......pray. It is OK.......Everything is a permission slip to get you to believe in your own power. Thre are no real conflicts. That is why all roads do lead to the promised land, since there is no place in Creation that is not off the promised land. That is why all is well......All is LOVE, no matter which movie you are watching reflect upon the screen for you.




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