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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Dinarland Highlights for May 10, 2017

Dinarland Highlights - 5.10.17

Delta (KTFA)

[Abadi and Allak are going to look like heroes aren’t they.]

Oh yes those two people will look so good, especially once Mosul is liberated...they get the credit...even with no official notification...all indications and what they are doing behind closed doors and with the economic conferences and seminars taking place...they are shifting their focus from terrorists to their economy because we believe Mosul is a done deal...yes these two people I believe will look like heroes...one is the Prime Minister Abadi...like two birds with one stone who liberates every city from DAASH and ISIS and gives Iraq Security...and the other one is the governor of the CBI Allak who will also look like a hero for the plan he has created...this guy is doing what is necessary to help their currency and their country and he deserves a lot of the credit.

[...there was another meeting going on...a big meeting that happened about 24 hours ago with Abadi, Joubari, Hakim, Sadr...what do you think about this big meeting with these powerful men...?]

I agree this was a huge meeting...it appears to have been a very successful meeting…We believe this meeting was regarding an announcement...and that is about the liberation of Mosul and they await the right timing...and by the way I do not believe Mosul to be an issue anymore...we are just waiting for them to announce it officially...they just wait for the right moment to announce it...and of course after that we wait for the announcement of the currency or Financial Reform...


"Central: The reality of the Iraqi economy makes it imperative to develop financial operations"

"indicating that the deposit guarantee law is the cornerstone of this topic and its application is true to move liquidity in the right direction and transfer to the banking sector , which Ciozvha in the national economy first . The estimated volume of liquidity in Iraq to 47 trillion Iraqi dinars in homes around hoarding 70 percent of this amount , according to indicators of specialized centers and finance experts. "

I see Iraq a crossroads, they need to get these things done now so the CBI can get the banking system open to the world for foreign investment. No time to waste and they have been talking about a private sector way to long.

Bruce (The Big Call)

This morning [Tuesday] we were suppose to have the new budget for Iraq in their Gazette published. It was not in the Gazette. The budget would contain the rate of the dinar, something everyone could see and therefore could be put out around the world for all to see the new Iraqi dinar rate. It is something they have sort of kept from us. Possibly waiting for the announcement about Mosul... The process is under way. The GCR/RV is under way. We are in the midst of it happening now. It has initiated. Just realize we are right there. The rates continue to be traded up. They are in great shape. We know it is coming. They are finishing up last minute touches. The information I just got is very exciting. The proximity is we are right there. I can’t say we will definitely have it tonight or tomorrow. ...it wouldn’t surprise me if we get it...soon. I am very excited.

Adam Montana

I was out on my morning run early today, contemplating "The Rate". You know, one of the few questions I try really hard not to answer? I always play "devils advocate" with myself, and I mean hard ball style. Worst case scenario, best case, sideways case... what are the other angles, where else could this go? The CBI can announce a new rate tomorrow, and the financial markets are all going to look at each other and wait to see what the other does. As soon as one player accepts it, then another, then another... pretty quickly, the entire world is on board... What I'm trying to convey here is my renewed conviction that an RV rate of .10 STILL makes sense to me...but the people who run the CBI aren't stupid. They surely know that when they change the rate, they are starting a snowball down a mountain. Let's get rolling, baby!

Mountain Goat

In a recent conversation with my CBI contact I was informed that the IMF and the World Bank are both putting extreme pressure on Iraq now to finalize the war on terrorism in the northern regions and then to finalize the financial reforms. ​I know for a fact there have been numerous meetings between Iraq and these two entities as of lately. What else were they talking about then about financial matters...and what does matters the most right now? I asked will they plan to continue with the “project to delete the zeros” anytime soon? I was told the project never really stopped just that they did not complete the step to convert the currency over. This will be launched soon. Of course he could not give me a date.

I asked if there were any new laws pending that mattered? I was told as far as the CBI is concerned they plan to get the green light again from the GOI, just as soon as ISIS and Daesh liberation is completed up north. He did not mention any needed laws stopping the CBI. He sounded VERY optimistic that this was going to happen VERY soon. I asked one last question – Will Ramadam holiday have any impact on the currency reform? I was told Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar or the month of June this year since the calendar floats. It will end June 26th with Eid-al-Fitr day. It is fast approaching and we are hoping the GOI can stabilize the northern regions prior to this time period. With only about 3 weeks remaining in May could he mean maybe in May if the GOI can produce and do their part? ...I believe we are looking at a fantastic window of opportunity for a possible increase in the value of the dinar VERY soon and I mean VERY soon.

Aggiedad77 (KTFA)

"Finance discussed with the US Embassy in Kuwait and compensation settled by means of investment"

"...it was the ministry 's readiness to complete the second review of the program to prepare credit meetings with the International Monetary Fund."

"...meeting also discussed the compensation file with the State of Kuwait and ways settled through investment window inside Iraq."

...the news is hitting the ball out of the park... There are several things of this article I like... first...Iraq is working towards settling their monetary debt to Kuwait...second this is being talked about going through the IMF...that tells me it is real...and third...the mention of being "settled through an investment window inside of Iraq"...did ya'll hear that...read it again..."INVESTMENT WINDOW INSIDE of IRAQ"...whatever could that be... maybe they think they can take the $4.5 billion USD owed to them and turn it into some kind of small fortune for the loss of their royalty at the hands of Saddam... "INVESTMENT" ..."IRAQ"...the fruit is ripe for the picking me thinks...IMO

Adam Montana

[Is there actual proof that lower denoms and coins have already been printed or are at least scheduled to be printed?]

I'm not sure what "actual proof" you might want, but I've seen and heard enough to be confident that the answer is "Yes".

mike (Currency Chatter)

"Rasheed Bank starts tomorrow to sell the dollar to travelers at the official rate"

[This should shrink the spread, do you think?]

It will help some, but the max you can buy if you're traveling is $3-5 thousand worth. If they opened up the currency exchange to everyone for whatever amount they wanted it would drop within weeks. The downside to that is they haven't tackled the corruption yet so the reserves would drop even more quickly than it already is. This is one of the two things the IMF has advised them during the Article IV consultations to do, remove exchange restrictions and control the MCP.

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